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Bonnie Edwards - One Crazy Christmas is featured in the HBS Author's Spotlight Showcase

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The HBS Author's Spotlight SHOWCASES Bonnie Edwards' Book: One Crazy Christmas.

Author Bonnie Edwards is the author of The Brantons series and the Tales of Perdition series. Bonnie writes Romance, Contemporary and Paranormal novels and novellas.

One Crazy Christmas

Christmas Collection 3

Author: Bonnie Edwards

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Between them, they have five daughters. They live in different countries. But love doesn't give a fig about that because this is One Crazy Christmas...

Karyn Whyte is a busy single mom of two, the owner of Whyte's Christmas--a woman who would like to meet a convenient man--one who lives nearby, has no baggage and makes no demands. Oh, and he must like curvy women.

Cade Devine's a devoted single dad to three little girls. Sure, he's got his hands full, but that doesn't mean he wants to be alone.

At a mutual friend's wedding, interest flares at first sight between Karyn and Cade. Enticed and attracted, they break free of their constraints for one long weekend of passion and deeply satisfying companionship. During their three-month secret romance, they learn they're perfect together. But there are five other hearts at stake and Karyn and Cade accept that responsibility must win over the love they've found. Fate can be cruel and sometimes love hurts.

Accepting an invitation to Christmas with their newlywed friends brings Karyn, Cade, and their children face-to-face and anything can happen when love and family come together…

Excerpt from One Crazy Christmas


Labour Day Weekend, Vancouver Island, Canada

Karyn Whyte tried to pay attention to the wedding taking place in her best friend’s townhouse, but she couldn’t take her eyes off the man who’d just arrived. Not because he’d entered alone and not because he was handsome and well-built.

Certainly not because he looked sheepish at arriving a few minutes late.

Because of all of the above. Plus, he was age appropriate. Mid-thirties, like her. She flashed him a reassuring nod and a brief smile.

He tilted his head and relaxed his broad shoulders. His full lips turned up at the corners and his gaze slid down to her toes. His hair looked freshly cut, his jaw clean-shaven. His dressy jacket screamed class and his brilliantly white shirt accented his tanned throat and neck. He was dressed perfectly for an intimate wedding in a living room.

The small group of friends and family stood in a loose semi-circle around the bride and groom. Casual, fun, and close-knit would categorize the nuptials. This was the second marriage for both bride and groom. New-found, hopeful love was palpable in the air.

Karyn tore her attention from the newcomer and focused on the event. Her best friend, Miranda Bailey, said her vows to Kirk Fontaine, and her little dog Bella delivered the rings. Jordyn Bailey, Miranda’s daughter, was maid of honor while Kirk’s son, Tom, was best man.

Kirk kissed Miranda and turned to face the room and the merry gathering. He swung his bride’s hand into the air as if in victory. “I’ve got her now and I’ll never let her go.”

A cheer went up amid laughter and well wishes and Karyn sighed with the romance of it as her heart pitta-patted.

Miranda and Kirk had fallen in love quickly. Their decision to marry had been lightning fast. It gave Karyn hope that setting aside romance for a few years while she raised her daughters hadn’t been a mistake. She gave her best friend a hug as soon as the other well-wishers gave her space.

Miranda moved her to the side. “Did you notice that Jordyn looks off?”

She hadn’t. “Now that you mention it, she does look forlorn.”

“Heartsick,” Miranda said, with a shake of her head. “There must be trouble between her and Tom.”

“So, they’re still pretending they’re not seeing each other?” She kept her voice low.

Miranda rolled her eyes in confirmation. “How she can think her own mom won’t see what’s happening is beyond me.” Her friend gave her an assessing glance. “You look gorgeous today. I expected you to bring a date.”

Karyn loved both Miranda who was eleven years older than Karyn and Jordyn who was six years younger. They were like sisters to her. At thirty-six she had recently started online dating to no avail. “Nothing’s panned out. Men don’t like to hear about my girls and they sure don’t want to know Max is still in our lives. They think Max being around is messy when it’s anything but.”

Her ex-husband Max was a good father, always had been, always would be, but he was a bad match for Karyn. It had taken eight years and two babies before they both wanted out. Neither of them was bitter and they were relieved to have come to a place where they could put the girls’ needs ahead of their own.

