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HBS Author’s Spotlight – Class of December 2016

This month we have a group of interesting writers with worlds of knowledge and expertise. The author interviews are a MUST read.

Be sure to check out what they have coming next for their readers. I try to pick authors who are interesting studies and ask them unique questions for our Q/A section.

Check out the Showcase feature of the HBS Author's Spotlight. I have included those authors in this class. Also, we have added the Author Bundles we have posted this month.

Thanks to the following outstanding authors for a great month. Here is a summary of our December 2016 crew.

Rebecca Bradley

Author Genre: Crime, Mystery, Thriller

Author's Blog: Rebecca Bradley
Website: Rebecca Bradley
Twitter: @RebeccaJBradley
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Amazon Author Profile

Author Description:
Rebecca Bradley is a retired police detective and lives in Nottinghamshire UK with her family and her two Cockapoo's Alfie and Lola, who keep her company while she writes. Rebecca needs to drink copious amounts of tea to function throughout the day and if she could, she would survive on a diet of tea and cake while committing murder on a regular basis, in her writing of course.

Interview Excerpt

Next: Next year I will be releasing book three in the DI Hannah Robbins series, but I’m also currently working on a standalone, though this doesn’t have a timeline attached to it.

Social media: I absolutely do see a carry over to my writing success. I built strong links in the crime writing and reading community long before I released Shallow Waters, so when the book came out I had huge support, for which I will always be thankful. I believe that if you are passionate about your genre then you will automatically want to engage with people who are also passionate about the same books, in a natural way.

Book cover creation: I’m pleased you like them. I work with a great cover designer and he has a great process where he sends me a whole host of questions about the book, including wanting the synopsis, its themes, wanting to know covers I like and don’t like. It’s extremely comprehensive. He also recently designed my website for me…

The audiobooks have been doing well so I’m imagining they are reaching an audience that I may not have otherwise reached.

Giveaways: I have run free days in order to widen my readership. It’s not known how many books are read that are downloaded free, as I have so many books stacked up on my own kindle that are unread, but it’s worth doing because you could definitely gain a couple of real hard-core new readers.

Reader list: I do have what I call a Readers Club and readers can join to get exclusive content and giveaways. I provide links at the back of my ebooks and on my website.

Living in England: My biggest audience is in the UK and yes, my whole career so far has been online. It’s been pretty good to me so far. I just have to keep working hard. Putting words down and hoping they make some kind of sense!

Author's Book List
Made To Be Broken
Shallow Waters
Three Weeks Dead

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Heather Day Gilbert

Author Genre: Historical Fiction, Mystery, Nonfiction

Author's Blog: Heather Day Gilbert Author
Website: Heather Day Gilbert Author
Twitter: @heatherdgilbert
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Amazon Author Profile

Author Description:
HEATHER DAY GILBERT, a Grace Award winner and bestselling author, writes novels that capture life in all its messy, bittersweet, hope-filled glory. Born and raised in the West Virginia mountains, generational story-telling runs in her blood. Heather is a graduate of Bob Jones University, and she and her husband are raising their children in the same home in which Heather grew up.

Heather's Viking historical novels, God's Daughter and Forest Child, are Amazon Norse bestsellers. Heather also authored the bestselling Murder in the Mountains mystery series, the Hemlock Creek Suspense series, and the Indie Publishing Handbook: Four Key Elements for the Self-Publisher.

Interview Excerpt

Next: … in 2017 I will probably release another Hemlock Creek suspense novella or Murder in the Mountains mystery novel (or both!)

Social media: You know, initially I held out and didn't want to get on Twitter. But one of my agents suggested it, and I soon found it was a relatively easy way to connect and build a following. At first, I just followed everyone I knew in the writing business. Now I think people find me more organically, generally due to my indie publishing tweets.

Great covers: It's always been extremely important to nail my cover art and get something that tweaks my readers' interest, otherwise, my book will likely go unnoticed in the sea of books on Amazon. I have streamlined the cover development process somewhat based on the tastes of my reader base. I definitely have a hands-on approach (just ask my brother, who was cover artist for my first and second books!).

I would say audiobooks has expanded my reader audience, though not exponentially. For me, it's a nice little source of income, but not one I would rely on. It is very difficult to know how to advertise audiobooks. The best advertisement I've had is having a perma-free book connected to an audiobook.

Author bundles: a novel collection called Smoke and Mirrors. It was a great group of 7 other authors, and all the romantic suspense novellas were well-written and based on a hidden identity theme.

Giveaways: Going permafree with the first book in my Murder in the Mountains mystery series, coupled with a Bookbub ad, has definitely increased my income due to consequent sales of book 2 (Trial by Twelve). I have also done personal giveaways of softcover book bundles when Forest Child released.

Reader list: I do have reader lists—one for my mystery/suspense readers and one for my historical readers (although some are happy to read both genres). When I first started, I would give a generalized shout-out in my newsletter list and on Facebook for early readers. Now I know my faithful readers and I have made a list of requirements for early readers, so it can be a beneficial thing for both of us—those early readers are also my key influencers, and they are comprised of other authors, reviewers, and loyal readers who are enthusiastic about my writing. I have secret Facebook groups for influencers in both genres so I can contact them easily.

Author's Book List
Forest Child
God's Daughter
Out of Circulation
Trial by Twelve
Miranda Warning
Indie Publishing Handbook

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Alison Golden

Author Genre: Mystery, Psychology, Paleo Diet & Lifestyle

Author's Blog: Alison Golden - the secret life of a warrior woman
Website: Cozy Mysteries
Twitter: @alisonjgolden
E-Mail: alison@cozymysteries.com
Google+: Check Out Google+
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Amazon Author Profile

Author Description:
Alison Golden was born and raised in Bedfordshire, England. She writes cozy mysteries and suspense novels, along with the occasional witty blog post, all of which are designed to entertain, amuse, and calm. Her approach is to combine creative ideas with excellent writing and edit, edit, edit.

She is the creator of the Reverend Annabelle Dixon cozy mysteries, a charming, fun series featuring a female vicar ministering in the beautiful county of Cornwall, England. She also produces a Jersey-based detective series featuring Inspector David Graham and the Diana Hunter series, set in Vancouver.

Her books' themes range from the humorous and sweet to harder hitting suspense. They are recommended for readers who like to relax and unwind with their books, who enjoy getting to know the characters, and who prefer the tougher side of life implied.

She is based in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband and twin sons. She splits her time traveling between London and San Francisco.

Interview Excerpt

Next: My next book is The Case of the Broken Doll, the latest in the Inspector David Graham mystery series. It will be out December 8th. It is the story of a schoolgirl who went missing ten years ago. As he explores the case, his revelations will rock the town to its foundations, stirring memories long buried and forgotten.

Social media: I belong to a cozy mysteries twitter team (hat tip to Dianne Harman for that) and that has helped build my following (my handle is @cozy_mysteries,) but Facebook is where I interact most. I ask questions of my readers, post the latest news, and hold contests there. I think the ability to interact with readers is tremendously important whether it is via social media or good, plain old email.

The place to contact me is either via my Facebook page (http://facebook.com/cozymysterybks) or email me at alison@cozymysteries.com. Readers can also sign up for my list and hear the latest news that way. They will also receive the first books in each of my three series as a thank you. My website address is http://cozymysteries.com.

Great covers: In the beginning, I developed a couple of concepts for each series and then asked my friends on Facebook which one they liked best! This was before I had any books published, no readers, etc. Once my Facebook friends told me their preferred concepts, I set to work with illustrators and cover designers.

Short stories: These shorty's are meant as an introduction to my books. Another way I remove hurdles so that readers can try my books is to make these books no charge. The first books in each series are all free with a sign up to my mailing list, and the second books are free from Amazon. Readers who like them will then go on to buy further books in the series

Giving away books for free is fantastic. It enables readers to try you out as an author and see if your books are for them. I can't say enough good things about it.

A reader list is the foundation of my business. I use free books, cross promotions with other authors, contests, and advertising on social media to attract attention. I give away a lot of stuff exclusively to my subscribers. In addition to books, I give them background info on each series, hold prize draws, and offer price promotions on my books.

Getting reviews: I have a street team and a waiting list for my street team. They are super. They give me feedback on my writing, and help me fix my book blurbs (I detest writing them!) They check for typos and leave reviews. They are an awesome bunch of people.

Author's Book List
The Case of the Broken Doll
Grave in the Garage
Body in the Woods
Murder at the Mansion
Death at the Café
The Case of the Fallen Hero
The Case of the Hidden Flame
The Case of the Screaming Beauty
The Modern No-Nonsense Guide to Paleo

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Gillian Jackson

Author Genre: Mystery,Non-fiction,Short Stories

Author's Blog: Gillian Jackson
Website: Gillian Jackson
Twitter: @GillianJackson7
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Amazon Author Profile

Author Description:
I am something of an accidental author, having only begun my writing career after I turned fifty, which only goes to prove that you are never too old to follow your dream!

Combining an interest in psychology and therapeutic counselling with my new found passion for writing, I have created books which often deal with difficult contemporary issues but written with sensitivity and from a positive perspective. My first full length novel, ‘The Counsellor’ introduces Maggie Sayer, a therapeutic counsellor, and follows Maggie’s own story alongside the problems of three of her clients. Having trained in counselling myself, I include techniques which I have found powerful and interesting in the hope that my readers will find them interesting too. There are three more ‘Maggie’ novels with another on the way; more details are given on the ‘My Books’ page. ‘Abduction’ became my next project (no prizes for guessing the plot) and ‘A Measure of Time’ both full length novels. A non-fiction book and a compilation of short stories complete my current portfolio.

Interview Excerpt

Social media is a great tool to get my work out into the world and connect with readers. I regularly tweet ‘teasers’ for my books and also love interaction with readers and other authors. My readers provide great feedback on my novels and their recommendations help to build new followers and this contributes to the success of my writing. I use hash tags to align myself to like-minded people, a tool which also lets people know who I am and where my writing is coming from.

