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HBS Author’s Spotlight – Class of August 2013

This month we have a group of interesting writers with worlds of knowledge and expertise.

Be sure to check out what they have coming next for their readers. I try to pick authors who are interesting studies and ask them unique questions for our Q/A section.

Check out our new feature to the HBS Author's Spotlight, The Showcase. I have included those authors in this class. Thanks to the following outstanding authors for a great month.

Here is a summary of our August 2013 crew.

Melody Anne

Author Genre: Romance, Young Adult

Website: Melody Anne
Twitter: @authmelodyanne
Facebook: Check Out Facebook

What is next?: Right now I am working on Seduced. Doing edits and polishing it off for a September 2nd release.

Social media: I think Social media has made my career. I have fans that have been with me from the very first book, and they are so special to me. I love, love, love talking to my fans.

Book cover: I have a spectacular cover artist. She will ask me a general idea of what I want and then send me samples. Sometimes, I love the very first cover, sometimes, it takes us ten times, but I am very hands on with it.

Book trailers - I found myself singing along with one of them.: my cover artist makes them, and yes, it is from what we see the book as. I love the sultry music she finds and the images. She times it perfectly too. Such as in Submit, there is a growl right as Rafe’s picture appears.

Support groups: I’ve also met some incredible authors online… About 30 powerful, wonderful women and we will email back and forth and answer questions and be there for each other. I finally got to meet these women in person at RWA and it was like we’d been friends for life.

Free books: Giving the first book away in each series was the smartest marketing move I ever did.

Publish in another language: I am more excited about that than anything else right now! It’s so great to reach a new market.

Author's Book List
Unexpected Treasure
Midnight Storm
The Tycoon's Secret
The Billionaire's Final Stand
Runaway Heiress

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Annette Drake

Author Genre: Romance, Young Adult

Author's Blog: Annette Drake
Website: Annette Drake
Twitter: @annettedrake13
LinkedIn: Check Out LinkedIn
Facebook: Check Out Facebook

Congratulations on the completion of Celebration House. Bone Girl and A Year with Geno are up next.

Book cover: I envisioned the cover of Celebration House as soon as Tirgearr Publishing offered me a contract. The first cover art I received was not what I wanted. Not at all. The second was much closer. It’s not perfect.

Support groups: I belong to SCBWI and the Inland Northwest Writers Guild.

Plots: I write a timeline for the book, and I’m constantly adding and taking away, rearranging plot points. But generally speaking, I have an idea of the timeline before I start. It’s one of the things the characters whisper to me.

Reviews: My amazing editor, Maudeen Wachsmith, takes sole credit for the quote on the cover by Deb Stover. Thank you, Maudeen. Other reviews are ones that I, with the help of my husband and daughter, have solicited. I read an article by an experienced author who advised newbies, like myself, to never, ever read the reviews. I try to take his advice.

Author's Book List
Celebration House

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John F. Hanley

Author Genre: Historical Fiction, Young Adult

Author's Blog: John F. Hanley
Website: John F. Hanley
Twitter: @jf_hanley
Facebook: Check Out Facebook

Next Book: provisional title is Room 39

Social media: I've found that networking has increased my profile and allowed me to meet a wide range of most interesting people many of them authors.

Great covers: My publisher provided design help though I sourced the image.

Support Group: Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLI) as well as the Authors Social Media Support Group (ASMSG). Before I published the books I tested them on which is an excellent site for feedback from other authors.

Free Books: The only books I gave away were to non-author friends on the understanding that they would write reviews in return.

Great blog with a music background. My website was designed and is maintained by my publisher …

Author's Book List
The Last Boat
Against the Tide

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John A. Heldt

Author Genre: Romance, Historical Fiction

Author's Blog: John A. Heldt
Twitter: @johnheldt
Facebook: Check Out Facebook

New book: I plan to release The Fire – Northwest Passage No. 4 – in early September.

Social media: They've been critically important. Through social media, I've been able to accomplish two important things. First, I've been able to work closely with fellow authors and editors to improve my craft. Second, I've been able to build an audience for my books

Book cover creation: The covers are built around stock art I purchase from various sites. As you can see, I favor simple images that evoke basic themes.

