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HBS Author’s Spotlight – Class of July 2019

This month we have a group of interesting writers with worlds of knowledge and expertise. The author interviews are a MUST read.

Be sure to check out what they have coming next for their readers. I try to pick authors who are interesting studies and ask them unique questions for our Q/A section.

Check out the Showcase feature of the HBS Author's Spotlight. I have included those authors in this class. Also, we have added the Author Bundles and events we have posted this month.

Thanks to the following outstanding authors for a great month. Here is a summary of our July 2019 crew.

Steve P. Vincent

Author: Steve P. Vincent

Author Genre: Thriller, Suspense, Crime

Website: Steve P. Vincent
Twitter: @stevepvincent
Facebook: Check Out Facebook

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Amazon Author Profile

Author Description:
Steve P. Vincent is the USA Today Bestselling Author of the Jack Emery and Mitch Herron conspiracy thriller series.

Steve has a degree in political science, a thesis on global terrorism, a decade as a policy advisor and training from the FBI and Australian Army in his conspiracy kit bag.

When he's not writing, Steve enjoys whisky, sports and dreaming up ever more elaborate conspiracy theories. Oh, and travel. He's travelled extensively through Europe, the United States and Asia.

Interview Excerpt

Up next is the fourth book in my Mitch Herron series. It’s a cool, punchy thriller set on the island of Fiji. Herron finds himself caught in a civil war between two warring factions, but the more involved he gets the more he learns the true power behind the conflict.

Social media: I find Twitter helps a little with book sales and Facebook helps a little more. I don’t think either are super important to me. The key to my relationship with readers is my mailing list…

Covers: I’ve been really lucky to work with three great designers during my career so far: Stuart Bache, Johnny Xou and Amanda Pillar. Look them up if you’re in the market for a cover. My process is to stay out of the way

Audio books: Having the books in audio is great fun. Just like with the covers, I’ve been lucky to work with some amazing narrators. It’s hard to say what impact the audio has had on ebook and paper sales, but there’s definitely a very strong market for audio. The up-front costs can be prohibitive, but some talented narrators are prepared to work on a royalty share basis…

Novel collection called Dead And Gone: I love the idea of great value bundles for hungry readers. I may all my books available in series bundles, and I’ve had the pleasure to feature novels in two multi-author bundles as well…

Primary genre: Thriller. The Herron series are action thrillers, while the Emery series are political / conspiracy thrillers.

Reader list: There’s about 10,000 readers on the list, most of them reasonably active. I have sign-ups in my back matter and my website, and I run ad campaigns to encourage signups. I find organic growth is the best approach, although it’s slower.

Living in Australia: The internet lets me reach all the places I need to. My biggest readership is in the United States and I’ve never felt disconnected from them. The mailing list, social media, paid advertising and word of mouth work just fine for me. Probably the only disadvantage in living in a smaller market is the limited number of events and signing opportunities.

Author's Book List
One Minute to Midnight
The Lazarus Protocol
The Shadow Enclave
The Omega Strain
Eyes On You
Nations Divided
State of Emergency
The Foundation

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HBS Author's Spotlight Showcase

Timothy Browne
Featured Book: Maya Hope

Maya Hope invites you into the modern operating rooms of a trauma center, to the sweltering jungles of Guatemala, and the unpredictable tyranny of North Korea.

Dr. Nicklaus Hart, a gifted trauma surgeon, searches for meaning in his life. His self-reliant spirit is broken with the death of his missionary best friend, found sacrificed at the base of a Maya Temple. Going to Guatemala to fill the shoes of his friend at the Mission Hospital, he discovers God’s redemption and peace in the smiles of the children he cares for. But his own life is in danger as he and his team stumble onto a deadly North Korean plot.

As Nick delves into the mystery of his friend’s death, he exposes the very cause of the extermination of the Maya race…a virus which is about to be released upon the entire world through a bioterrorist scheme of global proportions.

Nick has fought for the lives of others, but as the terrorists close in on him, he must now save himself. Brought to the end of his own strength, he discovers the answers to his soul’s longing.

A doctor stumbling through life and a North Korean bioterrorist plot; the two collide in an unforgettable tale.

