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Jen Talty - An Author Interview in the HBS Author's Spotlight

Today our blog puts the Spotlight on Jen Talty. She is a USA Today Bestseller author of Romantic Suspense novels. Jen is the Co-Creator of Cool Gus Publishing, Publishing Consultant, Speaker, and Writing Instructor.

Author: Jen Talty

Author Genre: Romance, Suspense

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Author Description:
Jen Talty is a USA Today Bestseller author of Romantic Suspense. Dark Water hit #10 in Barnes and Noble and her books have been in the top 50 on Amazon. Jennifer grew up in Rochester, New York. She recently retired from being a full-time hockey mom as her children hung up their skates. She and her husband still live in Rochester while her children travel globe. Jen was the co-founder of Cool Gus Publishing with NY Times Bestselling Author Bob Mayer.

SPOTLIGHT Questions and Answers with the Author

Congratulations on your novella: Rough Around The Edges. What do you have on the drawing board next? Can you tell us the timeline for its release and give us a little tease?

Thanks! I really love writing in the Brotherhood Protector series. Suspense is generally my go to genre, however, in early 2019 I have a Cozy Mystery novel coming out. Pre-Order should be up in by the end of the month and we are looking at an early February release. The title is: Trouble’s Bridal Caper. Trouble is a black cat who is not only a detective, he thinks he’s British. Yes. This is quite different than what I’ve been writing, but when Carolyn Haines, the creator of Trouble asked me if I would write in a book in the series, I couldn’t resist. You can get a taste of the other books and authors by clicking here.

You have a good following on twitter. Since you started before the social media buzz, what impact has social media relationships had on your current success? How did you build your following in your niche? How much has it changed your book launch process?

Social media has changed drastically over the years. I jumped on twitter early, before it was the place to be, and for a long time, I really enjoyed it. Now it I often find it overwhelming at times. The biggest impact social media has had is given me a direct connection with my readers. I have a private Facebook group called The Talty Crew. They are dedicated readers and I often give away books, and ask for help with names of characters, titles of books, etc. They are also the first readers to post reviews on Goodreads, Bookbub, and Amazon, which is important to all authors. Building a following can be difficult simply because like-minded people hang out with like-minded people. Meaning, readers talk to readers. Writers talk to Writers. I’ve always done some sort of book launch party. What has changed over the years is the venue. It used to be, way back in the day, Yahoo reader loops. Myspace. Ugh. And now Facebook/Twitter. I really like creating an event with another author or two on Facebook sometime during release week. We usually give away a tote with a couple of books. We ask questions to the readers, engaging them, while they earn points and at the end of the party, the one with the most points, wins. I’ve found it to be a great way to gain followers and new readers.

Do you do any book signings, interviews, speaking and personal appearances? If so, when and where is the next place where your readers can see you? Where can they keep up with your personal contacts online?

I attend many writer’s conferences where I give workshops on the craft of writing and the business. My next writer’s event is Fun in the Sun Writer’s Cruise Conference out of Ft. Lauderdale February 28, 2019 – March 4, 2019.

I also do book signings. I will be at Beach Cove Myrtle Beach on May 4th, 2019. And then on September 6th – 8th, 2019 I will be attending the Authors in the Steel City, Pittsburg NY. I believe the signing is at the Marriott in Cranberry. And finally, I will be at the Hilton at University Place in Charlotte, ,NC on November 9th, 2019.

I am adding a page on my website for my appearances. (Find Jen's website in her contact links in this post.)

You have great covers. They carry a theme and your brand with them. How does your book cover creation process work? Do you hand over the basic theme or do you have more of a hands-on approach? Do you get your readers involved in its development?

Thanks! I do ask for input from my readers and a few trusted authors. I try never to change the font of my name, though it is different with Trouble’s Bridal Caper since it was not independently published. I generally write the blurb for my book before I do anything. After that, I comb for images. Each of my series has a different feel to them, but it also depends on the genre. I try to create a cover that will create the overall tone and feel of the book. Once I have five or six different covers for one book, I will post them to The Talty Crew and ask for their thoughts. They always have an opinion and are almost always right!

Several of your novels have been converted into audio books. What has been the impact on your regular sales? Has the audio books gained a new audience for you?

I just got a deal from Audible for the last five of my NY State Trooper series and I’m hoping that helps me crack that market. I’m still working on it!

You have written several novellas. Can you tell us if they had an impact on the sales of your novels? Are shorty’s one of your styles of writing or are they created to give readers a sample of your work? Do you feel short reads are a product of our email and smart phone age?

That’s a loaded question! Yes. They have definitely increased the sales of my novels. And that works the other way. If a readers checks me out for the first time, and they really liked me, they are apt to go searching for my backlist titles. A novella is one of my writing styles. I enjoy writing books that have very little going on in the background. One storyline. Totally focused on the main characters. It’s hard to write short, but I really enjoy them. Also, writing in other people’s worlds, writing shorts is often the best way to go. I still like writing longer novels. Trouble’s Bridal Caper is a full length book and I’m working on a book for Harlequin that is a full-length novel.

