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Ty Patterson - Death Club is featured in the HBS Author's Spotlight Showcase

The Showcase is a special feature of the Author's Spotlight. It is designed to highlight Spotlight author's NEW releases and their soon to be released novels.

The HBS Author's Spotlight SHOWCASES Ty Patterson's Book: Death Club.

Author Ty Patterson is a Thriller & Suspense and Crime thriller writer.

Death Club

Warriors Series of Crime Action Thrillers Book 9

Author: Ty Patterson

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U.S. Special Forces operative Zeb Carter didn't know about the Death Club when he stumbled across the dismembered body, left to desiccate in the Oregon high desert.

But the body wasn't his problem—for once, he could hand it over to the local sheriff and trust in his competence.

At least, it wouldn't have been Zeb's problem, if he hadn't found out who dead man was and what he meant to his teenage daughter.

Now he's asking questions—and the wrong people have noticed.

No, Zeb doesn't know about the Death Club.

But it knows about him.

It's already tracking him.

Excerpt from Death Club

Mike Klattenbach knew he wouldn’t last long. His mind had stopped working, conserving the last of the available oxygen, trying to survive. His body had long given up on him and was ready to curl up and die.

Klattenbach knew he was going to die, and very painfully. Several of his ribs were broken and one eye felt like it was permanently damaged. Bones were sticking out of his left hand and his whole body was one giant mass of pain.

He stood swaying, blinking sweat away from his eyes as a figure danced in front of him. The dull roar assaulting his ears wasn’t just the blood pounding in his head. It was the voice of a blood thirsty crowd who had paid top dollar to witness a killing. They wanted bloodshed. They got it.

They wanted a death. Mike Klattenbach knew they would have it.

The dancing figure came closer, a man of enormous proportions, almost six feet five inches tall, all of it muscle and hard bone, his head clean shaven, ink all over his body, his face an impassive mask.

The man was bare-chested, as was Mike Klattenbach. He was dressed in jeans and sneakers, and on his hands were a pair of boxing gloves. Klattenbach had the same attire, though his gloves hadn’t offered much defense to him.

The approaching man jabbed and caught Klattenbach flush on his chin. Klattenbach staggered back but managed to stay on his feet. Hands shoved him back against his opponent who punched again, low, hard, wicked, and another rib broke.

The attacker rained more punches on his face and abdomen, each of them bringing out groans from Klattenbach. The losing fighter didn’t put up any resistance, his body too far gone to defy the punches. His hands lay limply by his side, his uninjured eye blinking rapidly.

The taller man spun in the air and brought Klattenbach to his knees with a spinning kick. His knee crashed into the fallen man’s face. Klattenbach sprawled on his back and his last sight was that of his attacker looming over him.

Nothing moved in the sand and brush of Oregon’s High Desert in the morning hours, except for the sun continuing its relentless journey and for a few fleecy clouds moving in the sky.

The desert covered five counties in the state and was one of the most sparsely populated regions in the country. There were a few large ranches, but the chances of coming across a rattler or a bighorn were higher than encountering human life.

The first sign of life came when the sun was directing its light straight down and shadows were the smallest. A small blob appeared over the horizon and over time, resolved into a human figure.

The person moved steadily, stopping every now and then to wipe sweat and take a swig of water. The man was well-equipped with a backpack and had several liters of water in cans strapped across his body. The backpack contained several pieces of clothing to tackle the heat and the cold. The temperature in the summer could go as high as the mid-eighties and could fall to the low forties.

The man was brown-haired, lean and tall, and moved with an easy gait that suggested a lot of experience walking outdoors.

The man, Zeb Carter, did have that kind of experience. He had walked in some of the most inhospitable deserts in the world and across the most rugged terrain. He wasn’t going to any particular place this time, nor was he on any mission.

The High Desert wasn’t a region he had previously visited, and he was rectifying that during this trip. He was alone, his vehicle parked in a motel in Burns, which was on the edge of the desert.

He had been in the desert for three days, camping in the open, and it was on the third day, he spotted the bald eagle. It was circling in the sky, swooping lower, and disappeared out of sight, a mile away.

Zeb had nothing better to do and set out in the direction of the eagle. It rose several minutes later and through his binoculars, he spotted a piece of flesh in its beak.

Probably a wild animal, dead. He checked his location and his phone. His GPS was working, his cell phone had no signal. The eagle was flying away in the sky and became a distant speck.

Zeb navigated past a rocky outcrop and came to the bird’s position and stood still at the sight that beheld him.

A body, a human, male from what remained of it, lying face up.

He looked around swiftly, assessing any threat, the action second nature to him. Nope, no threat. He was the only living person for miles around.

He approached the body cautiously, watching where he placed his feet. There were no tracks for him to carelessly erase.

He got closer to the body and crouched next to it. The face had been savaged by wildlife, as was the upper torso. Heat and the dry weather had decomposed the skin and white bone showed in several places.

