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Shelley Young – THE BATTLE OF EIGLEXX - 4-BOOK BOXED SET is featured at the HBS Author's Spotlight Showcase

Today the HBS Author's Spotlight is showcasing Shelley Young's boxset: THE BATTLE OF EIGLEXX. Four full length Science Fiction & Fantasy novels. These are some of the BEST DEALS from outstanding Authors for the Kindle at Amazon.

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Author: Shelley Young


Four books. An entire series that has it all: alien invasion, alien abduction, man versus alien species, revenge, betrayal, apocalypse, post-apocalypse, Armageddon, and a pinch of steamy romance. One low price on Kindle preorder. Good reading that will have you sitting at the edge of your seat.

No one is prepared when the invasion occurs. It happens from the ground and the sky at the same time from the aliens living with us and those that have newly arrived. Within minutes, militaries bases in every country are destroyed, and so are major bridges. These aliens have taken over our electricity. We no longer have cell phones or means of communication. Our government leaders are running like everyone else. Humanity is being slaughtered in large numbers. Where are our loved ones? Are they still alive? Where have all of the children gone?

We have become the hunted and there’s no place safe to hide.

The aliens didn’t come alone. They brought plants and animals from their planet as deadly as they are to change our world to look how they want it to be. Some of us are turning against each other. Earth is first thrown back into the Dark Ages. Soon wild forests thrive in our abandoned cities, deserts and even the ocean. If that isn’t bad enough, some of the aliens are also turning against each other, releasing amongst the rest of humanity a new breed of species that all you can do when you see them is scream and run. Still, some of us refuse to give up. This is our planet, and we intend on getting it back any way we can. The good thing is an esper by the name of Ericka Martin has seen the future. She knows the secret for us all to win. Together we are strong, and we have something to teach any alien who come to our planet in an attempt to claim it as their own; and that lesson is there’s another species in the galaxies to reckon with, and that species is known as Man.

The Battle of Eiglexx. Let the war begin, and may Man live to brag about it for all eternity.

Author Genre: Thriller, Suspense, Mystery, Historical, Mainstream, Erotica

Website: Shelley Young - Amazon International Bestselling Author
Twitter: @dardiandreshaj
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Amazon Author Profile

Author Description:
Shelley Young is an Amazon International Bestseller in crime, romance and suspense. Compared often as a mash-up of two of the best thriller and erotica authors, her thriller, suspense and mystery novels have been downloaded from Canada to Australia in eBook form. A book club favorite, each of her novels were nominated as best Indie book of 2014 in its genre. The author of the Dardian Dreshaj novels, who fans have dubbed its leading character as 'a man all men dream of being and all women want to love,' she's also a writer of mystery, as well as historical. Look for her historical series scheduled to be released in 2016 and two more crime thrillers scheduled for release in the first part of 2015.

Dardian Dreshaj has lived twelve years solely during the night. A handsome, Albanian immigrant who loves as passionately as he kills, he IS the highest paid contract killer in America.

Bad doctor, good nurse is a lethal combination. For Dr. Andreus Solomon Tell, who has a temperament as dark as his well-kept secret, it's no wonder women are falling head-over-heels dead in the small town of Plain Dealing where he lives. Is he a murderer? Can he be tamed? Is his persuasive mannerism potent enough to fool everyone around him?

If you enjoy novels of crime, investigations and a touch of heat levels four and five erotica, novels with characters you can't help falling for and cheering for them every step of the way, you'll love the writings of this author. She currently resides in So California with her family.


Book one of The Battle of Eiglexx.

Author: Shelley Young


Two truths were discovered.

1. They’ve always been amongst us.
2. Our government did keep them a secret.

A simple mission: find a family lost in the wilderness of Blue Trees Mountain.

Nine people prepared for the mission, but soon after it began two wilderness guides, one county police officer, three Army soldiers, the son of a gambler with a high I.Q., one contracted aviator specialist and a famous esper discover the secret the American government has kept secret for years. Fearing the secret, running is all they can think about. The only problem is there’s nowhere to escape.

It’s not a simple alien invasion. It’s well-thought out and not too many people saw it coming.

The Babisian race proves within minutes they’re stronger, more powerful and possibly more intelligent. But there’s one good thing in Earth’s horizon. Someone has already prepared and that someone is responsible for it all. And he’s not alone. Ericka Martin can see the future and what she sees may be the only help for the survival of the human race. Callum Horn is seventeen, angry and fearless. Farzad Emir has one huge score to settle.