I do think that as we advance with technology, our attention spans decrease and shorter books fit into that life-style. That said, I also believe it has to do with genre.

What is your primary genre? What has been your best marketing approach to this group?

My primary has been Romantic Suspense and Contemporary. However one of my bestselling series has been a fantasy/paranormal, so go figure. Marketing is a tough one. I’ve always believe that the best marking is writing a great book, followed by another great book. I also think that it’s readers that market our books, not us. Think about how things go virial. People have to be talking about them. They have to love it passionately or hate it just as much. I try to engage readers as much as possible. I do giveaways. Newsletters. All the things that we’re told, but mostly, I’m in my cave writing the next best book.

Do you maintain a reader list? What are the methods you use to find your readers and create the list and the relationship? Do you use social media, forums, newsletters and/or support groups to build your list?

I have a newsletter. I constantly put the link up on social media. Anyone who joins my Newsletter gets a free book. Here sign up and download The Lighthouse!

I don’t send out a lot of newsletters, but I will when I have a new release, something exciting to announce, or I will often promote another author. I also participate in groups on Facebook, which leads to new people joining my Talty Crew, or signing up for my newsletter. I also have the information in all of my ebooks. I try to be active on my group and not just posting links to my books. I will share my photos from a recent trip, or start a discussion. I have used services that run contests to cultivate my list. However, that can cause problems, so once I have been given the list, I send them a note, thanking them for participating, and then give them the link above, so if they really want to be on my list, they will subscribe.

You have a great blog. You do a great job keeping readers informed, marketing your books and providing useful information to other writers. What is your primary goal? And where in the world do you find the time to create great novels, take care of the social media and maintain your blog?

Thanks! When I was running Cool Gus Publishing with Bob Mayer, I had no time to write. And that was okay with me for many years. I was focused on the tech side of our business, and I learned a great deal. When Bob and I decided to part ways, I went back to writing. I’m also an empter nester with a husband who travels a lot for work. That allows me to work seven days a week. But it’s not all work to me. I love writing, so that part comes easy. I MAKE myself do the other stuff. I also have a huge support group. Casey Hagen, my partner at The Crafty Word Slingers is a great source of help. She does half of the blogging and we’re always helping each other out. I have other really great writer friends who also help me along the way. Nothing I do happens in a vacuum.

I like the idea of Author bundles. You are a part of a novel collection called Love, Christmas 2 with twenty-five other authors. What a great group of outstanding people. (Many have been interviewed on this blog). What was your main objective in bundling your works with other authors? What blogging, newsletter and social media promotions have you done to promote the collection?

This has been an exceptional experience. The authors in Love, Christmas 2 are amazing. I’m humbled by their talent and professionalism. Discoverability is the hardest thing for an author today. We can be talented, have lots of books, and great reviews, but if readers don’t find us, we don’t sell. Doing a collective work helps give authors discoverability. Sharing in newsletters, on social media, and blogs about the collection and the other authors has the potential of reaching a broader range of readership. My fans might have bought the book for me, but then found a new author in the collection they never read before and then gobble up all their backlist. So that aspect is huge. But it was also just fun to work with this group. I learned a lot and I wrote a story that was a little different for me, so it stretched my writing wings!

Author's Book List
Rough Around The Edges - Out of the Wild Book 2
Piper Morgan had never wanted fame or fortune, but that had been impossible as the daughter of Calvin Morgan, better known as Cowboy Cal, the mega country singer superstar. Much to her father’s dismay, the shy, reserved Piper chose a career writing song instead of performing them. She couldn’t be happier.

Until someone murders her father and now has their sights set on her, forcing her to seek the help of a man who had broken her young heart.

When Jaden Sawyer left Nashville at the ripe old age of twenty-two and joined the Army, he never looked back. A career on the stage had never been for him, even with a couple of top twenty billboard hits and women dropping at his feet.

But he never forgot the man who had given him his first big break, or the sweet eighteen-year-old girl with the voice of an angel.

Jaden will do whatever it takes to find out who killed Cowboy Cal and protect Piper, even if it means dusting off his guitar and putting himself in the line of fire.

Order the Book From:

Rough Justice - Out of the Wild Book 1
After a career ending injury, former Green Beret, Shamus O’Neil returns to his hometown to work for the Brotherhood Protectors and the man who inspired him to join the Army. Still bitter over being forced to leave the military, he struggles to make the best of his return to civilian life. That is, until he’s given his first assignment to protect the daughter of the man he holds responsible for his half sister’s death.

Amber Baxter, now known as, Amber Winchester, left Eagle Rock, Montana and never looked back. Despite her father’s legacy, she managed to get a degree in Communications and Broadcasting and made a successful career working as a correspondent for a major news channel. Life since Eagle Rock, had been nothing less than spectacular until she uncovers a treasonous plot that puts her in the line of fire. Needing refuge, she returns to her hometown and the safety of the Brotherhood Protectors. However, she never expected to come face to face with the man who’d been the first boy she ever kissed… and the man she’d left behind.

Thrust together in a deadly game of espionage, Shamus and Amber must reconcile their past while fighting a battle that not only threatens their lives, but the very things they love most.

