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HBS Author’s Spotlight – Class of November 2014

This month we have a group of interesting writers with worlds of knowledge and expertise. The author interviews are a MUST read.

Be sure to check out what they have coming next for their readers. I try to pick authors who are interesting studies and ask them unique questions for our Q/A section.

Check out the Showcase feature of the HBS Author's Spotlight. I have included those authors in this class. Also, we have added the Author Bundles and Co-Authored writings we have posted this month.

Thanks to the following outstanding authors for a great month. Here is a summary of our November 2014 crew.

Eden Baylee

Author Genre: Mystery & Thrillers, Poetry

Author's Blog: Eden Baylee
Website: Eden Baylee
Twitter: @edenbaylee
E-Mail: eden (dot) baylee @ rogers (dot) com
Google+: Check Out Google+
Facebook: Check Out Facebook

Next: It’s called A Fragile Truce and is the second novel featuring Dr. Kate Hampton. It should release in 2015, though I don’t have a date yet.

Social media: I have diverse interests and whom I follow on Twitter is a reflection of that. It’s where I socialize and learn about people. I’m a strong believer in forming relationships long before I do any promotion of my work. More often than not, I’m promoting the work of others whom I enjoy and respect. Reciprocation comes naturally for me, and that’s how I prefer it.

Reader list: I have a mailing list that readers can subscribe to for new releases and author news, but my main connection is via my blog. It’s where I showcase my writing, author interviews, book announcements, and more.

Covers: I use award-winning designer, JB Graphics from Toronto. ( He designs my covers, website, and any other artwork I need. I am involved in most aspects of the design, mainly because visual art interests me.

Giveaways: I’ve run free and 99 cent promotions with varying degrees of success. For me, they are mainly “loss leaders,” in that they draw a reader’s attention to my entire catalogue.

Blog: I use my blog as my home base for much of it. From here, I create the social media that links back to me about my books and my interests. There are many things that need to be done to spread the word of a book before and after it’s written. Selling books is a huge part of being a full-time writer. It’s what pays the bills and allows me to keep writing, so it’s important to stay positive and persist.

Author's Book List
Stranger at Sunset
Summer Solstice
A Season for Everything
The Lottery
Unlocking the Mystery
Fall into Winter
Spring into Summer

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J.T. Lewis

Author Genre: Mystery & Thrillers, Young Adult, Science Fiction & Fantasy

Author's Blog: J.T. Lewis Author
Twitter: @JTLewis_Books
Facebook: Check Out Facebook

Next: I am about a month away from finishing the next Nick Behr Mystery, entitled ‘Falcon’s Pray’.

Social media: Ah, the mysteries of acquiring a following…mankind’s eternal quest for acceptance! Social media has been a big boon…it is actually quite refreshing to be able to have a platform to ‘announce’ a release and also get almost immediate feedback. The technology of eBooks is of course at the heart of the new age of independent writing, but were it not for the simultaneous emergence of social media, we as a whole would be left waiting at the alter as far as finding a following.

Covers: My current collection of covers is all my own doing. Like you mentioned, I have approached it with the intent of creating a common look or brand, especially with the Gabriel Celtic series. My intent has been to use the black background with one bold element to draw your eye. I am very hands-on in developing the covers, working through in my mind the one element that I think can express a major part of the story. Of course the potential reader won’t know how that fits in until they actually read it, but it is always my hope that I can titillate their imagination with it. Also, if I can’t find an image that matches my imaginings, I have been known to create the image myself. The best example of this is the cover for Gabriel’s Revenge, a cover that is near and dear to my heart.

Short stories: Many of the short stories are prequels to the Gabriel Celtic series. Currently I offer these for free as an enticement to get people interested in the series…and yes, it has had a dramatic effect on sales of the novels.

Short stories bundles: I have bundled them for a couple of reasons. One is, as I mentioned above, there is a limited market of people that would buy a whole series of individual short stories…especially once the series is complete. If you can hold their attention by releasing a new story in a serial every few weeks you might capture their interest. After the rush is over however…

The second reason, which I also alluded to above…is that I am now ready for them to read the whole story. I may have been too busy to concentrate on the whole of the series before, but now I am ready…and I think that people in today’s world like the idea of a collection. They may not read it in one setting, but the short stories within handily lend themselves to periodic reading…and they have them at their fingertips when they are so inclined.