Male, white, bare-chested, was what Zeb could make out from the remains. The bare-chested part intrigued him. No sane person was foolhardy enough to wander in the desert without clothing.

The lack of tracks intrigued him even more. There wasn’t much wind and loose soil and sand wouldn’t have covered tracks. He moved in widening concentric circles, but he still didn’t come across any vehicle tread marks.

He came back to the body and photographed it from various angles. He spoke in his phone and narrated his discovery of it. He went closer to it to get a better angle when a remaining patch of skin on a forearm caught his attention.

There was a tattoo on that patch of skin, a design he knew very well. Several of his friends wore that ink. He pulled out his sat phone and powered it up, knowing that his holiday had just ended.

The tattoo was that of a dagger crossed by three lightning bolts, on a darker, arrowhead background. Zeb had seen that ink on several of his friends once they had left the Army.

It was that of the Special Forces.

Author: Ty Patterson

Author Genre: Thriller & Suspense, Crime thriller

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Author Description: Ty has lived on a couple of continents and has been a trench digger, loose tea vendor, leather goods salesman, marine lubricants salesman, diesel engine mechanic and is now a thriller author.

Ty lives with his wife and son, who humor his ridiculous belief that he's in charge.

Ty is currently working on Defending Cain, the second book in The Gemini series.

Author's Book List
Defending Cain - The Gemini Series Book 2
Would you believe a serial killer?

Beth and Meghan Petersen are hunting a missing woman. Cain, a vicious serial killer, is hunting them. Someone is due a dead ending.

Calliope 'Cali' Minter has been missing for several years, and is presumed dead, killed by Cain, the mysterious and vicious serial killer terrorizing New York.

Calliope 'Cali' Minter has been missing for several years, and is presumed dead, killed by Cain, the mysterious and vicious serial killer terrorizing New York.

Her family haven't given up hope however, and hire Meghan and Beth Petersen to search for Cali. The case is old, the trial is cold and the twins are ready to give up when a man is murdered in broad daylight, in front of Meghan. In his hand is a photograph, Cali's.

Before they know it, the twins are sucked into a investigation that has more dead ends than clues, more dead bodies than answers, and more gangsters than witnesses. Helping them is Zeb Carter, their friend, and the most lethal man they know.

Even Zeb may not be enough as their investigation takes them across the country and beyond, to deep rooted conspiracies and killers the likes of whom they have never encountered before.

The search for a missing woman just might turn into a dead end. A dead ending for the three of them.

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Dividing Zero - The Gemini Series Book 1
Eight year old Maddie Kittrell's dad and mom love her. She has besties she is tight with. Life is perfect for Maddie...except for those times when Daddy hits Mommy.

Beth and Meghan Petersen, seasoned operatives in a covert U.S. agency, work on missions that never come to light. They are used to the shadowy world of counter-terrorism and have put their lives on the line. Several times.

They take on their most unusual mission when they are hired by eight-year-old Maddie Kittrell, whose 'Daddy is hitting Mommy.'

However, before they even start their investigation, they are attacked viciously and are left with a burning question that's even larger than Maddie's secret.

Whom do they trust?

Maddie Kittrell? Her Daddy? Her Mommy?

Or none of them?

Truth can set one free, however, in their case, it could get them killed.

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Zero - Warriors Series of Crime Action Thrillers Book 8
Terrorists hold hundreds of hostages captive in a hotel and are building up to a horrifying event. Among the captives is U.S. Special Forces operative Zeb Carter.

Zeb Carter is outnumbered. He has no backup, He is the hostages' only hope. His Dying Can Be Fatal for them.

Zero is when action explodes.

Terrorists have captured a high profile hotel in Washington D.C and have complete control over hundreds of hostages.

They are experienced, efficient, ruthless, and are working to a plan; a plan that involves mass execution.

The hostages include U.S. Special Forces operative Zeb Carter, who was dining in the hotel with friends when the terrorists attacked.

Zeb is experienced, efficient, ruthless when he has to be, and has no plan.

His goal is to survive; his Dying Can Be Fatal for the hostages because the killing is only the beginning.

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Hunting You - Warriors Series of Crime Action Thrillers Book 7
Armed intruders burst into Hank Parker's home and ask him a question. Tell a lie and watch your family die, they tell him. Hank is ready to spill; problem is he doesn't know the answer.

Hank Parker is dining with his family when the intruders burst into his home. They are armed. They are seeking answers.

Hank Parker has faced down terrorists and armed insurgents. He has been to various hotspots in the world, has come out unharmed, and has built a good life for himself and his family. The intruders are the most dangerous threat he has ever faced.

The lives of Hank's family depend on his answering the questions. What if he doesn't know the answers? What if Don't Know isn't an option?

U.S. Special Forces Operative Zeb Carter is back in this pulse-pounding action, adventure thriller that will engross fans of Jack Reacher, Will Robie, Mitch Rapp, and Scot Harvath.

