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Luke Romyn - HBS Author's Spotlight

Today our blog puts the Spotlight on International Best-Selling Author Luke Romyn. He writes Mystery & Thrillers, Horror, Science Fiction & Fantasy novels. He has written The Dark Path, Beyond Hades, Blacklisted, Slaves of Valhalla, Corpus Christi, and Sins of the Father. Also he is a prolific twitter host.

Author Genre: Mystery & Thrillers, Horror, Science Fiction & Fantasy

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Author Description:
Luke Romyn spent many years, over nineteen in fact, working in the security industry. From doorwork in some of Australia's roughest pubs and clubs to protecting Mickey Mouse and the Disney crew from the overzealous jaws of tenacious toddlers, Luke has worked throughout Australia and internationally in a vast array of roles. He's done close protection for UK celebrities in Fiji and chased feral pigs and snakes out of the jungle film sets on Steven Spielberg's and Tom Hank's epic: The Pacific. There are few things Luke hasn't seen. With all this experience behind him, it would have been tempting to write a set of memoirs. Instead, Luke utilized it to fuel his own expansive imagination and began writing fiction. Initially starting with short stories, Luke rapidly progressed onto novels. All three of Luke's books have been category best sellers on Amazon, with over a quarter of a million copies being distributed to date.

SPOTLIGHT Questions and Answers with the Author

What do you have on the drawing board next? Can you tell us the timeline for its release and give us a little tease?

I have a lot of things in the works, the main being the continuation of the Legacy Chronicles series, of which Sins of the Father is in final edits and should be released in the next couple of months. This is a four-book series.

Once that series is out I have plans for another Prometheus Wars book due to the clamouring of Wes’s thousands of fans. After that I might go back to something I worked on many years ago but put aside. I have some great new ideas for the story which never truly left me; it’s like the one that got away.

You have a great social media following. How important have your social media relationships been? Do you see a carry over to your writing success? How much has it changed your book launch process?

My followers on Twitter and Facebook (along with Goodreads and all the others) are utterly phenomenal. Getting the word out has never been easier, especially when others are so gracious as to share what you have to say. My main focus is to avoid overloading people with nonsense. I try to be entertaining, gain their attention, and then inform them what I’m about. Those who endlessly bombard others with postings about their books will get attention, but usually the wrong kind. But hey, that’s just my opinion, I’m no guru.

Do you do book signings, interviews, speaking and personal appearances? If so, when and where is the next place where your readers can see you? Where can they keep up with your personal contacts online?

That’s one regret I have. My schedule these days simply doesn’t allow for it. Besides my writing I have two businesses and on weekends I help my buddy out who runs the security at a local club. That’s kind of my ‘social time’. Sounds weird, but all my friends work there and it’s the one time we all get to hang out.

Your book covers carry a theme and your brand with them. How does your book cover creation process work? Do you hand over the basic theme or do you have more of a hands-on approach? Do you get your readers involved in its development?

I do all my covers, from start to finish, with very little assistance. A friend of mine in Holland who designs covers professionally occasionally gives me a nudge in the right direction, but for the most part I simply go with my gut. I start looking for images usually around the time I begin final edits on a novel, and it sometimes takes months. Plus there’s the fact I’m a Photoshop noob.

I have involved fans before, but these days I usually prefer to do my own thing. It’s very hard to ask an opinion about something without releasing a lot of details about the book.

You have several great book trailers. (See links below.) Do you know how much impact they have had on your book’s success? Tell us about the process that you used to create your trailers? They look very professional. Do you use the trailer in your character development? Are the pictures and background the way you see your characters and scenes?

I have no idea on their total impact, but I’m a great believer in using all the weapons at my disposal. If it takes me a few days to put together a trailer and it only gains me one reader, that’s one reader I wouldn’t have had without it.

Thank you for the comment about them looking professional, but the truth is I tend to fumble around with them even more than my book covers. I’m simply so obstinate that I just keep going, beyond all the crap designs, not stopping until I find an effect I like. As to whether or not I think they look like my characters, the answer is they look like generic possibilities of what my characters and scenes might look like. I would hate to box things in for the reader, who will always picture things differently to the person next to them.