Order the Book From:

Love, Christmas - Movies You Love - The Holiday Series Book 2
Sprinkle a little Christmas magic into your life with 26 ALL-NEW, never before released romances. Each title - exclusive to this set - is inspired by a favorite holiday movie, spun into a fantastic love story by a NY Times, USA Today, and/or award-winning, bestselling author and delivered to you in this wonderful collection full of cheer for the coming season.

Mimi Barbour – A Wonderful Life - Though Mary works with troubled teens, can she and an angel help a man living a nightmare?

Leanne Banks – A Royal White Christmas - Can a secret prince be a Christmas wish-come-true for a small-town girl?

Joan Reeves – Brianna’s Season For Miracles - Her seductive persona hides what she's ashamed of... What will happen if the man she's fallen for discovers her secret?

Mona Risk – Jingle With My Princess - The doc and the princess... He saves lives, but she may save his heart.

Rebecca York – Can She Get Home for Christmas? - Will a killer stop her from getting home for Christmas?

Jacquie Biggar – Mistletoe Inn - A grieving man finds the greatest gift is love.

Alicia Street – Miracle on Christmas Tree Street - A single mom discovers her business partner is more than he seems.

Nancy Radke – The Holiday (Christmas) - Jodi's house-swap to Maui came with a small dog and a shipwrecked sailor.

Katy Walters –Letters from the Snowman – The snow revealed a precious love.

Stephanie Queen – Holiday Affair - Melissa goes from riches to rags but will she find gold in a holiday affair?

Aileen Fish – Almost Christmas in Connecticut - Can a wounded warrior learn to trust her celebrity chef crush after discovering his secret?

Rachelle Ayala – A Christmas Creek Carol - A reclusive writer is given a one-star review on her life by characters from her past, present, and future.

Dani Haviland – The Polar Xpress - She prefers dogs to men…until she rescues the doctor.

Traci Hall – Love, Actually (By the Sea) - Two strangers. One intimate night. Reunited a year later, can it actually be love?

Taylor Lee – The Ref-er-ee - With a family this discombobulated, it will take a referee to save their Christmas.

Donna Fasano – Her Mr. Miracle - It’s Christmas Eve and Veronica is stuck in a nearly deserted seaside town... She needs a miracle.

Cynthia Cooke – A Christmas to Remember - A Christmas storm. Wedding plans in peril. Has a lost love been found?

Susan Jean Ricci – A Joyous Holiday Inn - Can Twigg restore the joy of Christmas to Chloe’s indifferent heart?

Tamara Ferguson – Two Hearts Home for Christmas - Can a long ago promise of love bring two lonely wounded warriors home for Christmas?

Suzanne Jenkins – Christmas with the Clouds - Tracy isn’t interested in love until an unexpected Christmas visitor changes her heart.

Natalie Ann – How Gavin Stole Christmas - Can Jolene help Gavin find the Christmas spirit when he’s the epitome of Mr. Bah Humbug?

Ev Bishop – A Sharla Brown Christmas - For single parents Sharla and Jake, Christmas is the loneliest time of the year…until it’s not.

Alyssa Bailey – In the Spirit of Christmas - Chase can protect Tara from danger, but can he protect his heart?

Stacy Eaton – Finding Love on Christmas Vacation - Christmas isn't the same for Lucy without her father...until she meets his friend Maverick.

Jen Talty – The Christmas Getaway - A mix-up in reservations leaves a mother and her son to share a cabin with a broken-hearted stranger.

Melinda De Ross - Boyfriend Wanted for Christmas - A thirty-something singleton’s desperate yet humorous quest to find a boyfriend in the seven days before Christmas.

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Summer's Gone - Twilight Crossing Book 3
being has helped her keep and protect the vase where the last of the royals have been held in order to protect their race. Now that they have been set free, the fairy spirit must be reconnected with its other half, or it will become one with Coral, destroying the fairy princess, and mother of another set of Wolfairy twins that Coral was destine to become.

The only problem is that Coral has become so infused with the spirit, she doesn’t know what parts of her core belong to her…or the spirit, making separation a difficult and potentially deadly process for her…

And her fated mate.

Drew Furgeson watched his older brothers mate and produce a new being: the Wolfairy. The last thing he wants to do is join the ranks of fatherhood, especially when the matchmaker informs him that his fated one is not only the insanely way too happy Coral Crowe. To make matters worse, his instincts are spot about her not being what everyone thinks.

But one single passionate kiss pulls Corals core personality to the surface. She and Drew begin their race against time to find the spirts other half, otherwise, an entire species will be wiped from the planet before it ever really had a chance.

Order the Book From:

Spring Fling - Twilight Crossings Book 2
Isidore Crowe has always been ashamed of being born into the Coven of the Unseen Moon, a group of witches dedicated to destroying all fairies, especially the Wolfairy, a creature created by the union of a royal fairy and her wolf protector. Isidore never understood her Coven's hatred for fairies. But you can't pick your family.

When her father sends her off on a mission, with a deadly potion, to find the princess fairy and poison her before the coming of the Spring Fling, Isidore comes face to face with a wolf who not only takes her breath away, but could easily take her life away, if he knew her nefarious plans.

