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Jessica Lauryn - An Author Interview at the HBS Author's Spotlight

Today our blog puts the Spotlight on Author Jessica Lauryn. She is the Top Selling Author of the Romantic Suspense Series, The Pinnacles of Power.

Author Genre: Romance, Mystery & Thrillers, Contemporary

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Author Description:
An author of Contemporary Romantic Suspense, Jessica Lauryn is most intrigued by dark heroes, who have many demons to conquer...but little trouble enticing female companions into their beds! She feels that the best romances are those where the hero is already seducing the heroine from that first point of contact.

In Jessica's debut series, The Pinnacles of Power, five troubled bad boys: Ryan, Alec, Colin, Lucas and Jack must let go of the mistakes of their pasts as they battle the dangers surrounding an underground organization called Project Gemstone. Each man crosses paths with a strong, feisty heroine who has the ability to capture his heart and change the course of his life forever. Ryan's story, Dangerous Secret, kicks off the series in the picturesque town of North Conway, New Hampshire.

Jessica is a proud member of both Romance Writers of America and her local chapter, New Jersey Romance Writers. When she's not writing, she enjoys listening to as much 80's music as possible, keeping current with the story lines on Days of Our Lives and The Young and the Restless, shopping for the latest fashions and the prettiest of antiques, and taking long walks in nature where she can daydream about anything romantic. Though she resides in New Jersey, her heart belongs to the White Mountain National Forest in New Hampshire.

SPOTLIGHT Questions and Answers with the Author

Congratulations on your book: Dangerous Magic. What do you have on the drawing board next? Can you tell us the timeline for its release and give us a little tease?

I'm thrilled to have completed the 5 stories the I intended to have as parts of my debut series, The Pinnacles of Power and I'm currently working on a second 5-book romantic suspense series which centers around a fictitious theater in Briar Cliff Manor, New York. Years ago, two men--both of whom were in love with the same woman--forged a partnership that would bring their unique artistic vision to light. As one man declares war against the other the lives of their children are forever affected. Consequently, five couples will battle the drama, danger and mayhem that now encompasses Rabourn Theater and ultimately give into the passion and love they feel for one another, passion which, naturally, cannot be denied! I'm very excited about this series and expect the first of the five stories will release sometime in 2016.

You have a good following on twitter. Since you started before the social media buzz, what impact has social media relationships had on your current success? How did you build your following in your niche? How much has it changed your book launch process?

As an author I definitely benefit from using social media and have found, since I began using it, that it is an excellent way to reach readers beyond the bounds of everyday life. When I first joined Facebook and Twitter, I "friended" and "followed" the authors and readers I already knew and sought out to build my contact list from there. Sites such as these recommend new friends based upon your current list and this can be an excellent way to network when you're first starting out. The writing community is a warm and welcoming one and I found that people often reached out to me along the way and invited me into their circles. This has greatly impacted my book launch process because having a large following on social media allows me to target ads and invites to Facebook book launch parties toward people I know would like to receive them.

You do a lot of book signings, interviews, speaking and personal appearances. When and where is the next place where your readers can see you? Where can they keep up with your personal contacts online?

A number of these dates are still up in the air as of yet but I will for sure be giving an interview on May 21, 2016 on Genuine Jenn's Thoughts on Motherhood, Reviews & More. http://www.genuinejenn.com/

I'll also be posting my release dates, blog tour and personal appearances as they are scheduled on my facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/jessicalaurynauthor/

You have great covers. They carry a theme and your brand with them. How does your book cover creation process work? Do you hand over the basic theme or do you have more of a hands-on approach? Do you get your readers involved in its development?

My publisher, Siren BookStrand creates my covers for me however I'm asked by BookStrand to provide a description of what I would like to have appear on the cover as well as what I would not like to have appear. I'll usually begin by providing photos of the actors I have envisioned in the character roles along the way and give a description of what I'd like to see them doing in the picture. One of my primary focuses with regards to the covers for The Pinnacles of Power Series was that the pictures used all be given a similar look and that the titles all have the same type face. With the next series, I may push the bar a bit more but I've been told by many readers that they love the covers that were used in this series and I do as well!

Besides the Romance Writers of America, what other writer support groups do you belong too? Do they help with the writing, marketing and the publishing process?

One of the greatest things about Romance Writers of America--(a wonderful organization if ever there was one!)--is that there are local chapters in many states across the country which provide the opportunities to meet and network with local writers. A life-long resident of the Garden State, I joined my local chapter, New Jersey Romance Writers' several years ago and have gained from this organization a well of industry knowledge, valuable critiquing opportunities and life-long friends. I've attended as well as hosted workshops from which I've improved my own craft as well as shared my knowledge with others. When someone in our chapter has a book release, we're all eager to help our fellow chapter mate promote it. We share our experiences regarding the publishing industry with one another and in so many ways we try to help each other out wherever possible.

What has been your experience in giving your books away free or at discount prices? Have you been involved in any other type of giveaways and how did that work out? What was your main goal in doing this? Did you run into any obstacles?

At different times in 2015 I discounted 3 of my kindle titles to 99 cents and saw a definite boost in sales during these times. I've also done giveaways on fellow authors' blogs as well as on sites like The Romance Reviews and even my own facebook page. My goal with giveaways is to find new readers and also to provide a treat for my existing readers. Everyone loves a giveaway! :)

How do you start your book launch process for a new book? Give a brief outline of the steps you go through to get your book to market. What methods were the most successful?