What kinds of writer support groups do you belong too? Do they help with the writing, marketing and the publishing process?

Once again time forbids me to engage with such things. I have tried, but it ended up cutting into either my writing time or my social media time. I have a huge network of writing friends on Twitter and Facebook, including several New York Times bestselling authors and multi award winning scribes. I find Twitter great in that you can just throw something out there and chances are you’ll get an answer you can use... plus some creepy stuff from a weird old white guy in Bangkok.

Has the advent of ebooks changed anything in your writing, your marketing and the relationship with your readers and fans?

Not really. I pretty much came onto the scene along with the advent of ebooks, so I have just adapted along with them. The early ebooks were crap – in quality as well as sales – and people pretty much laughed them off as a fad, but then Kindle came along and pretty much revolutionized everything. Whereas self-published authors were scorned in the past, they’re now accepted alongside traditionally published veterans, even outselling them in some instances. As an indie author I can now control my promotions, doing giveaways and price reductions pretty much whenever I want, without having to cater to the whims of a publisher who may or may not remember my name. Plus I make a ton more money without them taking their cut. It’s kind of awesome.

What has been your experience in giving your books away free? Have you been involved in any other type of giveaways and how did that work out? What was your main goal in doing this? Did you run into any obstacles?

My book giveaways are usually extremely successful, generating huge buzz for my books and large sales afterward. But even the ones that didn’t end up selling me heaps of books were beneficial in that they help get my name out there, with new people reading my words, and hopefully making fans of them for my other works. Like everything there are obstacles, but you simply overcome them, or at least try to overcome them. Otherwise you might as well simply not bother and just take up pole dancing; it’s easier and much less traumatic than being an author.

How do you manage your plots, characters and timelines to keep your stories going? Do you use any software to keep track of your books?

They have software for that? I really need to keep more up to date. I just make lots and lots of notes, then hopefully pick up any mistakes in the copious amount of editing myself and my team go through.

Does living in Australia present any unique selling/marketing situations? Where is your biggest audience? Does marketing online help in this situation?

All of my marketing is online. With Amazon being my biggest distributor for both print and Kindle books I simply spend profuse amounts of time marketing online through any avenue I can think of – along with several that others suggest to me.

Do you publish your books in other languages? How is your audience abroad?

I’ve been on several bestseller lists around the world, despite my books currently being only available in English. My first four books are under contract with a German publisher and are currently in the midst of translation. There’s also been interest from Spanish and Dutch publishers, but as yet nothing’s written in stone. Just the fact I’m selling books in such differing markets as Japan and France shows how appealing these books are to people from all walks of life.