Nico Ferguson, second in line to be the Alpha in the most powerful wolf pack known on Earth, accepted his fate as the protector of his brother, his brother's wife, and their unborn child-a child so special it will change the world.

However, when Nico's girlfriend turns out to be a traitor, selling information to the Coven of the Unseen Moon, it puts his entire family, and the world in jeopardy. Determined to make things right, Nico dives deep into the investigation, only he's quickly blinded by a beautiful witch who isn't who she portrays herself to be. In order to save his family, he's going to have to put his trust in the woman sent to destroy them.

Order the Book From:
Barnes and Noble

The Blind Date - Twilight Crossing Series Book 1
A burnt-out werewolf cop…
An innocent human teacher…
Two weeks of passion…

Chaz Ferguson has sat on the Twilight Crossing Council for the last ten years, policing the paranormal world, making sure that injustices to humans as well as paranormal creatures are punished to the fullest extent of the law. There is nothing he loves more than his job. So, when he’s forced to take a vacation, he has no idea what to do with his time. A friends set him up with an appointment with Gerri Wilder at the Paranormal Dating Agency, telling him it will change his life.

Chaz doesn’t necessarily want to change his life.

But he is tired of the rat race and wouldn’t mind a warm female body, even if for only short period of time.

Daphne Jade hasn’t had good luck with men her entire life. She has a tendency to attract the whackos of this world. When she takes a date arranged by Gerri Wilder, she has no idea she’d be dating someone from out of this world. The paranormal realm was something she avoided the majority of her life. She never expected to have a fling with a werewolf, much less one being her soul-mate.

And just when she thought things couldn't get any weirder, she finds out she's not who she thought she was…

Order the Book From:
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The Lost Soldier - The Raven Sisters Book 2
Savanah Raven has always embraced her psychic ability, along with the idea that her sisters were the female half of the collective order. What she didn’t expect was for her ex-boyfriend, who thought her abilities were smoke and mirrors, to be her soul-mate, and one of the four brothers separated at birth who made up the other half of the order.

Chad Pendleton spent his childhood jumping from one foster home to the next, never feeling like he fit in anywhere until he became a Navy SEAL. Even then, he always felt like something had been missing. When he first met Savanah, he thought he’d found his other half, that was until she revealed her psychic abilities and then had the nerve to tell him he had the same powers. Believing all that stuff to be smoke and mirrors, he quickly broke things off.

Months later, he finds himself with a missing SEAL team and his superiors bring in agents from the GLOBAL ALLIANCE CORPORATION (GAC) and THE PERCEPTION PROJECT to help him in his search. Not only does he believe that his team has disappeared thanks, in part, to physics, but now his ex-girlfriend and her crazy psychic notions are forced upon him in the field. As they search the jungles of South Korea, he discovers his own psychic powers. He’ll allow Savanah to help him cultivate his new abilities in order to find his men, but he will not let her into his heart.

Nor will he accept he is one of four brothers who make up the collective order.

But if he doesn’t, the only surviving member of his team could die.

And he’ll lose the only woman he’s ever loved.

Order the Book From:

The Lost Sister - The Raven Sisters Book 1
Hazel Raven is a psychic with precognition abilities. She and her sisters have formed the Raven Agency (private investigators) to help find the lost and heal the broken.

However, when she foreshadows her sister’s disappearance, and arrives at the scene too late, she and her sisters hire the GLOBAL ALLIANCE COLIATION(G.A.C.) for assistance.

Brett Radcliffe is new to the Agency, brought in for his remote viewing capabilities. Finding one of the Raven sisters is his first assignment. He’s excited and at the top of his game, until he comes face to face with Hazel and a past he’s never quite forgotten.

Together they begin to unravel betrayal and treason in search of the missing sister and in the process, they find they are not only cut from the cloth, but they are the future of THE COLLECTIVE ORDER.

Order the Book From:

All That Sass - Wiches and Werewolves Book 2
A ballerina’s nightmare…
A choreographer’s curse…
And a deadly spell destined to destroy true love…

Princess Lady Avery Windsor knew she couldn’t be the lead ballerina for the Lost Angles City Ballet forever, but she never expected to have per position challenged by an eighteen-year-old when she herself was barely twenty-four and in the prime of her life. To make matters worse, the new wolf choreographer, Darrell Hughes, brings with him a curse. One that could change her entire world.

Darrell Hughes took the job with the Los Angeles City Ballet for one reason, and one reason only: to find a way to save his pack from being wiped off the earth by a black magic spell and Avery’s father is the only one who can help. The fact that he’d imprinted on Avery years ago, claiming her as his mate, would have to take a back seat.

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Lady Sass - Sassy Ever After - Witches and Werewolves
One Oscar-winning werewolf from the wrong side of the tracks
One princess witch actress
One make or break film
A romance so dangerous it has the potential to destroy everything

The film was supposed to save Jackson Ledger's Oscar-winning career, but when a spoiled witch princess is cast opposite him, he knows it's going to turn into a side show media circus because his father killed her prince uncle. Not to mention, she's no serious actress, but she's seriously going to steal his heart.

