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Gale Minchew - An Author Interview in the HBS Author's Spotlight

Today our blog puts the Spotlight on Author Gale Minchew. She is the author of the Shadows of Destiny Saga and the new Spiritual Development Series.

Author Genre: Spiritual and Young Adult

Website: Gale Minchew
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Amazon Author Profile

Author Description:
Dr. Gale Minchew is a Licensed Psychologist in Texas where she maintains a clinical practice. She primarily specializes in the counseling of children and families. Over the past few years, Dr. Gale has consulted with adults and children who have experienced a broad range of paranormal phenomena, as well. In addition to her clinical practice, Dr. Gale conducts past life regression, relaxation training, guided meditation, and hypnotherapy. As a spiritual intuitive, she channels messages from the Angelic Realm and uses a variety of divination techniques which are featured in her newest release.

SPOTLIGHT Questions and Answers with the Author

Congratulations on your new release, Live, Learn, Love. What do you have on the drawing board next? Can you tell us the timeline for its release and give us a little tease?

This new release is the first in a new spiritual development series my co-author, Karen Lovero, and I are working on. We look forward to releasing book two in the series in the summer of 2016 and expect it to be a six book series. Whereas the current book helps the reader work within his or her life purpose, the next book will explore the benefits of the use of affirmations in everyday life.

You have a good following on twitter. Since you started before the social media buzz, what impact has social media relationships had on your current success? How did you build your following in your niche?

I have found that social media has its pros and cons. I tend to be a perfectionist and a bit OCD about things. This can be a difficult combination with social media because I tend to want to respond to everyone who mentions me. I was literally spending hours every day trying to keep up with Twitter. Over the past couple of years I have taken a break from Twitter for the most part. Eventually, I gravitated back to social media, but more towards Facebook. Last year I helped administer a beautiful group that grew to about 15K members. It was very successful in engaging with my niche...the spiritual community. When I began writing this book, I took a break from group interaction due to time constraints. Since the book's release, I am again engaged with different groups, as well as present on my own page, and love hearing about other's spiritual experiences and sharing insight. I look forward to carrying this forward to Twitter, as well, but with clear boundaries regarding my own time this go around.

Do you do book signing, interviews, speaking and personal appearances? If so, when and where is the next place where your readers can see you? Where can they keep up with your personal contacts online?

I love interacting with people who are interested in my writing and try to engage in all of the activities you mentioned on a regular basis. Over the past couple of months I've presented at two workshops, was interviewed on three radio shows, and attended a book signing recently. My co-author and I have so much more scheduled over the next couple of months, including several workshops and events in Florida during the month of December. The best place to learn more about events and locations would be through my website at
or through the book's Facebook page at

You have great covers. How does your book cover creation process work? Do you hand over the basic theme or do you have more of a hands-on approach? Do you get your readers involved in its development?

I am very much a creative force within myself. Ideas just start flowing and after working with all of those words for so long during the writing process, I find that I need to express myself visually. The book cover for Live, Learn, Love: Rediscover Your Life Purpose in 10 Days came about through a dream I had. In the dream, I was outside and saw a blue butterfly flitting around. I couldn't believe how beautiful it was and took out my phone to get a photo. The butterfly flew straight in front of me and paused so I could take his photograph before he flew away. I told my co-author about the dream, and she remembered a vision she had months ago about a butterfly on our book cover. So, we searched for blue butterflies, I made a few mock ups of the cover and sent them to her, and we decided on this cover.

You have several great book trailers. (See links below.) They look very professional. Do you know how much impact they have had on your book’s success? Tell us about the process that you used to create your trailers?

Thank you. Again, after all of that writing I find the need to express myself visually. I made my first book trailer in 2011 for my very first book. Book trailers were rather new at the time and it was definitely a learning experience. So many things have changed since then, and authors have really upped the ante with the quality of book trailers out now. With this newest book, I thought it would be important for the viewer to actually see Karen and me in action. Karen had previously discussed getting readers to submit testimonials that we could use in a promotional video. The book had only been out a couple of weeks when I put the video together, but Karen and I had already received so much positive feedback. We decided to combine the two ideas and give the viewer an idea about what the book is about, who we are, and what other people are saying about the book. We have had phenomenal feedback from people who have viewed the video, and I see it as an important tool in marketing and book promotion.