Author's Book List
Nobody can escape their past. It will always be there, returning to haunt you in the darkest times of your life. Mike Swanson knows this - his past torments him daily and he sets himself upon a path of death and misery. He justifies his dark deeds by enacting them upon those he perceives as evil, not knowing that the real evil lies within himself. Killing the scum of society, Mike becomes one of them and draws the attention of a group who require people with his skills. Unwillingly enlisted into the notorious 'Blacklisted Brotherhood', Mike must first survive horrendous training in order to hunt down a madman whose deeds will see the world plunged into anarchy if he succeeds. Blasting across continents in their pursuit of justice, the team will come together in ways that they had never imagined and must learn to trust each other if they are to survive. For if they die, it could mean the end of freedom. Will Mike survive the confrontations in order to see out the mission? Or will he cut loose and run from the responsibility that has been placed upon him? Why should he care for the people of the world when they have never cared for him? Why indeed...?
Book Trailer: Blacklisted
Order the Book From: Amazon - Barnes and Noble
Slaves of Valhalla - The Prometheus Wars (Volume 2)
"Couldn't put it down... To me, if I can lose myself in the story, that is a great read...I won't do a spoiler, you'll just have to read it yourself, but will say well done and thank you, Mr Romyn, may you continue writing forever." -- Diane Gilbert "Right up to the final pages, the surprises are so constant that I found myself commenting out loud, "oh, that's not good," or "noooo!" or just sighing with relief." -- Adina Fenrir the wolf howls. Bifrost beckons. And Wes answers. The enigmatic Australian SAS commando awakens into a maelstrom of death and destruction, his memory in tatters, and his former friend and companion dead. In his hunt for answers, Wes uncovers much more than he was searching for, and enters a war which could see the entire planet destroyed as beasts of ice and perils from outside our realm of reality threaten humanity's very existence. Wes must try to find a way to stop a foe that cannot be stopped, and will use anything at his disposal to ensure mankind is not reduced to slavery by the creatures which founded some of the most terrifying fables of all time. This thundering sequel to Luke Romyn's bestselling novel, BEYOND HADES, is certain to blow readers away with blistering action and thrills which would humble the very gods.
Order the Book From: Amazon
The Dark Path
New York's underworld quivers at the mention of his name. Evil courses through his veins like blood and his conscience has lain dormant for over a decade while he has slashed and burned his way to the top of the food chain. Vain. The Dark Man, born of torment into an existence of death. In the underworld of killers he reigns supreme. And yet he is chosen for a task of supreme benevolence. Why would he be selected to save a young boy, the Avun-Riah, and then protect him against a horde of enemies, both mortal and demonic? Because he is the only one with any hope of success. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse have risen from the pits of Hell and, along with a fanatical army of cultists, are ranged against Vain. If the boy is slain then Sordarrah will be raised to destroy the Earth, a feat even Lucifer never managed. Evil is being used to fight evil in the ultimate battle for the outcome of all existence. Armageddon sits upon the horizon and all that stands in its way is a man whose path has always been dark.
Book Trailer: The Dark Path
Order the Book From: Amazon - Barnes and Noble
Corpus Christi - The Legacy Chronicles - Book 1
Haunted by the toxic memories of a torturous foster-father, Jacob Hope yearns to make a difference in a world gone awry, trying to accomplish some small scrap of good in an ocean of wrong. Tumbling through life with no true direction, Jake unwittingly reveals a nightmare. The gates of Hell have been unlocked, and something long imprisoned has broken loose from its shackles to roam free upon the Earth. It cannot be bargained with, it cannot be defeated, and it exists with only desolation in its heart.... Longing to confront such evil but not knowing how, Jake must embark upon a journey not only of destination, but of self-discovery. In his attempts to thwart a fallen angel, Jake must also come to grips with his own part in this almighty drama. For above it all haunts the legacy, a prophecy of who Jake truly is: Christ reborn - the new messiah.
Book Trailer: Corpus Christi
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Beyond Hades - The Prometheus Wars (Volume 1)
What if mythology isn't myth? The ancient Greeks told fabulously detailed stories involving unbelievable creatures - monsters dominating all tales from that time. Were they just highly imaginative, or was their inspiration from somewhere else? Doctor Talbot Harrison, a professor in archeology, receives a phone call one day which will destroy everything he perceives as reality. His brother has been mysteriously killed and within moments the United States Military appear at his door, literally dragging him from his home. Thrown into a helicopter under intense armed guard, it doesn't take long until they are attacked by something which cannot possibly exist, something drawn to destroy the one man who can stop the beasts from a land beyond Hades....
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Author Recommended by: Claude Bouchard
Best-Selling Author Claude Bouchard writes Mystery & Thrillers novels in the Vigilante Series. Also he is a prolific twitter host. See Claude's Author's Spotlight post.

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Karen Michelle Nutt - Soul Taker is in the HBS Author's Spotlight

Today our blog puts the Spotlight on award-winning Author Karen Michelle Nutt. She is the author of many Urban Fantasy, Romance, Science Fiction novels and Short Stories.

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Tour: April 29, 2013

Today's Featured Book is

Soul Taker

Author: Karen Michelle Nutt


~ An exciting, contemporary paranormal story of good versus evil from award-winning, bestselling author Karen Michelle Nutt ~ No soul is safe... A vampire from the Grim Sith sept is sucking the souls out of young women from the Boston area, but this sinister crime is far worse than a vampire seeking substance. He's selling the souls to the highest bidder and it seems business is booming. A vampire, a werewolf, and a Necromancer are a most unlikely team, but Garran, Harrison, and Isabella plan on putting a kink in the dubbed Soul Taker's plans. It's personal now. One of their friends has fallen victim to the Soul Taker's charms, but to stop him from hurting anyone else, their efforts may involve raising the dead.