Everyone thinks Amanda Windsor bought her way into stardom between her princess status and her father's money. Jackson Ledger thinks she's untalented and will destroy the film, along with his career. She thinks he's an arrogant ass. The second they met, sparks fly, but can they put their differences aside and make a film of a lifetime and protect their hearts from breaking?

Order the Book From:
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The Return Home - the SARICH BROTHERS series Book 4
Major, Dylan Sarich, knows only one thing: Delta Force. He has dedicated his life to the Army and his country and can’t imagine doing anything else.

Until the unthinkable happens.

During a top-secret operation, Dylan is nearly sent home in a body bag with the rest of his team. With his wounds still fresh and on extended medical leave, Dylan returns to his hometown in Jupiter, Florida to heal his body. However no amount of physical therapy will destroy the demons lurking deep in Dylan’s soul.

Dr. Kinsley Maren is an expert in PTSD and brain trauma. When her neighbor comes to her, begging for help with her son, Kinsley can’t say no, especially when she meets Dylan. She’s certain she can break through the anger and help restore his confidence and mend his broken heart. Only she never expected he’d steal hers.

Order the Book From:

The Last Flight - the SARICH BROTHERS series Book 3
honors and a broken heart. Swearing off relationships, he dives into his career as a test pilot for the Army. But when one of the planes he’s testing goes down, he uncovers it was no accident. Wanting an outside source, he contacts his brothers and they send help in the form of an ex-military female pilot now part of the OMEGA TEAM. Ramey is prepared for anything, except Tequila Ryder.

Tequila Ryder has spent the last few years raising her half-sister’s son. Now that he’s settled in college, Tequila is eager to jump back in the field with the OMEAG TEAM. The first day she’s with Ramey, his helicopter is forced into an emergency landing and between the reports she’d read on the other crash, and what she experienced, she knows without a doubt, someone is either trying to destroy Ramey’s career.

Or kill him.

…together unravel a twisted plot, while entangling their hearts.

Order the Book From:

Her Last Hope - the SARICH BROTHERS series Book 2
Nicolaus Sarich started his career as a local police officer. After losing his wife in a boating accident three months after they’d married at the ripe old age of 20, Nick followed in his brother’s footsteps and joined the Army. When his brother gets him an interview with Bain Asher and Decker Griggs (the founders of THE AEGIS NETWORK), Nick jumps at the chance to work side by side with his brother. Nick vowed to never lover again…but it won’t last when his first assignment is to rescue a powerful businessman’s adult daughter whose been kidnapped.

Leandra Wakefield may have had all the comforts of her father’s millions, but she’s no socialite, spending her days as a private investigator, working mostly missing persons cases. Leandra is hired to find a missing young woman. As she digs deeper, she uncovers a human trafficking operation and goes undercover to not only find the missing girl, but to bring down a monster. The planned seemed to be working well enough, until Nicolaus Sarich shows up, snatching her in the night. Reluctantly, she take’s Nick’s help…and in the process, they uncovered a love neither of them expected. But can they let go of the pains of the past and give their hearts completely?

Order the Book From:

The Lighthouse - the SARICH BROTHERS series Book 1
Logan Sarich is content with his life, but he’s never been satisfied and has never been in love. Not that he doesn’t want a woman in his life, in a forever way…but no woman has ever touched his heart and soul more than his career in the military or his current job as an agent with THE AEGIS NETWORK. That is until he’s sent to his hometown Jupiter, Florida to serve as a bodyguard to one of the most brilliant ethical hackers in the country…who happens to be his high school sweetheart.

While doing a cyber security check for a defense contractor, Mia Vanderlin discovers the company’s computer has been hacked, as well as her own and top secret plans are being stolen. Concerned for her safety, her family calls THE AEGIS NETWORK. When Logan Sarich pulls into her driveway, her heart beats a little faster. Their romance wasn’t one for the books. They both had dreams and goals, walking away from each other after high school, with no regrets and fond memories. But seeing him again, all she can think about is picking up right where they left off…

Order the Book From:
Barnes and Noble

Burning Bed - Air Force Fire Protection Specialists Book 6
Tabitha Nelson knows her brother’s death was no accident, regardless of what the local fire inspector and police department says. Having found her brother’s computer and all his notes regarding a local news story on corruption he’d been working, she makes it her personal mission to find out who took her brother’s life and why. She vows to make them pay, even if that means pointing the finger at the first responders.

For two months, Air Force Fire Protection Specialist, Garret Pierce, has been admiring his sexy neighbor from a distance, trying to muster up the nerve to ask her out. Now he tries to ignore her all together. He had nothing to do with fighting the local fire that claimed her brother, or the subsequent inspection of the case. However, if looks could kill, he would spontaneously combust every single time they cross paths.

However, when Tabitha’s life is threatened, Garret takes matters into his own hands.

Together, they unravel a trail of corruption and a sinister plot that puts them both in the line of fire.