“I’ve always admired you for your mature response to your divorce. And Max, too.”

“Last week a date told me Max was extra baggage he didn’t want.” She blew a disgusted breath. “I need a drink and it’s time for the toasts.”

Miranda was drawn away by more friends and Karyn walked to the drinks table. She hoisted a champagne bottle in the air. “Who’s empty?” she called out with a grin.

The man with broad shoulders and eyes that burned down her body now stood by the front window. She flushed at his focused regard.

Jordyn waved her champagne flute and stepped over to Karyn for a refill. “What’s up, Jordyn? You’re putting on a happy face but you’re not feeling it. I know how happy you are about your mom and Kirk, so it’s not the wedding that’s got you so blue.”

Her friend’s eyes glistened. “Is it that obvious?”

“That your heart’s in pieces? Of course. You forget I’ve known you since before your first crush.” She looked pointedly at Tom. Jordyn’s gaze followed the same direction for a heartbeat, and then she turned back to Karyn with a false smile.

“Mom told me you’re trying some internet dates?” It was clear Jordyn would not confide so Karyn allowed the change of subject.

She said, “I’m getting my ass kicked at that game. There’s not a lot of interest in thirty-something single moms with muffin tops.”

Jordyn laughed because she was supposed to. It was an ongoing joke between the Bailey women and Karyn. They were tall blonds with long limbs while Karyn was definitely not. “Why don’t you sidle on over to where Tom’s chatting with that gorgeous hunk of man and talk to him?” She was still finding it hard not to eat the man with her eyes.

“Tom?” Jordyn’s fingers tightened on the stem of her champagne flute. “He’s, uh, not really my kind of guy. And he’s younger.”

Karyn managed not to roll her eyes. Barely. “You’re hardly old, Jordyn. Tom’s a full-grown man from what I can see. Even next to that gorgeous hunk of man.” Karyn waggled her eyebrows, hoping her friend would catch on.

“Ah, now I get it,” Jordyn said with a gotcha grin. “You’d like me to introduce you to that gorgeous hunk?”

Karyn smoothed her dress and cursed her lack of foresight. She should have worn her body-shaper but she’d opted for comfort. “Do you know him?” She sounded breathy. Get a grip.

“Cade Devine, he’s the project manager for Fontaine Homes and a good friend of Kirk and Tom.”

Karyn sighed. “Even his name’s sexy as sin.” She checked him out again and caught his glance. “Uh oh, he’s looking over here.”

Jordyn smiled at Cade and waved him over. He left Tom and made straight for the women, his gaze roving over Karyn. Her belly fluttered and her palms heated along with her cheeks. “Hi, Jordyn,” Cade said in a come-get-it rumble, but his eyes never left Karyn’s…

Author: Bonnie Edwards

Author Genre: Romance, Contemporary, Paranormal

Website: Bonnie Edwards
Twitter: @BonnieEdwards
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Author Description: Romance author Bonnie Edwards lives with her husband and pets on the rainy coast of British Columbia.You'll find humour & tears in her earthy, irreverent, love stories. Sometimes her books have a paranormal twist, likes curses & ghosts, other times not, but they’re always entertaining and guarantee a happy ending.

With three ongoing romance series (steamy paranormal, sexy contemporary and heartwarming Christmas) & contemporary family novels, she rarely spends a day without writing. She has written novels, novellas and short stories for Kensington Books, Harlequin Books, Carina Press, and Robinson (UK) although now she publishes her work herself. Look for more exciting releases throughout 2017 and 2018…

I live in the majestic Pacific Northwest where the rain makes it easy to sit in an office and write. But, even the rain can't make me give up my long walks in the woods where I dream up storylines and fun characters.

To learn more about upcoming releases, please go to my website at and sign up for my newsletter. Since I feel my readers lead busy lives, I only send out notices about new books, or special deals. I hope you'll take a moment to click and stay informed!

Author's Book List
Whole Lot O' Love - The Brantons Book 3
Can one stroke of good luck make a homecoming happy?

Ashlee Branton's lottery win is giving her and her son a new, settled life back home.

