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Teresa Burrell - The Advocate’s Geocache is featured in the HBS Author's Spotlight Showcase

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The HBS Author's Spotlight SHOWCASES Teresa Burrell's New Book: The Advocate’s Geocache.

Author Teresa Burrell is an author, lawyer and Child Abuse advocate who writes the The Advocate Series.

The Advocate's Geocache

The Advocate Series Book 7

Author: Teresa Burrell


Attorney Sabre Brown is having a great time geocaching, the Internet’s version of a treasure hunt. The fun ceases when she “caches” a container with an official death certificate citing “Murder by Poison” as the cause of death. Even more disturbing is that the date of death is ten days in the future.

Sabre is forced to search cache after cache, each revealing more clues, until they take an unexpected twist and shockingly point to one of her court cases. Is the murderer a rejected child, a well-known plastic surgeon, a scorned ex, a crooked lab technician, or a politician in line for the highest office in the land? Or is someone playing Sabre in an ugly geocache of life and death?

Excerpt from The Advocate’s Geocache


“I found it,” Attorney Sabre Brown called out with the excitement of a child. Sabre stood, looking up into a tree, about two miles off of I-15 near Escondido, California.

Sabre’s private investigator, JP, meandered toward her, less than enthused about the process. He passed a man in a baseball cap who was walking in his direction. “Hello,” JP said.

“Hello,” the man said without raising his head.

JP had yet to understand Sabre’s interest in geocaching, but agreed to accompany her this one time. He didn’t understand the fun in looking up GPS coordinates online and then chasing them down only to find some little container with a trinket in it. Maybe he would have enjoyed it when he was nine or ten years old, but he would be fifty soon. He’d rather be at the shooting range or home watching a football game, but Sabre loved geocaching. To her, it was a treasure hunt and a good distraction from her juvenile court practice. And last weekend, Sabre had sat through an entire afternoon of football with him in spite of her lack of interest in the sport. It seemed only fair that he put some effort into sharing her interests.

JP reached the spot where Sabre was standing. He couldn’t hold back a smile when he saw the look on Sabre’s face. He loved her passion about everything she did in life. And she looked so beautiful. Her light brown hair lay in a French braid that stopped about six inches below the nape of her neck. It took all his self-control to keep from leaning down and kissing that gorgeous neck.

“Look, it’s right there.” She pointed up into a tree.

“Where? I don’t see it.” JP pushed his black cowboy hat back on his head as he looked up into the tree.

“Right there between those branches.” She pointed to a grayish-brown tube nearly the same color as the bark of the eucalyptus tree. It was crammed in a pocket where a branch extended out from the tree.

Before JP could find the exact spot where the treasure was planted, Sabre grabbed hold of a branch, swung her leg up and over it, boosted herself up, and stood on the branch. From there she could reach the cylinder.

“Where did you learn to climb like that?”

“My brother, Ron, and his friends used to hide from me when we were kids. We had a huge oak tree in the backyard, where he built a fort. He didn’t makestairs for it because he thought if he didn’t, it would keep me out.”

“Apparently it didn’t work.”

“It did for a while, but then I learned to climb the tree and sneak up there when he wasn’t around and mess with his stuff.”

JP shook his head. “Some things never change.”

“What do you mean?”

“You still hang in there like a hair in a biscuit.”

Sabre smiled at his remark, pried the treasure box loose, and sat down on the branch. Her legs swung slightly as she popped the plastic end off the cardboard cylinder. A rolled-up sheet of paper with blue trim was tucked inside of the tube. She attempted to remove it, but it caught on the edge. Sabre moistened her fingertip, reached inside, and twisted the paper around so it would tighten into a smaller roll. Then she pulled it out and unrolled it, but as she read the document her face drained of all color.

“Sabre, what is it?”

She peered down at JP with a curious look. “It’s a death certificate. That’s creepy.”

JP reached his arms up toward her. “Come down.”

Sabre leaned forward into his arms and JP lowered her. He could feel her slender body quiver as he planted her feet on the ground. He kept his arm around her as she looked again at the paper.

“It looks official and like an original, not a copy,” Sabre said.

“Why would someone put a death certificate in a geocache?” JP asked. “Is that normal?”

“No, this is really strange.”

JP saw the look of concern on Sabre’s face and said, “Maybe someone thought it would be a good way to honor their loved one. I find it pretty bizarre, but people do strange things when they’re grieving. What’s the name of the deceased?”

“It’s for a man named Monroe. There’s no last name, or maybe that’s the last name and there’s no first name.”

“It sounds like it’s someone’s idea of a sick joke—probably an April Fools’ Day joke. That was only a couple of days ago.” JP shrugged. “When did he die?”

Sabre glanced back at the document. She looked up. Her eyebrows furrowed. “He hasn’t yet. The date of death is April fourteenth, one week from today. And the cause of death is ‘Murder by Poison.’”

Author Genre: Mystery & Thrillers, Thriller, Suspense

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Teresa Burrell has dedicated her life to helping children and their families in both the courtroom and the classroom.