Free books: My first novel in the Gabriel Celtic series, Murder! Too Close To Home is now perma-free…and I would do it again in a heartbeat. Offering that, along with the prequels free has been a great boon to my readership. It does need to be done right however, as in you must have a few other titles out there that make it worth giving one away. The secret number (I have been told) is to have four or more novels available before you offer one for free.

Reviews: I have a great collection of Alpha and Beta readers…the best actually! For the most part, I do depend on them for an honest review when they are done with the book.

Author's Book List
The Pepper and Longstreet Mysteries
The Adventures of Young Gabriel Celtic
The Book Of Gabriel
In Case of Death
kidNAP Inc.
Gabriel's Revenge
Murder! Too Close To Home
The Artifact Hunter!

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Julie Anne Lindsey

Author Genre: Young Adult, Cozy Mystery, Romance

Author's Blog: Musings from the Slush Pile
Website: Julie Anne Lindsey
Twitter: @JulieALindsey
Google+: Check Out Google+
Facebook: Check Out Facebook

Next: I’ve contracted a new cozy mystery series with Carina Press, tentatively titled Geek Girl Mysteries, wherein my brilliant, thirty-something, heroine solves crimes at the gated community where she works and at the local renaissance fair where she spends her free time. Three books are under contract. The first is slated to release in August 2015.

Social media: I love twitter. I think every writer has to find a support system however they can in this business, and twitter is where I feel most at home. Not everyone gets twitter, and that’s okay.

I think social media relationships are very important. I’ve made lifelong friends on social media, found critique partners and beta readers, I keep up with industry news and I network with readers, both as an author and as an avid reader.

Reader list: I’ve only begun to make a reader list in the past month. I know. Bad. Bad. Author. I understand the importance of having these lists, but I’ve never felt like someone anyone would want to get a newsletter from, plus what would I put in it? What could I offer readers? I still don’t know, but after the success of my Murder by the Seaside promotion in September, I decided it was time to see if people wanted to be on my list.

Personal appearances: Meeting people scares the daylights out of me, but I love it. If you’re an introvert, that will make sense. I’m attending a Family Reading Festival at a local mall this weekend. After that I will be signing books at a Cleveland, OH Barnes & Noble with some fellow Sisters in Crime on December 3rd. I’m speaking at a library in February and then conference season begins in the spring. I like to go as many places as I can to network and meet readers. I try to be useful and encouraging to other writers. This industry is tough. We need each other. I keep an updated list of appearances on my blog: http://

Book trailer: When my first YA was put under contract, I knew I wanted a book trailer. You Tube is an enormously trafficked resource and search engine where I wanted to take advantage. I put up the Bat signal and contacted my alma mater, Kent State University, where I found a film student willing to create a trailer for me. His name is Matt Petrunak…

Audio book: Murder by the Seaside is like the little book that could. Carina Press picked it up as a digital book and requested two sequels. Carina Press is a digital imprint of Harlequin, so I was thrilled. The book has since gone on to audio and was selected for the Harlequin book clubs where it was printed into their World Wide Mystery line and shipped to thousands of Harlequin book clubbers. Murder in Real Time will follow suit next year. So far the audio sales have been small, only a tiny portion of digital sales. For this reason, I can’t say audio has necessarily found me a new audience.

Giveaways: I give lots of free PDFs and some digitals through Amazon. I’m extremely stingy with paperback and hardcover giveaways. This is because most presses only provide a handful of author copies.

Book tours: I’ve done a ton of book tours. I’ve set some up on my own with volunteer bloggers I met online and in my literary agency or through fellow press authors. I’ve paid for book blasts and full on month log blog tours and I’ve been on tours arranged and paid for by my presses.

I think tours are a great way to get your cover art and name out there, but there is a catch. The blogs you visit have to be trafficked. If no one visits those blogs, it’s like the whole thing never happened. My blog gets about a dozen people a day. If you come to my blog, for example, no one will know. No one visits my blog. You need to get on blogs with traffic.