Order the Book From:

Burning Heart - Air Force Fire Protection Specialists Book 5
Air Force Fire Protection Specialist, Declan Rivers, gave his heart once, and it got charred beyond recognition. While deep down he still wants it all, the career, the wife, the family, he can’t put himself out there. That is until his best friend’s wedding where he finds comfort in the arms of Becca Knowles, a sexy senior firefighter and co-worker. He’s had eyes for Becca since she first stepped onto the base, but after one hot night, they decide it’s best if they remain friends.

Well, he decides thanks to that aforementioned reluctance.

Becca Knowles understands a broken heart and after a one-night stand with Declan, she vows to give up on men for a while and focus only on her career. Only that declaration lasts just one measly month when she first finds out she’s pregnant, and then that her younger sister is missing. Not knowing where to turn, she asks Declan for his help, to which he readily agrees, not knowing about the baby.

While searching for her sister, they find themselves dealing with betrayal, lies, and a love so deep it burns the heart.

Order the Book From:

Burning Lies - Air Force Fire Protection Specialists Book 4
Air Force Senior Fire Protect Specialist, Brayden “Brodie” Welch is at the height of his career and up for a promotion. He knows he’s going to get it until the unthinkable happens.

A fire on base takes the life of one of their own and Brodie becomes the center of the investigation.

When Air Force Investigation Officer Harper Dawson first meets Brodie Welch she sees him as the sexy as hell, but clean-cut boy next door type. That is until his missing gas can is found at the fire that took the life of a fellow Air Force fireman. Now Harper finds herself having to arrest the man she’s falling in love with.

Harper doesn’t want to believe, but the evidence against Brodie is too damaging to ignore.

However, when the investigation takes a dark and dangerous twist, Harper finds herself relying on Brodie. Together, in the burning ruble, they uncover lies so devastating it will change the direction of their lives.

Order the Book From:

Burning Skies - Air Force Fire Protection Specialists Book 3
Scarlet Adison hated going to her aunt for help, but she had nowhere else to turn when her ex-boyfriend stopped paying child-support and disappeared. So, she packed up her things and moved to Cape Canaveral. Not even there for a day, her Aunt is called away to help a sick friend and Scarlet is asked to take over her aunt's job as a nanny.

Jaxon Stravos had never married. The mother of his precious daughter, Elle, had died shortly after Elle had been born. Balancing career and being a parent has been a struggle and he has no room for dating or women at all. When his long-time nanny needs to take a leave of absence to take care of a sick friend, she sends her niece. Not only was Jax ill-prepared to leave is little girl in the hands of a perfect stranger, but the young woman stole his breath, making him think and feel things he hadn't in years.

Jax does some digging into the background of Scarlet, and her ex-boyfriend, uncovering a dark past that could threaten to take away the very things Jaxon loves most.

Order the Book From:

Burning Kiss - Air Force Fire Protection Specialists Book 2
Senior Firefighter, Hunter Jackson walked away from his country club and ivy league lifestyle when his mother ran off with his girlfriend’s father, destroying two families. Hunter joined the Air Force and became a Fire Protection Specialist, never looking back on his old life. He barely speaks to anyone in his family, but when his mother takes ill, and the love of his life shows up at his doorstep, begging him to see his mother, his world is turned upside down. Will he be able to deny a woman’s dying wish? Will he be able to protect his heart from the woman who stole it years ago?

Claire Thompson has never taken no for an answer, but she didn’t take ultimatums too well either. So, when Hunter Jackson demanded she turn her back on her father and run away with him, giving up on college and her career, she said no and watched the only man she’d ever loved walk away.

A decision she’s regretted for years.

With her father dead and Hunter’s mother dying, she decides it’s time to mend old fences and hopefully ignite the burning kiss that forever stole her heart.

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Burning Desire - Air Force Fire Protection Specialists Book 1
Crew Chief Alec Charles Enders AKA Ace has two passions: Serving his country and putting out fires. As an Air Forces Fire Protection Specialist, Ace has seen his fair share of infernos from fires in the sky, to chemical buildings, and even forest fires. While running into a burning building is no big deal for him, he dreads the call. He understands the devastation and destruction fires can cause, not to mention the loss of life as he lost his first girlfriend to a fire while in high school.

His job is get people out of the fire and contain it at the same time. So, when he watches a car crash unfold while on leave, he jumps into action. He’s prepared to do what it takes to save the young women in the car…

And protect his heart from the burning desire she awakes in his soul.

While heading home to help her mother with a legal problem, Lexi Aberdean is T-Boned and her car bursts into flames. Lucky for her, a good Samaritan saves her life and now all she wants to do is find a way to repay him. Only, he wants nothing to do with her. That is until a series of unexplained events, including a fire, makes Lexi believe the accident was no accident at all.

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The Butterfly Murders
Special Agent Kara Martin has spent the last thirteen years doing whatever she could to obliterate memories of her hometown…and haunting reminders of her parents' murders. She had every intent of avoiding Rochester…until a congressman's daughter is murdered, and she finds herself not only back to a place she said she'd never return, but working with a man she thought she'd never see again.

A man who once loved her… until she broke his heart.

