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Dianne Harman – Murder at the Dog Show is featured at the HBS Author's Spotlight Showcase

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The HBS Author's Spotlight SHOWCASES Dianne Harman's new book: Murder at the Dog Show.

Dianne is an Award-Winning Bestselling Mystery, Suspense and Romance author. 

Murder at the Dog Show

High Desert Cozy Mystery Series Book 11

Author: Dianne Harman


Everyone thinks their dog is special.
But special enough for someone to commit murder?

Dog show judge Deidre Rogers had enemies, a lot of enemies, and someone hated her enough to kill her.

And it wasn’t only the dog show people who hated her. When a woman’s as rich as Deidre and feels entitled to have whatever she wants, including other women’s husbands, it’s not surprising she had a long list of people who would like to see her dead.

When Marty begins to investigate her murder, she finds a trail of people with motives ranging from revenge to greed, not to mention bruised egos.

Don’t miss this cozy mystery page-turner from a USA Today Bestselling Author and Amazon All-Star.

Author: Dianne Harman

Author Genre: Cozy Mystery, Romance and Literary Fiction

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Amazon Author Profile

Author Description: Two-time USA Today Bestselling Author and seven time Amazon All Star Author, Dianne Harman, draws her stories and characters from a diverse business and personal background. She owned a national antique and art appraisal business for many years, left that industry, and opened two yoga centers where she taught and certified yoga instructors. She's traveled extensively throughout the world and loves nothing more than cooking, playing backgammon with her husband, Tom, and throwing the ball for their dog, Kelly.

Being a dog lover and having attended numerous cooking schools, she couldn't resist writing about food and dogs. Dianne is the author of several cozy mystery series: Cedar Bay, Liz Lucas, High Desert, Midwest, Jack Trout, Northwest, Cottonwood Springs and a paranormal cozy mystery series.

She's also the author of the award-winning suspenseful Coyote Series, Midlife Journey Series, Slade Kelly Suspense Series, and the Cozy Cookbook Series which consists of recipes from her cozy mystery series. Enjoy!

Author's Book List

Holly and the Stolen Test - Holly Lewis Mystery Series Book 7
A stolen test
A relationship in trouble
Parents too quick to judge
A teenage world upended

When Holly learns that a geometry test has been stolen and it’s being sold to students, she’s angry on a number of levels. Sure doesn’t help to find out her boyfriend, Wade, is contemplating buying it.

And when she’s caught on video by the principal with a number of questionable students being offered a vape pen, and the principal calls her parents and they ground her, she’s in disbelief.

Should she do nothing or try to find the thief and convince them to do the right thing. What would you do? Good thing she has Lucky, her Maltipoo mix, to comfort her.

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Missing in Los Angeles - Cottonwood Springs Cozy Mystery Series Book 10
A lifelong dream about to be realized
A clothing designer’s debut line goes missing
A high-end fashion house in turmoil
Was it greed, ambition, or jealousy?

Brigid accompanies her sister to Los Angeles for the culmination of Fiona’s life-long dream - to be a fashion designer. But when Fiona’s fashions go missing on the day they’re to be debuted, Brigid’s determined to find the culprit.

No one had access to the design room but Green Butterfly employees, so Brigid’s certain it must have been an inside job. But just which one of the employees is responsible, and why?

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Deadly Accusations - Miranda Riley Paranormal Cozy Mysteries Book 3 with Krystal Doolittle
A man and a woman drained
Local vampires?
Paranormal community says no
A third draining
Agency threatens to fire Miranda
If she doesn’t find the killer and make an arrest
She’s willing to become bait for the suspected vampire murderer
Will it work?

When the Paranormal Investigative Agency gives Miranda an ultimatum – find the paranormal murderer or be fired – she has to use everything she’s been taught.

But are silver bullets, silver knives, and garlic enough to stop a vampire from another draining?

Add to it her romance with the local Alpha werewolf and her attraction to the Chief of Police. Plus her mother, Eve, is searching for the paranormal who killed Miranda’s father many years ago.

Things are definitely getting complicated. Good thing she has her little Corgi, Hank, to help her.

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Murder in Vancouver - A Northwest Cozy Mystery (Northwest Cozy Mystery Series Book 13
A famous fashion designer
A poisoned box of chocolates
A stolen painting
Al, the Mafia man, is back on the job

Milton Arrowsmith is murdered by a poisoned box of chocolates on the morning of an art fundraiser, and a valuable painting is stolen from his apartment.

His friends hire Al, both for their own security, and to find out what happened to Milton. Al investigates their social circle, and finds out everyone has secrets, some even connected to the case. It turns out the killer is much closer to home than anyone could have imagined...

Plenty of great food and two adorable dogs in this page-turning cozy mystery by a USA Today Bestselling Author and Amazon All-Star.

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Murder in the Forest - A Liz Lucas Cozy Mystery (Liz Lucas Cozy Mystery Series Book 12
Former cop Michael Hessop arrives in Red Cedar with a mission - track down a teen girl named Delaney Sparrow and the predator who convinced her to run away from her family.

He finds out about Liz Lucas' reputation for being an amazing amateur sleuth from the owner of Gertie’s Diner, and teams up with Liz and her dogs, Brandy Boy and Winston.

The dead body of a young girl is found in the woods with a note saying the killer 'will strike again.’ The killer makes an anonymous call, taunting that he's got a girl tied up somewhere in Red Cedar, and if she's not found in three days, he'll kill her, too.

Is the murdered body Delaney Sparrow or is she the one who’s tied up? It’s a race against time for Liz, Michael, and the dogs.

Order the Book From:

The Other Witch - Miranda Riley Paranormal Cozy Mystery Series Book 2 with Krystal Doolittle
Believe in witches? If not, you may want to rethink it.

As Miranda settles into her new role as a paranormal investigator, her mother, Eve, takes a back seat on their newest case.

Proving she’s capable of filling her mother’s shoes may be troublesome, however, when Miranda senses that what they're dealing with isn't your typical, everyday paranormal, but something altogether different.