I like to kick off book launches with a release party, usually on Facebook. I'll do giveaways at the "party" and play games that are sure to get everyone who logs in chatting about fun trivia pertaining to romance. During the weeks following I'll usually do a blog tour and, whenever possible, library and book store signings. In the months following the initial excitement of the release I may offer discounts and giveaways to try and keep the buzz going a little while longer. All of these methods are important parts of my process but I've found discounting is generally the most successful for generating immediate sales.

Do you maintain a reader list? What are the methods you use to find your readers and create the list and the relationship? Do you use social media, forums, newsletters and/or support groups to build your list?

I don't have an official reader list but I know many of my readers well as I spent a lot of time chatting with them on social media. I found a number of them through these same means. I don't send out a newsletter currently but I have plans of doing so in the near future - one of my top resolutions for 2016!

What is your method of getting reviews for your novels? Do you seek professional reviews, use social media or do you rely on your reading audience to supply them?

In addition to the reviews posted by readers I have provided copies of my stories to sites such as The Romance Reviews and Readers' Favorite in exchange for an honest review. I find this is a great way to reach new readers as there is typically a lot of traffic on these sites.

Have you ever done a book tour? If so, did it contribute to the success of your book sales?

I typically do a blog tour at the time of a book release. This helps with the initial sales when a new title first comes out. I also try to do some guest blogging in between releases whenever I can.

Author's Book List
Dangerous Magic - The Pinnacles of Power 5
Currently 99 Cents on Amazon Kindle.

Corinne Johnson's world was shattered years ago when a strange discovery led to her to become separated from her children. Engaged to re-marry the man responsible, she is determined to do whatever it takes to be in her children's lives. But when she has a dream about her once-coworker Jack Madera, Corinne's plans of securing her future go up in smoke. The sexy and mysterious Wiccan she once knew is back in town. And Corinne begins to suspect the most erotic dream of her life was never a dream at all. Jack Madera is determined to learn the identity of his biological father. But when his search takes him to the place where his old coworker Corinne Johnson lives, he realizes his visit may not be as short-lived as he'd hoped. Drawn to the woman he has always shared a deep connection with, Jack casts a spell which takes him and Corinne down a path they never saw coming.

Order the Book From:
Barnes and Noble

Dangerous Secret - The Pinnacles of Power Prequel
Abigail MacKenzie has been trying to put her father's tragic death behind her.But when a handsome stranger produces a random clue about her father's shooting, hopes of finding her father's killer come flooding back to the surface.Abigail is determined to get justice for her dad, even if it means learning the secret of a man with eyes that cut straight through the wall around her heart. After making a mysterious discovery that costs him his job, Ryan Newberry is happy to accept any position he can get.But when he realizes that one of the employees who'll be working under him at the Washington Valley Hotel is Abigail MacKenzie, the sweet girl he met weeks before, he fears the past might be in danger of repeating itself.Ryan only hopes that his desires for his new front desk associate won't lead both of them down a path of danger from which he won't be able to protect them. ** A BookStrand Mainstream Romance

Order the Book From:
Barnes and Noble

Dangerous Proposition - The Pinnacles of Power 3
When Julia Dyson learns her father has been abducted, she believes his hidden profession may be to blame. But when she discovers a man’s name in her dad's caller history, a man suspected of shady business activity and also her teenage crush, she decides to take matters into her own hands. She confronts her father's presumed abductor, resulting in an unforgettable kiss. In the course of one disastrous evening, diamond smuggling kingpin Colin Westwood learns that his best recruit is missing in action, and that the man has been keeping a secret for years—he has a twenty-six-year-old daughter. Determined to protect his identity, Colin vows to find the young woman, and keep her silent at any cost. Later intrigued to learn that she is actually the attractive woman he kissed, he makes Julia an offer. Come to New York City with him to search for her missing father…as his mistress

Order the Book From:
Barnes and Noble

Dangerous Proposal - The Pinnacles of Power 2
At nineteen, Alec Westwood nearly committed the most horrific of crimes—murder in cold blood—and narrowly escaped the assignment with his life. When a stunning young woman crosses his path wearing the insignia for the organization that recruited him, he vows not to let fate get a second chance. But when the enchantress gives him a kiss that leaves him spellbound, Alec realizes the power she holds is greater than all his strength and fortitude combined. On the run from her psychotic fiance, Lena Benson vows to forge a new life. But when her new friend Jack tells her to stay away from Alec Westwood—the man she believes her fiance hired to track her down—she takes matters into her own hands. Alec may have the charm, but she’s calling the shots, even if that means resisting a man whose eyes and touch rob her, literally, of sense.

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Barnes and Noble

Dangerous Ally - The Pinnacles of Power 4
When Reporter Lilah Benson takes a job in the home of diamond smuggling kingpin Lucas Ramone, she believes she has a chance to write the story of a lifetime. But when she meets the man who was supposed to be her nemesis, Lilah is tempted by a passion far stronger than the desire to see her name in print...There was no doubt in Lucas's mind that eliminating his father's new executive assistant--namely, the bastard he's hired to help steal Project Gemstone--would be effortless. But with eyes like green jewels and a body made for a man’s hands, Lilah Benson isn't exactly the adversary he was expecting to face...Though Lilah may be the one person capable of bringing him to his knees, Lucas will stop at nothing to keep his empire secure. He will have it all: His Fortune, His Legacy, and Lilah Benson in his bed...

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Barnes and Noble

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