Detective Shane Rogers lost his wife and a year later nearly lost his son when his rare heart condition took a turn for the worst. Battling back from personal devastation, his son is now thriving after a successful heart transplant and Shane can finally return to his second love…his career as a homicide detective.

His first case is the gruesome murder of a local congressman's fourteen-year-old daughter, bringing in the FBI and putting Shane face to face with his first love.

Shane and Kara are thrust together in one of the toughest cases of their careers while pieces of their pasts crop up to taunt them.

As they begin to face their pasts and find forgiveness, the bodies pile up. With each new murder, the killer takes a different organ that is commonly harvested. An organ they had received in the form of a transplant.

And now Shane's son has been kidnapped…

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When A Stranger Calls - New York State Trooper Series Book 7
Brooke Fowler lost her job, her boyfriend, and her grandfather in less than week. So, when she finds out she inherited her grandfather’s run-down old house on Lake George, NY, she decides to take what little savings she has, plus a loan, and plans to flip the house. Only bad things seem to follow Brooke wherever she goes. When the house is broken into and vandalized, not once, not twice, but three times, and she’s nearly broke, she decides it’s time to act and calls the name on the business card tacked to her grandfather’s corkboard.

New York State Trooper Tristan Reid normally didn’t answer his phone when he didn’t recognize the number, but sometimes he liked to have a little fun with the tell marketers. However, the person on the other end was no salesman. Having remembered Brooke’s grandfather, he goes to the house out of respect. What he finds is a beautiful woman who is way out of his league, but with a problem he can help solve.

Together, they a unravel fifty-year-old mystery that could solve all of Brooke’s financial problems, giving her the freedom to flip the house and move on…or perhaps she wants to stay put...with Tristan.

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Deadly Seduction - New York State Trooper Series Book 6
the ladies. The last woman he was sleeping with tried to kill him. So, when sexy Delaney Mervis shows up, batting her baby blues, he’s cautious…but not cautious enough.

Josh is suspicious that Delaney could have been sent by an arms dealer who vowed to make Josh pay for the death of his wife and two children in an undercover operation that went bad. While having a buddy do some digging on Delaney, Josh succumbs to his desire and sleeps with her only to find her sole motivation was to destroy his career…her reasoning was to save her brother who is being held hostage by a man with grey eyes who is threatening to kill her brother if she doesn't what she's told…or so she thinks.

Josh and Delaney are forced to run when the arms dealer's men come to kill them both. While in hiding, their passion grows deep and they find themselves unable to fight their feelings for one another. But the arms dealer will stop at nothing to destroy Josh, leaving Delaney to choose between the man she loves and a brother she never really knew.

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To Protect His Own - New York State Trooper Series Book 5
New York State Trooper Jake Prichard turned his back on the family farm, the family fortune, and his lying, manipulative father. But when someone tries to kill his dad, Jake reluctantly returns home to investigate. Only, his father isn’t the real target. It’s the farm's manager and Jake's first love.

Kenzie Chorley has worked at The Cavanaugh Equestrian Center since she was sixteen. It’s all she’s ever known, and all she’s ever wanted…other than Jake. But when he walked away from the farm, he walked away from her, too. In an attempt to heal old wounds, they rekindle their passion, but the pain of the past is too strong, leaving Kenzie alone, bereft, and pregnant.

Now someone is threatening not only the farm she cherishes, but her unborn child’s heritage. If Kenzie wants to hold onto the only man she’s ever loved, she’s going to have to dig up the darkest betrayal of all.

A lie so damming it holds the power to destroy the very thing she’s trying to save…

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Murder in Paradise Bay - New York State Trooper Series Book 4
Things were finally looking up for Douglas Tanner. His divorce was about to be final. His construction company was doing better than ever and he was ready to start a new beginning. He just hadn’t expected that new beginning included his long time friend and daughter of his business partner. But just as he expresses his new found feelings for Stacey, his soon to be ex-wife is found dead in the bottom of Lake George one day before he was to sign the divorce papers.

And Doug is the prime suspect. Not just in his wife’s murder. But also her lover’s disappearance.

New York State Trooper Stacey Sutten had just finished her rescue swimmer certification course and finally had some time to relax. Or so she thought as she’s called to a search and rescue mission. Only there was no rescue and the body she found just happened to be the wife of the man she was falling in love with.

As Doug and Stacey’s romance heats up, so does the case. One damning piece of evidence after the other lead the police to Doug’s door. Caught between trying to prove Doug’s innocent and doing her job, Stacey finds herself in the hot seat. Just when she thinks it can’t get any worse, she's investigated as a possible accomplice.

Stacey must find out who really killed Mary, why they are hell bent on framing herself and the man she loves, before both of them get good look at the inside of a jail cell.

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Deadly Secrets - New York State Trooper Series Book 3
After staring down the wrong end of a gun, not once, but twice, all Patty Harmon had wanted was to have a little fun. She’d spent most her life taking care of everyone else but herself. And while she had a plan for her life, she hadn’t yet started to live her life. So, when the aloof, distant, and emotionally unavailable New York State Trooper Reese McGinn takes an interest in her, she’s all in…for the moment. When the moment is over, they go their separate ways and Patty can get back to her life plan. But once again, that plan is interrupted when Patty finds herself pregnant. She’ll let Reese back in for the sake of the child, but can she keep Reese from stealing her heart?