People in the area are disappearing at an alarming rate, and Miranda has to act fast. But with her mother acting strangely, things heating up between her and the Alpha male, Jesse, plus her odd pull to Police Chief Jack Winslow, Miranda starts to feel as if she's going in circles. Good thing she has her Corgi dog, Hank, to help.

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The War Hero's Welcome - Cedar Bay Cozy Mystery Series Book 18
The war hero returns home
With his dog, Wicked
Both have been injured
Their welcome should be pretty straightforward
But not everyone likes a war hero
Maybe Kelly’s son, Cash, should have stayed in Afghanistan
At least there he knew who the enemy was!

All Kelly and Mike want to do is help Cash recuperate from his injuries

They never planned on becoming involved with a kidnapping

Good to have guard dogs when you need them

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Holly and the Ruined Party - Holly Lewis Mystery Series Book 6
A surprise party at a church
To celebrate her aunt Fiona’s success as a fashion designer
Streamers, banners, and food
All destroyed on the night before the party
Who did it and why?

When the party Holly has carefully planned is maliciously destroyed hours before it’s to take place, her friends and family frantically work to salvage it.

But who would want to ruin a party? Doesn’t everyone love a party? Was it someone who had a grudge against Fiona? Or maybe against Holly?

Holly and Wade are afraid if they don’t find the person responsible, they’ll do something even more damaging during the party, like harming someone at the party.

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Murder at the Manor - Northwest Cozy Mystery Series Book 12
Cecil Boatwright-Jones was the epitome of a crotchety old man
So crotchety he was murdered
After all, when you’re worth millions
And you won’t spend a dime On your run-down English manor, Little Dockery
Or your family
Or anything else
Maybe murder is the answer
But it’s never acceptable

DeeDee and Jake wish they’d never left Seattle to accept a case in the village of Finchingfield , England. What started out as a wonderful excuse to spend some time in Europe quickly becomes a nightmare. Staying in a manor that has over one hundred rooms and a lot of secrets doesn’t make for pleasant dreams.

When everyone hates a man, finding people with a motive is not a problem. What is a problem is too many suspects with very good reasons to commit murder. DeeDee and Jake have another problem. If they don’t find the murderer, there’s a good chance they’ll be the next victims.

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Little Feather - Miranda Riley Paranormal Cozy Mysteries Book 1 with Krystal Doolittle
All it takes is one phone call to change your life.

Miranda Riley is a blackjack dealer in Las Vegas when she receives a call from the police that her mother, Eve, is missing. She rushes home to Little Feather, Oklahoma, hoping to quickly find her mother so she can return to her life in the big city.

But once Miranda begins to search for her, she finds there is much more to Little Feather and her mother than she originally thought. First, the city is an oasis for supernatural creatures, and secondly, her mother was the Paranormal Investigator who kept them all in line.

As a P.I., it was her mother's job to make sure the paranormal creatures stayed out of view from humans and didn't commit any crimes. But now that she's gone that’s changing.

Miranda finds herself caught up in a world she never knew existed. She needs to find her mother before paranormal things get out of hand in Little Feather, and two very attractive men are willing to help her.

Order the Book From:

Murder at the New Dawn B & B - Cottonwood Springs Cozy Mystery Series Book 9
An unlikable guest
Who was abusive to his wife
A marriage in trouble
Someone thought he should be murdered
And he was

Brett reminds Linc of a time when he could have prevented an abusive spouse from hurting his wife, a close friend, and he’s always regretted it. Did he regret it enough to do something about it years later?

Could it have been the B & B guest who found Amanda irresistible and her husband’s treatment of her frightening? Or even her loving father, worried about his only daughter?

It’s up to Brigid and Sheriff Davis to find out just how abusive Brett was and who murdered him.

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Murder and High Rollers - High Desert Cozy Mystery Series Book 10
Ever consider betting $25,000 on a poker hand?
High rollers at an exclusive card room in a Palm Springs casino do
And when the same person wins night after night
That person becomes a threat to their livelihood
A threat that needs to be taken care of – like in murder

Join Marty and her husband, Detective Jeff, as they investigate the lives of the casino high rollers to find out which one was the murderer.

And if you like dogs, you must meet Miss Olive and Miss Simone!

Order the Book From:

Holly & The Oracle - Holly Lewis Mystery Series Book 5
A charismatic Oracle who promises miracles
But only if you’re willing to give money
A naïve young man who wants to belong to something
And is ready to done his hard-earned money

Convincing someone who’s drinking the “Kool-Aid” that they’re being taken advantage of can be difficult, but that’s Holly’s challenge when her friend, Levi, falls under the Oracle’s spell.

Holly confronts the Oracle only to find that Levi doesn’t want her help. It never occurs to Holly that her “help” may not only result in her death, but those of her loved ones as well.

Order the Book From:

Trouble at the New Dawn B & B - Cottonwood Springs Cozy Mystery Series Book 8
Days away from a grand opening
A long-awaited vision about to come true
Is thwarted by a computer hacker
When it works, modern technology is miraculous
When someone knows how to abuse it
It can mean the end of a dream

Brigid and Linc are clueless when it comes to computers. Good thing their daughter knows a thing or two about them. Now if they can just find out who hacked the magnificent website she built and get it up and running again before it’s too late and their beautiful B & B becomes nothing more than a vacant building with no visitors.

Order the Book From:

Death in the Bay - Cedar Bay Cozy Mystery Series Book 17
A man falls overboard and dies in the bay.

Was it an accident or a calculated murder motivated by a changed inheritance? Unfaithful spouses? Revenge?

When the dead man is Sheriff’s Mike oldest friend and one of the heirs is his goddaughter, he has to find out what happened. Good thing he has Kelly and a big boxer to help him.

Order the Book From:

Holly and The Missing Dog - Holly Lewis Mystery Series Book 4
A missing dog.
A heartbroken young man.
Stolen out of anger or affection?
Or to be put at stud?
After all, the Shar-Pei was a beauty and worth a lot of money!