Personal appearances: I have had the privilege to speak at many ladies meetings, particularly the WI (women’s institute) here in the UK. The response from such speaking engagements is so encouraging and I’ve even been described on one of their web-sites as the WI’s favourite author which is quite an honour!

Choosing a book cover is exciting, though not always easy. I often think I could spend as much time on the cover as on the book itself! My approach to the ‘packaging’ of each book is certainly hands-on. Finding the right image to convey what the book is about can be tricky but once I’ve found what I’m looking for I pass it on to my talented son, who does an excellent job of adding text and/or colour. If it’s been a struggle to choose the image, I do consult friends and family, (my support network…

The novella ‘The First Snow of Winter’ is a recent publication in the romance genre, something quite different for me. It’s a story I started a few years ago and never finished until last summer. It was offered as an eBook to test the market and also readers reactions to a genre I don’t usually write. The jury is still out, although it has been selling steadily and feedback so far is very positive.

Anthology of 24 Short Stories: When I began to write it was in the short story genre. I sold several short stories to women’s magazines before eventually compiling ‘Mr Pinkerton’. These stories are fun to write and hopefully fun to read as well. There are 24 stories of several genres, each one short enough to read on a journey or during a coffee break. There are a few crime stories, (including the perfect way to kill your husband,) romance and humour, all to be taken with a pinch of salt!

I live in the North East of England, a beautiful place close to some stunning countryside. My novels are mostly set in this area and many local readers connect with the setting. However, recently my books have been selling better in the US rather than the UK. Perhaps they too enjoy the very English countryside. Obviously, US readers come from online marketing as do most of my UK readers.

Author's Book List
Ask Laura
Number 34 Appleton Close
The First Snow of Winter
A Measure of Time
Mr. Pinkerton
The First Stone
Moving On... From Victim to Survivor
Maggie's World
The Counsellor

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Barry Lyga

Author Genre: Comics & Graphic Novels, Young Adult

Author's Blog: The Blog
Website: Barry Lyga
Twitter: @barrylyga
Facebook: Check Out Facebook

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Amazon Author Profile

Author Description:
Called a "YA rebel-author" by Kirkus Reviews, Barry Lyga has published twelve novels in various genres in his seven-year career, including the New York Times bestselling I Hunt Killers and his newest, Unsoul'd (for adults). His books have been or are slated to be published in nine different languages in North America, Australia, Europe, and Asia.

After graduating from Yale with a degree in English, Lyga worked in the comic book industry before quitting to pursue his lifelong love of writing. In 2006, his first young adult novel, The Astonishing Adventures of Fanboy and Goth Girl, was published to rave reviews, including starred reviews from Booklist and School Library Journal. Publisher's Weekly named Lyga a "Flying Start" in December 2006 on the strength of the debut.

His second young adult novel, Boy Toy, received starred reviews in SLJ, Publishers Weekly, and Kirkus. VOYA gave it its highest critical rating, and the Chicago Tribune called it "...an astounding portrayal of what it is like to be the young male victim." His third novel, Hero-Type, according to VOYA "proves that there are still fresh ideas and new, interesting story lines to be explored in young adult literature."

Since then, he has also written Goth Girl Rising (the sequel to his first novel), as well as the Archvillain series for middle-grade readers and the graphic novel Mangaman (with art by Colleen Doran).

His latest series is I Hunt Killers, called by the LA Times "one of the more daring concepts in recent years by a young-adult author" and an "extreme and utterly alluring narrative about nature versus nurture." The first book landed on both the New York Times and USAToday bestsellers lists, and the series has been optioned for television by Warner Bros./Silver Pictures.

Lyga lives and writes in New York City. His comic book collection is a lot smaller than it used to be, but is still way too big.

Interview Excerpt

Next up is BANG, which hits stores in April 2017. It’s the story of Sebastian Cody. When he was only four years old, Sebastian was playing with his father’s gun and accidentally shot and killed his 4-month-old baby sister.

Social media: Man, I hate to whiff on a question so early in an interview, but the answer to pretty much all of this is “I don’t know.” Sales on my books follow no pattern that I can discern — pre- and post-social media, the sales are all over the map. Some books do well; some don’t. I can’t point to an instance where something happened on social media and I saw an immediate impact on sales. As to how I built my following — no clue! I was on Twitter relatively early and got lucky that Buzzfeed listed me as one of the authors to follow. That certainly boosted my numbers early on. But I never set out to do anything specific to beef up my numbers on social media. I just do what I like and if it happens, it happens.

Audio books: It’s tough to gauge impact on sales because I can’t do an A/B test where I see, for example, how I HUNT KILLERS sold without an audiobook being available. I do know anecdotally, however, that many people have discovered my work via the audiobooks. A lot of people tell me they first found me in audio, and I’ve been lucky to have some great narrators for those books of mine that have been produced as audiobooks.

Giveaways: Other than some contests I ran online, I’ve never given a book away for free. My publishers have often arranged ebook sales, and I can say that those are definitely successful in at least one way — they certainly (temporarily) boost sales, which is nice. Now, do the people who bought a cheap edition of one of my books go on to buy other ones at full price? I have no idea. Sadly, there’s no way to track something like that.

Reader list: Yes, I have a newsletter mailing list (sign up at barrylyga.com/newsletter!). I try to be super low-volume with it, only sending it out when I have actual big news. Because otherwise I feel like you’re spamming people and they unsubscribe. My goal isn’t to be in touch constantly; it’s to be in touch when I need to be.

Blogging: I haven’t been blogging as much lately because writing and family have taken up so much of my time. My primary goal with blogging was, once upon a time, to get lots of visitors and hopefully convert them into readers of my books. As time went on, though, I realized that the real purpose of the blog was for me to spout off about something and have it permanently available. So if anyone wants to know what I think on a certain topic, I can usually just point them to the site and I’ll have written something there.

I’ve published in German, Japanese, Thai, Hebrew, Spanish, Russian, and a bunch more. It’s tough to gauge foreign success because you typically don’t see sales figures until very late in the process, but my books seem to really be resonating in Korea and Japan in particular, which is cool. My publisher made most of those foreign deals on my behalf.

Author's Book List
Blood of My Blood
I Hunt Killers
The Astonishing Adventures of Fanboy and Goth Girl

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AD Starrling

Author Genre: Thriller, Suspense, Fiction

Website: A. D. Starrling
Twitter: @ADStarrling
Google+: Check Out Google+
Facebook: Check Out Facebook

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Amazon Author Profile

Author Description:
AD Starrling’s multi-award winning thriller series Seventeen combines action, adventure, science, and a dose of the supernatural to make each book an explosive, adrenaline-fueled read.

When she’s not busy writing and reading, AD can be found looking up exciting international locations and cool science and technology to put in her books, eating Thai food, being tortured by her back therapists, drooling over gadgets, working part-time as a doctor on a Neonatal Intensive Care unit somewhere in the UK, reading manga, and watching action and sci-fi flicks. She has occasionally been accused of committing art with a charcoal stick and some drawing paper.

Interview Excerpt

Next: I am currently waiting to get Origins (A Seventeen Series Thriller Book 5) back from my editor, Sara Litchfield of Right Ink on the Wall. I am super excited about this penultimate novel in the Seventeen series and I hope it will grab my fans and take them on an epic thrill ride that will leave them breathless. The provisional release date is Tuesday 21 February 2017…

Social media: In this day and age, I believe the three important tools an author needs to establish an internet presence is a website, a mailing list, and one or more social media profiles. Social media is a fantastic place to connect with other authors, influencers, and fans but it needs to be handled in a strategic and fun way so as not to become an unproductive, frustrating time sink.

personal appearances: I have done a range of those in the past, the most notable being invited to speak on a panel chaired by Draft2Digital at Book Expo America 2015, which was an amazing experience. I would love to do more speaking engagements in the future, both in person, and on podcasts

Great covers: I just redid all my covers this summer and relaunched the Seventeen series with an edgier look. This was a result of seeing what Indie pros like JF Penn and Mark Dawson had done with their own rebranding and realizing that my first covers were not really saying “action thrillers”.

Audio books: Funny you should say that. I did some ad stacking around the relaunch of the Seventeen series this autumn, with the biggest ad being a Bookbub feature on October 10 for Hunted (A Seventeen Series Thriller Book 1), my permafree first in series. My sales and the book’s rankings on Amazon, iTunes, and Nook were truly amazing following that ad, with Hunted reaching number 4 on the Amazon US Kindle Store and number 1 on the Amazon UK Kindle Store and iBooks. The longest tail remains on Amazon, with the book still featuring well in the top 10-50 of multiple categories.

Short stories and novellas: Hunted started life as a short story and I have found the format quite easy to handle. I wrote the Seventeen series short stories for three reasons.

One, they were fun to do and a great way to tell the background stories that are alluded to in the novels but could never make their way in those.

Second, they make my product page look busy, which tells readers I publish often and consistently, and also offers them more items to consume.

Third, they make a great an incentive to join my mailing list. I used to offer Void, then First Death, before the current boxset of three shorts and the four confidential data files on the characters of each novel.

Giveaways: Making Hunted permafree was one of the best business decisions I ever made and I waited until my third novel Empire was published before I did this. It is definitely the most consistent way new readers discover me.

Living in England: My biggest audience is hands down the US and Canada. I am building a following in the UK and I now have fans pretty much all over the world. I think physical marketing is hard unless you have a lot of speaking engagements and hit influential platforms regularly. Online marketing is definitely the place where most authors concentrate their business strategies and efforts on.

Getting reviews: I did virtual book tours for my first three novels and also tried a PR firm for the third one. I definitely garnered my first reviews through the virtual tours and made national press in the UK and Ireland with the PR firm.

