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Jack Thanatos – Dreaming is featured in the HBS Author's Spotlight Showcase

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The HBS Author's Spotlight SHOWCASES Jack Thanatos' Book: Dreaming.

Jack writes Fantasy, Paranormal and Thriller Novels.


The Gods of Chaos Book 1

Author: Jack Thanatos

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When it comes to the Djinn, most dreamers pay little attention to their intrusive presence. Jack was no exception, believing these beings were fabrications of his sleeping mind. One specific Djinn seemed to follow Jack, watching like a voyeur, from the background. This mysterious figure never interacted with Jack, just quietly remained a fixture of the dreamscape.

As time shifted and he grew from early adolescence to his teens, Jack’s frequent nocturnal visitor seemed to vanish. Then, one night in his mid-20’s, the Djinn reemerged. Not only had he returned, but instead of remaining in the background, this man stepped from the shadows and finally introduced himself.

Skeptical at first, Jack dismissed the chance occurrence until he was handed tangible proof in Reality. A special handbook entitled “The Grimoire” was the gift, and it was designed to open the doorway into the Djinn life.

With Jack’s acceptance, his induction was swift. His wildest dreams were about to become true…as well as his nightmares. The rigid line between Reality and the Dreaming had been permanently blurred. The Djinn had Jack hooked, and all he could do is go for the ride of his life. Will this be too much for Jackie Boy to handle?

Excerpt from Dreaming

Chap 1: A Life Hack for Slacker Jack

Oneiroi Motto:

Man may transcend the limitations of a physical shell once knowing its potential energy, converting it by metaphysical means.

I used to have dreams of people on fire. Oblivious to the flames, they’d walk around like briquettes of gas soaked wood planks that didn’t char. The color and intensity of each flare typically remained identical, but a select few of the wandering bodies glowed brighter, and the tint varied wildly. In these dreams, one particular man always seemed to be present. Whether merely sitting alone in the corner of a room or as a spectator at an event, my slumber buddy was ever present. These dreams reoccurred throughout my childhood, leading into my early teens. Then one day, they just stopped. Mr. Sandman had ceased his routine visits. It took a great deal of time for that void to fill.

I rarely spoke with anyone about my frequent mental guest, but often wondered what the dreams of fire and his visitations represented. I searched dream encyclopedias, none of which gave me satisfactory answers. Generalized interpretations like “fire represents anger” were all but useless and, without helpful hints, I gave up the search. After a few years, those dreams faded into the long-term brain dump.

Then, in my mid-twenties, the dreams started again, only this time they came with a special set of instructions for when I woke. At first, I thought they were unimportant, that my mind had recovered whatever it lost due to adolescent chemical imbalances of puberty and maturation. The difference this time was that I began chronicling the events. Someone was subconsciously supplying a mental message, and I realized it was silly not to pay attention.

The dreams soon ended and my cerebral buddy had dissolved once again, leaving only a riddle that I didn’t understand. The final clear memory of the dream was: “To understand the lands of the Old Gods, the mind must be opened. The world is hidden in plain sight and left for the eyes to see. To find the eyes, to open the mind, find the scripts of earth and death.”

Interesting as that sounded, it made absolutely no sense. Just like with the fire dreams, I researched for weeks, finding no definitive answers, and the trail went cold. Whatever my dream friend was attempting to communicate was lost on my unenlightened brain, and once again the message drifted from my attention.

The message became less relevant as time progressed, and it drifted from my day-to-day thoughts. Then, just as I was about to deposit the message in the recycling bin of my memory bank, something happened. An afternoon of boredom and a television message led to the greatest and most perplexing discovery of my entire life.

Author Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal, Thriller

Website: Jack Thanatos
Twitter: @TheDjinnTrials
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Amazon Author Profile

Author Description: Jack Thanatos is a visionary of a fictional existence, a specter of Reality. He mentally harbors the world around him, watching the strings pulled and writes a supernatural infused version of what he sees. Real life has a way of getting away from us with the daily grind forcing us away from what we truly wish for ourselves.