When Wade’s dog goes missing, Holly and the sheriff’s department join in the search. But is it too late for Zeus?

If you’ve ever felt the pain of losing a dog, you’ll have no trouble identifying with Holly’s boyfriend as he searches for his best friend.

Order the Book From:

The Final Curtain Call - Northwest Cozy Mystery Series Book 11
When the curtain falls, the show is over
Unfortunately, it was opening night
And when it fell
It was definitely over for Angel Bridges!

Affairs and jealousy, not to mention old resentments, are all good motives for murder. But just which one brought the curtain down on Angel?

Join old friends from the Seattle area – DeeDee, owner of Deelish Catering; her husband, Jake, a private investigator; Cassie, a food critic for the leading Seattle newspaper; and her husband, Al, a reformed Mafioso with a sometimes questionable way of handling things, as they search for the murderer.

Order the Book From:

Missing in the Islands - Midwest Cozy Mystery Series Book 9
A bad business deal
An unfaithful husband
A hacked computer
A sick child
A death – but was it?

Those are the things that take Kat and Blaine to the Caribbean. Some people think it’s a great place for a vacation, but as they quickly find out, it’s not just tropical drinks and sitting in the sun.

If someone wants to get lost in the islands, it can be pretty hard to find them. Good thing there’s a pitbull and a fast speedboat to help.

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The Money Club - High Desert Cozy Mystery Series Book 9
A botched murder
At a very exclusive club
Chief of police – case closed

Marty’s discovery leads her to do the “right thing,” seek out the would-be murderer.

Revenge, greed, hate, love, and vices provide plenty of motives. But just which one was strong enough for someone to want to commit murder?

And what about that little Maltipoo with the wardrobe and jewels?

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Redemption in Cottonwood Springs - Cottonwood Springs Cozy Mystery Series Book 7
Free from prison
Not free from the people who got him there
A clean ex-drug dealer
A threat to those who are still dealing
Kidnapping and attempted murder
Are just a few of Mike Loomis’ problems

Join Brigid, Sheriff Davis, and Deputy Lindsay as they try to protect Mike and save themselves from being victims.

Order the Book From:

Holly and the Food Pantry - Holly Lewis Mystery Series Book 3
What if your kitchen cabinets were bare?
No food.
Could you steal from the church to feed your family?

When Missy, the pastor’s wife, discovers missing food from the church’s food pantry, she asks Holly to help find out who did it, so the church can help them.

For Holly, it brings back memories, times she’d rather forget, of when her mother was drinking and using, leaving her to fend for herself, often with little or no food. Missy had helped her then and this was a way to repay her, but can Holly find who did it time to help?

And why is everyone ignoring her sixteenth birthday? That’s a pretty big deal, at least to Holly.

Then there’s her aunt Fiona’s postpartum depression. Something else to help with. It’s a good thing Holly has a big heart and really cares about people!

Order the Book From:

Murdered in Hollywood - A Midwest Cozy Mystery Series
Marie Moorhead looked like a million bucks, even at the age of eighty-four. In Hollywood, you never outgrow the need to prove your relevance. Too bad she was murdered on the eve of her book launch.

Marie knew secrets about everyone in Hollywood. And when you’re eighty-four, why save them?

Because those who are outed might just kill to keep those secrets from going public.

Join Kat, the ghostwriter and amateur detective, and her dog Rudy, as they search for the murderer before Kat becomes the next victim.

Order the Book From:

Murdered by Success - Liz Lucas Cozy Mystery Series Book 11
Success can be a powerful motive for murder.
Particularly when a man is only twenty-four years old and has made millions.
But maybe it was revenge, greed, or his extramarital affairs.

When Connor, the boy wonder, rented out the entire Red Cedar Lodge and Spa for just himself and his assistant, that should have been a warning to Liz that he wasn’t an ordinary man.

It quickly becomes apparent to her that in order to protect her staff, Connor’s wife, and even Liz herself, she has to find the murderer before any of them becomes the next victim. Real estate can be a dirty business, but unfit fathers can be just as bad. Sometimes if you just wait around long enough, you get a chance to see karma in action. Here’s your chance.

Order the Book From:

Murder on the Mountain - Cottonwood Springs Cozy Mystery Series Book 6
A broken tree branch.
A dead body.
An ambitious personal assistant.
An unfaithful husband.

Was it murder or simply an unfortunate accident?

A lot of people resented Amelia Prescott, the grande dame of marketing agencies, because of her success. But did someone resent her enough to murder her?

That becomes the job of Sheriff Davis and Brigid – to find out if Amelia’s death was an accident or a carefully thought out murder.

Confrontations can get dicey. Good thing Brigid has a 125-pound Newfoundland to help her.

Order the Book From:

Murder at the Truck Stop - Cedar Bay Cozy Mystery Series Book 16
An invitation to take a truck ride.
A dead body at the truck stop.
She'd entered a world as alien to her as outer space.

Little did Kelly know when she accepted an invitation from her son’s old friend to accompany him while he ran his route, that she’d end up with a dead body and a whole new vocabulary.

Plenty of people in the trucking world had reasons to see Kimberly dead, from drugs to jealousy to prostitution. Join Kelly as she enters a world where people have names like Snacks, Jet, Little Paul, and Lizzie, the resident Lizard Lot. But which one did it? And did I mention the truck stop owner and Little Paul’s wife, Susie?

Order the Book From:

Holly and the Coat Mystery - Holly Lewis Mystery Series
A review from the first book in the series, Holly and The Framed Friend: “If you grew up reading and loving Nancy Drew books, as I did, you will love this book. It brought me back to the days of childhood when I loved to curl up with Nancy and her friends as they solved mysteries… This is definitely a YA book for tween-agers, but the story is so delightful an adult is likely to find pleasure in reading it and remembering those years in the past when Nancy Drew was their favorite character. Kudos to Dianne Harman for creating this fun remembrance.”

This, the second book in the series, finds Holly and Wade trying to find the person who left a bottle of drugs in a coat they donated to the church. When Holly realizes that someone has scraped the prescription information off of the bottle, she’s concerned the person may be taking drugs.