Author's Book List
Murder in Real Time
Murder Comes Ashore
A Beautiful Pointe
Murder by the Seaside
Reinventing Chloe
Seeds Of Love
Written on Her Heart
Harvest Of The Heart
Love Blossoms
Death By Chocolate
Bloom: Seeds of Love

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Cindy McDonald

Author Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

Author's Blog: George The Pony
Website: Cindy McDonald
Twitter: @CindyMcDonald
Google+: Check Out Google+
Facebook: Check Out Facebook

Next: I am working on book #3 of The First Force Series, Into the Dark. This book is projected to release in September of 2015.

Social media is and must be a part of an author’s platform—without it, your book will basically sit on amazon or other sales sites and rot. People can not purchase a book that they do not know about! It’s just that simple. When I joined Twitter I thought, what the heck is this mess? I shied away for almost a year, and then I just jumped in—I started following and they followed back—I started retweeting, and they retweeted. It takes time and effort to build a following and to come up with those clever blurbs for your book, but if you keep at it, it will all fall into place. Without twitter or Facebook my books would be rotting as we speak.

Reader list: I started keeping a list only about six months ago. I have a newsletter list that consists of readers and reviewers which is growing. That said, I don’t merely ask people to sign up for my newsletter—I give them something in return. If you sign up for my newsletter on the home page of my website,
, you will automatically receive the first chapter of my newest or upcoming release directly to your inbox. This gives people an incentive to sign up.

Personal appearances: I’m very busy when it comes to author engagements. I do many presentations on marketing, getting published, writing etc. at libraries and book clubs. I attend as many book fest events as possible and I’m always available for book signing events, too. My next appearance will be on November 29 three hour drive from Pittsburgh for me, but I love it! I love meeting and networking with authors and of course I love meeting established and new readers.

Covers: I love my covers! I’m very hands on in the process. Believe it or not, I found the models for both the First Force covers on FB!... I purchase the photos of these beautiful men from photographers on FB and turn them into my cover designer, Todd Aune—he does the rest. I love his work.

Book trailers: My daughter, Lauren, creates my book trailers and she chooses the fabulous music that accompanies them. Unfortunately, I don’t believe that they have much impact on the sales or the interest in my books. They get few views on UTube. I have talked with many authors who pay big bucks for the trailers and feel the same way—I’m happy that mine are created for free.

Free books: I don’t give my books away very often. That said, I have participated in giveaways through KDP and goodreads. Like many authors, including bestselling authors, I have done giveaways to generate sales. Sometimes it works, while other times not so much. I find that people will get the books on amazon for free and either never read them or not bother to post a review. My giveaways on goodreads have been much the same—the book is posted on their TBR list and stays there indefinitely.

Children books/new venture: I am so enjoying my new adventure with children’s books. So many people have asked me if I would be writing them since I worked with kids for twenty­six years as a dance educator. I wasn’t interested for a long time because I was so immersed in my novels—then I noticed at book events how children’s books flew out the door. Lightbulb! Hey, I can write one of those—I have plenty of fodder! The next day I had written George the Boss—about a stubborn pony on our farm who bosses our Thoroughbreds around mercilessly. The book has been a huge hit at book events—I have to have a separate table from my novels for the George book!

Reviews: Getting reviews is tough. There are sooo many authors seeking out reviewers. Many authors have “street teams.” I haven’t employed that option as of yet, although it looks very inviting. I have collected reviewers who have enjoyed my books on my newsletter list. They will respond with a request for the book, usually within three days. I also sign up for virtual book tours and request more reviews than guest posts

Author's Book List
To The Breaking Pointe
Into the Crossfire
Shady Deals
Against the Ropes
Dangerous Deception
Hot Coco

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HBS Author's Spotlight Showcase

Cindy Blackburn
Featured Book: Unbelievable

Author Genre: Mystery

Author's Blog: Cindy Blackburn
Website: Cindy Blackburn - The Cue Ball Mysteries
Twitter: @cbmysteries
Google+: Check Out Google+
Facebook: Check Out Facebook