The night awakened everything dark and foreboding, allowing them to walk among the humans. Garran MacLaurin would be considered such a creature, though with practice he learned to control his unusual appetite to destroy everything in his wake.

From the shadows, Garran watched Isabella Lucci lock her car, the beep of the alarm echoing in the hospital's carport.

She wore a tan long-sleeve shirt with jeans, which looked tailored to fit her trim figure, and designer boots. She turned to go toward the hospital entrance, but something caught her attention. Her feet stilled. Her gaze turned toward him and apprehension crossed her delicate features. She took a hesitant step in his direction, clutching her purse like a lifeline. She scanned the parking lot, searching… For what? He stood still and waited. Finally, she turned and continued inside the hospital.

He would have to be careful. Isabella hadn't seen him, but he knew without a doubt she sensed him. Rare for a human to sense the preternatural world, but then again, if Harrison was correct in his assumptions, Miss Lucci could raise the dead.

Garran waited a respected few minutes so not to run into Miss Lucci. Then he too, entered the hospital.

Read more ...

Author Genre: Romance, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Short Stories

Website: Karen Michelle Nutt
Author's Blog: Time Travel, Magic and Otherworldly Tales
Blog: Google +
Twitter: @KMNbooks
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Author Description: Karen Michelle Nutt resides in California with her husband, three fascinating children, and houseful of demanding pets. Jack, her Chorkie, is her writing buddy and sits long hours with her at the computer. Her Book, Lost in the Mist of Time, was nominated for New Books Review Spotlight Best Fantasy Book of the Year Award 2006. A Twist of Fate was a nominee for Best Time Travel P.E.A.R.L. Award for 2008. Creighton Manor won Honorable Mention P.E.A.R.L. Award 2009. Her new passion is creating book covers for Western Trail Blazers and Rebecca J. Vickery Publishing. In her spare time, she reviews books for PNR-Paranormal Romance Reviews. Whether your reading fancy is paranormal, historical or time travel, all her stories capture the rich array of emotions that accompany the most fabulous human phenomena—falling in love. Read more: http://buythebooktours.blogspot.com/2013/04/soul-taker-by-karen-michelle-nutt-book.html#ixzz2RD6iP3zf

Author's Book List
Twilight's Eternal Embrace
The Legend… There was a time when the nightwalkers lived among the humans, before they were known as vampyres or vampires to the modern world. The nightwalkers had their own clans and names they called themselves: Dearg-due, Oiche Sith, Draugr, Kyuuketsuki—to name a few of the older clan families. The nightwalkers' way of life was similar to the daywalkers. The only difference being the nightwalkers required blood to sustain life, a source easily supplied within their own clan. Male and female shared their blood with each other. There was no need to seek outsiders. As time marched on, their way of life became compromised. No more children were born to the females of the nightwalker clans and their numbers dwindled. For a preternatural being, that was virtually immortal in comparison to other life forms of the world, the idea of fading into history as merely a legend proved terrifying. Something had to be done… Though there are many stories of courage, this is Adryanna and Bram's story, a daywalker and a blood drinker, who defied the odds and forged a new destiny. The day was hers. The night was his. But Twilight was theirs.

Order the Book From: Amazon - Barnes and Noble
Creighton Manor
The last thing Gillian Metcalf remembers before she passes out is being aboard the Queen Mary in Long Beach, California, where she witnesses a dog disappearing as if it were a phantom. So how did she end up in 1870 and in a man's room aboard the Ida Belle, traveling down the Mississippi? Zachary Creighton, a gambler with one goal: to win back Creighton Manor. Marriage is not part of the plan, but since he is found with Gillian in his room, reputations are at stake, his included.To keep peace with his reluctant bride, he makes a bargain with her. He needs a tutor for his nephew Tyler, and she needs a roof over her head until they can annul their sham of a marriage. However, Zachary finds himself falling for Gillian's oddly charming ways despite the fact the woman claims to be from the future. The gamble is trust, but will the stakes prove too high for Zachery to risk it all and win Gillian's heart?