It brings back memories of her mother and her drug addiction. Holly’s determined to find the person and reach out, wondering if her life would have been different if someone had reached out to her mother.

Order the Book From:

Murder in Palm Springs - High Desert Cozy Mystery Series Book 8
An aging American idol. A murder. A dog with paranormal abilities. Walking to the mailbox can be deadly, but sometimes things aren’t what they seem.

Join Marty and her dog, Patron, as they eliminate suspects in the murder of a beloved rock star in Palm Springs, California. Brigid can’t resist solving a crime and with a little help from the owner of a B&B and his faithful German shepherd, she and Linc set out to figure out which of the quirky cast of characters committed the murder.

Order the Book From:

Murder at the Alamo - A Cottonwood Springs Cozy Mystery
A honeymoon. A murdered body. Unfortunately, the victim didn’t survive the Alamo.

While visiting San Antonio, Texas on their honeymoon, Brigid and Linc discover the body of an Alamo tour guide.

Brigid can’t resist solving a crime and with a little help from the owner of a B&B and his faithful German shepherd, she and Linc set out to figure out which of the quirky cast of characters committed the murder.

Order the Book From:

Murder in Chicago - Northwest Cozy Mystery Series
Al’s past is catching up with him...40 years in the mob and karma has his number.

He’s a marked man, but a tip-off buys him some time. Can he catch his would-be murderer before they catch up with him?

It’s a game of cat and mouse...will Al live long enough to enjoy the future with Cassie? Or will Red be lying vigil by his coffin?

Order the Book From:

Small Town Murder - Midwest Cozy Mystery Series
Kat only wanted to be part of the convention on how to write successful books, not solve a murder that took place there – the murder of a beloved “tell-all” author. Was that the motive?

Greed, revenge, and hatred are also reasons to murder, at least to people who live on the slippery edge of sanity. Parsons who gamble, women who blackmail, and a number of people with outsized egos make for most interesting characters.

And yet, even with the worst of human nature, miracles can happen.

If you like to feel good at the end of a book, with maybe a tear or two and a smile, don’t miss this inspirational story with plenty of dogs, food, and recipes.

Order the Book From:

Missing in Cottonwood Springs - Cottonwood Springs Cozy Mystery Series
Human trafficking in the small Colorado town of Cottonwood Springs? That only happens in the big cities, right?

Planning a wedding is hard enough without having your florist disappear. And it’s even worse when there’s a chance that people engaged in human trafficking may have come to the small town of Cottonwood Springs and she's a victim.

When the missing person’s husband asks Brigid to help, she has no choice but to put her wedding on the back burner. It becomes close and personal when she’s afraid that Holly, the girl she’s taken under her wing, may also have been abducted.

Join Brigid and quirky Sheriff Davis as they search for suspects in strange settings. Another page-turning cozy mystery by Dianne Harman, a two-time USA Today bestselling author with the latest in the Cottonwood Springs Cozy Mystery Series.

Order the Book From:

Murder in Italy - Midwest Cozy Mystery Series
Florence, Italy, and a wedding. Sardinia, Italy, and a murder. Is there a choice?

For Kat and Blaine, there wasn't. A romantic trip to Florence to take part in a wedding becomes a search for the groom's best friend's murderer in Sardinia.

Order the Book From:

Murdered by Prejudice - Liz Lucas Cozy Mystery Series
A prison guard. A postmaster. A Forest Service employee. A U.S. Department of Agriculture employee. All murdered. They worked for the federal government, but so do a lot of other people. What else did they share?

Seems like a serial killer is on the loose. And it looks like he’s targeting the sleepy community of Red Cedar. When one of the Red Cedar Spa’s guests is murdered, Liz has no choice but to team up with an FBI agent to help solve the murders.

And with a chief of police who is far more interested in catching speeders than he is in catching murderers, someone has to do his job. Maybe Liz should run for chief of police!

Order the Book From:

Murder at the Bookstore - Cottonwood Springs Cozy Mystery Series
A woman's dream, a warning, a murder, but it's the wrong person.

When a mistaken identity murder happens at her sister's bookstore in Cottonwood Springs, Brigid has no choice. She has to find the person who intended to murder her sister.

Not everyone liked her sister, Fiona. Several people could have done it including the competing bookstore owner, the religious fanatic, the psychic, and her landlady. Now all Brigid has to do is figure out if it was one of them or just a random event.

Sometimes it's a good thing to have a 125-pound Newfoundland dog for a pet, particularly when the creek runs deep and fast.

Order the Book From:

Murder in the Cayman Islands - Northwest Cozy Mystery Series Book 9
Things aren’t always what they seem. Like, what could possibly go wrong on a vacation in the Cayman Islands – a Caribbean haven with beautiful women, plenty of rum, mouth-watering seafood, duty free shopping, and some of the best scuba diving and snorkeling in the world? Well, murder for one.

When DeeDee, Jake, Al, and Cassie go to Al’s home in the Cayman Islands for a respite from the string of murders they’ve had to investigate in the last year, the last thing they expect is to be involved is yet another murder. And it’s even harder when it’s Al’s longtime Mafia friend and next-door neighbor, Nicky Luchesse.

Order the Book From:

Wine Country Killer - Cedar Bay Cozy Mystery Series Book 15
Winery owners murdered in Sonoma, California. A serial killer on the loose. What’s the connection? Will there be another murder?

A desperate call from a Sonoma County sheriff Kelly and Mike have helped before leads them to a winery guest house in Sonoma and then on to the Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado, searching for that connection.

Good thing they took their boxer dog, Rebel, with them. He’s a master at preventing murders.

Order the Book From:

Murder at the Church - Cottonwood Springs Cozy Mystery Series
A troubled woman. A prayer. A murder in a church. An orphaned daughter.

When she moved back to Cottonwood Springs after a divorce and the publishing company she was working for went bankrupt, Brigid never thought she’d have a ready-made teen-age daughter, a huge Newfoundland dog, and a hunky neighbor who wants to get to know her better, a lot better.