Live, Learn, Love: Rediscover Your Life Purpose in 10 Days

Shadows of Destiny

What kinds of writer support groups do you belong too? Do they help with the writing, marketing and the publishing process?

I don't belong to any writer support groups, but I consider my family, my co-author, and the angels to be the best support system I could have in this project.

Between your book writing, blogging, marketing, work, family and all the other things that can get in your way, how do you manage your time? Do you have a set schedule or do your sort of play it by ear?

My husband isn't much of a planner so I've learned to play everything in life by ear. I'm a licensed psychologist so I have set days that I see clients at my office. Fortunately, my office schedule can be somewhat flexible so I make adjustments, as needed, and schedule book writing, workshops, marketing activities, and social media interactions around family time and work. I involve my family in as many book activities as possible, and often when I am at events, they are nearby, as well.

What has been your experience in giving your books away free? Have you been involved in any other type of giveaways and how did that work out? What was your main goal in doing this? Did you run into any obstacles?

This book is so new that my co-author and I haven't offered any giveaways or free books, but in the past, I have done so with my other books. Since my other books were part of a paranormal fiction series, I noticed that people who received a free book were attracted to the other books in the series, as well. So, giving away one book often prompted the purchase of the other three in the series. Free books and giveaways can be a great marketing tool, but it's important to identify the reasons for doing so, such as sharing the project with as many people as possible, increasing the odds for reader reviews, advancing the project in sales rankings, and increasing the book's reach to a broader population, for example. Once we further develop this spiritual development series, it's possible we'll utilize this tool for Live, Learn, Love: Rediscover Your Life in 10 Days, as well.

Do you maintain a reader list? What are the methods you use to find your readers and create the list and the relationship? Do you use social media, forums, newsletters and/or support groups to build your list?

I have just recently started gathering emails to include in a quarterly newsletter I would like to start that will give readers an idea of our upcoming events, news about the book and subsequent series, and something helpful they can use to improve their lives on a daily basis, such as a link to a new meditation I've recorded, affirmations, or some other insight about life purpose or spiritual development, for example. This process is still in the planning stage. Other than that, most of the relationships I've built with readers have been in person at local events or through social media. I have many strong connections with people I've met through Facebook and a few from Twitter, as well.

Do you feel that being a Psychologist gives you any insight into the Paranormal?

I don't think being a psychologist gives me any more insight into the paranormal than anyone else. What being a psychologist does offer me is the unique opportunity to hear about clients' experiences with paranormal and spiritual phenomenon and their personal beliefs in a world that shames and chastises them if they share these experiences and beliefs out in the broader society. However, I've noticed a shift in the past few years. People are craving more knowledge about the spiritual world and finally finding the courage to talk about it more openly. Believe it or not, more and more people have likely had a paranormal or spiritual encounter at some point in their life, and now so many individuals I meet are actively working to fully embrace that experience versus feeling the shame and doubt that others try to thrust upon them. As a psychologist, it is my goal to help others better understand the paranormal and spiritual phenomena they are experiencing.

Author's Book List
Live, Learn, Love - Rediscover Your Life Purpose In 10 Days
Do you struggle with fear, regret, unforgiveness, or the feeling that you have no direction? Have you tried over & over to figure out what you are meant to do in this life and feel like you come up empty handed? Or, do you simply desire to improve your well-being through a stronger connection to self, the Divine & your life purpose? With the amazing shifts occurring throughout our world, it is time to break free from outdated patterns in your life, negative thoughts & emotions. It is time to Live your life to the fullest, Learn the lessons needed for your spiritual development & Love yourself unconditionally for the Divine being that you are. In doing so, you can rediscover your purpose in life & begin to infuse it with the peace, joy & freedom you were meant to experience. Through a unique combination of channeled messages, prayers, spiritual requests to the Angels, guided meditations, affirmations & exercises, you can begin to master your purpose & all the love & abundance meant for your life.