Support groups: I am part of the Awesome Indies Authors group and several discussion groups on Goodreads.

Free books: I have given away nearly twenty thousand books over the past eighteen months and have concluded the following: giveaways generate reviews and increase short-term sales but do little to raise visibility over the long term.

Book locations: [When I wrote] The Fire. I knew almost nothing about Wallace, Idaho, and felt an obligation to visit the community before writing about it. It's one thing to read about a town. It's another to walk its streets, explore its neighborhoods, step inside its oldest buildings, and mingle with its ghosts.

Author's Book List
The Show
The Journey
The Mine

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J.A. Jance

Author Genre: Mystery & Thrillers

Author's Blog: J.A. Jance - NYT Bestselling Author
Website: J.A. Jance
Twitter: @JAJance
Facebook: Check Out Facebook

Next Book: Second Watch, Beaumont # 21, is due to be published September 10.

Second Watch is the first time I've been asked to write an e-novella in advance of the publication of the next book. Ring in the Dead went on sale in July. The novella was written after I wrote Second Watch…

Book signing: Second Watch will be my 47th book and the book of poetry that comes out that same day, After the Fire, makes it 48. Over the past 30 years, I've done at least thirty book signings per book. Do the math--that's a lot of signings. Why do I do them? My first ICD book rep, Holly Turner, told me at the very beginning that every personal contact accounts for at least ten sales.

Book trailer: I did tape something in New York for Deadly Stakes when that came out earlier this year. I don't know if Youtube book readings will catch on. I have done a couple of Skype interviews, but the jury is still out on those as well.

Support groups: I belong to MWA and to Sisters in Crime

eBooks: I think ebooks has made it far easier for new readers to go back to the beginning and read through an entire set of books in order.

Sugarloaf Café: I started writing about Ali Reynolds, and as soon as I did, there were her folks running the Sugarloaf. People think I based that restaurant on another Sedona institution, the Coffee Pot, but it turns out I never visited that restaurant until long after I started writing my books.

Author's Book List
Second Watch
Judgment Call
Deadly Stakes: A Novel
Left for Dead
Paradise Lost
Exit Wounds
Edge of Evil
Birds of Prey
Breach of Duty
Betrayal of Trust
Fatal Error: A Novel
Payment in Kind
Minor in Possession
Improbable Cause
Dismissed with Prejudice
A More Perfect Union

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Katie Jennings

Author Genre: Literature & Fiction, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Romance

Website: Katie Jennings
Twitter: @dryadquartet
LinkedIn: Check Out LinkedIn
Facebook: Check Out Facebook

Next book: So Fell the Sparrow will release on November 21st, with a prequel short-story releasing September 21st that will offer a sneak peek of the main book.

Social media relationships have been everything to me. Through interacting with the author community, I have met so many wonderful people and forged lifelong friendships.

Book covers: I create my own covers, but always seek the opinions of those I trust to be sure I got it right. For me it’s all about the imagery. Once I find my image, the cover pretty much creates itself.

Book trailers: I think book trailers are a crucial part to any book marketing plan. As long as they are done correctly and look professional, they can be a great way to entice readers.

Support groups: As an official author of Blue Harvest Creative, I have so much support coming from them and from the other official authors. BHC isn’t a publisher, so we are all still self-published and in full control of our work, but we get beautifully designed books, marketing advice and promotion, and unrivaled industry experience to help us navigate the waters of publishing. We also support each other by beta-reading, which is so crucial when writing a book.

Free books: If you had asked me this same question exactly one year ago, I would have raved to you about the success I’ve had doing free promotions on Amazon. Sadly, the landscape has changed dramatically in that short time as the market became flooded with so many free books, readers couldn’t sift through them all.

Reviews: I seek professional reviews by sending out a few advanced review copies of my books, and after that I leave it up to my readers to review.

Author's Book List
Rise of the Notorious
When Empires Fall
Of Water and Madness
A Life Earthbound
Firefight in Darkness
Breath of Air

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Judith Marshall

Author Genre: Women's Fiction

Author's Blog: Judith Marshall
Website: Judith Marshall
Twitter: @whipsandjingles
LinkedIn: Check Out LinkedIn
Facebook: Check Out Facebook

Coming Next: Staying Afloat after the film version of her first book: Husbands May Come and Go but Friends are Forever

Social media: The biggest benefit I’ve found from social media is networking with other authors…

Personal appearances: …I speak to local women’s organizations about both fashion and my book. I never fail to sell books.