The Babisian Box. Because of it humans are no longer the most dominant on their planet, but a selected species to be dominated.


Book two in The Battle of Eiglexx series

Author: Shelley Young


Captured during the Battle of Missoula, and the Ceremony of the Bond now complete, Ericka must rely on her physical capabilities if she wants to live long enough to return to her ever-growing, rag-tag army of human survivors.

The Babisianx are moving forward in their goal of complete domination.

Humans aren’t allowing the lack of electricity, running gas and water stop them from fighting back. Earth is theirs, and they’re doing all they can to get her back, only to discover the Babisianx hadn’t come to Earth alone. They brought other alien species with them, and some of these species want nothing more than to sink their teeth into human flesh.

But humans have something that King Sammo has ignored, and that’s a strong will to survive and the strength to never give up. Known as the Spirit of Eiglexx, it rises as human survivors get primitive in their defenses against the aliens.

Ericka soon discovers that living amongst the enemy has it rewards. America has a secret, and that secret can blow the aliens out of our world. Now all she has to do is somehow get that secret back to her army, and the key to making this happen may be in the one person she least expect.

Prince Hamut is the most powerful of the Babisianx, and the same person she’s been given to as a mate. Will he help her achieve her goal or is his bond with the King of Babis stronger than anyone suspects?


Book three in The Battle of Eiglexx series

Author: Shelley Young


Earth has been under Babisian domination an entire year. Ericka’s rag-tag army has finally gotten her back, but the Ericka Martin that had been taken from them by the Babisianx isn’t the Ericka that’s been returned.

Genetic alterations can be seen in her physical appearance, along with something that is growing inside her stomach. Fearful they may have made the wrong choice by getting her back, many inside her growing army want nothing more than to be rid of her. The decision becomes more complex when it’s discovered that undead species are living outside of Blue Trees – zombie aliens and humans with far too much intelligence and strength than they should have. Farzad, Callum, Szwedko, Ace and James would rather keep Ericka with them and take their chances on what she gives birth to. It’s then a decision is made, and that decision is none other than bring in the most powerful Babisian of them all: Prince Hamut.

The discovery of undead species also takes the King of Babis off guard. None of King Sammo’s plans in conquering Earth has gone as they should, and now he knows why. One of the species he has brought to Earth with him has turned against him to help Ericka and her army win the war and end Babisian domination forever. But why worry about this when he discovers that something deadlier than Babisianx will be born when Ericka gives birth?


Fourth and last book of The Battle of Eiglexx series

Author: Shelley Young


For six years, Earth has belonged to the aliens. No one knows where the children are. All of them had been taken during the invasion. Our beautiful planet no longer looks the same, because the aliens in charge have turned it into wastelands and vast, deadly forests. The aliens aren’t the only species that are dangerous. The plants and other alien species they have brought with them can kill man just as easily. Earth’s surviving population has nowhere to hide; those that can find themselves thrown back into the Dark Ages. With no electricity, running water or gas, or the Internet, humans are forced to hunt for each meal. Every hour of the day pictox in the sky are watching.

One woman plans on changing it all.

And her name is Ericka Martin.

For five years, she and her army seemed to have vanished. The rulers of Sammo’s New Terra, as Earth is now called, believe she’s dead. Every attempt to find her has failed. That is until she’s seen running down the center of an abandoned street alongside one of the aliens released on New Terra to live amongst the rest of humanity. Not only is she alive, her rag-tag army has grown, and in their possession are alien species and weapons that can bring Domination to an end.

But Sammo, King of the Babisianx and the ruler over New Terra, has no fear. He, too, has an army, and it, too, has grown. Both armies face each other in one of New Terra’s many abandoned cities. Ericka finds her army is outnumbered a thousand to one. But she has seen this moment in a vision before the Babisianx arrived.

It is the Battle of the Eiglexx; aliens versus man. Armed with a FDR rifle and an EDS sword, she charges her enemies with one intention: independence. Because Earth is ours, and the aliens can’t have it anymore. It’s time to get things back to the way they were, and she has the one thing to ensure our victory.

The EWA 8.

May the best species win, because freedom is worth dying for.

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