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Dianne Krogh – The 4:15 Express to Nowhere is featured at the HBS Author's Spotlight Showcase

The Showcase is a special feature of the Author's Spotlight. It is designed to highlight Spotlight author's NEW releases and their soon to be released novels.

The HBS Author's Spotlight SHOWCASES Dianne Krogh's New Book: The 4:15 Express to Nowhere.

Dianne is a self-published Contemporary Fiction Author who writes Family Sagas.

The 4:15 Express to Nowhere

Author: Dianne Krogh

Kindle Unlimited

The 4:15 Express to Nowhere is a twisting, emotional exploration of a family torn apart in pursuit of a pretense and brought together again in the most unexpected way.

Valerie Fairfield is 13 when she decides to become someone else. By the time she realizes it is a mistake, she is 58. And dead.

When Valerie dies suddenly one Saturday afternoon, she finds herself trapped in her past until she can confront the tragedies she set in motion with her decision so long ago.

Her sensitive son is drifting through life convinced he has no value. Her beautiful daughter is miserable even as she prepares to marry a wealthy and handsome man in the society wedding of the year. Business problems, a tragic accident, personal losses and political scandal drive the family into deeper dysfunction as Valerie fights to protect the family image. Her children struggle to prevent their own identities from being sacrificed as they are being made into the children Valerie really wanted. There is gritty reality lurking beneath the polished image of the family Valerie has created, but she refuses to acknowledge the pattern of destruction that has followed her since middle school.

Insight, imagination, and humor combine to create this deeply engaging novel about social class envy, peer pressure, individual differences and the outside influences that tear at family ties in our contemporary society.

Slowly Valerie realizes the tragedies her family endured were because of the misguided decision she made so many years before, and she begins to feel regrets. It isn’t until she looks down on her funeral, which is filled with devastating family revelations, that she finally understands that her perfect life is just a legacy of mistakes. But is it too late for forgiveness?

Author: Dianne Krogh

Author Genre: Contemporary, Fiction, Saga

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Amazon Author Profile

Author Description: I've always loved words. Their power to elicit emotion. To tell a story. To create understanding. Or to persuade. I've used them for all those things over the years.

My novels are about contemporary life and how we cope with the pressures. Everyday is filled with mystery, fantasy and psychologically thrilling events. They entangle us when we go to work or snare us while we plant our gardens. Those are the stories I like to explore -- the stories that have become the challenges of life in the last half century of America.

My husband would tell you it took 20 years and thousands of dollars worth of coffee to get my first novel done. But that isn't quite true. Most of that time was spent thinking about it. The idea to do a novel about greed and ego took root in my mind long ago.

But those were the days of 50-hour work weeks writing corporate communications, carpools to drive, meals to prepare, and trying to stay upright in the happy chaos of a household with a husband, a teenage son, a dog, a cat, and a bossy Parrot. Erma Bombeck was my hero. Now I have the time to let my words flow in whatever direction my mind leads me. What fun!

Thank you all for reading my books. And thank you for the heartwarming reviews and comments. I live in Arizona now, but my roots are still in Nebraska where a touch of the pioneer spirit still lives and pushes us onward.

Author's Book List

Life in a Peacock Nest - Crimes of Greed and Ego are Rarely Punished
From a new storyteller comes a engaging and light-hearted novel. A powerful boss with a Stage 4 case of greed and ego. People eager to crowd into his orb. But, can anyone survive there?

Scarred from growing up in a small town where the children from a clique of wealthy families were always favored, Alan Dravel begins a vengeful search for his own wealth and power. He barges into the technology boom of 1980’s corporate America with an idea. Over his head but never in doubt, he unleashes his greed and ego in a self-serving climb to success which turns destructive.

Alan’s quick thinking, he considers it a special kind of genius, keeps him a step ahead of his failures. He shuns contact with the common herd and disregards the opinions of people who wear rubber-soled shoes, but those are the people he turns to when he needs scapegoats.

With a handsome face, a quick mind and a lack of ethical or moral considerations to restrain him, Alan drags a Kansas farm family, a country church and associates of a high-flying corporation together in his widening web of failures – all while being honored as one of the country’s top business leaders.

Those caught in the slipstream of Alan’s wild ride to power struggle to hang on for the rewards they believe association with Alan can provide. Power and ego prevail as Alan orchestrates the most unimaginable twists and turns to entangle his victims and save himself. Those who survive find justice in the last place they think to look.

Life in a Peacock Nest is a captivating saga that probes the strength and weakness of the human spirit. It is a story about the nature of people, with characters so memorable you won’t want to let them go.

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Kindle Unlimited

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