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Allen Kent – HBS Author's Spotlight Showcase features The Marburg Mutation which is included in the Do No Harm Medical Thrillers Collection

Today the HBS Author's Spotlight is showcasing Author Allen Kent and the book set: Do No Harm: A Collection of 17 Seventeen Medical Thrillers written by USA Today, Wall Street Journal and Amazon best-selling authors! These are some of the BEST DEALS from outstanding Authors for the Kindle at Amazon. Pre-Order NOW.

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Do No Harm Collection is COMING SOON. [July 30, 2019]

Allen Kent novel is included: The Marburg Mutation

Do No Harm
Seventeen Medical Thrillers

Author: Allen Kent

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DO NO HARM is an extraordinary, limited collection of medical thrillers written by USA Today, Wall Street Journal and Amazon best-selling authors!Do you crave reading books with nail-biting suspense, twisted plots and great characters who get caught up in whirlwinds of crime, deception and lies?

Do you love sitting on the edge of your seat, wondering who will survive...and who won't?

From the mountains of West Virginia, to acute care hospitals, the battlefields of the Middle East and the hallowed halls of our educational system, join us for these incredible stories of healthcare gone wrong.

Author: Allen Kent

Author Genre: Thriller, Historical Fiction, Mystery

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Amazon Author Profile

Author Description: Allen Kent was born in Washington DC, but has lived west of the Mississippi since his family moved to California when he was less than a year old. Four years of his life were spent living in Iran and England, and he has traveled and worked extensively in Europe, the Middle East and Southeast Asia - experiences that are reflected in his writing. His career includes five years as a pilot in the U.S. Air Force, employment with one of the nation's leading semi-conductor industries, presidency of a community college, and a university professorship. He and his wife Holly are avid travelers, gardeners, and conservationists, and live in an eco-friendly home in rural southwest Missouri.

Kent is the author of the popular Unit 1 thriller series, the Whitlock Trilogy of historical fiction, and a number of other mysteries and thrillers.

Author's Book List

The Marburg Mutation - A Unit 1 novel

At the death of fabled CIA operative Bud (Fisher) Liljigren, field agent Adam Zak and his tech-savvy partner, Dreu Sason, are recruited to lead the Agency’s deep-cover Unit 1. When Fisher’s former lover from his service days in Norway alerts the Unit of renewed secret activity in what was once a WW II Nazi experimental lab, Zak recruits a brilliant but disaffected FBI agent, Janet McIntire, to replace him in the field and lead the investigation. As McIntire inserts herself into the life of Alesund, Norway, as the visiting great-niece of Fisher’s wartime lover, word circulates through the international intelligence community that a weaponized strain of the deadly Marburg virus is on the market to be auctioned to the highest bidder. Following a devastating demonstration of the virus’s phenomenal kill rate, McIntire and the Unit 1 team race international buyers to identify the seller, destroy the Marburg mutation, and prevent a global catastrophe.

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Wild Whistling Blackbirds - Book II - The Whitlock Trilogy

A tender, tense, and heart-wrenching journey into the heart and soul of 1860s Civil War America!

When the tumultuous decade scatters her family across the war-torn country, Suzanna Whitlock is left alone in the bucolic Iowa village of Afton to manage the family's lumber mill while other family member engages in the nation's dividing conflicts: her husband David in the savagery of the Civil War, son Johnny in the Paiute Wars in the vast Utah territory, and daughter Elizabeth in the volatile campaign for women's suffrage in mid-century Chicago.

>>Courage in the face of tragedy and prejudice
When reports of her husband's death place the future of the mill at risk, Suzanna battles prejudice, loneliness, and greed in her own struggle to establish position and recognition in a business world that is "for men only." Her only hope is to keep the Whitlock estate intact until she can again bring her family together.

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The Wager
A Rigged Presidential Election And A Trail Of Bodies

While investigating an extortion plot involving high-priced Washington call girls and some of America's most powerful politicians, Unit 1 agent Adam Zak becomes embroiled in a deadly scheme to engineer the election of the next President of the United States.

>>>A Web of Corruption

During the run-up to the presidential election, Zak and systems analyst Dreu Sason pick their way through an entangling web of murder, blackmail, and political intrigue that asks of both the government and the media who cover it, "Who can we trust" and "How can we know?"

>>>The Wager is the thrilling introductory “Unit One” novel. You won’t want to put it down!

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Suzanna's Song - Book III - The Whitlock Trilogy

Threats and Promises of Family Fortune Come to Afton In the spring of 1867, two strangers arrive in the village of Afton, Iowa, where the Whitlocks have settled: one bringing trouble to the Whitlock business, the other bringing promise of family fortune. The visitors draw Suzanna Whitlock and her scattered family into the political and social upheavals that are re-shaping post-Civil War America.

>>>An inspiring tale of commitment, courage, independent spirit, and acceptance
This story presents a fascinating primer on currents influencing late 1860s US history while exploring the challenges of a nation coming to terms with ever-growing differences in race and class. It includes a poignant portrait of four family members who struggle to remain connected as the vastness of their expanding nation and the lure of new opportunities threaten to pull them apart.

Though written as a stand-alone novel, "Suzanna's Song" is the third and final book in the Whitlock family saga that includes "River of Light and Shadow" and "Wild Whistling Blackbirds." The trilogy follows the Whitlocks as they flee the tumultuous Mormon Wars of 1840s Missouri, endure the national and personal tragedies of the American Civil War, and become part of reconstruction and westward expansion in the late 1860s.