Book Trailer: Creighton Manor
Order the Book From: Amazon - Barnes and Noble
Magic of the Loch
Michaela Grant travels to Scotland for a holiday, knowing this vacation is her last. A medical condition threatens her life and any chance of a future--until she meets Alan MacLachlin, a man forced to exist between two worlds. Alan is the legendary Loch Ness Monster. Once every fifty years he returns to human form in search of his soul mate, the one woman who can break his curse. He believes he has found forever with Michaela, but to claim it he must figure out how to save her life. Michaela and Alan vow to take what time has to offer, but another threat looms. A sinister shape shifter with a vendetta against Alan is making Loch Ness his personal hunting ground. Now he's threatening Michaela. Alan must discover who the shifter is and stop him before it's too late.

Order the Book From: Amazon - Barnes and Noble
A Twist of Fate
Has a twist of fate sent her back in time? This is a question which plagues Arianna Ward when she wakes up to find her memory in fragments, like a long forgotten dream. Everyone claims her name is Annabelle. The year is 1814 and she’s married to Captain Keldon Buchanan, a man who despises her. The more she learns about her life, the more she realizes why she’s chosen to forget it. She’s a liar and an adulteress. She doesn’t understand why she wanted to destroy her marriage when her heart tells her she belongs with Keldon. Keldon harbors his own secrets. He's the Highland Pirate and secrecy is the difference between life and death. He doesn’t trust his wife, but he finds his heart softening to the woman his wife has become. If he didn’t know better, he’d swear he's married to another woman and he’s fallen in love with her.

Book Trailer: A Twist of Fate
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Storm Riders
Three destinies, three paths for each decision a person makes, but if one of the roads becomes tangled, a Storm Rider must step in and repair the rifts before the dimensions collide. The day before his scheduled hanging, Ace McTavish is visited by an unusual, captivating woman who points a knife at his throat and then kisses him breathless. After a promise of rescue before the big event, Samantha Skelley reluctantly leaves her latest assignment in his jail cell. With her partner, Denny Randeli, she's been sent to 1879 in the boomtown of Bodie, California, not only to keep this man from hanging, but to make sure he stays alive afterward. However, Ace has an agenda of his own, and Sammy and Denny soon learn keeping him alive might not be as easy as it sounds.

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Six year-old Emma is convinced her Christmas wish and premonition has come true when outlaw JoBeth Riley is brought into town. Emma’s father, Sheriff Jace Kelly, must keep JoBeth from being broken out by the leader of the outlaw gang. JoBeth finds the Kellys a strange lot when forced to spend Christmas with them. A little girl, who believes her dreams are tales of the future and the rugged sheriff whose kindness proves a distraction. She’s an outlaw for heaven’s sake, but Jace is bound and determined to steal her heart.

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Lucca: Warriors for the Light - Fallen Angels
Fallen Angels - Book 2 Lucca Marlowe is half human, half angel, one of the Nephilim. Banished for crimes against one of his fellow brethren, the elders bind his glamour and wings, casting him to the human's realm. He'll either learn to respect his human side of existence or live out eternity trying. Lucca does not live a mundane life. Angels and demons demand he do their bidding. His estranged father resurfaces after centuries of being absent and he's brought a friend from Hell. To make his life more complicated, he fears he found his soul mate in a human female. Only Juliet Romeo has a secret that will bring the wrath of Heaven down upon their heads. It's a race against time to find out who will end up with his soul.

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Destiny's Prerogative
When Dr. Shay McCormick died, there was no white light, no loved one to comfort her. There was a half-man, half-jaguar there to greet her. He’s a descendant of the nagual, a spirit guide. It isn’t her time and he leads her to safety. Shay wants proof shapeshifters exist. Her curiosity leads her into a world of danger and to Gabriel Cruzado. Fate threw them together, but despite their differences, they work together, trying to eliminate the threat that will destroy their future. They were destined to be lovers long before he touched her soul and she saved his life.

Book Trailer: Destiny's Prerogative
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