Jack merely wishes to bring the world back to one of simpler means, a world governed by ancient gods and new deities pulling the strings that normal folks shouldn't naturally have the ability to even know about. A world where the Dreaming and Reality can work together as friends with benefits. A world where Cyberspace is a place that can be physically traversed.

The Djinn universe will encompass each and every entry into Jack's anthology. The characters will work within the same limitations (or lack thereof). The hope is that once this is all done, every reader will look at the fragile existence around them with a slightly more skeptical attitude, that maybe these beings could really be hanging out behind the scenes.

"I spend all my time in The Dreaming and The Netherworld, making my way through the Djinn lifestyle. It is my dream one day to reach the forbidden realms of Tartarus and Machina, but until I learn my way, I'll have to stumble through the daily obstacles."

Author's Book List
Purgatory - The Gods of Chaos Book 3
After living through the many perilous dangers that Netherworld had to offer, Jack, Deny, and Freya were starting to understand this Djinn lifestyle was riddled with massive issues. A war between the two Djinn factions, the Oneiroi and the Mercury Corporation, was looming on the horizon. The man provoking the conflict, Old Dirty Willie, believed he had been betrayed by the leader of the Oneiroi, Thanatos.

Unfortunately for Jack, Willie had discovered Thanatos’s favoring of him over other newly-inducted Djinn apprentices, making Jack his main target.

With the help of the New Gods, Jack’s crew is given a whole new set of metaphysical tools to help defend against Willie’s devious tactics. This globe-trotting adventure leads Jack and his friends to every corner of the Earth in search for ancient relics to help them ascend into the Djinn ranks. But with Willie biting at Jack’s heels at every turn, will Jack survive the voyage, or will Old Dirty Willie exact his revenge on Thanatos’s protégé?

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Netherworld - The Gods of Chaos Book 2
Jack and Deny were on the cusp of understanding the ramifications of their life-altering decision to join the Djinn. The Dreaming was used as a crash course, with the New Gods providing the instruction. They were enthusiastic students, eagerly eating up every glorious morsel of training they were given.

But now, immediately following an agonizing transition through the ether, they find themselves in chilling territory. Standing knee deep in severed human limbs, the terror became all too real as they discover this was not another manifestation conjured within the Dreaming. The inky blackness of Netherworld had been revealed, and it’s up to them to figure out why they were here.

Netherworld picks up immediately after Dreaming left off. Jack and Deny must find a path through the baffling organic obstacle course to learn what their next step into the Djinn life entails. With a lovely Magi named Freya providing much needed information and guidance, they learn that Netherworld’s precarious secrets are more dangerous than they could’ve imagined.

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Poacher Hunters - The Djinn Trials
In the sewers is no place to wake, but Belial’s initiation into the Djinn life left him few choices. He survived a brutally violent battle and desperately needed a hiding place. His Djinn-given abilities healed him physically, but deep mental scars haunted him.

A Djinn organization, The Oneiroi, sent in one of their newest recruits, Eris, to track Belial. Her unique honing ability located him with ease. Fortunately for Belial, she wasn’t the enemy. The Oneiroi were providing transportation and weapons, as well as a target, The Mercury Corporation, and they requested Belial’s assistance. The hazing was over.

From the Midwest of the US, to the reserves of South Africa, and into the underbelly of Rio De Janiero, they go on the hunt. A ferocious and bloody path is carved through a ring of poachers and human traffickers. Belial and Eris’s take-no-prisoners attitude would be tested to the core when the truth behind The Mercury Corporation’s motive is far more complex than anything they could have imagined.

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Azazel - The Djinn Trials Book 1
Azazel had given up on life. With alcohol filling the constant void inside, he had forgotten the things that matter. That is, until he received a call from a man naming himself Lucifer, who wished to restore that long-lost will to live. Now Azazel must follow his orders and manage to survive one entire day. How hard can that be?

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