Author Description:
Cindy Blackburn has a confession to make–she does not play pool. It’s that whole eye-hand coordination thing. What Cindy does do well is school. So when she’s not writing silly stories she’s teaching serious history. European history is her favorite subject, and the ancient stuff is best of all. The deader the better! A native Vermonter who hates cold weather, Cindy divides her time between the south and the north. During the school year you’ll find her in South Carolina, but come summer she’ll be on the porch of her lakeside shack in Vermont. Cindy has a fat cat named Betty and a cute husband named John. Betty the muse meows constantly while Cindy tries to type. John provides the technical support. Both are extremely lovable.

When Cindy isn’t writing, grading papers, or feeding the cat, she likes to take long walks or paddle her kayak around the lake. Her favorite travel destinations are all in Europe, her favorite TV show is NCIS, her favorite movie is Moonstruck, her favorite color is orange, and her favorite authors (if she must choose) are Joan Hess and Spencer Quinn. Cindy dislikes vacuuming, traffic, and lima beans.

Author's Book List
Four Play
Three Odd Balls
Double Shot
Playing with Poison

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Dianne Harman
Featured Book: Kelly's Koffee Shop

Author Genre: Romance and Literary Fiction

Author's Blog: Dianne Harman Author
Website: Dianne Harman Author
Twitter: @DianneDHarman
Facebook: Check Out Facebook

Author Description:
Dianne Harman draws her stories and characters from a diverse business and personal background. She owned a national antique and art appraisal business for many years, leaving that industry and opening two yoga centers where she taught yoga and certified yoga instructors. Dianne has traveled extensively throughout the world, most recently dividing her time between Huntington Beach, California and Sacramento, California, where her husband was a Senator. An avid reader, Dianne brings the richness of her life experiences to her novels, Blue Coyote Motel and Tea Party Teddy.

An Award Winning Bestseller, Blue Coyote Motel was selected as a quarterfinalist in Amazon's Breakthrough Novel Award contest and Goodreads Psychological Thriller of the Month Book.

Her second novel, Tea Party Teddy, is a multicultural romance set against the political background of California. It is the story of Nina, who husband succumbs to the power of his office. Bigoted and biased, the ultimate irony occurs when she becomes romantically involved with the founder of the Republicans for Latinos and in the process, discovers herself.

Author's Book List
Kelly's Koffee Shop
Tea Party Teddy's Legacy
Coyote in Provence
Tea Party Teddy
Blue Coyote Motel

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Carol Davis Luce
Featured Book: NIGHT CRIES

Author Genre: Mystery & Thrillers, Romance, Literature & Fiction

Website: CAROL DAVIS LUCE–NightWriter
Twitter: @CarolDavisLuce
Facebook: Check Out Facebook

Author Description:
New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author of the "Night" books, NightWriter Carol Davis Luce writes standalone suspense novels with elements of romance. After publishing five books through a traditional publisher, she turned independent author with her 2012 suspense novel, Night Widow, and Women's Fiction, Awakening: Secrets of a Brown Eyed Girl (a recipient of B.R.A.G).

Carol is one of THE TWELVE. 12 of today's hottest mystery and thriller writers, including USA Today and New York Times bestselling authors, have 12 complete works in the USA Today bestselling boxed set: DEADLY DOZEN.

Her first novel, Night Stalker, was also her first sale. "A dandy read," wrote bestselling author Tony Hillerman. It went into three printings and became the flagship for the sub-genre "Woman in Jeopardy" at Kensington Publishers.

Author's Book List
50 First Chapters
Night Widow
Night Stalker
Night Passage
Night Game
Night Prey

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Jan Romes
Featured Book: Taming Tori

Author Genre: Romance, Humor

Author's Blog: Jan's Blog
Website: Jan Romes - There's a writer in all of us …
Twitter: @JanRomes
Facebook: Check Out Facebook

Author Description:
Jan Romes is a hopeless romantic who grew up in northwest Ohio with eight zany siblings. Married to her high school sweetheart for more years than seems possible, she is also a proud mom, mother-in-law, and grandmother. She likes to read all genres, writes witty contemporary romance, is a part-time fitness trainer, and enjoys growing pumpkins and sunflowers.