My other deliberate strategy for getting reviews was to enter my books in competitions. Bestselling author used to be a special term but stopped being so several years ago. I decided until the day came when I could genuinely call myself bestselling, and for me that means making the currently still well-regarded NYT and USA Today bestseller lists, being nominated for or winning awards was another way to stand out as a relatively new author.

Author's Book List
Mission: Black
The Seventeen Series Ultimate Short Story Collection

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HBS Author's Spotlight Showcase

Thomas Benigno
Featured Book: The Criminal Lawyer


A serial killer is littering the south shore beach of Long Island with the bones of his victims stuffed into burlap bags. Nick Mannino (THE GOOD LAWYER), a former South Bronx Legal Aid Attorney, is now middle-aged. A complex and compelling character, Nick has a disturbing family history--his constant court battles nothing more than a futile effort to hide and deny a haunting truth about himself and a sinewy bloodline marred by unspeakable crimes.

Then this brutal serial killer turns on him, and worse, his family.

As much a thriller as it is a mystery, with an ending as riveting as that in Silence of the Lambs, The Criminal Lawyer is also a love story, a novel of family secrets and crimes beyond forgiveness.

Author Genre: Mystery & Thrillers, Literature & Fiction

Website: Thomas D. Benigno
Twitter: @ThomasBenigno
Facebook: Check Out Facebook

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Amazon Author Profile

Author Description:

Thomas Benigno is a practicing attorney on Long Island, N. Y. After graduating Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law in Manhattan in 1979, at the behest of his Criminal Law Clinic Professor, Barry Scheck (who later obtained fame for representing O. J. Simpson) he was fast-tracked to a position as Associate Attorney with the New York City Legal Aid Society in the Bronx.

While there he sought out and tackled the grittiest of cases, even representing the infamous Spiderman Rapist. If you ask him why he repeatedly took on the defense of child molesters and rapists, he'll sound off two reasons: 1) no other attorney would take these cases, and 2) he was young and out to prove himself.

The year before he left Legal Aid to go into private practice he was featured in a two page spread in the New York City Legal Aid Society's Annual Report for his success in winning what seemed like an unwinnable case-a teacher's aide charged with molesting three of his students. At a party held in his honor he was handed a beautiful plaque commemorating his court victory-a plaque he never hung up or put on display ever.

Two years later he left Legal Aid, and within eighteen months after that, left the practice of criminal law behind forever having never lost a trial. Currently he practices real estate and business law, enjoys acting in staged productions on Long Island, appeared as an actor in two movies, one an award winning short film, and even produced (along with others) a Broadway show (Burn the Floor and its U.S. tour).

He is married to the same beautiful woman since shortly after graduating law school and has three adult children. THE GOOD LAWYER is a novel inspired by real events while he was working as a Legal Aid Attorney in the Bronx.

Author's Book List
The Criminal Lawyer
The Good Lawyer

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Cindy Blackburn
Featured Book: Unexpected

Small sleuth, tiny town, unfailing fun.

Welcome to Lake Elizabeth, Vermont, where the water’s growing colder, the leaves are turning orange, and Cassie Baxter is going nuts. Who wouldn’t go a little nuts with this latest unexpected development? Meet five-year-old Truman Tripp. Cassie, who is most definitely not a kid person, can’t understand why his mother left the child with her. But some even more perplexing problems soon present themselves, and Cassie’s already Looney Tunes life gets even loonier. Expect the unexpected when Lake Elizabeth’s most unlikely duo, Cassie and Truman, team up to catch a killer. Even more important—expect to laugh.

Author Genre: Mystery

Author's Blog: Cindy Blackburn
Website: Cindy Blackburn - The Cue Ball Mysteries
Twitter: @cbmysteries
E-Mail: cindyblackburn@cbmysteries.com
Google+: Check Out Google+
Facebook: Check Out Facebook

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Amazon Author Profile

Author Description:
Cindy Blackburn is living the dream! She spends her days sitting around in her pajamas, thinking up unlikely plot twists and ironing out the quirks and kinks of lovable characters. In other words, Cindy's a writer.

When she's not typing on her laptop or feeding her fat cat Betty, Cindy enjoys taking long walks with her cute hubby John. A native Vermonter who hates snow, Cindy divides her time between the south and the north. Most of the year you'll find her in South Carolina. But come summer she'll be on the porch of her lakeside shack in Vermont. Yep, it's a place very similar to Lake Elizabeth.

Cindy's favorite travel destinations are all in Europe, her favorite TV show is The Big Bang Theory, her favorite movie is Moonstruck, and her favorite color is orange. Cindy dislikes vacuuming, traffic, and lima beans.

Author's Book List
Five Spot
Four Play
Three Odd Balls
Double Shot
Playing with Poison

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Dianne Harman
Featured Book: Alexis

“Look at this way, you’re going to be an entirely new person.”

“I didn’t know there was anything wrong with the person I am right now,” Alexis said coldly. And so, at age fifty-two her midlife journey begins.

When her boss gives Alexis weight loss surgery as an early Christmas bonus, it sets in motion a string of events no one could have foreseen. With the surgery comes the realization that anything is possible from losing weight, working out, a complete makeover, a new wardrobe, to men in her life for the first time. Each step is terrifying as time after time she's forced to get out of her comfort zone because of all the changes taking place.

As the Alexis package becomes more appealing it brings with it an exotic sports car, a glamorous face and body, and a chance at love. But when the ex-wife of the man she falls in love with wants to reconcile with him, Alexis' hard fought midlife victory becomes a nightmare, and she resorts to returning to what used to work for her when she didn't want to deal with her feelings - food. Is she doomed to live a life of unhappiness or is there a happy ever after for her?

You can't read about Alexis' trials and tribulations without rooting for her every step of the way. Although her midlife journey forces her to come to terms with a lifetime of being overweight, her struggle of dealing with changes in midlife is one every woman will face in one form or another. This is Alexis' midlife journey.

Author Genre: Romance and Literary Fiction

Author's Blog: Dianne Harman Author
Website: Dianne Harman Author
Twitter: @DianneDHarman
Facebook: Check Out Facebook

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Amazon Author Profile

Author Description:
Dianne Harman draws her stories and characters from a diverse business and personal background. She owned a national antique and art appraisal business for many years, left that industry, and opened two yoga centers where she taught yoga and certified yoga instructors. She's traveled extensively throughout the world and loves nothing more than cooking and playing with her new puppy, Kelly.

Being a dog lover and having attended numerous cooking schools, she couldn't resist writing about food and dogs. She is the author of three cozy mystery series: Cedar Bay, Liz Lucas, and her newest, High Desert. Each of these books contains recipes from her travels. She is also the author of the award-winning suspenseful Coyote Series.

A number of books in her cozy mystery series have been designated by Amazon as All-Stars because of their sales, and Dianne has been named by Amazon seven times as one of their most popular authors.

She invites you to visit her web site at: www.dianneharman.com and sign up for her newletters. You'll receive a free book and have a weekly chance to win an autographed boxed set of the Cedar Bay Cozy Mystery Series.

Author's Book List
Murder at the Polo Club
Murder at the Clinic
Murder on the East Coast
Murder at the Big T Lodge
Murdered by Country Music
Murdered by Words
Trouble at the Kennel
The Blue Butterfly
Murder in Cuba
Murder At The Bed & Breakfast
Murder & The Monkey Band
Murder at the Cooking School
The Death Card
Murder in Calico Gold
Murder and Brandy Boy
Murder in the Pearl District
Murder in Cottage #6
Marriage and Murder
White Cloud Retreat
Murder at Jade Cove
Kelly's Koffee Shop
Coyote in Provence
Blue Coyote Motel

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Jack Thanatos
Featured Book: Dreaming

When it comes to the Djinn, most dreamers pay little attention to their intrusive presence. Jack was no exception, believing these beings were fabrications of his sleeping mind. One specific Djinn seemed to follow Jack, watching like a voyeur, from the background. This mysterious figure never interacted with Jack, just quietly remained a fixture of the dreamscape.

As time shifted and he grew from early adolescence to his teens, Jack’s frequent nocturnal visitor seemed to vanish. Then, one night in his mid-20’s, the Djinn reemerged. Not only had he returned, but instead of remaining in the background, this man stepped from the shadows and finally introduced himself.

Skeptical at first, Jack dismissed the chance occurrence until he was handed tangible proof in Reality. A special handbook entitled “The Grimoire” was the gift, and it was designed to open the doorway into the Djinn life.

With Jack’s acceptance, his induction was swift. His wildest dreams were about to become true…as well as his nightmares. The rigid line between Reality and the Dreaming had been permanently blurred. The Djinn had Jack hooked, and all he could do is go for the ride of his life. Will this be too much for Jackie Boy to handle?

Author Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal, Thriller

Website: Jack Thanatos
Twitter: @TheDjinnTrials
Facebook: Check Out Facebook

Amazon Author Profile

Author Description:
Jack Thanatos is a visionary of a fictional existence, a specter of Reality. He mentally harbors the world around him, watching the strings pulled and writes a supernatural infused version of what he sees. Real life has a way of getting away from us with the daily grind forcing us away from what we truly wish for ourselves.

Jack merely wishes to bring the world back to one of simpler means, a world governed by ancient gods and new deities pulling the strings that normal folks shouldn't naturally have the ability to even know about. A world where the Dreaming and Reality can work together as friends with benefits. A world where Cyberspace is a place that can be physically traversed.

The Djinn universe will encompass each and every entry into Jack's anthology. The characters will work within the same limitations (or lack thereof). The hope is that once this is all done, every reader will look at the fragile existence around them with a slightly more skeptical attitude, that maybe these beings could really be hanging out behind the scenes.

"I spend all my time in The Dreaming and The Netherworld, making my way through the Djinn lifestyle. It is my dream one day to reach the forbidden realms of Tartarus and Machina, but until I learn my way, I'll have to stumble through the daily obstacles."