Author: Timothy Browne

Author Genre: Christian, Medical, Thriller

Website: Author Timothy Browne
Twitter: @authortimbrowne
Facebook: Check Out Facebook

Amazon Author Profile

Author Description:
In his writing, Timothy Browne, MD leans on his experiences as an orthopedic surgeon and medical missionary. He and his family have traveled the world with mission groups such as Mercy Ships and Hope Force International. He has served in Central America, jungles of the Amazon, the Ukraine, many parts of Asia, including North Korea, and the war-torn country of Sierra Leone. He also served in two of the worst disasters in modern day history the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami (Sri Lanka) and the 2010 Haiti earthquake.

Timothy was raised in Missoula, MT and a graduate of the University of Montana and the UW Medical School. He completed his Orthopedic Surgery training at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas. He practiced medicine in Missoula following his medical training until he responded to a call to the mission field full time in 1995. He now lives in Western Montana with his wife, Julie, who, along with their three sons, Timothy, Joshua, and Jacob, served with him.

Author's Book List
Do No Harm
The Rusted Scalpel
Maya Hope

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Audrey J. Cole
Featured Book: Viable Hostage

When Malorie's roommate goes missing, no one seems concerned about the wayward medical student's mysterious disappearance—until another student's partial remains wash ashore a Seattle beach…

Author: Audrey J. Cole

Author Genre: Thriller, Crime, Fiction

Website: Audrey J. Cole
Twitter: @audreyjcole
Facebook: Check Out Facebook

Amazon Author Profile

Author Description:
Audrey J. Cole is a registered nurse and a writer of thrillers set in Seattle. After living in Australia for the last five years, Audrey has moved back to the Pacific Northwest where she lives with her husband and two children.

Author's Book List
Viable Hostage
Do No Harm
The Summer Nanny
Inspired by Murder
The Recipient

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Christoph Fischer
Featured Book: The Healer

When advertising executive Erica Whittaker is diagnosed with terminal cancer, western medicine fails her. The only hope left for her to survive is controversial healer Arpan. She locates the man whose touch could heal her but finds he has retired from the limelight and refuses to treat her. Erica, consumed by stage four pancreatic cancer, is desperate and desperate people are no longer logical nor are they willing to take no for an answer. Arpan has retired for good reasons. casting more than the shadow of a doubt over his abilities. So begins a journey that will challenge them both as the past threatens to catch up with him as much as with her. Can he really heal her? Can she trust him with her life? And will they both achieve what they set out to do before running out of time?

Author: Christoph Fischer

Author Genre: Fiction, Historical Fiction

Author's Blog: Christoph Fischer
Website: Christoph Fischer Books
Twitter: @CFFBooks
Facebook: Check Out Facebook

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Amazon Author Profile

Author Description:
Christoph Fischer was born in Germany, near the Austrian border, as the son of a Sudeten-German father and a Bavarian mother. Not a full local in the eyes and ears of his peers he developed an ambiguous sense of belonging and home in Bavaria. He moved to Hamburg in pursuit of his studies and to lead a life of literary indulgence. After a few years he moved on to the UK where he now lives in a small town in West Wales. He and his partner have three Labradoodles to complete their family.

Christoph worked for the British Film Institute, in Libraries, Museums and for an airline. ‘The Luck of The Weissensteiners’ was published in November 2012; 'Sebastian' in May 2013 and The Black Eagle Inn in October 2013. "Time To Let Go" , his first contemporary work was published in May 2014, and “Conditions” in October 2014. His medical thriller "The Healer" was released in January 2015 and his latest historical novel “In Search of a Revolution” in March 2015.

He has written several other novels which are in the later stages of editing and finalisation.

Author's Book List
Do No Harm
Do No Harm
The Healer
Over My Dead Body
The Sanctuary on Cayman Brac
African August
The Body In The Snow
The Gamblers
In Search of A Revolution
Time to Let Go
The Black Eagle Inn
The Luck of the Weissensteiners

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Barbara Ebel
Featured Book: Outcome, A Novel

The destinies of Karen Puno and her dog, Putt-Putt, are about to change forever.

Fierce weather from Hurricane Ivan stalks Karen and Putt-Putt as they flee their home and swiftly cross the bridge of their barrier island. But a cascading medical crisis begins, interlocking the lives of two teenagers and a woman waiting for a new liver.

But as the organ harvest and transplant get underway, so do the scintillating dynamics between the crafty surgeon, feisty pilot, and anesthesiologist in charge.

Will the transplant patient live through the heart-stopping surgical tension in the O.R.?

Will Putt-Putt find shelter from the devastating storm and circumvent the horrific events that befall him?