Except that returning to Blaine, Washington means facing her son's father, Brick Harcourt, in a most unsettling way.

Ashlee deserted Brick and his less-than-accepting family when she'd become pregnant. Refusing to be just a statistic, she worked hard to raise their baby on her own. But as luck would have it, she has a chance to repair what she broke back then. Dare she take one more chance on love?

But Ashlee has two pasts now; one with Brick and one with an ex who wants to crash their reunion.

Will she run again or stay and sacrifice money for love?

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Slow Hand - The Brantons Book 2
A jilted bride...a sexy sea at first touch

Stressed out Teri Branton is determined to get the honeymoon cruise she paid for -- even without the groom.

Laidback Captain Jared MacKay instantly dislikes Teri's 6 inch heels and New York attitude.

Neither is prepared for their electrifying first touch.

In this erotically-charged novella, they have one short week under the sultry Caribbean sun. Can Jared's slow hand lead them beyond torrid sex into a lifetime of love?

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Body Work - The Brantons Book 1
She left him in her rear view mirror...too bad she can't leave him there...

Lisa Brady Delaney left Tyce Branton behind when he couldn't offer her what she needed. She wanted out of the trailer park, but had to do it alone.

Years later, Tyce is the only man she trusts to prepare her classic car collection for auction. Lisa quickly learns Tyce is a hands-on man: in the garage and in the bedroom.

Tyce is angry to see Lisa again, but has to wonder if she's the same girl he knew or an independent beauty who will never need him again. Is this Tyce's last chance with his first love?

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A Breath Taken - Tales of Perdition #5
The mysterious spirits of Perdition House are up to mischief again, but this time lives are at stake. . .

Blue McCann wants a second chance to live. Drawn into a vintage clothing shop by a mysterious woman, she tries on an antique corset...and wakes up in 1913 in the body of another woman.

Dr. Colt Stephens has been attracted to a woman he first met in Perdition House. Unfortunately, he made the wrong assumption about her role in the famous, exclusive, "gentleman's retreat."

But now it seems by saving her life, he's in her good graces and in her bed. She's everything he's ever wanted...even if she's not the woman he thinks she is.

Can Blue McCann learn how to stay in this life she's been given or will she have to return to the present where death awaits her?

In the fifth instalment of Tales of Perdition, secrets are revealed and answers are found…

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Parlor Games - Tales of Perdition #4
Welcome to Perdition House: a house of sin, secrets and seduction, where the spirits of dead hookers mess with the living...

Matt Crewe has only one desire when he arrives at Perdition House: to sell himself in a sexy bachelor auction for charity. Matt needs to get the truth behind the web of lies that surround the mysterious mansion.

Carrie MacLean needs a career-making break and buying the services of a bachelor for so-called charity will give her all she needs to move into hard hitting journalism.

What neither of them knows is that Perdition House is a haunted bordello and they are already mesmerized by the spirits of the women who once lived and worked there.

They each need to expose the mansion's secrets but once they make a connection, nothing, not even their own secrets can come between them.

Both Matt and Carrie are cool and competent professionals, intent on getting what they came for...

In a last ditch effort to save their sanity, their lives and their hearts, the truth is revealed and they accept that love found in Perdition House is eternal…

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Rock Solid - Tales of Perdition #3
Welcome to Perdition House: a house of sin, secrets and seduction...

Carpenter Jake MacKay is a rock-solid, responsible man with a capital M. In the predawn hours, he answers an alluring woman's call in that moment between wakefulness and dreams. Try as he might, he cannot refuse her summons. He must fly to Seattle immediately to give an estimate on renovations to her mansion, Perdition House.

Unbeknownst to Jake Perdition House is a haunted bordello and he is already in its thrall.

Lexa Creighton is a descendent of one of the couples who found love during the house's heyday, over one hundred years ago. Lexa has heard the family ghost story her whole life.

Arriving at Perdition House to discuss a heritage garden design, she meets Jake and a firestorm of lust grips them both.

To Lexa, her steamy encounters with Jake are merely proof of the family legend, but she can't believe that long-dead ancestors are messing with her love life.