YouTube interview: I actually have three video interviews about Husbands.

eBooks: I published an ebook at the same time as my print book and I’ve been surprised to find that ebooks regularly sell much better.

Free books: I participated in a Goodreads giveaway contest where I gave two ebooks to readers and asks them to post reviews; neither recipient did.

Reviews: I think the best reviews come from people who actually have bought and read your book.

Author's Book List
Husbands May Come and Go but Friends Are Forever

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Alan Orloff

Author Genre: Mystery & Thrillers, Young Adult, Horror

Author's Blog: A Million Blogging Monkeys
Website: Alan Orloff
Twitter: @alanorloff
E-Mail: alan AT
LinkedIn: Check Out LinkedIn
Facebook: Check Out Facebook

New stuff: If you’re looking for some new work of mine, check out the current issue of NEEDLE: A Magazine of Noir (Summer 2013) for my story, House Call.

Social media: It’s hard to quantify the importance of my participation in social media, but it’s fun and I’ve met a lot of great people. It also provides a necessary opportunity for procrastination!

I haven’t done a lot of on-line advertising—not sure the results are worth the effort/cost.

Cover design: I described my vision for an ideal cover—important elements, theme, tone—and let the artist run with it. To date, I haven’t really asked my readers what they thought, but that’s a pretty good suggestion. I’m sure I’d get some interesting opinions!

Support groups: I find that networking with the members of these organizations is very valuable when it comes to both the craft and business of writing. I encourage all writers to find a group (or two, or three) and get involved!

Free Books: Over the course of five days in the first quarter of this year, I gave away about 47,000 downloads of FIRST TIME KILLER. After the promotions, I did get a modest bump in sales and a ton of reviews

Comedy and Mystery novels: Well, despite the fact that the protagonist of my Last Laff mystery series is a stand-up comic, the books aren’t funny-funny. They lean more to the suspenseful end (although there are some funny spots, natch).

Author's Book List
Deadly Campaign
The Taste
Killer Routine
Diamonds for the Dead

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Melissa Bourbon Ramirez

Author Genre: Mystery & Thrillers, Romance

Author's Blog: Romancing the Naked Hero
Website: Melissa Ramirez - Bestselling Author
Twitter: @melissabourbon
Facebook: Check Out Facebook

New Book: A Killing Notion comes out this winter.

Social media is definitely important to authors; I’ve made and keep up with some awesome people there.

Book signings, interviews, speaking and personal appearances: I do all of the above! It’s always a huge thrill to realize that other people are interested in what I have to say!

Great cover: By my publishers...Basically, the author gives concepts and the art department runs with it. The ‘Passion’ books are very steamy and the covers represent the tone and motifs beautifully!

Book trailers: They are a fun fringe benefit and let me celebrate my books just a little bit more. It’s hard to say the impact they may have had on sales.

Time management is definitely a challenge! I work full-time as a publicity director for Entangled Publishing…

Ebooks themselves have made many books so much more affordable for readers. It’s so easy to click and purchase! As a writer, it hasn’t changed much for me, personally.

Free books: I’m happy to give away some copies of my books to help new readers discover my different series. I prefer to give away backlist titles rather than new releases.

Marketing Director with Entangled Publishing: Book tours and giveaway are very important for all authors. The main reason we write is to tell stories that people want to read. Which means we have to help readers find our books. Social media and book blog tours are the best ways to do that.

Author's Book List
Curse of Passion
Deadly Patterns
Sacrifice of Passion
Bare-Naked Lola
A Fitting End
Tricked Out Toolbox
Pleating for Mercy
Deceiving the Witch Next Door
The Lola Cruz Christmas Story, A Prequel

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Jinx Schwartz

Author Genre: Mystery & Thrillers, Young Adult/tweens, Historical/Western, Humor, Chicklit

Author's Blog: Jinx Schwartz's Water Writes
Website: Jinx Schwartz
Twitter: @jinxschwartz
LinkedIn: Check Out LinkedIn
Facebook: Check Out Facebook

I always call the next book "Just Whatever" until it is finished. Since book five in the series, Just the Pits, was recently released, I'm back to square one…

I've only been actively marketing my own books for a year, but I now sell more books in a month than I did for years with a small publisher. … going Indie with Kindle Direct Publishing Select, my sales are all due to the social media. How else can a relatively unknown writer get known?