From tragedy to triumph, Outcome is an intense, heart-wrenching, and climactic novel.

Author: Barbara Ebel

Author Genre: Suspense, Thriller, Fiction

Website: Barbara Ebel M.D.
Twitter: @BarbaraEbel
Facebook: Check Out Facebook

Amazon Author Profile

Author Description:
Barbara's Ebel's writing draws heavily from her background as an Anesthesiologist. Now disabled from practicing anesthesia, her medical input is through writing and lecturing on important medical topics. She sprinkles credible medicine into the background of her fiction where plots and vivid characters take center stage and her O.R. scenes shine.

She penned Outcome, a Novel and four Dr. Danny Tilson novels before writing five novels featuring the medical student, Annabel Tilson.

'Doctor Barbara's' Dr. Danny Tilson novels have received a multitude of accolades: Collateral Circulation was the 2015 Medical Thriller Finalist of the National Indie Excellence Award and Operation Neurosurgeon was the top finalist for best-selling medical mystery books in 2012. (Best Selling Books' blog announced on PR Buzz Press Release Wire, Chicago, IL).

So far, two books in the Annabel medical thrillers have won awards: DEADLY DELUSIONS was the 2017 Thriller Semi-Finalist for the Kindle Book Review's Kindle Book Awards and DEATH GRIP was the 2018 Medical Thriller Finalist of the National Indie Excellence Awards.

Author's Book List
Outcome, A Novel
Do No Harm
Dangerous Doctor
Downright Dead
Death Grip
Desperate to Die
Deadly Delusions
Dead Still
Secondary Impact
Collateral Circulation
Silent Fear
Operation Neurosurgeon

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Inge-Lise Goss
Featured Book: Fatal Limit

Hospital affairs turn deadly when an untraceable toxin kills a scorned lover, spurring a private eye to search for a devious killer

Author: Inge-Lise Goss

Author Genre: Paranormal, Romance, Mystery

Website: Inge-Lise Goss, Author
Twitter: @IngeGoss
Facebook: Check Out Facebook

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Amazon Author Profile

Author Description:
Inge-Lise Goss, a multi-award winning author, was born in Denmark, raised in Utah, and now lives in the foothills of Red Rock Canyon with her husband and their dog, Ted. She spends most of her time in her den writing stories. There, with her muse by her side, her imagination has no boundaries, and her dreams come alive. When she's not pounding away on the keyboard, she can be found reading, rowing, or trying to perfect her golf game, which she fears is a lost cause.

Author's Book List
Fatal Limit
Do No Harm
Diamonds and Lies
No Freedom
Tegen Punishment
Tegen Justice
Cisco Bandits
The Cost of Crude
The Tegen Cave

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Dianne Harman
Featured Book: Murder on the Mountain

A broken tree branch.
A dead body.
An ambitious personal assistant.
An unfaithful husband.

Was it murder or simply an unfortunate accident?

A lot of people resented Amelia Prescott, the grande dame of marketing agencies, because of her success. But did someone resent her enough to murder her?

That becomes the job of Sheriff Davis and Brigid – to find out if Amelia’s death was an accident or a carefully thought out murder.

Confrontations can get dicey. Good thing Brigid has a 125-pound Newfoundland to help her.

Author: Dianne Harman

Author Genre: Cozy Mystery, Romance and Literary Fiction

Author's Blog: Dianne Harman Author
Website: Dianne Harman Author
Twitter: @DianneDHarman
Facebook: Check Out Facebook

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Amazon Author Profile

Author Description:
Two-time USA Today Bestselling Author and seven time Amazon All Star Author, Dianne Harman, draws her stories and characters from a diverse business and personal background. She owned a national antique and art appraisal business for many years, left that industry, and opened two yoga centers where she taught and certified yoga instructors. She's traveled extensively throughout the world and loves nothing more than cooking, playing backgammon with her husband, Tom, and throwing the ball for their dog, Kelly.

Being a dog lover and having attended numerous cooking schools, she couldn't resist writing about food and dogs. Dianne is the author of several cozy mystery series: Cedar Bay, Liz Lucas, High Desert, Midwest, Jack Trout, Northwest and her latest, Cottonwood Springs. Each of these books contains recipes from her travels. She's also the author of the award-winning suspenseful Coyote Series, Midlife Journey Series, and the Slade Kelly Suspense Series.