Book Trailer: Live, Learn, Love

Order From:

Shadows of Deception - Shadows of Destiny Saga
NICHOLAS HAS LIVED A LIFE OF DECEPTION Like Analise Michaels, Nicholas Zahn can travel in his sleep and communicate with angels. But, he didn't have these abilities from birth...he acquired them and many other abilities when he died...and then came back to life. Shortly after his near-death experience at the age of five, Nicholas could see people around him who were on the cusp of death. He heard other people’s thoughts. His abilities brought him to the attention of the police and local media which in turn brought him to the attention of some less desirable organizations. Only a few weeks after his sixth birthday, Nicholas was abducted by a covert agency. He has spent his life in a string of educational facilities receiving training in an array of skills: remote viewing, astral travel, mind control, physical combat, weaponry, psychic development and protection …everything a young boy needs. In his memoir, Nicholas reflects on some of his experiences in the midst of the powerful reunion between Analise and her biological mother. Their reunion stirs some deep longing within him and he finally uncovers the truth that lay hidden within the shadows of deception.

Order the Book From:

Shadows of Truth
Analise Michaels isn’t like other teenagers… She travels in her sleep. She talks to angels. Spirits are drawn to her pureness of heart. She can see and hear what others cannot, or perhaps that which they simply refuse to acknowledge. The spirit of a young woman is awakened in the dark of night as Analise travels the downtown streets of Jefferson on a carriage drawn ghost tour. She is intrigued by the tragic tale of this lonely soul for reasons she doesn’t understand. But one local tragedy isn’t enough… She struggles to understand the deaths of two women separated by more than a century… one a student at her high school and the other a young woman who died in the early 1900s. Just when she thought the tangled web of drama and hysterics at school had ended a new crisis rears its ugly head. With Nicholas gone, it’s anyone’s game now as one enemy becomes a friend and the battle among adversaries rages on. Between the spirits that haunt her, those who want her help, and the strange energy surging throughout her high school campus, Analise is in a race to release the spirits unjustly bound to this world and finally uncover the Shadows of Truth.

Order the Book From:

Shadows of the Past - Shadows of Destiny Saga
ANALISE ISN’T LIKE OTHER TEENAGERS…She travels in her sleep. She talks to angels. Spirits are drawn to her pureness of heart. She can see and hear what others cannot, or perhaps that which they simply refuse to acknowledge. Her life has never been typical...until she showed up on Rose Michael’s doorstep. But, her senior year in high school has been anything but predictable. She met an unlikely friend. She managed to tangle with some mean girls at school. And, her dreams revealed details of a startling mystery that led her into the world of a handsome stranger who helped uncover the identity of a malevolent entity that haunted her. Although she still has much to learn about her gifts, she can’t help but dwell on some haunting secrets of her own. In her memoir, Analise takes you deep inside her chaotic, and somewhat surprising, childhood as she attempts to uncover long buried gifts, triumph over the darkness that surrounds her, and finally dispel the Shadows of the Past.

Order the Book From:

Shadows of Destiny Shadows of Destiny Saga
On the banks of a sleepy bayou, a lost soul is nestled in the piney woods of East Texas, waiting and watching in the darkness of the shadows. He is feverishly seeking the past but is inevitably snared in the present and will stop at nothing to find his destiny. Alarmed by this lost soul that stalks her while she sleeps, Analise Michaels struggles to find meaning within her dreams. Instead, she finds danger down the street, across the ocean, and through the realms of time without ever leaving town. Analise is not like other teenagers. She can see and hear what others refuse to acknowledge. As Analise navigates the tangled web of drama and hysterics during her senior year of high school, she finds an unlikely friend and makes several enemies along the way. Her life becomes inescapably intertwined with an enigmatic stranger she must depend upon to help her unravel the mystery behind her haunted dreams and finally release the Shadows of Destiny.

Book Trailer: Shadows of Destiny

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Barnes and Noble

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New Release From James Moushon - Operation Alpha Dog
A Jonathon Stone Mystery Collection
6-pack of Complete Short Stories

Monday, November 23, 2015

James Moushon – Operation Alpha Dog Short Story Collection featured at the HBS Author's Spotlight Showcase

The Showcase is a special feature of the Author's Spotlight. It is designed to highlight Spotlight author's NEW releases and their soon to be released novels.