Author's Book List
Poacher Hunters

For the rest of the story...View Jack Thanatos - HBS Author's Spotlight Showcase

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Featured Set: Love in Times of War

Boxed Set Romance Bundle - 12 Romance Stories

Barnes and Noble
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At no other point is passion put to the test as in dire times of war. From the American Civil War to WWII, from Vietnam to the War in Afghanistan to the Persian Gulf, the stories in this boxed set summon the strength of true lovers. Written by bestselling, award-winning, and USA Today authors, the novels and novellas in this collection tell of overcoming the odds to celebrate the victory of love.

If you like Military Romance, Wounded Warrior Romance, Historical Romance, Contemporary Romance, or Romantic Suspense, this anthology invites you to triumph over the worst of conditions. Together with these unforgettable lovers, go through coping with loss, struggling with injuries and rehabilitation, and facing difficult homecomings. And just like them, inspired by desire, find the courage to bring forth the best in us.

Dancing with Air by Uvi Poznansky In WWII London, Lenny is involved in a covert intelligence ploy. His task must remain confidential, even at the risk of Natasha becoming suspicious of him. Will their love survive the test of war?

Two Hearts Unspoken by Tamara Ferguson Beth Bowen is a single mom of an autistic son. Zach Logan is a wounded warrior searching for a life after Iraq. Can two lonely people discover that love is that something unspoken, missing from their lives?

The Rebel's Redemption by Jacquie Biggar When an old enemy follows him from Iraq and causes mayhem in Tidal Falls, can Jared overcome the odds to protect the woman he's always loved?

Broken Wings by D.G. Torrens Joshua, a bomb disposal expert in Afghanistan. Angelina, an editor of a local newspaper. Both avoiding love at all costs, until they are unexpectedly thrown together. Tested beyond belief… Can their love survive?

A Soldier’s Promise by Angelica Kate Ryker is most comfortable in the regulated world of the military. When he is sent to Darby’s doorstep to keep a promise to one of his fallen team members, every rule he holds will be challenged!

Returning Home by the Sea by Traci Hall Brayden and Zoe wed before he went to Iraq. Once united in passion, a lot has changed in the six years he's been away. Will their love survive his homecoming?

A Weldon Family Christmas by Jennifer St. Giles A frightening event with an uncertain outcome sends Emma and John's memory to the past, where her helicopter went down in Vietnam enemy territory, and he risked everything to save her. Can she save him now?

The Magic of Snow by Regina Puckett When Staff Sergeant Charlie Prince’s letters stop arriving from Afghanistan, Sarah White waits in agonizing suspense to discover what has happened to the man she loves.

Mademoiselle by Suzanne Jenkins To Philipa, working at Mademoiselle Magazine is more important than anything, even love. Her friend, Walter, hopes for a change, but not until his trip to the Persian Gulf does she begin to listen to her heart.

Genteel Secrets by S.R. Mallery In 1861 America, can the love between a Confederate female spy and the Pinkerton detective hired to shadow her survive, or will their story become just another casualty of war?

Moving to Forever by PJ Fiala Danny Schaefer returns from Afghanistan broken in body, battered in soul. Tammy Davis, betrayed in a most personal way, struggles against her tormentor. She and Danny must help each other heal, by the power of love.

Lovin’ Those Navy Games by Susan Jean Ricci Michael Burke has two passions: his high-school sweetheart and baseball. When someone dear to him perishes in Vietnam, will the shock alter his future goals? Will it isolate him from Ellie or deepen their love?

Title: Dancing with Air

Author: Uvi Poznansky

Serving on the European front, Lenny longs for Natasha, the girl who captured his heart back home. He writes bogus reports, designed to fall into the hands of Nazi Intelligence. To fool the enemy, these reports are disguised as love letters to another woman. This task must remain confidential, even at the risk of Natasha becoming suspicious of him.

Once she arrives in London, Lenny takes her for a ride on his Harley throughout England, from the White Cliffs of Dover to a village near an underground ammunition depot in Staffordshire. When he is wounded in a horrific explosion, Natasha brings him back to safety, only to discover the other woman’s letter to him. He wonders, will she trust him again, even though as a soldier, he must keep his mission a secret? Will their love survive the test of war?

In the past Natasha wrote, with girlish infatuation, “He will be running his fingers down, all the way down to the small of my back, touching his lips to my ear, breathing his name, breathing mine. Here I am, dancing with air.” In years to come, she will begin to lose her memory, which will make Lenny see her as delicate. “I gather her gently into my arms, holding her like a breath.” But right now, during the months leading up to D-Day, she is at her peak. With solid resolve, she is ready to take charge of the course of their story.

Dancing with Air is a standalone WWII historical fiction novel, as well as the fourth volume of a family saga series titled Still Life with Memories, one of family sagas best sellers of all time. If you like family saga romance, wounded warrior romance books, military romantic suspense, or strong female lead romance, you will find that this love story is a unique melding of them all.

Available at Amazon
Barnes and Noble
KOBO Store

Author: Uvi Poznansky

Author Genre: Contemporary, Historical Fiction, Poetry

Website: Uvi Poznansky
Author's Blog: Uvi Poznansky
Twitter: @UviPoznansky
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Post with Profile + Interview: HBS Author's Spotlight

Amazon Author Profile

Author Description:
Uvi Poznansky is a bestselling, award-winning author, poet and artist. “I paint with my pen,” she says, “and write with my paintbrush.” Her romance boxed set, A Touch of Passion, is the 2016 WINNER of The Romance Reviews Readers' Choice Awards.

Education and work:
Uvi earned her B. A. in Architecture and Town Planning from the Technion in Haifa, Israel and practiced with an innovative Architectural firm, taking a major part in the large-scale project, called Home for the Soldier.

Having moved to Troy, N.Y. with her husband and two children, Uvi received a Fellowship grant and a Teaching Assistantship from the Architecture department at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. There, she guided teams in a variety of design projects and earned her M.A. in Architecture. Then, taking a sharp turn in her education, she earned her M.S. degree in Computer Science from the University of Michigan.

She worked first as an architect, and later as a software engineer, software team leader, software manager and a software consultant (with an emphasis on user interface for medical instruments devices.) All the while, she wrote and painted constantly, and exhibited in Israel and California. In addition, she taught art appreciation classes. Her versatile body of work includes bronze and ceramic sculptures, oil and watercolor paintings, charcoal, pen and pencil drawings, and mixed media.

Books and Genres:
Her two series won great acclaim. Still Life with Memories is a family saga series with touches of romance. It includes Apart From Love, My Own Voice, The White Piano, The Music of Us, and Dancing with Air. The David Chronicles is a historical fiction series. It includes Rise to Power, A Peek at Bathsheba, and The Edge of Revolt.

Her poetry book, Home, is in tribute to her father. Her collection of dark tales, Twisted, and her Historical Fiction book, A Favorite Son, are both new age, biblically inspired books. In addition, Uvi wrote and illustrated two children books, Jess and Wiggle and Now I Am Paper. For each one of these books, she created an animation video (find them on YouTube and on her Goodreads page.)


Author: Tamara Ferguson

The single mom of a severely autistic son, Elizabeth Bowen is a full-time accountant in Illinois. But the plant where she's been working will be closing soon, due to the struggling economy in Illinois. She's had her hands full with her son Kyle, since his father's been long out of the picture, so when the opportunity to enroll Kyle in a vocational facility in Wisconsin comes up, she gladly accepts.

Retired air force captain, Zachary Logan, is a wounded warrior, searching for anew life for himself outside of the air force. When he relocates to the town of Crystal Rock at the invitation of his friend, Luke Bryant, he realizes he's found it, and accepts the position of administrator at the recently built wounded warrior facility.

When Beth and Zach meet at the beach at Dragonfly Pointe, their attraction to each other is instantaneous. And the most wonderful thing of all? Zach is accepting of her special needs son, Kyle, for exactly who he is.

But even after getting to know each other better, and sharing an incredibly passionate kiss, Beth is puzzled by Zach's behavior. What's Zach hiding, that's preventing him from taking the next step?

Could these two lonely people discover love is that something unspoken, that's been missing from their lives?

Available at Amazon
Barnes and Noble
KOBO Store

Author: Tamara Ferguson

Author Genre: Contemporary, Romance, Suspense

Website: Tamara Ferguson - Kissed by Fate
Twitter: @Tammysdragonfly
E-Mail: Tammysdragonfly@gmail.com
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Amazon Author Profile

Author Description:
A member of the Romance Writers of America, Tamara Ferguson is the #1 best-selling, multi-award winning author of the Tales of the Dragonfly Romance Suspense Series, the Kissed By Fate Series, and the Two Hearts Wounded Warrior Romance Series.

Her latest wounded warrior romance novella, Two Hearts Unspoken, is included in the top-ten bestselling Holiday Anthology, Mother’s Day Magic…With Love, which was also #1 in Wounded Warrior Fiction. Since being released independently, Two Hearts Unspoken has just become a #1 Best Seller at Amazon as well as a #1 Hot New Release in both Ebooks and books. It’s also been #1 in 8 Wounded Warrior categories.

The wounded warrior romance, Two Hearts Surrendered, was originally published in the bestselling Magical Weddings anthology, which included stories by fifteen USA Today, best-selling, and award-winning authors. Two Hearts Surrendered independently earned 3-5 star reviews from Readers’ Favorite, and has just become a double #1 Best Seller at Amazon. Two Hearts Surrendered was also a New Adult Finalist in the Romance Reviews 2016 Reader’s Choice Awards.

Two Hearts Undone (Two Hearts Wounded Warrior Romance #3) was released in May of 2016 by AA Publishing and was #1 in 8 Wounded Warrior categories at Amazon. This short story is also included in the Annie Acorn 2016 Romance Anthology.