Author's Book List
Murder on the Mountain
Murder at the Truck Stop
Holly and the Coat Mystery
Murder in Palm Springs
Murder at the Alamo
Murder in Chicago
Small Town Murder
Missing in Cottonwood Springs
Murder in Italy
Murdered by Prejudice
Murder at the Bookstore
Murder in the Cayman Islands
Wine Country Killer
Murder at the Church
Murder and the Museum
Murder in Cottonwood Springs
Murdered by News
Murder and Food Porn
Black Dots - Book Three
Black Dots - Book Two
Black Dots - Book One
The Professor's Predicament
Red Zero Book Three
Red Zero Book One
Murdered by Superstition
Murder at the Gearhart
Murder at the Waterfront
Murder and Mega Millions
Murder at the Gallery
Murdered at the Courthouse
Murder at Le Bijou Bistro
Murder in San Francisco
Murder After Midnight
Murdered By Wine
Murder in Seattle
Murdered By Plastic Surgery
Murder in Whistler
Murder & The Movie Star
Murder on Bainbridge Island
Murder in Calistoga
Trouble at the Animal Shelter
Murder at the Polo Club
Murder at the Clinic
Murder on the East Coast
Murdered in Argentina
High Desert Cozy Mysteries #1
Murder at the Big T Lodge
Murdered by Country Music
Murdered by Words
Trouble at the Kennel
The Blue Butterfly
Murder in Cuba
Murder & the Secret Cave
Murder At The Bed & Breakfast
Murder & The Monkey Band
Murder at the Cooking School
The Death Card
Murder in Calico Gold
Murder and Brandy Boy
Murder in the Pearl District
Murder in Cottage #6
Marriage and Murder
White Cloud Retreat
Murder at Jade Cove
Kelly's Koffee Shop
Coyote in Provence
Blue Coyote Motel

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Suzanne Jenkins
Featured Book: The Savant of Chelsea

In the French Quarter of New Orleans, the birth of a baby to a mentally ill woman marks the beginning of life for The Savant of Chelsea. An abusive childhood segues to the operating rooms of the largest medical center in New York as a gifted but unbalanced brain surgeon waits for just the right time to redeem her past. In the end, she takes matters into her own hands. The reader will decide what happens after the climax.

Contains explicit sexual themes.

Author: Suzanne Jenkins

Author Genre: Romance, Contemporary, Suspense

Author's Blog: Suzanne Jenkins
Website: Suzanne Jenkins
Twitter: @suzannejenkins3
Facebook: Check Out Facebook

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Amazon Author Profile

Author Description:
USA Today Bestselling Author Suzanne Jenkins writes page-turning contemporary romance, mystery, and women's fiction with passionately gripping characters that stay with readers long after they turn the last page. The Detroit Detective Stories, beginning with The Greeks of Beaubien Street are truly American with a touch of fantasy. Pam of Babylon books consistently rank in the Top 100 Best Sellers in American Drama with over 500,000 downloads.

A retired operating room nurse, Jenkins lives in Southern California.

Author's Book List
Do No Harm
Doctor Knows Best
Law of April
Children of the Dead
After Hurricane Nina, Jason's Resolution
Love, Christmas - Movies You Love
Portrait of Marriage
Pink Heaven
If I Ever Leave You
My Christmas Romance
Bittersweets - Brenda and Larry
The Jade Emperor
Second Chance
Pam's Adventures in Babylon
Burn District 2
Meet Me at the Beach
South Shore Romance
Beach Spirits
I'll Always Love You
Save the Date
In Memoriam
The Tao of Pam
Family Dynamics
Prayers for the Dying
Dream Lover
Don't You Forget About Me
Pam of Babylon
A Greektown Wedding
Christmas in Greektown
The Princess of Greektown
The Greeks of Beaubien Street
Perfect for Him
Gracefully, Like a Living Thing
Burn District 1
Slow Dancing
The Liberation of Ravenna Morton
Someone Like You
Alice's Summertime Adventure
The Savant of Chelsea
Running with Horses
Christmas with the Clouds

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Robert I. Katz
Featured Book: If A Tree Falls

Richard Kurtz thought that covering for another surgeon in the West Virginia mountains would be a pleasant way to spend a few weeks…until fifteen bodies are discovered in a shallow grave.