But first she has to solve Maggie’s murder. When a woman has stolen money and someone else’s husband, finding her murderer is not everyone’s top priority.

Order the Book From:

Murder and the Museum - High Desert Cozy Mystery Series Book 7
All Camille wanted to do was build a museum in the desert. Too bad someone didn't agree, and she was murdered. But was it for the land or her millions?

That property was prime desert land. A lot of people wanted it. The Tortoise Lady, the Mafia investors, and the Indian tribe. Camille's son and daughter-in-law wanted her millions. Makes for a lot of motives and suspects.

Detective Jeff's busy with two other murders, and definitely needs his wife's help. Good thing Marty has a psychic sister and a psychic dog to help!

Order the Book From:

Murder in Cottonwood Springs - Cottonwood Springs Cozy Mystery Series Book 1
Sheriff Rich got the call every lawman dreads - a relative's murder. And it's even worse when it's your sister.

Brigid moved back to Cottonwood Springs to be with friends and family when her marriage and her publishing company both ended. When her best friend's murdered, she's determined to find the killer.

A new romance and an adopted big Newfoundland are pretty comforting at times like these. Recipes included!

Order the Book From:

Murdered by News - A Midwest Cozy Mystery
He was a Pulitzer Prize winning publisher. She was a celebrity newscaster. Someone hated one of them enough to commit murder.

Kat’s shocked when she’s asked to help solve the murder but it looks like her daughter may be marrying into the decedent’s family. Sometimes you just have to do the right thing. Nice to know there’s a Rottweiler at your back!

Order the Book From:

Murder and Food Porn - Northwest Cozy Mystery Series Book 8
Food porn can be addictive, but is it worth murder?

When Cassie’s food photographer is murdered, the police ask her husband, ex-Mafia man, Al, to help. Al’s ways of solving murder don’t always follow police procedurals.

A cozy mystery that leaves you with a smile on your face! As always plenty of dogs, mouth-watering food, and recipes.

Order the Book From:

Black Dots - Book Three - A Slade Kelly Suspense Series
Over 450,000 books have been sold by this two-time USA Today Bestselling Author. This is the third book in her new short read thriller serial featuring Slade Kelly, a loveable but lethal private investigator. All of her books are free with Kindle Unlimited.

A volcano eruption. A drug that promises happiness and longevity. People are willing to kidnap and kill for it.

A child dead because of bribery at the FDA. A private investigator determined to find justice. The President addresses the citizens of the United States

The conclusion to the Black Dots Slade Kelly Suspense Series. If you're in the mood for a page-turning short read thriller serial with quirky characters and lots of action, this is a must read!

Order the Book From:

Black Dots - Book Two - A Slade Kelly Suspense Series
How did Darya know all those people would die in the volcano eruption?

Over 450,000 books have been sold by this two-time USA Today Bestselling Author. This is the second book in her new short read thriller serial featuring Slade Kelly, a loveable but lethal private investigator.

Slade’s lady takes a trip to Guatemala with one of her scientists to find out firsthand if the drugs her competition has on the market are really safe. They’re definitely not. Unfortunately, the volcano wasn’t either.

And she never should have told the policeman that she saw black dots on the people in the car just before it crashed.

Order the Book From:

Black Dots - Book One - A Slade Kelly Suspense Series
Darya can't help it. She sees things other people don't.

It's hard to protect a woman who won't let her bodyguard go with her, but there could be a reason for that, and Slade is pretty sure what that reason is. His name is Nick, a scientist who works for Darya in Mexico City and persuades her to take a dangerous side trip with him to Guatemala.

A Food and Drug Administration employee has been bribed to approve a drug. It's not the first time he's paid to get a drug on the market, even when tests show the drug kills people. So much for healing.

Kidnapping and murder aren't all that important to the drug manufacturer. Not when there's money to be made.

Order the Book From:

The Professor's Predicament - Midwest Cozy Mystery Series
When you’re the head of the Sex Therapy Department at a university, and you find out your husband has been having an affair, actually a lot of affairs, it’s not a good day.

How can you continue to counsel people about their marriage when you’ve missed all the red flags in your own?

That's Professor Deborah White’s predicament. And the predicament becomes a crisis when a beautiful young coed is murdered. Deborah’s husband, Geoffrey White, an English professor at the university, had selected the coed to help him with “special assignments,” which were usually conducted in a sleazy motel room.

There’s no lack of suspects in the murder. Was it Deborah’s philandering husband? Or the coed’s boyfriend, Dylan? Or even a past lover of Geoffrey’s who was jealous because he was having an affair with the coed? And Deborah herself certainly has to be considered as a suspect, since the policy always suspect the spouse in cases like this. Each one has a very good motive for murdering the young woman, but which one did it?

As a favor to her friend Deborah, Kat Denham tries to identify and catch the killer. However, there’s one little problem.

There’s a good chance Kat will be murdered before she finds the killer.

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Red Zero Book Three - A Slade Kelly Suspense Series
Have a red zero on your forehead? Too bad, because you’re not long for this world.

USA Today Bestselling Author with the gripping conclusion to the three book suspense short read serial featuring Slade Kelly, a loveable but lethal private investigator.

Darya sees red zeros. People die.

She’s also getting ready to manufacture Everlasting Youth, a supplement that prevents aging and depression. Clamhammer would do anything to get the formula, including kidnapping and murder.

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RED ZERO Book Two - A Slade Kelly Suspense Series
When Darya sees red zeros on foreheads, the person dies.

USA Today Bestselling Author with the second in this three book suspense short reads serial with everyone's favorite private investigator, Slade Kelly.

Too bad the nurse overheard her talk about the baby boy in the hospital nursery that had one on his forehead and called the reporter. Makes a bodyguard’s job a lot harder.

Clamhammer wants the rights to her anti-aging formula and will take whatever steps are necessary to get it. He also has a little side business, selling AK-47s.