Author's Book List
Big on Christmas
Taming Tori
Keeping Kylee
Married to Maggie
Mr. August
The Christmas Contract
Stella in Stilettos
Three Wise Men
Three Days With Molly
The Gift of Gray
Kiss Me
Lucky Ducks
One Small Fib
Stay Close, Novac!

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HBS Bundles and Co-Authored Showcase

Featured Set: What's So Funny About Murder

Available at Amazon: What's So Funny About Murder

Title: Looking for La La

Author Genre: Contemporary Women's Fiction, Chick Lit, Romance

Website: Ellie Campbell
Author's Blog: Chicklit Sisters
Twitter: @ecampbellbooks
Goodreads: Check Out Goodreads
Google+: Check Out Google+
Facebook: Check Out Facebook

Author Description:
Ellie Campbell is a pseudonym for sisters, Pam Burks and Lorraine Campbell who collaborate across the mighty Atlantic from their respective homes in Surrey, England and Colorado, USA, finding writing together a great excuse for endless phone conversations. Together they have written four novels How To Survive Your Sisters, When Good Friends Go Bad, Looking For La La and To Catch A Creeper. They love any chance to connect with their readers.


Author Genre: Mystery, Romance, Humor

Website: R.P. Dahlke
Twitter: @rpdahlke
Goodreads: Check Out Goodreads
Facebook: Check Out Facebook

Author Description:

R.P. (Rebecca) Dahlke was raised on her father’s 80 acres of Almonds & crop dusting ranch south of Modesto, California. She’s been writing since 1994, first with a writing group in the East Bay Area and then when she and her husband went sailing, via the Guppies of Sisters in Crime, National.

When they settled in Southern Arizona, Rebecca started a chapter of Sisters in Crime and A Dead Red Cadillac was published by Treble Heart Publishing.

She was doing the rewrite on her second Lalla Baines Novel, A Dead Red Heart when her son, John Shanahan, died in a tragic crop dusting accident in California. Writing about anything, much less crop-dusting became too painful and she stopped writing until 2010.

I sort of fell into the job of running a crop-dusting business when my dad decided he'd rather go on a cruise than take another season of lazy pilots, missing flaggers, testy farmers and horrific hours. After two years at the helm, I handed him back the keys and fled to a city without any of the above. And no, I was never a crop-duster.

Title: Murder Is Academic

Author Genre: Mystery & Thrillers, Humor

Website: Lesley A. Diehl
Author's Blog: Lesley A. Diehl
Goodreads: Check Out Goodreads

Author Description:
Lesley retired from her life as a professor of psychology and reclaimed her country roots by moving to a small cottage in the Butternut River Valley in upstate New York. In the winter she migrates to old Florida--cowboys, scrub palmetto, and open fields of grazing cattle, a place where spurs still jingle in the post office, and gators make golf a contact sport. Back north, the shy ghost inhabiting the cottage serves as her writing muse. When not writing, she gardens, cooks and renovates the 1874 cottage with the help of her husband, two cats, and, of course, Fred the ghost, who gives artistic direction to their work.

She is author of several mystery series, all featuring country gals with attitude: the microbrewing mystery series set in the Butternut Valley of upstate New York--A Deadly Draught and Poisoned Pairings; the Big Lake Murder Mystery series--Dumpster Dying and Grilled, Chilled and Killed; and the Eve Appel Mysteries Series,A Secondhand Murder and Dead in the Water. Untreedreads publishes her short stories as well as a novel length mystery, Angel Sleuth. Her most recent mystery is Murder is Academic.

Title: CHOKE

Author Genre: Mystery & Thrillers, Horror, Humor

Website: Kaye George
Twitter: @KGeorgeMystery
Goodreads: Check Out Goodreads
Facebook: Check Out Facebook

Author Description:
Kaye George is a novelist, and a short story writer whose story, HANDBASKETS, DRAWERS, AND A KILLER COLD, was nominated for a 2010 Agatha Best Short Story award. It can be found in the collection, A PATCHWORK OF STORIES, available on Amazon and Smashwords as an ebook, and Amazon and Createspace in trade paperback.