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Behind You - Warriors Series of Crime Action Thrillers Book 6
They warned Elena Petrova, a journalist, to drop her story. She didn't. They raped her. She didn't give up. They killed her and buried her body where no man could find it. Unfortunately for them, one man did.

Special Forces operative Zeb Carter is back. This time it's personal.

Zeb Carter discovers the woman's body in a remote part of the country, while on vacation. The body cannot be identified. No one comes forward to claim it. No missing women match it.

He is prepared to leave the investigation to the authorities when he is asked to leave town.

Zeb Carter is a deep black agent with a U.S. government agency that officially doesn't exist. He hunts terrorists, international criminal gangs, drugs and people traffickers. He shuts down threats to U.S. national security.

In his business, back off is an order he issues.

He decides to get involved and enters a battlefield where his enemies are ruthless, well-trained, several steps ahead of him, and anonymous. They want him stopped. They want him dead. He doesn't know why.

He has come up against powerful and shadowy enemies before. He has faced down lethal assassins and terrorists. He has worked in hostile territory.

He has never come up against anyone like The Man, that too, in his own country.

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Flay - Warriors Series of Crime Action Thrillers Book 5
The Flayer, a serial killer in New York, cuts up his victims and posts videos online. He is planning a special show, one that will break the internet. However, that's only part of his plan. The second part will break the city.

Special Ops agent Zeb Carter, recruited to help the NYPD, has never come across a killer as evil and cunning as the Flayer.

The Flayer appears at will, disappears into the darkness, and all that he leaves behind his a mutilated body.

As the body count rises and New Yorkers turn on the police, the Flayer amps the pressure. He releases a video of his killing and makes a chilling promise. His next killing will break the internet - it will be live.

Zeb Carter has few clues; the only lead he has uncovered suggests that breaking the internet is not the Flayer's sole motive. He is building up to a terrifying climax the likes of which the city hasn't faced before. .

Zeb decides to come out in the open in order to draw out the Flayer; however he might be too late. The Flayer has already set his plan in motion.

The city that never sleeps is heading to a catastrophic nightmare.

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The Warrior's Debt - Warriors Series of Crime Action Thrillers Book 4
New York city. Two killers. Both hunters. Neither of them is used to being prey.

New York is in the grip of a killer the likes of whom it has never seen before. He chooses his victims randomly and disappears like a ghost after his murderous act.

The NYPD are baffled and turn to Special Ops agent, Zeb Carter. Zeb is a killer himself, an assassin, a hunter. He hunts terrorists, despots, killers of all kinds, but even his skills get him nowhere as the killer always stays one step ahead.

Zeb's only hope is that the killer makes a mistake. The killer doesn't, he already has Zeb Carter on his radar.

The killer turns hunter, Zeb Carter is prey.

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The Warrior Code - Warriors Series Book 3
Beth and Meghan Petersen, twin sisters, business women from Boston, are vacationing in Wyoming when they are first attacked. It is written off as a wrong time, wrong place incident.

A second attack quickly follows and the sisters realize these are no random incidents. They are being deliberately targeted for reasons unknown.

The sisters’ panic turns to desperation as they learn that ruthless assassins have recruited statewide gangs to hunt them. A third attack on them is imminent and could spell the end for them.

One man stands between them and their hunters.

One man who just might help them find out why.

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The Reluctant Warrior - Warriors Series Book 2
Broker and his team are going about their lives after the explosive events in The Warrior, when Broker receives an unexpected offer.

The FBI in New York City has a deeply buried mole and despite its best efforts, has been unable to identify the traitor. It needs an unorthodox thinker, a maverick intelligence analyst like Broker, to flush the mole out.

William Shattner is a loser, a lowly mechanic in a garage in Brooklyn who has never made the right decisions in his life. William Shattner disappears one day.

Broker and the family find themselves on the run as their paths cross and collide with that of an enemy of incredible power. No place in the city is safe from its reach, their every move is known.

The last thing they need is more trouble. A mysterious assassin has other ideas and stalks them at a time they can least afford to handle it, an assassin as good as Broker's men.

In all previous missions, Broker has relied on his wits and his team to come out on top.

As events hurtle to a violent climax, this time Broker finds himself outwitted, out-maneuvered and maybe out of time.

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The Warrior - Warriors Series Book 1
If you enjoy reading thrillers from the likes of Lee Child,James Patterson, Harlan Coben, Robert Crais, you will enjoy The Warrior.

When Private Military Contractor Zeb Carter witnesses gruesome crimes in the Congo, he can’t just walk away.

Plagued by the scale of the crimes and the helplessness of the victims, he is bent on his own private justice.

What transpires is a fast pace gripping journey that stretches from the Congo to New York, into the world of corrupt politics, influential politicians who want him dead, and government agencies who are against him.

This breakneck paced read is an edge-of-your-seat,exothermic thrill machine, with a plot so full of surprises it will carry your imagination long beyond the final word.

Order the Book From:
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