The HBS Author's Spotlight SHOWCASES James Moushon's New Short Story Collection: Operation Alpha Dog. 

James Moushon is a self-published Mystery Author and the writer of the industry blogs: The eBook Author's Corner, the HBS Author's Spotlight and the HBS Mystery Reader's Circle.

Operation Alpha Dog

Author: James Moushon


Operation Hidden Truth
A plea bargain turns deadly and a known gun runner is the primary suspect. Jonathon Stone becomes involved with the FBI to try to catch the elusive terrorist. With espionage and government secrets in play, the DHS suddenly becomes a problem. Jonathon needs to be on top of his game for this op.

Operation Misdirection
A female CIA agent is found dead in a motel in Long Beach and her husband, a Long Beach detective, quickly becomes the prime suspect. Jonathon Stone is given the task of investigating the murder of one of his own. His findings reveal the dead agent’s unscheduled trips to the Middle East, a cover up by the FBI and espionage.

Operation Adrift
An empty cargo ship suddenly appears in the LA Harbor. Problem: apparently there are no passengers or crew. Jonathon Stone finds out that the ship was abandoned at sea and the CIA had been tracking the vessel from the Far East. The op seems to be stalled until Jonathon gets information from an unexpected source which leads him to a terrorist plot on American soil.

Operation Red Dragon
Jonathon Stone’s plans for a quiet gambling experience is interrupted by the sighting of a known gun for hire from Mexico. A casual weekend in the desert for Jonathon changes into an apparent assassination plot. With the FBI and the Secret Service involved, Jonathon tries to apprehend the elusive hit man before he can do damage.

Operation Runaway
NSA information leaked by a spy sends Jonathon Stone and his fellow agent, Chuck Chun to Hawaii to stop the flow of information. Is our suspect a whistleblower or is it espionage? Their assignment: neutralize and stop the flow of information. At a luau in Paradise, they get help from an unlikely source before Jonathon and Chuck can complete their mission.

Operation Deadline
A hit and run death of a man on the CIA’s watch list sends Jonathon Stone on another op. This time he teams with FBI Agent Jodi Shannon. They quickly find out it was a planned murder and the victim was part of an investigative reporter’s study of a Middle Eastern student group. Then, a second murder with a similar MO occurs and Jonathon is sent in a different direction.

Author Genre: Historical Fiction, Mystery & Thrillers

Website: James Moushon - Mystery Writer
Author's Blog: eBook Author’s Corner
Blog: HBS Author's Spotlight
Twitter: @jimhbs
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Post with Profile + Interview: HBS Author's Spotlight

Amazon Author Profile

Author Description: James Moushon is a Mystery writer and a published writer in the electronic document field.

Starting over 15 years ago, he helped lead the startup of the electronic forms industry in the creation, conversion and usage of electronic forms by supplying that industry with a continuing source of published literature, software products and training seminars.

In 2003, Moushon changed his focus to ebooks and their development.

He is the author of the Jonathon Stone Mystery Novels. He has published two books: 'Black Mountain Secrets', 'Game of Fire' and 'Operation Alpha Dog', a collection of short stories featuring Jonathon Stone.

He is currently wearing two Hats. He is a mystery writer and a book publishing blogger. You can find his blogs at:

HBS Author's Spotlight
The blog's purpose is to help authors get exposure in the book publishing industry. He has interviewed and showcased over 450 authors to date.

HBS Mystery Reader's Circle
The HBS Mystery Reader's Circle provides information about the latest novels and what is coming next from a collection of Bestselling and Outstanding Authors in the Mystery, Thrillers, Historical Fiction and Crime genre.

eBook Author's Corner
The Corner is a collection of Author advice and studies including Marketing, Social Media and other major topics created to help writers in today's ever changing world of book publishing.

He has spent the majority of his adult life developing computer systems and thinking about writing mysteries.