She is agented by Kim Lionetti at BookEnds LLC.

The first mystery novel in the Imogene Duckworthy series, CHOKE, received a nomination for an Agatha Award for Best First Novel of 2011. It was followed by SMOKE and BROKE.

EINE KLEINE MURDER, the first in the Cressa Carraway Musical Mysteries was published by Barking Rain Press in the spring of 2013. It was a Silver Falchion Finalist.

DEATH IN THE TIME OF ICE, the first in the People of the Wind Neanderthal Mysteries, is being published by Untreed Reads. It received an Agatha nomination for Best Historical.

The first mystery in the Fat Cat cozy series, FAT CAT AT LARGE, set in Minneapolis and featuring a pudgy but adorable cat named Quincy, came out in September of 2014.

She reviews for "Suspense Magazine" and other articles occasionally appear in newsletters and booklets. Her short stories appear in several anthologies and around and about.

She and her husband live in Knoxville, TN.

Title: A Wedding to Die For

Author Genre: Mystery, Humor And Comedy, Historical Fiction

Website: Heather Haven
Twitter: @HeatherHaven
Goodreads: Check Out Goodreads
Google+: Check Out Google+
Facebook: Check Out Facebook

Author Description:
Heather is a story teller by nature and loves the written word. In her career, she's written short stories, novels, comedy acts, plays, television treatments, ad copy, commercials, and even ghost-wrote a book. Murder is a Family Business, Book One of the humorous Alvarez Family Murder Mystery series, won the coveted Single Titles Reviewers Choice Award 2011. A Wedding To Die For, Book Two, was a finalist for the EPIC and Global eBook Best Mystery 2012. The 3rd book of the series, Death Runs in the Family, won the Global Gold for Best Mystery Fiction 2013. Death of a Clown, a noir mystery about Ringling Brothers Circus in 1942, won the Silver IPPY (Independent Publishers Book Award)Best Mystery/thriller 2014. The Persephone Cole Mystery Series, revolves around a trail-blazing 1940s female sleuth, with a wicked sense of humor and a take no prisoners attitude. "Percy" Cole finds her holiday cheer in solving murders. Heather finds her cheer in writing them!!

Title: Grade A Stupid

Author Genre: Young Adult, Mystery, Thriller

Website: A. J. Lape
Twitter: @AJLape
Goodreads: Check Out Goodreads
Google+: Check Out Google+
Facebook: Check Out Facebook

Author Description:
J. Lape is the Amazon bestselling author of the Darcy Walker Series. She lives in Cincinnati with her husband, two daughters, an ADD dog, a spoiled hamster, and an unapologetic and unrepentant addiction to Coca-Cola--and a lifelong love affair with bacon. If the FBI ever checks her computer, she'll be wearing prison orange due to the various "wiki" articles she looks up. She swears the dead body, mob, and drug related stuff is only career research.

AKA - Ada Miracle Lape

Title: Always a Cold Deck

Author Genre: Mystery, Humor And Comedy, Historical Fiction

Website: Mysteries by Robert Bruce Stewart
Goodreads: Check Out Goodreads

Author Description:
Finding himself misplaced in the 21st century, Robert Bruce Stewart has opted to retire to what he hopes will be a more congenial era for a person of his sensibilities by means of fiction writing.

Meanwhile, his temporal self lives with his wife and cat in a small-town hermitage in western Massachusetts where he spends his idle hours tending to the needs of tadpoles and keeping his ill-mannered bamboo grove in check.

Featured Set: The Eye of Heaven

Available at Amazon: The Eye of Heaven


Author Genre: Adventure, Mystery, Suspense

Website: Clive Cussler
Twitter: @CliveCussler_2
Goodreads: Check Out Goodreads
Google+: Check Out Google+
Facebook: Check Out Facebook

Author Description:
Clive Cussler began writing novels in 1965 and published his first work featuring his continuous series hero, Dirk Pitt(R), in 1973. His first non-fiction, The Sea Hunters, was released in 1996. The Board of Governors of the Maritime College, State University of New York, considered The Sea Hunters in lieu of a Ph.D. thesis and awarded Cussler a Doctor of Letters degree in May, 1997. It was the first time since the College was founded in 1874 that such a degree was bestowed.