As an attorney in San Diego, Burrell maintained a private law practice for twelve years, which specialized in domestic, criminal, and civil cases. Her work in juvenile court focused on representing abused minors and juvenile delinquents. Burrell has received several awards and special recognition from the San Diego Volunteer Lawyers for her countless hours of pro bono work with children and their families.

Burrell has also enjoyed a satisfying career as a teacher. She has taught children of all ages with diverse backgrounds and special needs. After creating an after-school program that kept kids off the street, she received a community service award.

Now in semi-retirement in California, Burrell continues to educate groups about social issues impacting children and write novels, many of which are inspired by actual legal cases. She is the author of The Advocate Series which now contains five novels: The Advocate, The Advocate's Betrayal, The Advocate's Conviction, The Advocate's Dilemma, and the Advocate's Ex Parte. She is currently working on number six in the series.

Author's Book List
Gaspar, the Flatulating Ghost
Gaspar is a lonely, little ghost who is lactose intolerant and his favorite thing in the whole world is ice cream. The other ghosts tease him and call him names. Gaspar lives in a vacant house. When the house is sold and Mr. and Mrs. Stone move in, with their two young boys, he is thrilled to have a new family, until he discovers no one can see him. After several attempts to get their attention, he finally gives up and goes to bed only to discover that sometimes wishes come true.

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The Advocate's Felony - The Advocate Series Book 6
When Attorney Sabre Brown’s phone rings at 2 a.m. she’s shocked to hear from her brother, Ron, who has been in Witness Protection for the past seven years. Someone has discovered his whereabouts and is trying to kill him—and possibly Sabre as well. Sabre and her private investigator, JP, leave sunny San Diego to find her brother who has gone underground. Based on a single clue, they begin their search in the cold, wintry Pacific Northwest. They soon discover that the six felons whom Ron testified against have been released from prison. One by one, they are being murdered. Sabre and JP race to find Ron and stop the next bullet. As the clues unfold, they’re unsure if someone is trying to kill Ron or protect him. Or is Ron the killer? Could Sabre's beloved brother have changed during his long absence and is he now seeking vengeance? Sabre risks her relationships, her career, and her life to seek the undeniable truth. Is Sabre’s love for her brother overriding her sound judgment and if so, is there a final bullet with Sabre’s name on it?

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The Advocate's Ex Parte - The Advocate Series
Attorney Sabre Brown is summoned into Judge Lawrence Mitchell chambers for an ex parte hearing. When the judge attempts to discuss one of her cases, she refuses to listen without proper counsel present.

Later that evening, Judge Mitchell is murdered.

Sabre’s shock at his death is only surpassed by an attempt on the life of Dr. Carolina Heller, a psychologist she employs on a regular basis. Sabre now fears for her own life.

Sabre enlists her private eye JP, and they begin to comb and scrutinize her cases, searching for connections between the two crimes. But Sabre’s life is in danger from someone much closer to her.

Sabre and JP’s roads diverge. While JP infiltrates a twisted world of greed and corruption, Sabre is caught up in a domestic crisis fueled by obsession. As each is forced to fight their own battles, the question soon becomes, can they find a way to save one another?

Order the Book From: Amazon - Barnes and Noble - Audible

The Advocate's Dilemma - The Advocate Series
Attorney Sabre Brown’s day is going well until she walks into her office and finds a dead man sprawled across her desk. When, Bob, her best friend and colleague is suspected of the murder, and Sabre’s minor client has information that might clear him, Sabre has a dilemma. How does she help her best friend without betraying the confidence of the child she is sworn to protect?

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The Advocate's Conviction - The Advocate Series
Sabre Orin Brown's clients keep disappearing. With seemingly no connection between the cases, Sabre enlists the help of her southern PI friend, JP, and her best friend, Bob, to find each of them--before it's too late. In her race against the clock, Sabre must determine whether contemporary horrors are being buried in the shadow of dark traditions--or if it's something else at work. A conspiracy years in the making, secrets hidden for decades, and the twisted work of a mysterious society have all come together in the ultimate test of the strength of Sabre's conviction.

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The Advocate's Betrayal - The Advocate Series
The Killer left nothing behind but a rosary, a kitchen knife, and a dead man. but the dead man is a friend of Sabre Orin Brown. When his unsuspecting wife is accused of the murder, Sabre will stop at nothing to uncover the truth, even if it means unearthing chilling secrets.

From a San Diego jail to the shady Chicago nightlife, Sabre's search for the true killer forces her to face the question: What do you do when the ones you trust the most are the ones with the most to hide?

Order the Book From: Amazon - Barnes and Noble - Audible

The Advocate - The Advocate Series
The Advocate, a legal suspense murder mystery, is the first book in The Advocate Series. Three characters continue throughout the series, Sabre Orin Brown, defense attorney, her investigator, JP Torn, and her colleague, Bob Clark.

The Advocate is followed by The Advocate's Betrayal, The Advocate's Conviction, The Advocate's Dilemma, and The Advocate's Ex Parte.

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