Author's Book List
Game of Fire - A Jonathon Stone Mystery
An explosion and fire rocks a Southern California mall and it is quickly determined it is arson. The timing of the incident is special because it interrupts the Tet New Year’s Festival and Parade in Little Saigon, an area just east of Long Beach.

Had the old wounds of Vietnam been opened again or was there a different game being played?

Enter veteran CIA Agent Jonathon Stone. Already in pursuit of the gun-running Minh family, he connects with a special FBI task force to assist in the investigation of the explosion and Minh quickly becomes their number one suspect.

Stone teams up with FBI Agent Jodi Shannon to pursue the people behind the arson fire. Jodi is a serious, no nonsense agent who leads the FBI Arson Task Force. While she fights to solve the mystery, she also fights Stone’s advances. As always, he tries to mix business with pleasure.

As the game takes its twists and turns, Stone’s assignment leads to a shootout in Las Vegas and a car chase down the coast of Southern California.

Jonathon Stone battles his love for gambling and drinking and the ladies to help solve the Mystery of the Game of Fire.

Order the Book From:

Black Mountain Secrets - A Jonathon Stone Mystery
CIA Agent Jonathon Stone goes undercover to help in an FBI investigation after a fellow agent is murdered on the Colorado River.

Stone continues the agent’s investigation of suspects who are stealing top-secret documents from a secret Army base in the middle of the Mohave Desert. The trail leads him from the rugged Black Mountains of Nevada to Laughlin, a gambling oasis on the Colorado.

As things heat up in this desert paradise, Stone dodges bullets and attempts on his life until he reaches the ultimate showdown. Jonathon Stone truly needs lady luck on his side to catch the spies and get through this ordeal alive.

Mystery Writer James Moushon brings to life Jonathon Stone, an undercover CIA agent assigned to the off the books CIA division – DOT.

He throws Stone right into the middle of action. As the mystery unfolds, Stone uses his wealth of knowledge and keen analytical mind to complete his dangerous assignments, while at the same time battling his love for gambling and drinking and the ladies.

Book Trailer: Black Mountain Secrets

Order the Book From:

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R.P. Dahlke - A Dead Red Oleander is featured in the HBS Author's Spotlight Showcase

The Showcase is a special feature of the Author's Spotlight. It is designed to highlight Spotlight author's NEW releases and their soon to be released novels.

The HBS Author's Spotlight SHOWCASES R.P. Dahlke's novel: A Dead Red Oleander. Last day to get it Free.
Mystery Author R.P. Dahlke is the author The Lalla Bains mystery series.

A Dead Red Oleander

The Lalla Bains mystery series

Author: R.P. Dahlke

FREE today only


"The main protagonists and all the supporting characters, have larger than life personalities, which lend themselves to some great dialogue exchanges and some pretty strange and esoteric action scenes. In preparation for the couple's forthcoming nuptuals, Lalla's relatives have arrived in California, from Texas and now the fun really starts!!"

When a late in the season emergency forces Lalla Bains to accept a greenhorn ag pilot for her dad's cropdusting business, she sighs in relief . After all, he comes highly recommended, his physical is spotless, and with a name like Dewey Treat, what could possibly go wrong?

Then her quirky relatives arrive from Texas and things go south in a hurry: Dewey Treat drops dead, his tearful widow claims he was murdered, clobbers Sherriff Caleb Stone with his own gun, and makes a run for it. Lalla, convinced the widow is innocent, sets out to prove it--against the express wishes of fiancé Caleb Stone.

Feds, local law, suspicious ag-pilots, nutso relatives, and her daddy's new sidekick, Bruce the goat, make life a living hell for Lalla. Will her nosey nature solve the crime and save the day? Or put them all in mortal danger?

Excerpt from A Dead Red Oleander

Chapter One:

The world is flat. I know it is, because for the last five hours the view has been exactly the same. Only the sun has done any traveling, working its long shadows through straight lines of harvested cotton. A few crows shop the furrowed rows for worms, weevils, and grasshoppers. One hops over to inspect the truck I’m lying under, cocks a beady black eye, probably attracted to the shiny metal police-issued handcuffs, my hand in one of the cuffs, dangling from wrist to arm, and finally down to me, Lalla Bains, aero-ag pilot, sometime busybody, meddling where I shouldn’t—again.