New York State Trooper Reese McGinn has been haunted by his late mothers confession and the secret she still took to her grave. For the last seven years, he’s done nothing but move from job to job and town to town, vowing to never put down roots. But when his summer fling with Patty Harmon ends with a child on the way, he decides that its time to forget the past. Only the past doesn’t want to forge him and a deadly secret rises from the grave, threatening to take away everything he thought he never wanted.

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Dark Water - New York State Trooper Series Book 2
Lacy DeGeorgio never imagined she'd have to be responsible for anyone but herself. She's strong, stubborn and fiercely independent. She needs no one. She's a woman determined to do things her way, on her own. But when a freak boating accident takes her sister Hannah's life, Lacy finds herself not only back in her hometown of Lake George, New York, but in a custody battle for her eleven-year-old nephew, Andy. Just when things couldn't get any worse, pesky State Trooper Frank Harmon starts showing up, tearing down all her defenses, making her want things she's never wanted before. She'll trust him with her nephew, but can she trust him with her heart?

New York State Trooper Frank Harmon is a man of honor and duty. He's always done things by the book, believing the law always works in favor of those who uphold it. Until the day he took a domestic disturbance call at the DeGeorgio trailer, and even though he knew something bad was about to happen, he had to walk away. Two days later, he pulled Hannah DeGeorgio's body from the icy cold waters of Lake George, changing his life forever. He sets out to make sure Hannah's killer is brought to justice and in the process makes a home for a family he thought he never wanted.

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In Two Weeks - New York State Trooper Series Book 1
Ryan O'Conner has the world at her fingertips. She's strong, feisty and has everything she's ever wanted, except the right man. Jared Blake represents everything Ryan doesn't want. He's controlling, overbearing and now he's moving. Having had a crush on him for years, Ryan decides to seduce Jared. A goodbye thing. However, her plans change when someone starts stalking her. With her life on the line, she turns to Jared for protection and finds the not so perfect man is the perfect man for her.

Restless and bored, NY State Trooper Jared Blake accepts a transfer from his position in Lake George, NY. Jared craves the rush of adrenaline and his current post is too tame. As soon as he moves, his career will take off, but his plans are put on hold when a friend is threatened by a stalker. Jared has exactly two weeks to find out who is behind these treats.

And in two weeks, Jared will lose his heart forever…

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Jane Doe's Return
Imagine spending your entire career looking for the one person you believe will unlock the mystery of who killed your sister only to find her the most unlikely place; in your office, as your new partner.

Special Agent Travis Brown has set his life up so he can have access to information that will lead him to the one woman he believes can tell him who killed his sister. But he’s not prepared for the drive and determination of his new partner; Special Agent Shauna Morgan. Her instincts are sharp and her beauty undeniable. His attraction to her is as strong as his need to find his sister’s killer. But Shauna has a secret. A secret that will ultimately put his heart on the line, along with her life.

Jane Doe’s Return is a contemporary romantic suspense set between the city streets of Albany, New York and the scenic beauty of Lake George where I lived for many years. It is a tale of one woman who believes the only way to move beyond her past, is to shut the door on it, and the man who breaks it down.

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For the last nine years, Kaylee Mead has been running from her past. Now she's running for her life. Her only chance at survival is to return home and patch things up with her father. When she returns to her home in Thief Lake, Minnesota, she finds her father dead and herself becoming the cop's best suspect for his murder.

Assistant Police Chief Blaine Walker has been trying to put his ex-wife out of his mind for years, but when he finds her hovered over her father's body, he knows that battle is lost. She becomes his only suspect in a case that doesn't make sense. He vows to find the answers and then hopefully rekindle the flame that has never quite died out in his heart.

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The Christmas Getaway
Olivia Tate wants one thing for her son: to feel connected to the father he’s never known. Every Christmas, she and Noah head north to the lake where her late husband grew up. Equipped with a list of his family traditions, she does her best to follow each one to the letter, right down to baking his grandmother’s famous Christmas cookies. Now eight-years-old, Noah tells her he wants to try something new and learn how to snow ski. So, she makes a deal with her son. She’ll take him to the mountains in Vermont as long as they continue with the rest of the traditions.

What she hadn’t anticipated was the handsome stranger she’d be forced to share a cabin with and the effect he has on her heart, awaking desires she had long buried in the snow.

While deployed eleven months earlier, Navy SEAL Ryder Jameson lost his wife and son in a mass shooting. Needing to escape his family, and hers, he rents a cabin three days before Christmas. Armed with a few bottles Jack, all he wants to do is drink away the painful void left from losing the two people who matter most.

Just as he cracks open his first bottle of whiskey, a woman and her son walk into his cabin. One phone call reveals a mistake in the reservation and no more availability at the resort. To make matters worse, a major snow storm makes it impossible for either one of them to trek to another hotel, leaving him to deal with a boy filled with questions and woman who makes him believe he could risk his heart and love again.

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