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Pamela Harstad - Their Greek Key is featured in the HBS Author's Spotlight Showcase

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THEIR GREEK KEY is currently discounted to $ 0.99 through December 6, 2017.

The HBS Author's Spotlight SHOWCASES Pamela Harstad's Book: THEIR GREEK KEY.

Author Pamela Harstad is an inspirational romance writer.

Their Greek Key

Author: Pamela Harstad


Abandonment. Trust. Intrigue. A complicated past and present span from Chicago to Greece.

Connie Pappas has a lifetime opportunity to leave Chicago and design fashions in New York when the love of her life returns, and spins her world around.

For Nick Kanelleas, all that remain are two pendants from his deceased father and uncle, who were abandoned. He follows their mystery, but he also wants business success. He reconnects with Connie when he renovates her father’s restaurant, but past issues and new conflicts arise.

Connie questions Nick’s business transactions. His job leads to problems at the restaurant, and his own future.

Will Connie move to New York and leave Nick when trust affects their relationship? Will Nick pursue Connie if she can’t trust in him? From Chicago to the Aegean, will their faith be strong enough to overcome their difficulties?

Excerpt from THEIR GREEK KEY


Connie Pappas ended the phone call at her fashion studio, and dropped her pen on the desk, unable to believe the conversation. She worked hard at Connie’s Creations to become a top fashion designer in Chicago, but never dreamed she’d be invited to present a collection at a coveted runway show so early in her career. Her staff had gone home for the day, but she would enjoy surprising them tomorrow.

The first person she would share the news with would be her father, Basil. If not for him, she wouldn’t be where she was in life, today. He’d given her love and support every step of the way, especially during a most difficult time in their family life. But she wouldn’t think about that now. Not today.

She grabbed a cab and headed to her father’s restaurant, The Greek Key. The vehicle sped along the busy city streets. Car horns wailed. Sidewalks jammed with people hurrying along. The great energy of the city fit her mood today.

Connie stepped out of the cab into the August heat and walked into the rear entrance of the restaurant. Dim light. The vacant, black-cushioned chair where her father sat at this time of day. Her stomach spiraled. Since his heart attack he worked on the books here daily without fail. Where could he be? She could smell the leg of lamb roasting so the restaurant wasn’t closed, but the dining room lights were off, too. How unusual, so close to opening the restaurant for dinner.

Her palms grew sweaty. With a rush of adrenaline, she whizzed through the swinging doors into the main dining room and switched on the lights. There, near the corner table her father sat in a wooden chair, head in hands with his elbows pressed down on the blue and white checkered tablecloth. Her heart thundered as she hurried toward him. “Dad, are you all right? What’s the matter?”

He lifted his head and stared straight ahead with a distant gaze. “He’s dead.”

Author: Pamela Harstad

Author Genre: Inspirational contemporary fiction with romantic elements

Website: Pamela Harstad - Inspirational romance writer
Author's Blog: The Write Inspiration
Twitter: @pjhpjh1
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Amazon Author Profile

Author Description: Pamela Harstad writes inspirational romance and is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers. When not writing, Pam enjoys traveling, nature, music, and reading. She lives with her husband in the Midwest.

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