I’m dirt smeared and sweaty, thinking if I get out of this alive, if the killer doesn’t return to finish me off, I’ll foreswear all future sleuthing. My dad, Caleb my fiancĂ©, my best friend Roxanne, and half of Stanislaus County will be pleased to bear witness to that promise.

I will, this time. Really, I will.

I waggle my grubby, unpainted, and unadorned fingers at the crow. Too bad I didn’t have on my engagement ring; maybe I could get him to peck at the lock mechanism and open it. Yeah, right, and while I’m hallucinating, maybe get him to bring me a nice cold Pepsi.

I never wear the ring when I’m working, and I’d worked today, starting at three a.m. as I usually do during the long hot season of flying cropdusters. I spread chemicals over cotton fields like this one to keep the aforementioned weevils from devouring the plants. Today was my last flight, and probably my last job as an aero-ag pilot, since my dad’s business will soon be absorbed by another, larger outfit in Merced.

The crow is unimpressed with my status—after all, I’m the one recumbent under a truck, unable to move. His sharp black eyes take in the cuff and then my hopeful face. Any interest he may have had in my predicament is answered with a fluff of wings, and I swear—a wink. Then he flaps up on to the hood and his sharp claws rat-tat-tat across the top of the cab. He lands in the empty bed of the truck and a quick, sharp, whistle says he’s found that wadded up McDonald’s bag from yesterday. Yesterday, when I still had a life that didn’t include murderous suspects. He fusses at the paper bag for a few more minutes until it’s agreed there’s nothing left but a greasy wrapper. I hear his wings flap again, and wheels up, he flies off to the freedom I can only dream about.

I roll onto a shoulder so I can look out from under the truck. North. We’re facing north, where I’ve been hooked up and alone for most of the day, without water, a cell, or hope.

I follow the tracks as they roll over the berm, cutting twin ruts in the banked up earth, the crazy, jigsaw pattern of my reckless descent. Trucks and drivers intent on dinner, home, family whiz past—I wish I were one of them.

Someone could notice. I think. There are those lines leading down through the harvested cotton and finally to me under my dad’s old Ford. That is, if the driver in one of those big semis took his eyes off the road, and turned his head for a quick glance at the dry, flattened, and totally unappealing two hundred acres. I’m sure he would see the hump of a faded blue cab sprouting like an odd weed in the sea of cotton. I sure wouldn’t give it a second glance.

A car slows and rolls to a stop. A door slams. My heart quickens and in the heat of late summer a feathery light shiver of fear runs across my skin. I lie waiting.

I hear dirt clods tumble as footsteps make their way through the ruined plants, a curse as one sticks to his pant leg. A pair of brogues—black, with enough shine on them to reflect part of a tan pant leg with a navy blue stripe. His knees pop as he squats, and he eyeballs my cuffed wrist to the bumper, and finally to the rest of me, snuggled in between the row of cotton under the1958 rusted bucket my daddy refuses to part with.

He removes the California Highway Patrol cap, and first thing I notice are the stripes on his sleeve—a sergeant, maybe someone bright enough to figure out I’m not a criminal.

My blonde hair, which usually counts for a few points with most men, is presently adorned with cotton stems and fluffy balls. The rest of me is streaked with dirt. Not my best look.

We stare at each other for a minute.

I’m parched. My lips are cracked, my tongue is dry, and it sticks to the roof of my mouth. I need that Pepsi, maybe a rum and Coke, before I can possibly say a word. I swallow, thinking nothing will come out.

But then he does the one thing guaranteed to fix my pipes.

“So,” he drawls, “what’s your story, little lady?”

Author Genre: Mystery, Romance, Humor

Website: R.P. Dahlke
Blog: eNovel Authors At Work
Twitter: @rpdahlke
Goodreads: Check Out Goodreads
Facebook: Check Out Facebook

Post with Profile + Interview: HBS Author's Spotlight

Amazon Author Profile

Author Description: I sort of fell into the job of running a crop-dusting business when my dad decided he'd rather go on a cruise than take another season of lazy pilots, missing flaggers, testy farmers and horrific hours. After two years at the helm, I handed him back the keys and fled to a city without any of the above. And no, I was never a crop-duster.