Slade was first introduced to readers in the Blue Coyote Series. He's a private eye with attitude, street lingo, and a couple of advanced degrees. This three book short read series features Slade and the woman he guards, but is also in love with, Darya. When she develops the ability to see red zeros on people's foreheads, and they die shortly thereafter, as well as owning the rights to an anti-aging formula, his protective abilities are put to the test.

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Red Zero Book One - A Slade Kelly Suspense Series
Slade was first introduced to readers in the Blue Coyote Series. He's a private eye with attitude, street lingo, and a couple of advanced degrees. This three book short read serial features Slade and the woman he guards, but is also in love with, Darya. When she starts seeing red zeros on people's foreheads, and they die shortly thereafter, as well as owning the rights to an anti-aging formula, his protective abilities are put to the test.

If you're in the mood for a page-turning suspense short read serial with quirky characters and lots of action, this one's for you!

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Murdered by Superstition - Liz Lucas Cozy Mystery Series
It was just a doll, wasn't it?
It didn't have powers, did it?
Powers that could kill?

New Orleans is famous for its pralines, beignets, jazz, Bourbon Street, and the French Quarter. But there’s a darker side to the Big Easy, one that involves voodoo and gris-gris.

Nicole was from New Orleans. When she found voodoo dolls in her gym locker, work desk, and on her front porch, she was scared. She knew what they meant. She was right. A few days later, she was murdered. A voodoo doll was next to her body.

Can voodoo dolls kill? Liz, an amateur sleuth, is determined to find out and catch the killer. On a trip to New Orleans to attend a Cajun-Creole cooking school she meets with a gris-gris doctor who specializes in voodoo, hexes, spells, and superstitions.

Join Liz and her dog Winston as they search for the killer.

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Murder at the Gearhart - A Cedar Bay Cozy Mystery
When Kelly finds the murdered body of Chef Jessup in the walk-in refrigerator at the historic Gearhart Hotel, she has no choice but to fill in as the head chef for the prestigious James Beard Dinner honoring the legendary champion of American cuisine. She was only planning on being the sous-chef.

But who would have a motive for killing the renowned chef? The well-known food critic of The Oregonian? The owner of the Rotunda Hotel who owed money to men in Las Vegas? The masseur who was having an affair with the hotel owner’s wife? The chef’s ex-husband, who resented her success? The San Francisco chef who wanted the recipes she’d been given by James Beard’s protégé? Or the man who decided he was the reincarnation of James Beard?

Join Kelly, Sheriff Mike, and their dog, Rebel, on a vacation that turns into a hunt for a killer.

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Murder at the Waterfront - Northwest Cozy Mystery Series Book 7
Men, Mobsters, and Murder! Poor Maureen. Was she just collateral damage?

Men loved Maureen, but was that why she was killed?

She had an ex who wanted to reconcile, a chef she’d broken up with, and a salesman from Kansas who had fallen in love with her. Her brother-in-law had ties to the Mafia as well as some interesting business deals. Was she simply a pawn in their game? And what about Leslie, her ex-husband’s fiancée? She wasn’t too thrilled when Mac broke off the engagement to reconcile with Maureen. Plenty of suspects, but who’s the murderer?

Al De Duco, a retired mobster, has taken over Jake’s private investigation firm while Jake’s helping a friend. Mobsters have a different way of dealing with murderers. Sometimes they revert to old habits.

Join Al, his food critic bride, Cassie, and his Doberman pinscher, Red, as they hunt for the killer in this page-turning cozy mystery.

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Murder and Mega Millions - A High Desert Cozy Mystery
She picked the winning numbers. She won millions. Is that why she was murdered?

But who did it? Melissa’s no-good uncle or her ex-con brother who she hasn’t seen for years? Could they both be prime suspects? And what about her maid and her abusive husband-to-be? Is being known as a prominent philanthropist or antique collector a reason to commit murder? Yes, Palm Springs, California, is like a different world to most people, but is it different enough that ego justifies murder?

And are the rich really that much different than you and me?

When Marty’s wealthy new appraisal client is murdered, things get messy. Her husband’s the lead detective on the case, and he needs her to help him solve the murder.

Can Marty’s psychic sister help? How can Patron, her young boxer dog, seem to sense when she’s in danger? And what about the ghost her sister sees? Could she really be the murder victim’s mother?

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Murder at the Gallery - Northwest Cozy Mystery Series Book 6
The caterer had a photographic memory. The murdered art dealer had secrets. His wife had a lover.

This is the sixth book in the Northwest Cozy Mystery Series by USA Today and Amazon Chart #1 Bestselling Author, Dianne Harman.

You’re in Provence, France, and happen to see the same painting for sale by the same artist your best friend just bought from a gallery in Seattle. What would you do?

DeeDee discovers the murdered art dealer’s body and knows she needs Jake’s help. Having a private detective as your fiancé is a good thing when you’re looking for a murderer. So is having a husky dog.

Who did it? The gallery owner’s French wife, who is also his nephew’s lover? The nephew who owns a gallery in Provence? The struggling artist who had a gift for reproducing famous artists’ works? The young retired Microsoft millionaire who bought paintings from the gallery? Or even Al De Duco, the ex-mobster who also owned a painting from the gallery?

Mouth-watering food & recipes! Buy now or download it for free with Kindle Unlimited!

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Murdered at the Courthouse - A Midwest Cozy Mystery
Some experts say the honeymoon phase of a marriage lasts for about six months, but they didn't take murder into account!

When the county judge is murdered and Kat's District Attorney husband of far less than six months, is not only a suspect, but now the lead attorney in another murder case, Kat has to find the killer to clear his name.

Who knew the judge was addicted to watching computer porn? But was that the reason he was murdered?

Was the killer the judge's "unusual" wife who spent millions building a castle in the middle of Kansas and then filling the moat around the castle with alligators? Or the head of Mothers Against Pornography Addiction? Could it have been the woman who was having an affair with the judge? Or her husband? After all, he did attend Rageaholics meetings. Or even the young sorority girl who was making a lot of money appearing on porn sites?