That Unforgettable Kiss (Kissed by Fate Book 1) was a top ten Amazon bestseller in Kindle Saga Fiction, earned 3-5 star editorial reviews from Readers' Favorite, and was the 2015 WINNER of The Romance Reviews Readers' Choice Award in New Adult Romance.

That Unforgettable Kiss is currently featured in the #1 bestselling A Touch of Passion, 8 full-length novels by USA Today, New York Times bestselling and multi-award winning authors. This anthology is a #1 Holiday Romance (and more), and has just WON the 2016 Romance Reviews Reader’s Choice Award in Anthology Romance.

Tales of the Dragonfly In Tandem was a romance finalist at the 2013 Indie Excellence Awards, while Tales of the Dragonfly In Flight was a 2014 WINNER at the Readers' Favorite International Book Awards. In Flight is currently being rereleased by Blue Harvest Creative.

Since she remains a full-time caregiver for an autistic son, you can usually find Tammy working at home, where she spends a lot of time not completing her numerous home improvement projects, because she's writing or helping other author friends promote their books on twitter.

Title: The Rebel's Redemption

Author: Jacquie Biggar

When an old enemy follows and causes mayhem in the small town of Tidal Falls, can Jared Martin overcome the odds to protect the woman he’s always loved and the child he never knew, or will it be too late for redemption?

Available at Amazon
Barnes and Noble

Author: Jacquie Biggar

Author Genre: Romance, Contemporary, Suspense

Website: Jacquie Biggar - Romance Suspense Writer w/Attitude
Twitter: @JacqBiggar
E-Mail: jbiggar@telusplanet.net
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Post with Profile + Interview: HBS Author's Spotlight

Amazon Author Profile

Author Description:
JACQUIE BIGGAR is a USA TODAY bestselling author of Romantic Suspense who loves to write about tough, alpha males who know what they want. That is until they're gob-smacked by heroines who are strong, contemporary women willing to show them what they really need is love. She is the author of the popular Wounded Hearts series and has just started a new series in paranormal suspense, Mended Souls.

She has been blessed with a long, happy marriage and enjoys writing romance novels that end with happily-ever-afters.

Jacquie lives in paradise along the west coast of Canada with her family and loves reading, writing, and flower gardening. She swears she can't function without coffee, preferably at the beach with her sweetheart. :)

Title: Broken Wings

Author: D.G. Torrens

Two people who have both suffered tragic losses in their young life; both of them avoiding love for completely different reasons. Joshua, a soldier in the British Army, a bomb disposal expert and the very best at what he does. Angelina, an editor for a local newspaper and writer in her spare time. Both of them focused on their careers.

Brought together unexpectedly, they fall unconditionally and irrevocably in love with one another. All is perfect in their lives until Joshua is unexpectedly posted to Afghanistan for six months. Angelina's worst fears are finally realized. Joshua has to go, it's his duty as a soldier, but the pull in his heart is strong and he leaves her behind with a heavy heart.

Angelina is devastated and prays for his safe return. Until one day, a few weeks into Joshua's deployment, there is a knock on her door that changes her life forever.

Available at Amazon

Author: D.G. Torrens

Author Genre: Biographies & Memoirs, Romance, Contemporary

Website: My boosk & I…
Twitter: @Torrenstp
Goodreads: Check Out Goodreads
Facebook: Check Out Facebook

Amazon Author Profile

Author Description:
D.G. Torrens is the author of 12 books including best selling Amelia's Story and the sequel Amelia's Destiny. This is a heart rendering true story that the author wrote for her daughter. D.G is a mother/writer/blogger who has a dream to inspire as many people as possible through her story. To show those with little hope that dreams can come true.

Born in England, passionate about writing, D.G. Torrens is married with a seven-year-old daughter. Her first book, "Amelia's Story" has inspired people all over the world."Amelia's Destiny" her second book is the sequel and completes her story.

D.G is a prolific writer and in 2013, her works were recognised by BBC Radio WM, where she gave a live interview in the BBC studios in Birmingham UK. Later that year D G gave a second live interview for BBC Radio WM.

A quote by D.G. Torrens: "If you close your eyes, you can be anywhere you wish to be."

D.G. Torrens lives by the motto, "The child first and foremost."

Title: A Soldier's Promise

Author: Angelica Kate

Ryker was raised in foster care group home, and never gained the softer skills a family would have given him. Upon graduation he joined the military, providing him structure, meaning and a great career of which he could be proud. After twelve years he has a life he is comfortable within, a team that he would die to protect and little else in his solitary existence. Unfortunately, all that changes when one of his team doesn’t make it out of the latest covert operation and Ryker is made to keep a promise that will take him on a trip toward everything he always claimed he didn’t want.

Darby is the all-American girl that her fiancé left behind to serve on a covert military team. Engaged to be married that summer when he returned she is knee deep in getting her organic produce and therapeutic horse farm operation off the ground. She is busy working toward her goals when the first letter is delivered by impersonal military personnel ending her dreams of the marriage she had planned since high school. The next three envelopes will be from members of her fiancé’s team, all making good on a promise they made him. One of those letters will bring the loner Ryker to her doorstep for one surprising month.

Available at Amazon
Barnes and Noble

Author: Angelica Kate

Author Genre: Romance, Fiction, Contemporary

Website: Angelica Kate
Author's Blog: Angelica Kate
Twitter: @AngelicaKate5
E-Mail: angelicakateok@gmail.com
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Amazon Author Profile

Author Description:
Angelica Kate (pen name for Angela K. Naff) writes contemporary and inspirational romances primarily, but occasionally likes to dabble in other genres. She is a lifetime scribbler who has always enjoyed writing as a release from the reality of life. In 2014 in keeping a promise to a friend that has since passed she published her first book Loving Abby through Amazon's self-publishing tool and was bit by the bug. The feedback both positive and negative continues to propel her to hone her writing chops, and she still reads every review (even those that require a glass of wine to stomach).

In October 2015 Angelica's family relocated from Stillwater, Oklahoma to the beaches of Sarasota, Florida. She is hoping that the change of scenery will keep her creative processes churning out new ideas. When she isn't writing Angelica is spending time with her husband, two daughters, extended family or friends or on the road pursuing her quest for new adventures to write about in her next book.

Angelica like to hear from anyone who has a question, feedback or just in general has something to share.

Title: Returning Home by the Sea

Author: Traci Hall

Six years ago, Zoe Clark married a military man for love, certain that Brayden Hamilton was her soul mate. Now he wants a divorce and feisty Zoe is not ready to give it to him, especially since she knows he still cares for her. She’s got the fight of her life to keep him.

Army Captain Brayden Hamilton has spent much of his six years overseas and he’s seen and done things that have changed him from the man Zoe fell in love with. Her smile keeps the desolation of the desert away but he fears his darkness will destroy her.

After an attack on the compound near Mosul, Brayden is injured and almost dies. He does not tell Zoe until he is back in the United States, deciding for her what he feels she needs to know. Zoe is furious—she knew what she was getting into when she married a man in the military. Zoe has managed the family Electric business, keeping them together after her dad passed away and she is capable of running her own life without Brayden’s direction. She wants to be a team but he is used to taking the lead. If they can’t find a way to compromise, love might not be enough to keep them together.

Available at Amazon

Author: Traci Hall

Author Genre: Romance, Paranormal, Young Adult

Website: Traci Hall
Twitter: @Tracihallauthor
E-Mail: Traci@TraciHall.com
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Amazon Author Profile

Author Description:
With an impressive bibliography in an array of genres, USA Today bestselling author Traci Hall has garnered a notable fan base. She pens stories guaranteed to touch the heart while transporting the reader to another time and place. Her belief in happily ever after shines through, whether it's a romantic glimpse into history or a love affair for today.

Title: A Weldon Family Christmas

Author: Jennifer St. Giles

The heartwarming and passionate love story between the parents of the Weldon Brothers, John and Emma, which began during war-torn Vietnam at Christmastime, and the bond that binds their hearts and family together throughout the years.

Available at Amazon

Author: Jennifer St. Giles

Author Genre: Romance, Mystery & Thrillers, Gothic

Website: Jennifer St. Giles
Author's Blog: Jennifer St. Giles
Twitter: @jenniferstgiles
Goodreads: Check Out Goodreads
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Amazon Author Profile

Author Description:
USA Today Bestselling author, Jennifer St. Giles, aka Jennifer Saints, J.L. Saint is no ordinary Georgia Peach. She's a Golden Heart, three-time Maggie, two-time National Reader's Choice, Marlene, RT Reviewer's Choice and Daphne du Maurier award-winning author.

Jenni writes in multiple genres, including: romance, paranormal, contemporary, historical and military and time travel. She is a passionate patriot, event planner and the Vice-President of a charitable foundation which helps women and children's causes.

Jenni believes fervently in following your dreams and never giving up.

Title: The Magic of Snow

Author: Regina Puckett

In our beloved fairy tales of old, Prince Charming always saves the damsel in distress. In our modern world, sometimes it’s the damsel herself who has to find a way to save her prince.

When Sarah White meets the ruggedly handsome Staff Sergeant Charlie Prince, she discovers a man with a pure heart, but one hidden beneath a warrior’s façade. Before Charlie leaves with his unit for Afghanistan, he promises to stay in touch, but after nine months of exchanging letters and emails, he stops writing. Sarah waits in agonizing suspense, not knowing if the man she has fallen in love with has been killed in action or has just lost interest in her.

Magic is real, but it’s not for the fainthearted or nonbelievers. It takes true love to release it, and hard work and determination to keep it strong.