Personal appearances: This year I'll be in San Carlos, Sonora, right around Thanksgiving. I post my schedule on my website. I also speak to groups and will be at the Bisbee, AZ, Women's Club on Sept. 26.

My brand is: Hetta Coffey is a sassy Texan with a snazzy yacht, and she'd not afraid to use it!

Audio books: I get a royalty check from Books in Motion, who recorded the audio books, every six months. Not tearing up the world financially, but there is definitely an audience out there.

Writer support groups: Sisters in Crime is great, and so is EPIC. However, when it comes to marketing and meeting neat new writers, ASMSG is king.

Free books: Amazon gave away almost 50,000 Just Add Water ebooks over the weekend, and sales on the second in the series, Just Add Salt, is now in the top 100 paid in Humor. That said, every time you have a freebie promo, you get reviews like, "not my cup of tea" but that's the way it goes.

Reviews: Free books garner reviews...not always good ones, but that's the risk you take. I review other author's books and they mine. I am all over the charts for garnering reviews and am not above begging.

Author's Book List
Just The Pits
Troubled Sea
Just Deserts
Just Add Trouble
Just Add Salt
Just Add Water
Land Of Mountains
The Texicans

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Mike Wells

Author Genre: Mystery & Thrillers, Young Adult, Romance

Author's Blog: Mike Wells Books/The Green Water Blog
Website: Mike Wells Books
Twitter: @MikeWellsAuthor
LinkedIn: Check Out LinkedIn
Facebook: Check Out Facebook

New Book: My newest book is a psychological thriller called The Drive-By Wife. Next up will be Lust, Money & Murder 4, 5 & 6, which should be out by Christmas—that set is half finished now.

Social Media: In my case, to say Twitter & other social media “carry over” to my success is a gross understatement—it’s the primary way I promote my books. Without that constant, ever-expanding push, my books would be selling in very small numbers, if at all.

Book Trailers: I don’t believe book trailers do much good and I have not had much success with mine. I don’t know any other authors who have had much success with them, either.

eBooks: ebooks are all I publish. Ebooks are the entire reason I’m making a living from my writing now. I had no success trying to publish on paper via the traditional route, just can’t deal with agents and publishers…

Free books: Giving books away free has been a key part of my marketing strategy and has worked very well…but only for series books.

Different genres: Fortunately, for a self-published or “indie author, genre is not an issue. That’s one reason I wasn’t able to thrive in traditional publishing—they try to put a literary straight jacket on you.

Blog: My primary goal is to be a successful writer and entertain my readers as much as possible. My blog serves that purpose. The information and tips for other writers is sort of a freebie—every now and then I’m inspired to share what I’ve learned and write a post about it.

Author's Book List
Passion, Power & Sin - Book 1
Lust, Money & Murder - Book 1
The Wrong Side of the Tracks - Book 1
The Mysterious Disappearance of Kurt Kramer - Book 1
Secrets of the Elusive Lover - Book 1
Baby Talk - Book 1
Wild Child

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Todd Borg

Author Genre: Mystery & Thrillers

Author's Blog: Todd Borg
Website: Todd Borg

New book is due out August 1st. As for a hint about the title, it begins with "TAHOE,

The book covers are my secret weapon, and they are designed by a graphics wizard in Portland, Oregon named Keith Carlson.

Support groups: Writer's groups, especially critique groups, are essential. The only way you can turn a rough draft into a superior story is to have other writers and readers serve as editors and tell you what works and what doesn't.

Ebooks have changed several aspects of my career, all for the better. Readers can acquire my books faster, read them faster, and do it for less money.

Book giveaways: After Christmas, I participated in a free Kindle giveaway of my book TAHOE TRAP, and it got 23,000 downloads. When the book went back up to $4.99, it immediately hit Amazon's bestseller list…

Workshops: I split the focus two-thirds on writing, one-third on publishing and finding an audience (marketing). The next workshop is in Sacramento, November 16, 17, 18.