Sometimes a guard dog is just as important as a former Green Beret, and Kat was grateful to both of them when they saved her life!

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Murder at Le Bijou Bistro - Northwest Cozy Mysteries Book 5
When the wrong person's murdered, just who was the intended victim of death by chocolate cake?

Was it the retired mobster, Al De Duco? Could it have been an act of jealousy by his ex-girlfriend, Kitten Knight, or an act of revenge by Mario Carlucci, a long-time enemy of his from Al's days with the Mafia in Chicago?

Or was the intended victim Al's wife of two weeks, Cassie, the very popular food critic who writes the Food Spy column for The Seattle Times? But who would want to murder Cassie? Maybe it was Myles Lambert, the food critic she was filling in for at the Times and who was jealous of her success. Then there's the Gourmand's Guide to Good Eats food blogger, Jessica Simmons, who'd always hated Cassie. Or even the owner of Frogities Restaurant, Jules Moreau, who would love to see the bad publicity resulting from a murder at Le Bijou Bistro.

And what about the kidnapping of Briana, Cassie's daughter?

Join Jake and DeeDee as they search for a motive and a murderer!

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Murder in San Francisco - (Liz Lucas Cozy Mystery Series Book 8
Michelle D'Amato's pregnant with San Francisco millionaire octogenarian Bernie Snow's baby, but he's dead, and a lot of people would like to see her dead as well, so her baby can't lay claim to his vast estate. Was that why he was murdered? And if so, who killed him? Was it for his money or revenge?

Bernie had threatened to disinherit his ne'er-do-well son, Larry, and his estranged daughter, Toni, so maybe they murdered him before he could carry out his threat. Then there's Toni's husband, Rocco, who has ties to the mob and is desperate for money. What about Jim, who's still angry with Bernie after he was forced out of the electronics company he and Bernie founded? Or even Dr. T, who operates a sperm bank and facilitated Michelle's pregnancy. He knew her future born child would have a legitimate claim to Bernie's estate, even if she didn't, and that was a lot of money.

Join Liz, Roger, and their dog, Winston, in a race against time as they search for the killer before Michelle either suffers a miscarriage caused by stress or is the next murder victim.

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Murder After Midnight - Northwest Cozy Mystery Series
Ever heard of someone celebrating New Year's Eve by committing murder? Well, it happened, and the killer is now looking for DeeDee!

That's the situation DeeDee found herself in after the very successful New Year's Eve party she catered for Dana Donnelly, the popular hostess of the Seattle television entertainment show, New Day NW. The successful party quickly became a distant memory when Dana was found murdered near her pool house. It didn't help that the murderer was certain they'd been spotted by DeeDee, and she could identify the killer.

DeeDee had ended her relationship with, Jake, her PI boyfriend, so she had no one to turn to for help when the killer sent her a threatening note telling her to keep quiet or she'd be the next victim. Her sister, Roz, calls on Al De Duca to help. He's a retired enforcer for the mob who's afraid of spiders and the open ocean, but has a heart of gold. Can he make it back from the Cayman Islands in time to prevent DeeDee's murder?

But just who was Dana's murderer? Dana's spurned billionaire shipping magnate and longtime lover? His jealous wife? Dana's husband who has a serious gambling addiction? Her television substitute who desperately wants her job? Or the television star she outed when she disclosed his sordid past on her show?

It becomes a race against time to see if Al, her Mafia bodyguard, can find the murderer before DeeDee becomes the next victim. Fortunately, her estranged boyfriend, Jake, and her loyal husky, Balto, are there to help Al, but will it be enough?

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Murdered By Wine - Cedar Bay Cozy Mystery Series Book 13
She wasn't swimming in the wine vat, she was dead!

When Angela, the beloved award-winning winemaker at the Moretti Winery, is found floating face down in a wine vat, law enforcement authorities are suspicious about the cause of her death. Was it murder or a tragic accident?

If it's murder, who did it? Was it her husband, Matteo, the winemaker at a nearby winery, jealous because his wife's wines always received the top awards and best ratings? Was it his employer, Carlos Romano, the owner of the nearby winery, because his wines always placed second to those made by Angela? Or could it have been Carlos' niece, Alessandra, who had romantic fantasies about Matteo even though he was married to Angela? Or even Signora Moretti, suspicious there was more to her husband and Angela's relationship than business. And then there was Caitlin, the ambitious master's degree student who was an intern at the Moretti Winery and wanted Angela's job.

Mike Reynolds, an Oregon county sheriff, and his wife, Kelly, decide to take a short vacation to Sonoma, California, where they were meeting their daughter and her husband for some wine tasting. Because of a sick child, they have to return home to Calico Gold, so Kelly and Mike have some extra time on their hands and offer to help the local sheriff determine if Angela's death was murder or an accident.

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Murder in Seattle - A Northwest Cozy Mystery
What would you do if your sister's husband of twelve hours, Clark, was considered a suspect by the police in connection with his rich Uncle Vinny's murder? And the rich uncle just happened to be a member of the Mob?

DeeDee has no choice but to enlist the help of her boyfriend Jake, a private investigator, as well as Al, Uncle Vinny's scary bodyguard, to help her find the murderer and clear Clark's name.

It could have been a number of people, but which one? Was it Uncle Vinny's cousin or his wife? Uncle Vinny had a lot of money, and although he hadn't come by it legally, the color was still green. Or the rogue cop whose father had ended the prostitution rings in Seattle, but was certain Uncle Vinny was the person who had resurrected them. Or perhaps Clark's business colleague who was jealous of Clark's recent promotion? Maybe it was the wedding planner who resented everything Uncle Vinny was giving the newlyweds, particularly the house on Queen Anne Hill. Or even Clark himself? After all, Uncle Vinny gave a toast at the wedding declaring him to be the sole heir of his substantial fortune.

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Murdered By Plastic Surgery - A High Desert Cozy Mystery
Planning on having a little "work" done? What if after the facelift you looked like a lot of other women in the area?Could you murder the plastic surgeon who did the work?