Cussler is an internationally recognized authority on shipwrecks and the founder of the National Underwater and Marine Agency, (NUMA) a 501C3 non-profit organization (named after the fictional Federal agency in his novels) that dedicates itself to preserving American maritime and naval history. He and his crew of marine experts and NUMA volunteers have discovered more than 60 historically significant underwater wreck sites including the first submarine to sink a ship in battle, the Confederacy's Hunley, and its victim, the Union's Housatonic; the U-20, the U-boat that sank the Lusitania; the Cumberland, which was sunk by the famous ironclad, Merrimack; the renowned Confederate raider Florida; the Navy airship, Akron, the Republic of Texas Navy warship, Zavala, found under a parking lot in Galveston, and the Carpathia, which sank almost six years to-the-day after plucking Titanic's survivors from the sea.

In September, 1998, NUMA - which turns over all artifacts to state and Federal authorities, or donates them to museums and universities - launched its own web site for those wishing more information about maritime history or wishing to make donations to the organization.

In addition to being the Chairman of NUMA, Cussler is also a fellow in both the Explorers Club of New York and the Royal Geographic Society in London. He has been honored with the Lowell Thomas Award for outstanding underwater exploration.

Cussler's books have been published in more than 40 languages in more than 100 countries. His past international bestsellers include Pacific Vortex, Mediterranean Caper, Iceberg, Raise the Titanic, Vixen 03, Night Probe, Deep Six, Cyclops, Treasure, Dragon, Sahara, Inca Gold, Shock Wave, Flood Tide, Atlantis Found, Valhalla Rising, Trojan Odyssey, Black Wind, Treasure of Kahn and Arctic Drift (the last three with his son, Dirk Cussler) as well as The Chase; the nonfiction books The Sea Hunters, The Sea Hunters II and Clive Cussler and Dirk Pitt (R) Revealed; the NUMA(R) Files novels Serpent, Blue Gold, Fire Ice, White Death, Lost City, Polar Shift, The Navigator and Medusa (written with Paul Kemprecos); and the Oregon Files novels Sacred Stone and Golden Buddha (written with Craig Dirgo) and Dark Watch, Skeleton Coast, Plague Ship and Corsair (written with Jack Du Brul). Clive Cussler lives in Arizona.


Author Genre: Mystery & Thrillers

Website: Russell Blake Suspense Writer
Author's Blog: Russell Blake - Author Spotlight
Twitter: @blakebooks
Goodreads: Check Out Goodreads
Facebook: Check Out Facebook

Author Description:
Featured in The Wall Street Journal, The Times, and The Chicago Tribune, Russell Blake is the USA Today bestselling author of twenty-nine books, including Fatal Exchange, The Geronimo Breach, Zero Sum, King of Swords, Night of the Assassin, Revenge of the Assassin, Return of the Assassin, Blood of the Assassin, The Delphi Chronicle trilogy, The Voynich Cypher, Silver Justice, JET, JET - Ops Files, JET II - Betrayal, JET III - Vengeance, JET IV - Reckoning, JET V - Legacy, JET VI - Justice, JET VII - Sanctuary, Upon A Pale Horse, BLACK, BLACK Is Back, BLACK Is The New Black, and BLACK To Reality.

Non-fiction includes the international bestseller An Angel With Fur (animal biography) and How To Sell A Gazillion eBooks In No Time (even if drunk, high or incarcerated), a parody of all things writing-related.

Blake is co-author of an action/adventure novel, The Eye of Heaven, with legendary author Clive Cussler, to be released by Penguin in September, 2014. Blake's novel King of Swords has been translated into German by Amazon Crossing, and his JET novel into Spanish by Reprobatio.

Blake lives in Mexico and enjoys his dogs, fishing, boating, tequila and writing, while battling world domination by clowns.

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