Available at Amazon

Author: Regina Puckett

Author Genre: Romance, Children's Books, Horror

Website: Regina Puckett's Books
Author's Blog: Regina Puckett's Books
Twitter: @ReginaPucket
Goodreads: Check Out Goodreads
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Post with Profile + Interview: HBS Author's Spotlight

Amazon Author Profile

Author Description:
Regina Puckett is a 2014 Readers' Favorite Award winning author for her sweet romance, Concealed in My Heart. Her steampunk book, I Will Breathe, and her children's picture book, Borrowed Wings, both received the Children's Literary Classic Seal of Approval. “I Will Breathe” was selected as a Science Fiction Finalist in the 2015 IAN Book of the Year Awards. Her boxed set, A TOUCH OF PASSION, is the 2016 WINNER of The Romance Reviews Readers' Choice Awards.

Memories, won first place in the 1st WSBR International Poetry Contest, and her collection of poetry, Fireflies, won the 2013 Turning Pages Poetry Book of the Year.

Regina Puckett has been writing for over forty-eight years, and lives in Tennessee with her husband of over forty years. She has two grown daughters and four grandchildren.

She writes sweet romances, horror, inspirational, steampunk, picture books and poetry. There are always several projects in various stages of completion and characters and stories waiting in the wings for their chance to finally get out of her head and onto paper.

Title: Mademoiselle

Author: Suzanne Jenkins

Gorgeous Pipi Wiener’s family changes forever when their dad is tragically killed in the Vietnam War. Maybe because of it, marriage and family, mother’s objective for all her daughters, is the last thing on Pipi’s mind. Pipi’s thrilling goal is to work in Manhattan, writing for Mademoiselle, a glossy fashion magazine she grows up with, having four older sisters.

Then, handsome Walter Spencer walks into her life, upsetting her perfectly executed plot. Too strong to give into love, Pipi is determined to stick to her plan. Taking a job with the Department of Defense to run from his broken heart, Walter never forgets beautiful Pipi.

In the end, Pipi has a choice to make – will she follow her exciting dream? Or is there an even greater plan, including everlasting, love waiting for her?

Available at Amazon

Author: Suzanne Jenkins

Author Genre: Romance, Contemporary, Suspense

Website: Suzanne Jenkins
Author's Blog: Suzanne Jenkins
Twitter: @suzannejenkins3
E-Mail: suzannejenkinswriter@gmail.com
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Post with Profile + Interview: HBS Author's Spotlight

Amazon Author Profile

Author Description:
Suzanne's Gift to You! DOWNLOAD FREE and Bargain EBOOKS Start the first installment of Suzanne's bestselling series, Pam of Babylon FREE! Download Today - The Greeks of Beaubien Street 99 Cents (Greektown Detroit Detective Stories) Also free, Atlas of Women, a compilation of the novella, Mademoiselle and four short stories, and Burn District: The Prequel.

Her anthology of romance titles with eleven other authors, A TOUCH OF PASSION, has just become the 2016 WINNER of The Romance Reviews Readers' Choice Awards.

Suzanne writes page-turning contemporary romance, mystery, and women's fiction with passionately gripping characters that stay with readers long after they turn the last page. The Detroit Detective Stories, beginning with The Greeks of Beaubien Street are a reflection of American fantasy with historical reality. Pam of Babylon books consistently rank in the Top 100 Best Sellers in American Drama with over 500,000 downloads.

Suzanne's stand alone novels include Someone Like You, the Family/LGBT themed Alice's Summertime Adventure, suspenseful The Savant of Chelsea, Slow Dancing, The Liberation of Ravenna Morton and Perfect for Him, her latest romance story. "Bring the tissues," readers say.

Burn District, Jenkins new sci/fi series, follows an American family as they flee from political insanity to save their lives in the Arizona Desert.

Her short story, Vapor appeared in Willow Review, Spring 2013.

A retired operating room nurse, Jenkins divides her time between the west Michigan lakeshore, the Brandywine River Valley, and the mountains of Southern California, traveling across country with her husband, Jim and dog Oscar in an RV, to visit their children and grandchilden on different coasts.

Title: Genteel Secrets

Author: S.R. Mallery

What do a well-bred Southern Belle and a Northern working class Pinkerton detective have in common? Espionage . . . and romance. At the start of the U.S. Civil War, while young men begin dying on American battlefields and slavery is headed toward its end, behind the scenes, female undercover work and Pinkerton intelligence are alive and well. But in the end, can this unlikely Romeo and Juliet couple’s love survive, or will they be just another casualty of war?

Available at Amazon

Author: S.R. Mallery

Author Genre: Historical Fiction, Women's Fiction, Mystery

Website: S.R. Mallery's AND HISTORY FOR ALL
Author's Blog: S.R. Mallery
Twitter: @SarahMallery1
Goodreads: Check Out Goodreads
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Amazon Author Profile

Author Description:
S.R. Mallery, Gold Medalist winner of the 2016 READER'S FAVORITE Book Awards for Anthologies, has been labeled nothing short of 'eclectic'. She has been a singer, a calligrapher, a quilt designer, and an ESL teacher. As a writer, History is her focus and is woven into her stories with a delicate thread. When people talk about the news of the day, or listen to music, Sarah's imagination likens the story to a similar kind of news in the past and is conjuring up scenes between characters she has yet to meet.

Title: Moving to Forever

Author: PJ Fiala

Returning home from war a changed man is difficult for Danny Schaefer. Losing his leg and then his girlfriend made him feel like he’d never be whole again. Then he meets Tammy Davis, a vivacious beauty burdened with a secret betrayal that has left her shaken and wary. Tammy mends her wounds by painting; Danny is searching for his own way.

When they meet the sparks fly, but both desire to take it slow. Tammy’s job is uncertain, her new boss wants more than her superior work product and she finds herself torn between love and duty. As Danny discovers a way to heal, he finds himself in the fight of his life – a fight for Tammy’s heart.

Available at Amazon
Barnes and Noble

Author: P.J. Fiala

Author Genre: Romance

Website: PJ Fiala
Author's Blog: PJ Fiala
Twitter: @pfiala
Goodreads: Check Out Goodreads
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Amazon Author Profile

Author Description:
Top 5 Best Seller.

I am a wife of thirty years, a mother of four grown children and the grandmother of four lovely grandchildren. When not writing a new story, I can be found riding my motorcycle and exploring this fabulous country of ours. My writing revolves around people anyone would love to spend time with. No self-absorbed billionaires for me.

Earning my Bachelor's Degree later in life fulfilled a dream for me. Then, I found the courage to write and I haven't looked back. I have several published books and continue to write daily. I have served as the VP of Communications for WisRWA and devote a large amount of my time to helping other authors slog their way through this thing called publishing. I love to hear from fans, so look me up and touch base.

I come from a family of veterans. My grandfather, father, brother, two of my sons, and one daughter-in-law are all veterans. Needless to say, I am proud to be an American and proud of the service my amazing family has given.

Title: Lovin' Those Navy Games

Author: Susan Jean Ricci

Michael Burke, rising star baseball player, whose heart is broken when someone dear to him perishes during the Viet Nam war, rethinks his future plans.

As Michael’s goals collapse along with his dreams, he forgoes a college scholarship and puts his marital intentions on hold with his fiancé Ellie Roberts.

Will Ellie be able to endure Michael’s sudden decision to join the Navy and leave her behind? Can she sit by the sidelines and wait while Michael overcomes his nightmares regarding his brother’s death? Or will she stand by him, so they can conquer the most fundamental challenge of all – staying in love forever?

Available at Amazon
Barnes and Noble
KOBO Store

Author: Susan Jean Ricci

Author Genre: Romance

Website: Susan Jean Ricci
Author's Blog: Susan Jean Ricci
Twitter: @Susanjeanricci
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Amazon Author Profile

Author Description:
Susan Jean Ricci and her husband Joe live in a lovely New Jersey town near the sea. Together they have seven children and ten grandchildren.

An award-winning, internationally read, From Womens Pens author and humorist, Susan is best known for her series of works titled Cindy's Crusades that includes two novels, Dinosaurs and Cherry Stems and The Sugar Ticket, the short chronicle Twilight and Chickadees, and a collection of short stories titled Heart Marks the Spot.

Susan's novel Dinosaurs and Cherry Stems is a Multi Award winner, earning a Bronze in the Global Ebooks Contest for Romance/Erotica, and a Bronze in the Readers Favorite Contest for Humor. Dinosaurs was also a finalist in the Independent Author Network contest for Outstanding First Novel.

Its Sequel The Sugar Ticket placed first in the Outstanding Women's Fiction category in the IAN 2016 and My Sexy Chef won a Silver second place in the novella category in the Global Ebook Awards 2016.

Her short stories A Super Sandy Christmas and Two Miracles for Christmas appear in Annie Acorns 2014 Christmas Treasury, and are also sold as stand alones. Her short story The Christmas Cardinal appeared in Annie Acorns 2015 Christmas Treasury and can also be purchased separately. A Valentine's Day to Remember can be read as a stand alone short, or can be found in Annie Acorns 2015 Valentine's Day Treasury.

Her latest romance Falling For Niagara can be purchased separately, and is also included in Annie Acorn's 2016 Romance Treasury.

Susan is currently penning a new series of Blush novellas. My Sexy Chef is the first novella in the Chef series, followed by the sequel Chaos in the Kitchen. The third novella in this series is called Turning Up the Heat and will be published later this year.



Shelley Young

Four books. An entire series that has it all: alien invasion, alien abduction, man versus alien species, revenge, betrayal, apocalypse, post-apocalypse, Armageddon, and a pinch of steamy romance. One low price on Kindle preorder. Good reading that will have you sitting at the edge of your seat.

No one is prepared when the invasion occurs. It happens from the ground and the sky at the same time from the aliens living with us and those that have newly arrived. Within minutes, militaries bases in every country are destroyed, and so are major bridges. These aliens have taken over our electricity. We no longer have cell phones or means of communication. Our government leaders are running like everyone else. Humanity is being slaughtered in large numbers. Where are our loved ones? Are they still alive? Where have all of the children gone?

We have become the hunted and there’s no place safe to hide.