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Straits of the Between - A Unit One Novel

What Begins As A Mission To Save A Tibetian Holy Man Takes a Shocking Turn When the CIA learns that the Panchen Lama, abducted as a boy by Chinese agents, is still living and wishes to be freed from Chinese captivity, Unit One agent Britt Haugen is assigned to locate and liberate the Tibetan holy man. With a small covert team, she enters tightly controlled Tibet, only to discover that the rescue operation is not what it seems. She and her team may be the hunted.

>>>“Straits of the Between” masterfully weaves together the mythical world of monks, monasteries, and mystery that is Tibetan Buddhism with an exhilarating chase across the top of the world!

Britt and agent Manny Beg are in a race against time to locate and rescue the man who should play a pivotal role in selecting the next Dalai Lama. In true Allen Kent fashion, “Straits” informs, thrills, puzzles, and entices, adding an element of outrage as we learn about Chinese efforts to supplant the true Panchen Lama and tighten Chinese control on this remote mountain kingdom.

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The Weavers of Meanchey - A Unit I Novel

A Forty-Five Year Old Letter Reveals A Threat That Is Still Very Much Alive When a letter to a CIA operative suddenly shows up forty-five years after the contact who sent it disappeared in Southeast Asia, Unit I agent Adam Zak is assigned to investigate a group of Chinese children who the missing informant had discovered in a remote village in Cambodia, receiving an American education.

>>>An Adventure that Spans from the Jungles of Cambodia to the Notorious Streets of Bangkok

Zak's search to determine who the children were and why they might present a security risk to the United States takes him into the heart of Bangkok's notorious red light district, through the jungle temples of Cambodia's Angkor Wat, and into the volatile secret world of computer network security.

Who were the children the villagers called "Weavers," and why does the economic future of the United States depend on unraveling their web of secrecy?

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Guardians of the Second Son
Murdered for a Secret that Could Send Shockwaves Through the World’s Largest Religion

On the eve of an announcement he claims will send shockwaves through the world’s Christian community, a distinguished professor of religious studies is mysteriously found dead. When an ambitious colleague, Nolan Lemay, discovers that the announcement involved disclosure of a first century letter claiming the disciple Thomas to have been the literal twin of Jesus of Nazareth, Lemay attempts to acquire the manuscript and finds his own life in danger.

>>>Three Women Dedicated to Protecting the Secret

Three young women, trained from their youth to safeguard the secrets of an ancient text held by a small sect of St. Thomas Christians in southern India, track Lemay across Southeast Asia as he first attempts to make public the letter’s startling contents, then flees to escape the zealous pursuit of the Guardians of the Second Son.

>>>Will the truth be revealed, or be lost forever?

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River of Light and Shadow - Book I - The Whitlock Trilogy

After mob violence threatens their lives, they flee to the wilderness During Missouri’s Mormon Wars of the mid-1800s, the Whitlock family seeks to escape mob violence on the state’s western frontier by hiding in the rugged north Missouri wilderness where the Hill Spring Trail crosses the Chariton River. Here, in constant fear of discovery, David Whitlock meets and falls in love with Suzanna Shattuck, the independent and spirited daughter of a nearby settler.

>>Drawn together by love, divided by different worlds
As David and Suzanna struggle with their growing passion for each other and with the differences that separate their families, two other figures move inescapably toward each other and the young couple. In Jefferson City, legislator Jacob Randall champions the cause of Missouri's outcasts while Sheck Rogers, a self-appointed Mormon hunter, roams the state murdering and mutilating those he suspects of belonging to a church against which the Governor has issued an extermination order.

>>>In this entrancing historical novel of love, fear, courage and redemption, two young lovers seek to find themselves and each other in Missouri’s untamed wilderness.

Their families struggle to survive the politics and passions of one of the nation’s most tumultuous periods. River of Light and Shadow touches the deepest recesses of the heart while provoking, inspiring and teaching in ways that characterize the best historical fiction.

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They Kidnapped His Daughter. It’s the Biggest Mistake They’ve Ever Made

When a caller claiming to have abducted ten-year-old Andrea Curren refuses to provide her father with "proof of life," Blake Curren turns the tables on the kidnappers. If the girl is not returned within twenty-four hours, Curren offers the amount demanded to anyone who can return his daughter safely, or kill the people who have taken her.

>>>A Race Against Time

In this page-turning mystery, two local teens find themselves caught in the murky backwaters of a deadly hunt, as a professional killer and a retired newsman race the FBI to determine what has happened to Andrea Curren.

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The Shield of Darius
What Begins as a European Family Vacation Becomes a Nightmare While vacationing with his family in Europe, businessman Benjamin Sager is assaulted and abducted, awakening in a small cell occupied only by another captive American. Ben’s senses send him reeling into his own past; to a place both exhilarating and terrifying.

>>>A CIA Agent Races Against Time to Discover Why American Tourists are Disappearing without a Trace

As Sager struggles to determine where he is and why he and his cellmate are being held, Christopher Falen, a covert agent of the CIA offshoot, Unit 1, uncovers a disturbing pattern of unexplained American tourist disappearances, seemingly vanishing without a trace.

Two paths cross as Falen’s investigation and Sager’s desperate will to survive draw them both into the deadly web of the Shield of Darius.

A timely and relevant thriller, The Shield of Darius takes the reader on a journey through the maze of international espionage and politics between the United States and the Middle East and poses the question: Who can be trusted?

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This is one of a series of posts highlighting the authors of the bookset: DO NO HARM. You can pre-order this book set for only 99 cents on-line from a variety of retailers.
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