Someone in the wealthy Palm Springs area murdered the plastic surgeon, but who? Was it one of his former patients disappointed with the result of a facelift? An associate, jealous of the doctor's success, and who wanted more money so he could buy a bigger yacht? His administrative assistant who had spent the last twenty years of her life hopelessly in love with him? His wife, because he'd decided to divorce her? Or even his ex-wife, who had custody of their children, and would inherit a lot of money if he was dead?

With so many persons of interest, what's needed in this case is a psychic, and fortunately the police detective's sister-in-law, Laura, is one of the best. Join Police Detective Jeff Combs, his wife, Marty, who happened to be in the process of appraising the doctor's antique Shaker furniture collection when he was murdered, and Laura, as they try to determine who killed the doctor.

As always, plenty of food, recipes, and dogs. Enjoy!

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Murder in Whistler - A Northwest Cozy Mystery
When DeeDee and her boyfriend, Jake, head to Whistler, British Columbia, to see her sister, Roz, and enjoy a little down time from her new catering business, Deelish, and his job as a private investigator, the last thing they expect is to become involved in a murder.

What makes it even worse is the person murdered is DeeDee's former neighbor, Johnny Roberts. He was a bigger-than-life person and the owner of a very successful Mercedes Benz dealership in Seattle, but did he have secrets? And who would want Johnny dead?

Was it the man who years ago had tried to get Johnny's wife, Cassie, to leave Johnny and marry him? Was it the sexy saleswoman in Johnny's dealership who didn't care whether or not Johnny was married, but wanted revenge when he rejected her? Was it his brother who resented Johnny for being the frugal administer of his trust fund? Or even the Mercer Island golf club pro who felt threatened by Johnny's golf game?

Join, DeeDee, Jake, their husky dogs, Balto and Yukon, and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, as they try to figure out who murdered Johnny Roberts and why.

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Murder & The Movie Star - A Cedar Bay Cozy Mystery - Book 12
The last thing Mike Reynolds needed in the final weeks leading up to his run for re-election as sheriff of Beaver County, Oregon, was to have his wife, Kelly, discover the body of a famous movie actress. It didn't help that she'd died under mysterious circumstances from a fall off the cliff behind her home.

Did she accidentally fall over it or was it murder? And if she was murdered, who did it? Was it her daughter who wanted her mother's money, so she could give it to the yoga guru she was studying with at his spartan retreat center located in the nearby forest? Or was it her gardener, who desperately needed money to deal with the terminal diagnosis his wife had been given by her doctor? Or could it have been the director of The Triangle, the movie she was about to film, because he was afraid she'd ruin his chances for an Oscar? What about the supporting actress who'd wanted to have the lead role in the movie? Or the screenwriter, who didn't understand why the movie star refused to read the changes he made to the script? Or even the star's ex-husband, furious with what she'd told a reporter about his acting ability?

Join Kelly, Mike, their dogs, and a helpful neighbor by the name of Roger Babowal, as they try to find out what really happened on the cliff that night.

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Murder on Bainbridge Island - Northwest Cozy Mystery Series Book 1
When Lisa Sanders, a well-known Seattle art gallery owner, is found dead at a prestigious dinner party, shock waves ripple through the local art community. For DeeDee Wilson, the death becomes a personal tragedy, because the dinner party was the first ever event for her fledgling catering business.

On the following day, newspaper reports indicated the cause of death was possibly poisoning, but could it have come from the food she served the guests? In order to save her business and protect her reputation, DeeDee has to find out how Lisa, the art gallery owner, died, and if it was murder, who did it and why?

Could it have been the smarmy competing gallery owner who was jealous of Lisa's success in getting a top art glass artisan to exhibit in her gallery? Or the artist whose work she rejected because she didn't feel it was up to her standards? Was it the disgruntled ex-girlfriend who was dumped by the man Lisa was currently seeing? Or was it a museum employee who was fired by the woman who hosted the dinner party?

Join DeeDee, Jake, a private investigator she's developed a relationship with after her divorce, and her new dog, Balto, a husky dog with a blue eye and a brown eye, as they try to save DeeDee's new business venture.

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Murder in Calistoga - A Liz Lucas Cozy Mystery
When Nikki Evans is murdered in the sauna at the Serenity Hotel and Spa on opening day, Judy Rasmussen’s dream of owning a premiere hotel and spa in Calistoga, California, turns into a nightmare.

Her friend, Liz Lucas, an amateur sleuth who’s come to the hotel and spa for the opening weekend, has to find the killer before the new hotel and spa’s chances for success are ruined by the bad publicity the murder will bring. The murder victim was a guest at the spa and part of a group of five women who are there for a college reunion. But who would want the reunion attendee dead? And what is the motive? Was it her college roommate, who’d never forgotten what Nikki had said about her years ago? Was it her husband, who resented that he had to use her inherited money to pay back the company he’d embezzled from? Was it the winemaker who wanted Judy’s property, so he could grow more grapes? Or was it the owner of La Spa, who didn’t want any new competition?

Join Liz and her big boxer guard dog, Winston, as they try to catch the killer, but will they succeed?

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Trouble at the Animal Shelter - A Cedar Bay Cozy Mystery
When Maggie Ryan, a retired schoolteacher, is murdered, and over thirty dogs are discovered living in her home, the Cedar Bay Animal Shelter is stretched beyond its meager resources. What to do with the dogs and finding the murderer becomes a challenge.

But who would have wanted the elderly spinster dead, and what was the killer's motive? Was it the local reverend who desperately needed money to pay off his gambling debts? Or the neighbor who was kept awake by Maggie's barking dogs? Was it the disgruntled father of a boy Maggie had wanted to hold back a year in school? Or even the director of the animal shelter?

Join Kelly, the owner of Kelly's Koffee Shop, and her husband Mike, the sheriff of Beaver County, Oregon, along with a bulldog puppy named Max, and Sanyu, an Akita guard dog, as they literally have to sniff out the murderer before they become the next victims.

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