Author: Robert I. Katz

Author Genre: Mystery & Thrillers, Nonfiction, Science Fiction

Website: Robert I. Katz
Twitter: @robertikatz
Facebook: Check Out Facebook

Amazon Author Profile

Author Description:
I grew up on Long Island, in a pleasant, suburban town about 30 miles from New York City. I loved to read from a very early age and graduated from Columbia in 1974 with a degree in English. Not encouraged by the job prospects for English majors at the time, I went on to medical school at Northwestern, where in addition to my medical degree, I acquired a life-long love of deep dish pizza. I did a residency in Anesthesiology at Columbia Presbyterian and spent most of my career at Stony Brook, where I ultimately attained the academic rank of Professor and Vice-Chairman for Administration, Department of Anesthesiology.

When I was a child, I generally read five or more books per week, and even then, I had a dim sense that I could do at least as well as many of the stories that I was reading. Finally, around 1985, with a job and a family and my first personal computer, I began writing. I quickly discovered that it was not as easy as I had imagined, and like most beginning writers, it took me many years to produce a publishable work of fiction. My first novel, Edward Maret: A Novel of the Future, came out in 2001. It won the ASA Literary Prize for 2001 and received excellent reviews from Science Fiction Chronicle, InfinityPlus, Scavenger's Newsletter and many others.

My agent at the time urged me to write mysteries, as mysteries are supposed to have a larger readership and be easier to publish than science fiction. Since I have read almost as many mysteries as science fiction and fantasy, and since I enjoy them just as much, I had no objection to this plan. The Kurtz and Barent mystery series, Surgical Risk, The Anatomy Lesson and Seizure followed between 2002 and 2009. Reviewers have compared them favorably to Patricia Cornwell and Robin Cook and they've received positive reviews from The Midwest Book Review, Mystery Review Magazine, Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine, Lady M's Mystery International, Mystery Scene Magazine, Library Journal and many others.

In 2014, I published a science fiction short story, "To the Ends of the Earth in the Deep Blue Sea" on Kindle for Amazon. Since then, I have made all of my previously published novels available for purchase on Kindle and now, in June, 2017 I am about to embark on a new venture. I will be publishing new novels on Kindle, the first of which is entitled The Cannibal's Feast. It's a science fiction story of corporate warfare in space. The next, coming out in early 2018, will be another science fiction novel tentatively entitled The City of Dust, a tale set on an abandoned world after the collapse of the First Interstellar Empire of Mankind.

Author's Book List
If A Tree Falls
Do No Harm
The Well of Time
The Empire of Ruin
The Empire of Dust
The City of Ashes
The Game Players of Meridien
Brighton Beach
The Chairmen
The Anatomy Lesson
Surgical Risk
The Cannibal's Feast
Edward Maret

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Chris Patchell
Featured Book: Justice For All

A brutal attack. A survivor left for dead. When DNA evidence cracks a cold case, can Assistant District Attorney, Elizabeth Holt, find the justice she’s looking for?

Author: Chris Patchell

Author Genre: Suspense, Mystery, Thriller

Author's Blog: Chris Patchell
Website: Chris Patchell
Twitter: @chris_patchell
Facebook: Check Out Facebook

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Amazon Author Profile

Author Description:
Chris Patchell is the award-winning, USA Today Bestselling author of five novels. A former tech worker turned full-time author, Chris Patchell pens suspense novels set in the Pacific Northwest.

Her novels have been praised by Kevin O'Brien and Robert Dugoni, and her rich complex plot lines and well-drawn characters will keep you turning pages well into the night. When she's not writing books or watching football, Chris is hanging out with her husband, kids, and two crazy dogs.

Author's Book List
Justice For All
Do No Harm
Deception Bay
Vow of Silence
Deadly Lies
Dark Harvest
In the Dark

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Jenifer Ruff
Featured Book: Only Wrong Once

A sinister experiment outside Aleppo.

Two mysterious deaths: one in LA, one in Boston, each with the same horrific symptoms.

In Los Angeles, FBI counterterrorism agent Quinn Traynor receives an urgent call from CDC agent, Madeline Hamilton. She's discovered the first victim of a lethal, unfamiliar virus. Their joint investigation uncovers an imminent bio-terror attack and their only hope is to identify the terrorists carrying the disease. With just two days remaining before it's too late, the FBI and the CDC race to prevent a pandemic. The ensuing nightmare will hit closer to home than they ever anticipated and one of them will pay an unimaginable price for protecting the country.