My Lalla Bains series is about a tall, blond and beautiful ex-model turned crop-duster who, to quote Lalla Bains, has "been married so many times they oughta revoke my license." Lalla is no Danielle Steele character & she's not afraid of chipping her manicure. Scratch that, the girl doesn't have time for a manicure what with herding a bunch of recalcitrant pilots and juggling work orders just to keep her father's flagging business alive.Note: Beginning with A Dead Red Alibi, Lalla and her family will reside in South East Arizona where she will divide her time between a fledgling P.I. business with cousin, Pearlie Bains, and volunteering as a team member with Cochise County Search and Rescue.

Author's Book List
A DEAD RED MIRACLE - #5 in the Dead Red Mystery Series
Thinking to jump start their careers as private investigators in Wishbone, Arizona, cousins Lalla and Pearlie Bains buy into it with a local P.I. But their nifty plan starts circling the drain when his unscrupulous business practices end in his untimely death and they discover that he's been siphoning clients from their partnership.

With only a week before the state puts pulls the business license Lalla and Pearlie will have to corral a wall-climbing Apache ninja, pacify their former boss's greedy ex-wives and nail a killer. Sure Lalla and Pearlie are in a really tight spot, but all they need is a miracle or two.

Order the Book From:

A DEAD RED ALIBI - The Dead Red Mystery Series Book 4
A successful, but reclusive young artist with a secret life.
A wannabe lawman and his dotty gun-toting granddad.
An abandoned mine pit, a curious dad and the local police chief found with him.
When Lalla and her dad take a trip to Arizona to inspect her new property, Dad disappears. But when Lalla enlists the help of a local tracker she's relieved to find him unharmed, but in the bottom of a mine pit.

Unfortunately, he's got company--a local police chief, and it looks like he's been murdered. Then too, a young woman artist living nearby has also been murdered. What're the chances that these two murders are going to be related? Well, if you're Lalla Bains, you don't guess, you start looking for the killer!

Order the Book From:

The Dead Red Mystery Series - Boxed Set
Over 198- 5 STAR reviews total for this humorous mystery series--A Dead Red Cadillac, A Dead Red Heart, and A Dead Red Oleander

Here's what reviewers are saying:
A Dead Red Cadillac:
"A Dead Red Cadillac may be Dahlke’s first published work, but it doesn’t read that way; the author is assured in her storytelling, crafting a witty, breezy, and thoroughly-entertaining lark peppered with interesting characters in a unique setting... and even tossing in some (much-appreciated) surprising twists along the way Wise-cracking detectives--from the rank amateurs who somehow stumble into the practice of investigating, to the licensed professionals with their fancy gizmos and snazzy Yellow Pages listings--are a dime a dozen in mystery novels... but a wise-cracking, ex-fashion-model, crop-dusting sleuth? That puts a quirky new spin on the genre, in R.P. Dahlke’s peppy debut, A Dead Red Cadillac".

KittyGlam (Diana)

Order the Book From:

Hurricane Hole - #2 in Pilgrim's Progress-A Romantic Sailing Mystery Trilogy
While anxiously awaiting confirmation on the renewal of her TV contract, Leila Hunter Standiford, opts for a sail on the boat she and her sister co -own in Mexico. But when she impetuously invites a family friend, and fugitive from justice, Gabe Alexander, as crew, she has no idea of the trouble that will follow. Now, at the end of her vacation in Puerto Felice, all she wants is to get Gabe off her boat.

Then a beautiful vintage Alden sails into the anchorage, and though she admires the boat, and the handsome captain, she doesn't realize the lovely yacht will soon burn to the water line, or that a dead body will be found below, or that the captain, who may or may not be the killer, might also be the man of her dreams.

