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M.R. Mathias - Crimzon and Clover Collection is featured in the HBS Author's Spotlight Showcase

Today the HBS Author's Spotlight is showcasing an author set: Crimzon and Clover I-X by Author M.R. Mathias @DahgMahn. He is an award-winning self-published Fantasy Writer. He is noted for his epic fantasy novels and his prolific social network marketing activity.

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Crimzon and Clover I-X

The Crimzon and Clover Short Story Collection

Author: M.R. Mathias


This anthology contains:
Crimzon and Clover I - Orphaned Dragon, Lucky Girl (linked to perma-free content)
Crimzon and Clover II - The Tricky Wizard
Crimzon and Clover III - The Grog
Crimzon and Clover IV - The Wrath of Crimzon
Crimzon and Clover V - Killer of Giants
Crimzon and Clover VI - One bad Bitch
Crimzon and Clover VII - The Fortune's Fortune
Crimzon and Clover VIII (Master Zarvin #1) - Dingo the Dragon Slayer
Crimzon and Clover IX (Master Zarvin #2) - Oonzil the Oathbreaker
Crimzon and Clover X (Master Zarvin #3) - The Greatest Quest

Author Genre: Fantasy - Magic & Wizards

Website: M.R. Mathias Fantasy Author
Author's Blog: M. R. Mathias Connection Hub
Twitter: @DahgMahn
E-Mail: mrmathiasjr@aol.com
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Amazon Author Profile

Author Description:
M.R. Mathias rose from unknown to award-winning, best-selling author at a pace most authors can only dream about. He is a prolific writer of epic fantasy novels, novellas, and short stories. Despite his busy writing, publishing, and promotional schedule Mathias continues to aid his fellow indie authors by posting about their books at Twitter and Facebook etc.

He shared his considerable knowledge of self-promotion in publishing The First Ten Steps. The book has become an important indie guide for navigating the often murky waters of using social media sites to get your eBook in front of avid readers.

Mathias has taken cross promotion to a new level in his "Indie Kindy" giveaways where he gives away a FREE Kindle Touch and or Kindle Fire loaded with independently published books. These events create a great deal of interest for the authors involved and to independently published books as a whole.

Orphaned Dragon, Lucky Girl

Crimzon & Clover I

Author: M.R. Mathias


It isn't wise to mess with a girl and her dragon, at least not these two.

A young dragon, named Crimzariathon, loses his mother to lair raiders and is left to fend for himself. A lucky girl, aptly named Clover, happens upon him and together they form a lasting bond. When more men come to raid the lair the two are forced to defend themselves, and each other, in a wicked battle. Magic, swordplay, and dragon riding glory await in this satisfying 25 page short story. Crimzon & Clover One - Orphaned Dragon, Lucky Girl, is also available as a FREE Audio Book MP3 Narrated by Christine Padovan (( goo.gl/6PfMR )) This is a great read along combo!

The Tricky Wizard

Crimzon & Clover II

Author: M.R. Mathias


After racing off to save a pair of poisoned orphans, Clover soon learns that she, and her dragon Crimzon, might have been duped. Is the round old wizard who summoned her what he seems? Or did he lure them into his trap? Excitement and magic await in this second installment of the Crimson & Clover short story series.

The Grog

Crimzon & Clover III

Author: M.R. Mathias


Clover gets caught up in a fine mess of treachery and frigid betrayal in this exciting short story about a lucky girl who demands respect from all who know her.

The Wrath of Crimzon

Crimzon & Clover IV

Author: M.R. Mathias


Clover is still the Royal Suzerain's captive and he isn't treating her well. What happens when Crimzon hears her call? What happens when he finds the powerful teardrop his mother cried for him being used for evil? Everyone in Ice Locke is about to learn a valuable lesson.


Killer of Giants

Crimzon and Clover V

Author: M.R. Mathias


As with all the Crimzon and Clover tales, this is a short story of about 25 standard book pages.

In this episode, Crimzon and Clover have settled in the mountains of Kar, where King Amothy rules the men, and tribes of savage Karsithian giants roam the peaks. To enlarge their hoard our beloved dragon and his rider have started taking sacks of kingdom jewels for odd jobs here and there. Jobs such as searching out lost trade ships and keeping the Karsithian fighters from harassing the good people of the realm. Things get out of hand after some dwarven miners in Crimzon's employ are killed for digging to near a Karsithian tomb. To make matters worse some strange ghastly thing has started killing the mountain fae and taking over the minds of the Kar.

Crimzon's anger, and Clover's wit will be pitted against teams of giant warriors, and a creature that just might prove to be too much for them to handle.

One Bad Bitch

Crimzon & Clover VI

Author: M.R. Mathias


The ruler of the small kingdom of Mythka has stolen some gold from the dwarven mines Crimzon and Clover watch over for King Amothy. It isn't wise to mess with a girl with a dragon, especially Clover, who decides that a one on one showdown between her and the thief king himself, in his own arena, is the best way to handle things. Don't miss this 25 page short story that is #6 in the Crimzon and Clover Short Story Series.

The Fortune's Fortune

Crimzon and Clover VII

Author: M.R. Mathias


What do a handsome henchman, an unlucky duke, and one of the biggest gambling houses in the kingdom of Kar have in common? When Clover, the luckiest girl around, loses and finds out they are cheating the customers, she reminds them all of some age old wisdom: Don't mess with a girl with a dragon!

Dingo the Dragon Slayer

Master Zarvin's Action and Adventure Series #1

Author: M.R. Mathias


Everyone knows that dwarves mostly live underground. In this tale, a dwarf named Dingo, who guards the opening of one of the air vents that feeds them fresh air, is thrust into a high adventure when he has to leave his post to see what Master Zarvin, a fabled great wizard, has to show him.

It turns out that a dragon wants to nest in the air shaft and it is up to Dingo to stop it. The only problem is, Master Zarvin is on the dragon's side.

Will Dingo become a dragon slayer, or will he get eaten? Or will he do something else that surprises even him? To find out, you'll just have to read it for yourself?

Oonzil the Oathbreaker

Master Zarvin's Action and Adventure Series #2

Author: M.R. Mathias


Around Master Zarvin's tower is a magical field that is radiated by the power contained in some of the great artifacts he keeps in his vaults. In this magical field several colonies of fairy folk have built their homes. Inside that protected area they frolic and flourish, but beyond that protection there is many a danger.

Oonzil Windlestraw, a pixie with a great imagination, and a bit of a temper problem, is due to be punished by the old wizard.. With a clever bit of ingenuity, and the help of an eagle named Igor, Oonzil gets on Master Zarvin's good side and strikes a deal. The three of them are forced into fantastic action when a human hunter nabs a fairy girl with the intent of grinding her into pixie dust for profit.

Can Oonzil outsmart the hunter and save the beautiful fairy girl that has been taken? or will he end up being ground into pixie dust, and sold to some spellcaster, along with her. To find out, you'll just have to read it for yourself?

The Greatest Quest

Master Zarvin's Action and Adventure Series #3

Author: M.R. Mathias


Dingo the dwarf, Igor the eagle, and Oonzil Windlestraw set out on a quest for the great wizard, Master Zarvin. They end up transporting some very precious cargo across the forested Dropull Mountains to Clover's tower. On the way dangers abound, and the stakes are high, for all sorts of deadly creatures live in these parts. Adventure awaits any of you brave enough to take The Greatest Quest.

Don't be afraid. Download it and start reading now!

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