Author: Jenifer Ruff

Author Genre: Suspense, Thriller

Website: Jenifer Ruff
Twitter: @Jen_Ruff
Facebook: Check Out Facebook

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Amazon Author Profile

Author Description:
Jenifer Ruff is the author of psychological thrillers and an avid fitness enthusiast and hiker. She lives in Charlotte, NC with her family and a pack of greyhounds.

Author's Book List
Only Wrong Once
Do No Harm
The Numbers Killer
The Intern

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Edwin Dasso, MD
Featured Book: Death Hub

Jack Bass, MD, discovers that new medical technology can work wonders...if it doesn't kill you first. Jack is working feverishly with two of his favorite past students to figure out what is behind the chaos of medical technology gone crazy. Then stop it. But, is it a bigger issue than anything they could have imagined?

Author: Edwin Dasso, MD

Author Genre: medical thrillers

Twitter: @DassoEdwin
Facebook: Check Out Facebook

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Amazon Author Profile

Author Description:
Edwin Dasso, MD, an Amazon #1 Best-Selling medical thriller author, writes works of fiction that leverage many of his "stranger than fiction" experiences from years of practice at major medical centers and community hospitals.

"You might be shocked at some of the events in the books that are based on an actual experience."

His "Jack Bass Black Cloud Chronicles" series has been developed into a TV series, "Jack Bass, MD," which is actively being discussed around Hollywood. Network feedback has been very positive.

Fiction writing is reviving a lost love from earlier periods in his life where he enjoyed writing short stories.

In addition to a number of years as a practicing anesthesiologist and critical care specialist, he has published articles in national healthcare journals, written many "Ask the Doctor" columns and has spoken frequently at national healthcare forums. He has also been instrumental in designing and deploying population health programs to help people deal with depression related to poor health.

Author's Book List
Do No Harm
Death Hub
Empty Promises: A Jack Bass, MD Thriller
Do I Know You?: A Jack Bass, MD, Thriller
You'll be Safe: A Jack Bass, MD, Thriller
Death Management: A Jack Bass, MD, Thriller
Past Aghast: A Jack Bass, MD, Thriller
In the Line of Ire: A Jack Bass, MD, Thriller
Stuffed: A Misty, Mark Medical Thriller

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P.D. Workman
Featured Book: Unlawful Harvest

When MacKenzie Kirsch set out to find out why her sister Amanda was so ill, she had no idea of the dark world of organ transplantation her amateur investigation would lead her into.

P.D. Workman
Featured Book: Vegan Baked Alaska

Mary Lou couldn’t have been more wrong. Of course Erin Price, gluten-free baker extraordinaire, would stumble over a body on the cruise she had won as the runner-up winner in the baking category at the Fall Fair. The trouble is, no one will believe her.

Even Terry Piper, dubbed Officer Handsome by Vic, has his doubts about what Erin claims to have seen.

Sparking an international incident wasn’t quite what Erin had planned for her relaxing vacation, but she is determined to prove that she saw what she did and to bring the culprits to justice.

Author: P.D. Workman

Author Genre: Mystery, Young Adult, Suspense

Website: P.D. Workman
Twitter: @pdworkmanauthor
Facebook: Check Out Facebook

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Amazon Author Profile

Author Description:
P.D. Workman writes riveting mystery/suspense and young adult books dealing with mental illness, addiction, abuse, and other real-life issues. For as long as she can remember, the blank page has held an incredible allure and from a very young age she was trying to write her own books.

Workman wrote her first complete novel at the age of twelve and continued to write as a hobby for many years. She started publishing in 2015. She has won several literary awards from Library Services for Youth in Custody for her young adult fiction. She currently has over 40 published titles and can be found at

Born and raised in Alberta, Canada, Workman has been married for over 25 years and has one son.

Author's Book List
Unlawful Harvest
Do No Harm
Vegan Baked Alaska
Apple-achian Treasure
Sour Cherry Turnover
Coup de Glace
Brewing Death
Stirring Up Murder
Allergen-Free Assignation
Dairy-Free Death
Gluten-Free Murder
A Catastrophic Theft
A Psychic with Catitude
What the Cat Knew
He was Walking Alone
She was Dying Anyway
His Hands were Quiet
She Wore Mourning
Vanishing Teardrops
Tortured Teardrops
Two Teardrops
Tattooed Teardrops
Loose The Dogs
In the Tick of Time
Pursued by the Past
Cynthia has a Secret
Don't Forget Steven

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