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Matt Broadway - The Riptide Sabbatical is featured in the HBS Author's Spotlight Book Showcase

The Showcase is a special feature of the Author's Spotlight. It is designed to highlight Spotlight author's NEW releases and their soon to be released novels.

The HBS Author's Spotlight SHOWCASES Matt Broadway's New Novella: The Riptide Sabbatical.

Author Matt Broadway writes Crime fiction and Fantasy novels.

The Riptide Sabbatical

A Coffee Crew Elaboration

Author: Matt Broadway


For some reason, when you get shot in the head they make you take some time off. Unfortunately for Detective Clausen of the Asheville PD, getting away from it all isn't going to be easy.

Excerpt from The Riptide Sabbatical

"Who the hell are you?"

"A concerned citizen," I said. I was bigger than the guy, but he was taller. I tried the diplomatic approach. "Why don't you leave her alone and go get some sleep. Maybe you'll wake up in the morning a more decent human being."

"Why don't you back off? This is private business between me and my wife."

"Nobody ever taught you not to hit women?"

"She's my wife, I can do anything I want to her."

I saw Sarah behind Bobby. Her face was liquid fire, and she clenched her fists rapidly by her sides. I doubted if I needed to step in to this conversation at all. She looked like a demon possessed, and Bobby was just digging his hole deeper and deeper every time he opened his mouth.

"Not here," I said. "Not in front of me."

"Look buddy, go back to wherever you came from and leave me alone. One more word and I'll kick your ass with my fists."

Budry chuckled at the comment and Bobby whipped his head at the bartender. This would not end well. Diplomacy wasn't working.

"Oh no, there goes Tokyo," I half hummed, half sung under my breath.

"What the shit did I tell you old man?" Bobby swung his left in a wide roundhouse at the side of my head. I don't think it was possible to telegraph a shot any more than he was at the moment, and my left forearm came up to block the blow.

The guy was strong, I had to give him that. His fist made contact and pushed my arm into the side of my head. I ducked to the right to help deflect the force of the blow. As he recovered, I swung up with my right and slammed an uppercut into his jaw. Bobby didn't see the shot coming, and I caught him clean. His head rocked back and his whole body followed. Sarah barely got out of the way as he crashed through the barstools and landed hard on the wooden planks of the patio.

"Apologies," I said to Sarah.

"For what?" She asked as she watched Bobby grab his chin and prop himself up on an elbow.

"For manhandling your husband."

"Oh," she said. "He hid the return flight tickets." She said it as if that was a detailed explanation.


"This trip was supposed to save our marriage. It didn't work. I would have left yesterday, but he hid the tickets."

Author: Matt Broadway

Author Genre: Crime fiction and Fantasy

Website: The Broad Way
Twitter: @mattbroadway41
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Amazon Author Profile

Author Description: In April 2015, my wife Natalie graciously let me quit my job and pursue writing as a full time occupation. I have worked as a landscaper, a barista, a teacher, a land surveyor, a fork truck driver, a tutor, a sandwich artist, a dish washer, a security guard, a salesman, and a web designer; but now I find myself a spinner of tales. ?

I have a passion for writing crime fiction and fantasy, so that is what you will find in my stories.

Author's Book List
Narcotic Daydreams
Tom Marshall was never one of the good guys. Even back when he was a cop, he was just another member of an utterly corrupt force. He has spent the last five years working at a local towing company run by a small time mafia boss and drinking his life away in an ever downward spiral. When one of his buddies asks him to look for his missing girlfriend, Tom takes a chance and decides to try doing the right thing for a change. The trail this search leads him down makes him question whether he wants to be the kind of guy who finds lost girls, or the kind of guy who makes them disappear.

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