Author's Book List
Tahoe Trap
Tahoe Hijack
Tahoe Heat
Tahoe Night
Tahoe Avalanche
Tahoe Silence
Tahoe Ice Grave
Tahoe Blowup
Tahoe Deathfall

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Catherine Bybee

Author Genre: Romance

Author's Blog: Romance by Catherine
Website: Catherine Bybee
Twitter: @catherinebybee
LinkedIn: Check Out LinkedIn
Facebook: Check Out Facebook

New Book: Fiancé by Friday the third book in my Weekday Bride Series is coming on August 13th. I cannot wait to share Neil and Gwen’s story with my readers.

Next book: Not Quite Mine is being released before Fiancé by Friday. Not Quite Mine is coming before Mother’s Day of this year on May 7th. My ARC’s have already gone out and the reviews are trickling in.

Social Media: I’m actually heading up a workshop at the Romantic Times Convention this year on this subject. I have always believed that a strong online presence is as important to selling a book and finding readers as writing the book and getting it published.

Workshops: I’ll be at the Romantic Times Convention in Kansas City in May for workshops and appearances as well as book signing.

Covers: Crystal Posey, my assistant, is my cover goddess for most of books. She has designed my Bride Series covers, my Time Travel covers and my Ritter werewolf covers.

Giveaways: I do giveaway books. I like to give away the print copies my publisher sends me. I also give away digital copies of myself published titles.

Author's Book List
Fiance by Friday
Married by Monday
Wife by Wednesday
Not Quite Mine
Not Quite Dating
Embracing the Wolf
Highland Shifter
Redeeming Vows
Silent Vows
Binding Vows
Soul Mate

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T. D. Griggs

Author Genre: Psychological Crime Novels

Website: Tim Griggs - Writer
Twitter: @TDGRIGGS1
Facebook: Check Out Facebook

Next books: follow-up to DISTANT THUNDER, and that will trace the fortunes of Frank Gray and Grace Dearborn through the later 1890s, and will focus on the Boer War AND My contemporary crime novel THE END OF WINTER, which was a big hit in mainland Europe…

Book signings and interviews: I certainly do all of the above. Unlike quite a lot of authors I really enjoy it. I speak a good deal at reading groups, which are pretty common here.

Book covers: Generally the covers come from the publisher’s art department - different publishers for different language groups, so there are many more covers than you’ll see on my site. The Italians, Germans, French, Polish and Dutch all used different designs for the same books.

Writer support groups: local writers’ group in Oxford and Society of Authors in London plus others…

Ebooks: It’s making a big difference. It’s a revolution, in fact. As you know, my first book, the million-selling crime drama REDEMPTION BLUES, has just been re-edited and re-issued as an e-book for the first time, which puts it within reach of a whole new audience

Managing plots: I have always worked out the plot in advance (naturally) but I must admit it doesn’t always stay worked out. Generally it forms and re-forms several times, often many times…

Author's Book List
Distant Thunder
The Warning Bell
Redemption Blues

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Helen Hanson

Author Genre: Mystery & Thrillers, Suspense, Technology

Author's Blog: Google +
Website: Helen Hanson
Twitter: @HelenHanson
E-Mail: WriteMe [at] HelenHanson [dot] com
Facebook: Check Out Facebook

What's next: OCEAN OF FEAR will launch in June.

3 LIES hit the Kindle Top 100 because of my online presence. But, I’m more comfortable with live humans than I am on social media.

Great covers: The visual arts are a mystery to me. I can make something look nice, but I can’t make it special.

Time management: I’m a list freak. If it isn’t on the list, it won’t happen.

Free Books: Promotions are a great way to get readers to notice. I reserve my straight giveaways for readers through my newsletter.

Blog: Readers are my focus. They’re the only reason my work hit the Top 100 on Kindle. I love hearing from people who’ve read my work. It’s a total kick

Self-publisher: I’m somewhere on the control freak spectrum. My mother said my first words were: I can do it myself.

