Thursday, February 28, 2019

Sharon Skinner & J.A. Giunta - Supernal Dawn is featured in the HBS Author's Spotlight Book Showcase

The Showcase is a special feature of the Author's Spotlight. It is designed to highlight Spotlight author's NEW releases, their soon to be released novels and special events.

The HBS Author's Spotlight SHOWCASES Sharon Skinner and JA Giunta's novel Supernal Dawn will be featured at the 2019 Tucson Festival of Books, March 2-3. See them at the Brick Cave Booth #208.

Sharon is an award-winning poet and author. She writes Children's Books and Fantasy novels and short stories.

Supernal Dawn
Transcendent Powers Book 1

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The discovery of alien artifacts across the world brought humanity together. Activating the pillars threatened to tear the world apart. The resulting vibrations did more than rumble the earth. It altered DNA, changed ordinary people into supers.

Governments were quick to step in, to quarantine and control. The affected were a threat. Civilians were never meant to have real power.

For Lee, that means choosing between the family that betrayed him and the agency offering to train him. Ember’s loyalties are divided between the brother she’s lied to all her life and the family sworn for generations to protect the Nexus – the largest convergence of ley lines on the planet.

The path ahead will not be easy.

It is a time of beginnings, for new powers to arise.

The age of heroes is upon us…

A Supernal Dawn.

Author: Sharon Skinner
Author: Sharon Skinner
Author Genre: Children's Books,Fantasy

Author's Blog: Livejournal
Twitter: @sharonskinner56
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Amazon Author Profile

Author Description:
Sharon Skinner has been writing stories and poetry since grade school. She is a voracious reader of anything and everything, but her writing tends to be focused on fantasy, Steampunk, and the odd ghost story. She holds a BA in English and an MA in Creative Writing, and works hard to continuously improve her craft. Sharon also teaches workshops on creative writing and engaging audiences. She is an active member of SCBWI (Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators) and currently serves as the Assistant Regional Advisor for SCBWI AZ. When she isn't traveling around the country teaching writing workshops or doing book signings and author appearances in fun places like Emerald City ComiCon, Phoenix ComiCon, and various book festivals, she spends her time writing, re-visioning, and editing.

Author: J.A. Giunta
Author: J.A. Giunta
Author Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy, Young Adult

Website: J.A. Giunta
Twitter: @JA_Giunta
Goodreads: Check Out Goodreads
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Amazon Author Profile

Author Description:
J.A. Giunta was born in Brooklyn, New York, in November of 1969. Though he spent most of his childhood growing up on Long Island, he has been living in Arizona for more than twenty-five years.

Joe started writing stories at an early age, creating adventures for his pen and paper Dungeons & Dragons campaigns on a Commodore 64. Spooled from a dot-matrix printer, that first stapled manuscript has not survived, but it has evolved over the years to form The Ascension trilogy.

His first Fantasy novel, The Last Incarnation, was published in February of 2005. With a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Arizona State University, he is both an avid reader and gamer. He currently writes full-time.

He currently lives with his wife, Lori, and six-year old daughter, Ada Rose, in the perpetual summer that is central Arizona. He credits all of his work to the advent of air-conditioning.

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