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Perdition House Part 2 - Tales of Perdition #2
Welcome to Perdition House...a house of sin, secrets and seduction where the spirits of dead hookers mess with the living…

Faye Grantham has chosen to stay in her inherited mansion with the lively spirits of the hookers who once lived, worked, and fell in love in the world-famous elite bordello Perdition House.

She struggles to control the dreams visited on her by her ghostly live-in companions, and even her own thoughts. But Faye must also learn the secret of the screaming woman she glimpses in her nightmares.

Faye has the devil's own time picking between Liam Watson and Mark McLeod, two very different men with varied and exciting talents.

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Perdition House Part 1 - Tales of Perdition #1
Welcome to Perdition House: a house of sin, secrets and seduction where the spirits of dead hookers mess with the living...

Ghost stories are not always frightening. Sometimes they're cheeky, naughty and often erotic...

When Faye Grantham inherits Perdition House, her family's secret shame, she expects to sell the property for millions and marry her long time fiancé.

But the spirits who still reside in the mansion have other ideas. Trapped in the bordello, the women who lived and worked there wait to tell their stories to Faye.

The "girls" don't just hang around waiting. They control Faye's libido, influence her decisions and drive her into the arms of two very different men.

Liam Watson wears comfort like most men wear cologne. With an interest in adventurous sex, he's more man than he first seems.

Mark McLeod is a strong, decisive businessman who was not meant to be more than a hot one-night stand. But Mark is in no hurry to end their liaison and hopes to continue Faye's lessons in sensuality.

As Faye becomes enthralled with the mansion, she's embroiled in a life-changing situation that has her re-examining her engagement, her business decisions, and her beliefs about herself.

As the spirits reveal themselves one by one, Faye learns their stories: how they came to Perdition House, why they joined the women there and some of the secrets that only a high-class bordello could hold.

But can decades-old secrets affect Faye's life today?

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Invitation to Christmas - Christmas Collection Book 2
Christmas brings family together...

Jordyn Bailey kissed Tom Fontaine last Christmas when they met.

But their parents are engaged...

For Jordyn keeping secrets in a family determined to mesh their lives is all kinds of crazy.

Secretly sleeping with Tom could get messy because she's on the baby track while he's on the party track.

If they're careful and keep their attraction under wraps maybe it will burn out and they can be friends.

Now...It's Christmas again and Tom wants to unwrap everything, including Jordyn.

Order the Book From:
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Twinkle, Twinkle Little Thong
A secret that should never be exposed...

When a bundle of trouble AKA one lively mutt absconds with an -- umm -- expensive piece of underwear, Frankie Volpe gives chase and lands on the deck of a float home owned by a man she's secretly lusted for.

But the $50,000 thong? Nowhere to be found. The mutt was better at hiding stuff than Frankie!

All she wants is her regular, boring, real, Chicago life back but all her good luck turned bad and Frankie's hiding out in Victoria, British Columbia.

Daniel Martin is a late-night blues radio host who's been aware of Frankie since she arrived in the marina. The mysterious, sexy, Frankie seems standoffish until she needs his help tracking an odd piece of clothing his dog scampered off with.

Soon, their attraction flares into something neither of them expects and Daniel accepts a job in a brand new timeslot in a new market -- Chicago -- the last place in the world Frankie can go. Frankie's secret is about to be exposed. Will the truth about her good karma gone bad clear the path for them or send Frankie running again?

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Stroke of Midnight
An unlikely Cinderella...

When hardworking single mom Jaye Sinns meets younger playboy Alexander Carmichael, the sexual chemistry between them is undeniable. So Jaye gives in to temptation and allows him to whisk her away for her first-ever vacation. Two glorious weeks of no inhibitions, no strings and no responsibilities.

A charming prince of a guy...

Life with Alex is every woman's fantasy—sizzling sex in the back of a limo, on a private plane, in exotic settings. But it's not enough to fulfill a woman like Jaye for long. No matter how hot the sex is.

A happy ending?

Alex is soon craving more than Jaye's body: he wants her love and admiration, too. For the first time in his life, he can't buy the thing he desires most; and now he must decide if he's willing to work at being the kind of man that Jaye needs, and give her the happily-ever-after she deserves.

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iTunes Store

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