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Tanya R. Taylor – Murder At The Doctor's Office is featured at the HBS Author's Spotlight Showcase

The Showcase is a special feature of the Author's Spotlight. It is designed to highlight Spotlight author's NEW releases and their soon to be released novels.

The HBS Author's Spotlight SHOWCASES Tanya R. Taylor's New Book: Murder At The Doctor's Office.

Tanya R. Taylor is an Award-winning Author of Best-selling Thrillers & Cozy Mysteries.

Murder At The Doctor's Office

Joe McCullen Cozy Mystery Series Book 2

Author: Tanya R. Taylor

Kindle Unlimited

Dr. Mark Bridges had no idea that the couple walking into his office that day would change his life and his practice forever.

Kate Robinson needed the help of a good doctor and she was convinced she'd found him. After all, Dr. Bridges was entering his twentieth year of practice and knew what he was doing. Or did he?

Had his years of treating patients made him less sympathetic to their needs or what happened in Kate's case was simply her fate?

And who would he have to answer to?

Excerpt from Murder At The Doctor's Office

“You said you would help us!” Todd Robinson looked angrily into the eyes of the man he once thought was their savior. “But now after you’ve butchered my wife and taken nearly every dime we had you claim there’s nothing more that you can do?”

Dr. Mark Bridges remained composed despite the man’s ranting. The Robinsons were seated in his spacious office on the other side of the desk. “You both knew what we were facing here,” Bridges said. “I explained to you from the day you walked through that door that I would do whatever I could to help and I kept my word.”

Sitting quietly in her wheelchair next to her husband, Melanie Robinson was just a shell of the person she was when she first walked through the main door of Dr. Bridges’ private practice some six months earlier. Since then, she’d lost forty pounds, was in constant pain and depended on a portable ventilator in order to breathe.

“That’s a lie and you know it!” Todd countered. “You convinced us that if she had that surgery you went on about, all of her pain would go away.

But none of it was true. Instead, having the surgery made her condition a thousand times worse! She would’ve been better off if we’d just left everything alone.”

“That was a choice you both made and now you sit here and blame me for it? Your wife signed a document stating that she was aware of all the risks involved and would not hold this office responsible. Now—since things didn’t turn out the way we hoped they would, you’re acting the fool—as if you had no idea what could happen? I find that truly amazing.”

Melanie was sobbing and shaking her head weakly in protest. She could no longer speak since he removed a small abnormal growth from her mouth. Todd reached for her frail hand and gently squeezed it.

“I am willing to keep her medicated until…that time comes…to ensure that she’s as comfortable as possible,” Bridges said. “But aside from that, there’s nothing more that I can do. There’s nothing more that anybody can do.”

Todd stared at him as if he’d given his wife, the love of his life, a death sentence and it felt like every bit of strength inside him had left. Yet, he was hearing it from Dr. Bridges for the second time and the sound of it was no easier to bear.

Author: Tanya R. Taylor

Author Genre: Young Adult, Paranormal, Horror

Website: Tanya R. Taylor
Twitter: @tanyartay
Goodreads: Check Out Goodreads
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Amazon Author Profile and Book List

Author Description:
Tanya R. Taylor is a Readers' Favorite International Award-winning and multi-genre author who has wowed readers with her riveting plots and compelling themes.

She is the author of many #1 bestsellers on Amazon and published her first book titled: 'A Killing Rage' as a young adult. Having worked in the financial arena, Tanya is also a seasoned ghostwriter. Her book 'Cornelius' climbed to #1 in the Teen & Young-adult Multi-generational Family Fiction category on Amazon and is The Readers' Favorite Award Winner in the Teen & Young-adult Paranormal genre. Her Supernatural, Suspense/Thrillers - 'CARA' and 'INFESTATION: A Small Town Nightmare' are multiple times #1 international bestsellers.

Tanya writes in various genres including: Mystery and Suspense, Paranormal Romance, Horror, Fantasy, Thrillers, Science-fiction.

She has a passion for the welfare of children and animals.

Author's Book List

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Very little passes his ears or his eyes and he can smell a "rat" from a mile away.

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Unable to reach her mother or her daughter by phone, can she possibly warn them in time?

Or will Rosie will be left with a heart-wrenching decision to make: Should she save herself or should she save her beloved grandmother?

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Kindle Unlimited

Pumpkin Spice & Deadly Heist - he Nosy Paralegal Mystery Series Book 1
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All fingers are pointing at Alan by others who have been arrested and ultimately confessed to the crime, but Alan insists that he is innocent.

Will he get off the hook with the help of J. Wilfred & Company, particularly an employee there by the name of Barbara Sandosa who takes it upon herself to dig much deeper to uncover the truth in ways that her boss would never dream of? Or will Alan Danzabar be exposed as a liar and a killer?

Series overview:

Barbara Sandosa, a pastry lover and avid cook, works in her small town's most reputable law firm.

And although she's been hired to do a particular job, she finds herself prying into the private lives of her boss's clients, unbeknownst to them and drags young Harry Buford along for the "rocky" ride. What she uncovers in some cases shocks the innocent minds of those in her community, including her level-headed boss who's being handsomely paid to defend all who have retained his services.

Will Barbara's curiosity literally save the day or will it get her into deep trouble - possibly costing her her job?

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Kindle Unlimited

BLIND CHRISTMAS - Lucille Pfiffer Mystery Series Book 8
This is going to be a Christmas they will never forget!

If you're a fan of Agatha Christie and Murder She Wrote, you will love this series.

The town of Chadsworth is filled with excitement for the upcoming Christmas season. Families, large and small, are wrapping gifts and doing last minute shopping, but one family is devastated over the disappearance of a loved one just days before Christmas.

Twelve-year-old Tommy Anderson has a disability and his parents are worried sick, praying for his safe return. Is something sinister going on in Chadsworth or has Tommy simply wandered off on his own?

Is there a kidnapper on the loose and should other residents watch their loved ones like a hawk this Christmas?

Order the Book From:
Kindle Unlimited

BLIND VACATION - Lucille Pfiffer Mystery Series Book 7
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But will the friends and cute little Shih Tzu, Vanilla, find themselves entangled in yet another mystery? And will this one involve another MURDER?

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Headstone: The Curse - The Cornelius Saga Book 15
A psychic is called in to assist a dysfunctional family after all hell has broken loose. Will she be able to save them from themselves?

The Reed family has suffered a great loss—their patriarch, Harvey Reed, has passed away and his children are left to mourn. Soon after, Toby and his three siblings become victims of a series of bizarre events which occur one right after the other.

One sibling, who’s driven to the verge of insanity, is convinced she’s seen her deceased father and heard his voice—adamant that his soul is not at rest. She believes his intrusion is tied to the fact that the family has neglected to have a headstone erected for his grave, but her siblings are not persuaded.

Will the Reed family gain a greater sense of respect for the dead after their lives are almost ruined, or will they remain headstrong and continue to sink deeper into torment?

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Kindle Unlimited

BLIND RISK - Lucille Pfiffer Mystery Series Book 6
Who murdered Glenda Risdal?

A professional woman with alarming intel on the upper echelons of society is found dead at the side of the road.

Dozens of potential suspects include: an Amish man, a mayor and the reverend of a mega church!

Will Lucille and Nilla be able to crack the case? And will their attempt to do so put their lives in jeopardy? Only time will tell if this is a job too big and too dangerous for one blind woman and her fearless, little Shih Tzu.

Order the Book From:
Kindle Unlimited

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The Showcase is a special feature of the Author's Spotlight. It is designed to highlight Spotlight author's NEW releases and their soon to be released novels.

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