The aliens didn’t come alone. They brought plants and animals from their planet as deadly as they are to change our world to look how they want it to be. Some of us are turning against each other. Earth is first thrown back into the Dark Ages. Soon wild forests thrive in our abandoned cities, deserts and even the ocean. If that isn’t bad enough, some of the aliens are also turning against each other, releasing amongst the rest of humanity a new breed of species that all you can do when you see them is scream and run. Still, some of us refuse to give up. This is our planet, and we intend on getting it back any way we can. The good thing is an esper by the name of Ericka Martin has seen the future. She knows the secret for us all to win. Together we are strong, and we have something to teach any alien who come to our planet in an attempt to claim it as their own; and that lesson is there’s another species in the galaxies to reckon with, and that species is known as Man.

The Battle of Eiglexx. Let the war begin, and may Man live to brag about it for all eternity.

Author: Shelley Young

Author Genre: Thriller, Suspense, Mystery, Historical, Mainstream, Erotica

Website: Shelley Young - Amazon International Bestselling Author
Twitter: @dardiandreshaj
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Amazon Author Profile

Author Description:
Shelley Young is an Amazon International Bestseller in crime, romance and suspense. Compared often as a mash-up of two of the best thriller and erotica authors, her thriller, suspense and mystery novels have been downloaded from Canada to Australia in eBook form. A book club favorite, each of her novels were nominated as best Indie book of 2014 in its genre. The author of the Dardian Dreshaj novels, who fans have dubbed its leading character as 'a man all men dream of being and all women want to love,' she's also a writer of mystery, as well as historical. Look for her historical series scheduled to be released in 2016 and two more crime thrillers scheduled for release in the first part of 2015.

Dardian Dreshaj has lived twelve years solely during the night. A handsome, Albanian immigrant who loves as passionately as he kills, he IS the highest paid contract killer in America.

Bad doctor, good nurse is a lethal combination. For Dr. Andreus Solomon Tell, who has a temperament as dark as his well-kept secret, it's no wonder women are falling head-over-heels dead in the small town of Plain Dealing where he lives. Is he a murderer? Can he be tamed? Is his persuasive mannerism potent enough to fool everyone around him?

If you enjoy novels of crime, investigations and a touch of heat levels four and five erotica, novels with characters you can't help falling for and cheering for them every step of the way, you'll love the writings of this author. She currently resides in So California with her family.


Author: Shelley Young

Two truths were discovered.

1. They’ve always been amongst us.
2. Our government did keep them a secret.

A simple mission: find a family lost in the wilderness of Blue Trees Mountain.

Nine people prepared for the mission, but soon after it began two wilderness guides, one county police officer, three Army soldiers, the son of a gambler with a high I.Q., one contracted aviator specialist and a famous esper discover the secret the American government has kept secret for years. Fearing the secret, running is all they can think about. The only problem is there’s nowhere to escape.

It’s not a simple alien invasion. It’s well-thought out and not too many people saw it coming.

The Babisian race proves within minutes they’re stronger, more powerful and possibly more intelligent. But there’s one good thing in Earth’s horizon. Someone has already prepared and that someone is responsible for it all. And he’s not alone. Ericka Martin can see the future and what she sees may be the only help for the survival of the human race. Callum Horn is seventeen, angry and fearless. Farzad Emir has one huge score to settle.

The Babisian Box. Because of it humans are no longer the most dominant on their planet, but a selected species to be dominated.

Available at Amazon


Author: Shelley Young

Captured during the Battle of Missoula, and the Ceremony of the Bond now complete, Ericka must rely on her physical capabilities if she wants to live long enough to return to her ever-growing, rag-tag army of human survivors.

The Babisianx are moving forward in their goal of complete domination.

Humans aren’t allowing the lack of electricity, running gas and water stop them from fighting back. Earth is theirs, and they’re doing all they can to get her back, only to discover the Babisianx hadn’t come to Earth alone. They brought other alien species with them, and some of these species want nothing more than to sink their teeth into human flesh.

But humans have something that King Sammo has ignored, and that’s a strong will to survive and the strength to never give up. Known as the Spirit of Eiglexx, it rises as human survivors get primitive in their defenses against the aliens.

Ericka soon discovers that living amongst the enemy has it rewards. America has a secret, and that secret can blow the aliens out of our world. Now all she has to do is somehow get that secret back to her army, and the key to making this happen may be in the one person she least expect.

Prince Hamut is the most powerful of the Babisianx, and the same person she’s been given to as a mate. Will he help her achieve her goal or is his bond with the King of Babis stronger than anyone suspects?

Available at Amazon


Author: Shelley Young

Earth has been under Babisian domination an entire year. Ericka’s rag-tag army has finally gotten her back, but the Ericka Martin that had been taken from them by the Babisianx isn’t the Ericka that’s been returned.

Genetic alterations can be seen in her physical appearance, along with something that is growing inside her stomach. Fearful they may have made the wrong choice by getting her back, many inside her growing army want nothing more than to be rid of her. The decision becomes more complex when it’s discovered that undead species are living outside of Blue Trees – zombie aliens and humans with far too much intelligence and strength than they should have. Farzad, Callum, Szwedko, Ace and James would rather keep Ericka with them and take their chances on what she gives birth to. It’s then a decision is made, and that decision is none other than bring in the most powerful Babisian of them all: Prince Hamut.

The discovery of undead species also takes the King of Babis off guard. None of King Sammo’s plans in conquering Earth has gone as they should, and now he knows why. One of the species he has brought to Earth with him has turned against him to help Ericka and her army win the war and end Babisian domination forever. But why worry about this when he discovers that something deadlier than Babisianx will be born when Ericka gives birth?

Available at Amazon


Author: Shelley Young

For six years, Earth has belonged to the aliens. No one knows where the children are. All of them had been taken during the invasion. Our beautiful planet no longer looks the same, because the aliens in charge have turned it into wastelands and vast, deadly forests. The aliens aren’t the only species that are dangerous. The plants and other alien species they have brought with them can kill man just as easily. Earth’s surviving population has nowhere to hide; those that can find themselves thrown back into the Dark Ages. With no electricity, running water or gas, or the Internet, humans are forced to hunt for each meal. Every hour of the day pictox in the sky are watching.

One woman plans on changing it all.

And her name is Ericka Martin.

For five years, she and her army seemed to have vanished. The rulers of Sammo’s New Terra, as Earth is now called, believe she’s dead. Every attempt to find her has failed. That is until she’s seen running down the center of an abandoned street alongside one of the aliens released on New Terra to live amongst the rest of humanity. Not only is she alive, her rag-tag army has grown, and in their possession are alien species and weapons that can bring Domination to an end.

But Sammo, King of the Babisianx and the ruler over New Terra, has no fear. He, too, has an army, and it, too, has grown. Both armies face each other in one of New Terra’s many abandoned cities. Ericka finds her army is outnumbered a thousand to one. But she has seen this moment in a vision before the Babisianx arrived.

It is the Battle of the Eiglexx; aliens versus man. Armed with a FDR rifle and an EDS sword, she charges her enemies with one intention: independence. Because Earth is ours, and the aliens can’t have it anymore. It’s time to get things back to the way they were, and she has the one thing to ensure our victory.

The EWA 8.

May the best species win, because freedom is worth dying for.

Available at Amazon

Featured Set: K. T. Roberts Fall 2016 Releases

Author: K. T. Roberts

Author Genre: Humor, Mystery & Thrillers, Romance

Website: Author K. T. Roberts
Author's Blog: It's Murder In The First
Twitter: @ScribBLINGDIVA
E-Mail: kt@ktrobertsmysteries.com
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Author Description:
K. T. Roberts writes romantic suspense with sass and brass, and is a best selling kindle worlds author in mystery, suspense and thrillers. She's currently working on two different series in the cozy mystery genre, as well as another romantic suspense which includes the Cosa Nostra, titled Sleeping with the Enemy.

In 2012, K.T. decided to write in the genre she loves to read: romantic suspense, and the birth of the Kensington-Gerard Detective Series was born. The Last Witness is Book One in that series. Elusive Justice is Book Two, and Deadly Obsessions is Book Three. All are available in digital and paperback editions. She's also dipping her toes into the cozy mystery genre with six novels just waiting to be written.

Blind Retribution is her first romantic suspense published by Montlake Romance Publishing with a release date of November 29, 2016. It's currently up for pre-order, and if you want to beat the crowd, I'd order it now.

Originally a Jersey Girl, she lives with her real-life hero, Bob, in Arizona. They have four children. Although she’s a former chef, whipping up a gastronomic treat for family and friends has been relegated to the weekends because during the week, she’s in front of her computer writing her next great novel.

She has memberships in Romance Writers of American, Valley of the Sun Romance Writers and Sisters in Crime.

Title: Blind Retribution

Author: K. T. Roberts

It should have been an open-and-shut case. When a car bomb explodes, taking with it the wife of a prominent heart surgeon, NYPD detective Maxine Turner is sure she has arrested the right suspect—until Cory Rossini, a private investigator, begins muddying the waters. Max already has enough to deal with: her longtime partner is retiring, her latest case is suddenly anything but simple, and she now has a troubling attraction to a man who is proving to be annoyingly persistent.

Having taken on the task of proving his friend’s innocence, Cory isn’t about to drop the ball—no matter how distractingly beautiful he finds the detective assigned to the investigation. When his sleuthing turns up other homicides connected to the cardiology department, including a young woman whose throat has been slit, he convinces Max that they should work together. And as they delve further into the vicious murders, they search for the one lead that will steer them straight to a killer…


Helen Barrett opened the heavy door of her husband’s red Lamborghini, slid into the beige bucket seat, and wiggled in until she felt comfortable. She shut the car door with a thud, and it locked into place. The aroma of leather enveloped her, and she instinctively inhaled. She couldn’t believe she was sitting behind the steering wheel of her husband’s prized possession. He never let anyone drive it . . .