Author's Book List
Ocean of Fear
Dark Pool
3 Lies

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Cali MacKay

Author Genre: Contemporary Romance

Author's Blog: Google +
Website: Romance Writer Cali MacKay
Twitter: @calimackay
Facebook: Check Out Facebook

New Book: The Pirate and the Feisty Maid plus early August: One Sweet Summer.

Social media: I do feel that social media has been important to keep the momentum of a book going, though I find it quite easy to let it eat into my writing time. Trying to find a balance is the key.

On-line advertising: I have done some paid advertising via Bookbub and Book Gorilla, and have found them to be great experiences, though I do feel that the boost in rankings is temporary. It can be hard to keep book rankings up, especially long term.

Book covers: When designing my covers, I try to capture the feel of the stories and the series. Often times, the cover is dictated by the stock photos that are available

Free books: I honestly feel that giving away a book for free, especially the first in a series has been instrumental in getting all my books into the hands of readers. By offering a book for free, there's no risk to the reader…

Author's Book List
One Sweet Summer
The Pirate and the Feisty Maid
The Pirate and the Feisty Maid
A Highland Heist
A Highland Home
The Highlander's Hope
For One Last Kiss

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Caridad Piñeiro

Author Genre: Romance, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Mystery & Thrillers

Website: Caridad Piñeiro
Twitter: @CaridadPineiro
Facebook: Check Out Facebook

New book: TO CATCH A PRINCESS releases on August 12 and it’s a sexy and emotional story about an arrange marriage, hidden identities and a thief who is trying to steal millions of dollars in jewels from an event the princess is hosting.

Social media: While I think social media has helped sales, the best thing about it has been all the fun and interesting people I’ve met. It’s been great and I’ve even been able to meet quite a lot of them up close and personal, which I love.

Personal appearances: I mostly do local bookstores and street fairs, but I try to get to at least two bigger conferences every year. Also, if I know fans are in an area, I reach out to them personally to try and arrange to meet them one-on-one.

Book covers: On my indie releases I get very involved with working with the cover artist to create the look and feel that I want. With traditionally published books, I am as involved.

Audio Books: I have a few audio books out and readers seem to really like them. I plan on having my indie books done as audio as well. I would recommend to new authors that they consider doing this as there are very viable avenues for producing an audio book.

eBooks: E-books have given me the flexibility to write shorter works and also, to re-release my older books. I’ve enjoyed doing that and also exploring characters like those in TO CATCH A PRINCESS.

Free books: I’ve done only one free book giveaway and it did boost sales of that and other books. My main goal was to reach readers who might not have otherwise read one of my books. My one concern is that there are some people who will only do free, but the reality of it is, writers do need to make money on their books.

Reviews: I rely on readers and bloggers for reviews. There are many responsible reviewers out there and I like to support them in any way I can and in turn, get their honest opinion on the books.

Author's Book List
To Catch a Princess
Faith in You
Now and Always
Kissed by a Vampire
Her Vampire Lover
The Claimed
The Vampire's Consort
The Lost
Sins of the Flesh

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Christine Warner

Author Genre: Contemporary Romance

Website: Christine's Words
Twitter: @ChristinesWords
LinkedIn: Check Out LinkedIn
Facebook: Check Out Facebook

Next up: Bachelor’s Special… This is a contemporary romance that will release with the Indulgence line at Entangled Publishing in June of this year.

Social media: ... everyone is supportive of one another—authors and readers alike—and I know without their encouragement and retweets and shares I wouldn’t have been able to get word of my books out there to everyone.

Book covers: I wish I had more to do with my covers than I have. I’m anxiously awaiting the cover for Bachelor’s Special and am sure I’ll love it because Entangled releases some amazing ones…

Writer support groups: several groups on Facebook…wonderful one on one critique partner, a small critique group. , and some wonderful yahoo groups who support each other with advice and more. Writers are a very supportive and giving group.

Giveaways: I’ve given away an ebook copy of each of my books on some blogs that I’ve appeared on and I’ve received a couple of reviews in return and that’s been wonderful.

Buy the Book Tours is an awesome partner in helping an author promote their works. You just can’t go wrong if you are being exposed to blogs and other websites who have readers you might not otherwise connect with.

Author's Book List
Bachelor's Special
Two-Timing the Boss
Some Like It in Handcuffs

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