Order the Book From:

A DANGEROUS HARBOR - Pilgrim's Progress
"This is an engaging, well-written mystery with characters that took up residence in my imagination; moving in with all their baggage and quirks. I found them incredibly difficult to dislodge even several days after I had finished reading the book. I loved the setting; the beauty of the waters and the lovely hillsides existing alongside the abject poverty and ugliness of the slummy, sleazy habitats of those less fortunate. The day to day uncertainly of life is realistically portrayed in an area where powerful drug cartels operate from shadowy positions in almost all levels of government..." LauriJ's Reviews for Night Owl Reviews Reviewer Top Pick

"Take a San Francisco police officer who is on leave for shooting a man who threatened her sister, send her on a sailing trip into Mexican waters where she finds the body of a murdered teenage girl, and you've got the mix for an intriguing mystery. Add an irresistible Mexican-Italian man who happens to be the lead investigator on the case and the romance begins to sizzle. I loved the vivid descriptions of this coastal Mexican town, and the methodic way in which officer Katy Hunter helps with the investigation. A satisfying ending in which all the threads come together into a neatly plotted book." - Connie Shelton, author of the best-selling Charlie Parker mysteries and the new Samantha Sweet mysteries

Here's the set-up:
Bleary-eyed and sleep deprived after a long overnighter into Mexico, solo sailor and SFPD police detective, Katrina Hunter, thinks the mermaid twenty yards behind her thirty-two foot Westsail is nothing more than a sailor's hallucination But everything she knows about floaters convinces her to turn her boat around for another look.

Now, alone and isolated in the Mexican port's police station for six hours she's convinced that reporting a floater to authorities was a mistake. Even the arrival of a handsome, if somewhat dour, Mexican/Italian investigator does nothing to dispel her growing anxiety that she's about to be charged with the murder.

Chief Inspector, Raul Vignaroli, is as surprised by the attractive solo-sailor as he is to find that she's a respected member of the San Francisco police force, and after some well-placed phone calls he's sure that he's found the perfect partner to help him solve a murder, if not the cure for his broken heart. Released, she's free to go. But leaving the police station hits a snag when two policemen march in, dragging a listless prisoner between them. But before Katy can dodge them for the exit, the prisoner raises his head and a startling pair of aquamarine eyes meet hers.

He straightens his back, wincing at the angle of his cuffed wrists. "What the... Whisper?"

Suddenly, the sound of the ceiling fan is terribly loud. Blood pounds in her ears, her mouth goes dry, her palms are damp and her feet are nailed to the floor. In a knee jerk reaction, she hisses, "Don't call me that!"

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A DEAD RED HEART - The Lalla Bains Series
When a lovesick, homeless veteran litters her vintage red caddy with paper snowflakes, Lalla Bains, Aero Ag pilot figures it's time for a showdown. Unfortunately, someone else has the same idea leaving Lalla with a dying man at her feet, and only his strange last words, "The more there is, the less you see," as a clue to his killer.

Compounding her life her tightwad, widowed father becomes a born-again ladies man, a disreputable competitor tries to push her out of business, and last but not least, her antennae twitches that the sultry redhead in Modesto's police department may be vying for Sheriff Caleb Stone's affections.

It soon becomes crystal clear that the police are totally off base on this murder investigation and someone else is going to have to suit up to solve this case. Someone who is just exasperating, pushy, and tenacious enough to get the job done--and that person will be none other than:Ms. Lalla Bains.

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"I've been married so many times, they should revoke my license," says NY model, and reluctant pilot Lalla Bains.

Running her dad's Crop-Dusting business in Modesto, California she's hoping to dodge the inevitable fortieth birthday party. But when her trophy red '58 Cadillac is found tail-fins up in a nearby lake, the police ask why a widowed piano teacher, who couldn't possibly see beyond the hood ornament, was found strapped in the driver's seat.

Reeling from an interrogation with local homicide, Lalla is determined to extricate herself as a suspect in this strange murder case. Unfortunately, drug running pilots, a cross-dressing convict, a crazy Chihuahua, and the dead woman's hunky nephew throw enough road blocks to keep Lalla neck deep in an investigation that links her family to a twenty-year old murder only she can solve.

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