Sliding her hands over the leather dashboard made her giddy. Seeing so many dials made her feel like a pilot preparing for takeoff. She smiled in the surrounding silence. It was . . . deafening . . . peaceful . . . eerie. Helen sighed deeply. Contented heat pooled in her heart, knowing that Jeffrey was as much in love with her as she was with him.

Helen shook her head and glanced at her watch. It was later than she’d thought. They’d made love all night, like newlyweds. Now it was mid-morning. She couldn’t remember the last time they’d stayed in bed this late on a Sunday. Luckily, they weren’t leaving for Venice for their second honeymoon until late tonight, but it had been too long since she and Jeffrey had shared this kind of romance, and all she wanted to do was hurry back into his waiting arms.

She shook her head as she thought back over the last several weeks. What a crazy ride it had been. At first, she hadn’t trusted Jeffrey’s sincerity about wanting to make their marriage work or his confession that he’d never stopped loving her. But his actions had changed all that, and the hurt she’d felt for so long slowly disappeared after he’d proposed all over again and even planned an elaborate reception to celebrate their renewed wedding vows with family and friends. She was happier than she’d been in a long time.

Euphoria coursed through her body. She could live like this for the rest of her life, knowing she had all she needed—Jeffrey’s love and devotion. This was wedded bliss—the mature kind of love that only comes after years of being with someone. This was even better than the first time they’d married fifteen years ago.

Helen pulled the seat belt across her chest, snapped it into place, and took another deep breath.

She inserted the key into the ignition, anxious to hear the roar of the engine, then heaved out one last breath before turning the motor over. An odd popping sound came from beneath the dashboard and echoed in her ears. Oh God, what did I do wrong? She sat for a few seconds waiting to see if the noise continued, and then a loud blast erupted and the hood of the car shot into the air. She screamed as rich red flames mushroomed across the windshield. Panicked, she screamed again. Confusion set in like rigor mortis, rendering her helpless.

Get out of the car! she told herself.

She tried to release her seat belt, but her fingers fumbled as if frozen. She pulled on the seat belt with force, trying to release the latch. Nothing. A sudden intense blast of heat made her look down at her feet. Her sandals were in flames and for a second she was mesmerized as she watched the fire spread across the straps. Then the pain set in. She stamped her feet as hard as she could.

She screamed at the top of her lungs. “Jeffrey, help me!” Surely, he must have heard the blast.

She pounded on the door but couldn’t find the handle. Her mother’s voice echoed through her mind. Everyone has to die from something.

Was she going to die? No, dammit. Not today she wasn’t. “Jeffrey!” she screamed again, her throat sore from straining.

Hysteria overwhelmed her, and she banged on the window with all her might. Nothing happened and no one came. No one to help, not even Jeffrey.

She slammed her fist on the horn just as a second blast popped the trunk and rocked the car. Her voice, no longer audible, released a silent scream. Helplessness took over as the tears gushed down her cheeks and that old familiar pain Jeffrey had managed to erase resurfaced. She should have known better. Everything he’d fed her over the last two weeks was a lie, and like a fool, she’d fallen for it. The bastard never intended to spend the rest of his life with her. All he’d wanted was to silence her voice.

Available at Amazon
Barnes and Noble

Title: Desserts Can Be Deadly

Author: K. T. Roberts

If there’s one thing the residents of St. Helena know, it’s never a good idea to screw with any member of the DeLuca family! Nonna ChiChi Ryo, DeLuca matriarch, is not one to sit idle when someone is trying to frame her family for murder.

Two recent fatalities are determined to be death by poison. Both had one thing in common—a sweet confection prepared by Lexi & Nico DeLuca. Now, the whole town finds itself quarantined for the next seventy-two hours to allow the Center for Poison Control to analyze the pantries in all the eateries, and DeLuca is a dirty word among them. Nonna ChiChi won’t take this sitting down and resurrects the Secret Woman’s Society, she’s calling the Crime Buster’s Unit, namely the grannies, Priscilla, Lucinda and of course, Mr. Puffins who plays an important role in the scheme of things.

The grannies are getting nervous because time is running out on the quarantine and Nico and Lexi’s freedom. Will the three grannies clear their names in time, before the real culprits get away or will Lexi and Nico spend the rest of their lives in the slammer?


Sheriff Jack stopped in front of Nonna ChiChi, cleared his throat and began. “I have recently learned through the grapevine” . . . He paused momentarily . . . “no pun intended, that you and the grannies might try to interfere in our investigation. Your interference must stop right here and now, because I promise you, elderly or not,” his pointed finger stopped at each grannie, “we will haul all of you off to jail. So, you ladies keep your noses out of the custard. This is our investigation and we’re quite capable of dealing with these crimes.” He did an about face and walked confidently in the opposite direction.

“You ain’t seen nothing yet, jerko,” she mumbled in a low voice.

Under normal circumstances, Nonna ChiChi was the epitome of sophistication, class, beauty, and a voice so soft, she sounded like an angel. But, at the moment, she was an angel with horns. Pissing her off by trying to take her family down, was a whole other story and that’s when her high-strung Italian heritage came flying out. His confrontation only sealed the deal. As leader of the CBU, she was ready to take him on.

“That’s it!” she screeched. “Enough is enough,” she declared in her native Italian accent as she watched the police cruiser drive down the street with Nico. Getting more upset by the minute, her eyes hooded as she looked to her friends. “Are you in?”

“Damn right, I’m in,” Priscilla said, looking rather sleepy tonight since she’d come to ChiChi’s rescue in her Lazy One Red, “I’m a Pooped Bear” nightshirt, and matching brown bear claw slippers. Tight pin curls framed her face with larger pin curls at the nape of her neck. Unlike Lucinda, this was the extent of fuss Priscilla could tolerate. She was a dyed in the wool regular plain Jane. Lucinda, however, rarely left the house without her fancy clothes and full makeup to rid her image of bony limbs and sharp edges.

“You can count me in,” Lucinda said. Wearing full makeup, including eyeliner, Lucinda never went anywhere without looking like she’d just walked off the cover of a fashion magazine. “and Mr. Puffins too,” she said hugging the pudgy ball of white fluff, “don’t you, precious?” He meowed in agreement. Mr. Puffins, was more than just arm candy for Lucinda. He was her confidant, her protector and just a damn nice cat who loved his master.

ChiChi was convinced Mr. Puffins suffered from an acute case of displaced identity because he didn’t seem to mind being a cross-dresser. As a matter of fact, he had a larger wardrobe than most young women today. Everyone in the Daughters of Prohibition figured Mr. Puffins came by that honestly with a master who dressed to the nines. Tonight, Mr. Puffins was decked out as a Sherlock Holmes lookalike, complete with monocle over his right eye and looking rather menacing. Lucinda kissed the feline’s head and Mr. Puffins gave a contented purr before burying his nose into her neck.

Available at Amazon

Title: Strangers in the Night

Author: K. T. Roberts

On one very magical day in New York City, two strangers meet by chance in a wine shop, each reaching for the same bottle. A meeting no one could have predicted, but their undeniable chemistry is destined to be sealed in fate.

Having gone their separate ways, the two meet up again only blocks away. Now that he’s been given a second chance, he’s not letting her slip away this time. He discovers his Cinderella is leaving the following day and he’s fraught with anxiety. But not to worry, she’s got a plan! If he finds that rare bottle of wine again, her name and phone number will be on it, a certainty that true love and fate have chosen their destiny.

A year later, circumstances conspire to bring her back to New York. A chance encounter reconnects them. Only this time, without the prerequisite bottle of wine. He wonders if she’ll still want to be with him now that she’s learned his secret? But only the Gods of Fate can answer that question.


“Oh my God, it’s you,” he said with a beaming smile. Excitement bubbled inside him over seeing her again. He cautioned himself to tamp down his reaction before the poor girl rushed off again. “It looks like we’re having another serendipitous moment,” he said with a wide grin. “You do know she called out the name, Boogie, don’t you?” he said half-joking.

She ignored his question and made direct eye contact with him. “Do you believe in fate?” she asked with a broad smile.

He laughed. “I don’t know. Why do you ask?”

The barista’s deadpan voice interrupted. “Will one of you please take this coffee before it gets cold!”

He picked up the container and handed it to her.

“No, that’s yours,” she said. “I ordered hot chocolate. I just heard the name Boogie and thought my drink was ready.”

“Is that your name?” he asked, jerking his head back with raised brows.

She giggled. “No. That’s my dog’s name. He’s a black lab.” Ericka gave him a squinted side glance. “Why do you use that name?”

“I’m afraid of the Boogieman?” he teased.


“No.” He released a low laugh. “Although, I have no doubt I was as a kid.” He winked at her and it brought a smile to her face. “I guess it reminds me of my childhood, and honestly, no one else uses it . . . well . . . except you.”

“It’s fate,” she said firmly. “Do you believe in it?”

He liked the determined expression on her face. “I could turn into a believer. Go ahead, convince me.”

“Well, I never did before today, but I’m convinced now after running into you again. And regardless of whether you admit it or not, so do you.” He gave her a quizzical look and waited for her to explain. “Why else would you have chosen this particular café?”

“What does this café have to do with fate? Do you think it has magical powers or something?”

“I do. But here are three more things that have me convinced.” She held up three fingers and used her other hand, obviously prepared to tick them off after addressing each point. “One, you walked from Park Avenue all the way to Second Avenue when you could have stopped for coffee right down the street from Lehmann’s.”

“Okay,” he said.

“You see?” she said with wide-eyed effervescence. “My point, exactly.”

“Okay, I’m liking the sounds of this fate stuff. So what are the other two things?” he asked anxiously.

“Alright. So what are the chances of two strangers running into one another twice in one day, several blocks apart, especially in a city this large?”

“Without question, it’s fate.”

“Are you making fun of me?”

“Absolutely not. I’m very serious.” He winked “What is the third thing?”

Available at Amazon

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