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Suzanne Jenkins - South Shore Romance is featured on the HBS Author's Spotlight Showcase

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The HBS Author's Spotlight SHOWCASES Suzanne Jenkins' New Book: South Shore Romance, Pam of Babylon Book #12 .

Romance and Suspense Author Suzanne Jenkins is the author of the Pam of Babylon series and The Greeks of Beaubien Street.

South Shore Romance

Pam of Babylon Book #12

Author: Suzanne Jenkins


At last, with everything aligned perfectly, and her family occupied, Pam finds romance, love, excitement and joy with Senator Charlie Monroe and his rescued Greyhound, Margaret. But swirling around her are the antics of Dan and Julie and their exciting but exasperating relationship, the elders living a riotous life jet-setting between Babylon, Great Neck, and Florida, Alison and Diana spending more and more time with Miranda, Lisa and Ryan Maddox discovering bonds they never thought possible, Sandra finding true love, and last but not least, Sister Mary Joseph, settling in to a life of comfort and privilege at the beach. What could possibly go wrong?

Recap from #11: Jenna and Michael

Jenna Clark, an RN is Tom Adams soon to be ex-wife. He and Jenna married after he and Sandra Benson broke up, when he realized Sandra’s baby was Brent Smith’s son and not his. Jenna and Tom have a child together, Baby Gloria.

An Excerpt of South Shore Romance: Pam of Babylon #12

Still in love with Sandra, Tom was honest with his feelings about her and Jenna willingly moved out of his apartment. Michael Bennett is the Hospital Administrator of Bellevue. He and Jenna met the previous summer when she climbed his fire escape during her break. He was smitten with her right away. The scene is leading up to Wednesday before Thanksgiving in this short excerpt. I hope you enjoy it! **** Everything fell into place for Jenna Clark right after Tom asked her for a divorce. Moving out of Tom’s apartment into her own little two-bedroom gem; close to Tom’s mother so she could babysit and within walking distance to the train station, had its tumultuous moments, but she worked through those times, satisfied with the progress of her new, single life.

The most difficult aspect of getting a divorce turned out not to be the loneliness everyone told her about, or the jealousy others said would be inevitable as Tom got on with his single life. What was difficult was not rushing into a relationship with Michael Bennett, who claimed to be madly in love with her.

“Move in with me,” he begged. “You can stay home and supervise a nanny if you don’t want to do childcare around the clock. Or keep working. Go back to school. Open a gallery…”

“Ha! Michael, why on earth would I open a gallery?” she asked, laughing.

“Well, not a gallery then. A dress shop. A yarn shop. Whatever you want. You can stay home in bed and read all day if that’s more appealing.”

“Oh god, stop!” she begged laughing. “I’m getting a pain in my side.”

“I’m crushed,” he said. “I’ll do anything to make your life easier, and to lure you to move in with me.”

Sitting on his lap, she put her arms around his neck. “I’m sorry, sweetheart,” she said. “I don’t want you to be crushed. I just think for now we should live apart.”

“For how long?”

“I signed a year-long lease on my apartment. In the meantime, when you’ll have us, Baby Gloria and I will come to you when I don’t have to work.”

“If I’ll have you?” he asked, hugging her. “I want you around whenever it’s possible.”

When the time came to set up a room for Gloria at his SoHo apartment, Michael spared no cost. Shopping for doubles of everything they’d need for the baby, he was adamant about having the best for her at his house, too. “Leave her things at Tom’s,” Michael said. “He’ll need a crib over there, too.”

“Gosh, that’s a good thought,” Jenna said. “I was ready to take everything with me.”

“Nope, let’s get new baby furniture for your apartment and new for mine.” It was like a dream, she told her friend and colleague Bruce. In the Bellevue emergency room, they’d just finished running a trauma code and were standing ankle deep in bloody dressings, drapes, tubing and instruments.

“I can have whatever I want for the baby,” Jenna said, shoving dirty linen into a bag. “Money is no object.”

“How much does a hospital administrator make, anyway?” Bruce asked.

“I have no idea. But I think he was in business before he came to Bellevue; old money, that sort of thing. They used to live in Great Neck,” she said, winking.

“Gotcha. I should’ve known,” Bruce said. “So! When do I meet your new man?”

“Well, how about after I get acclimated, you come to dinner. His place is closer to you than mine in Brooklyn is.”

“Are you saying you’re going to be staying at his place?”

“When I’m not here I will be,” she answered, smiling.

“I don’t get it. Why in hell did you stay in Brooklyn? When you had the chance you should’ve run.”

“Because Tom’s mother is there,” she said. “The baby loves going over there and I don’t have to worry about leaving her with a stranger. Besides, it’s too expensive to live in the city. You’re not suggesting I live with him yet, are you?”

“I’ll never have kids for that reason,” Bruce said. “I don’t even take my dog to a kennel when we go away.”

“Benjie? What do you do with him?”

“You know,” he said, sheepishly, shrugging his shoulders. “My mother watches him. I understand completely about not leaving the kid. What’s his place like? Where is it?”

Smiling, Jenna couldn’t help enjoying just a little false hubris. After all, where Michael lived had nothing to do with her. “SoHo,” she said, giggling.

“No way,” Bruce replied. “I suppose it’s a loft.”

“I don’t think so,” she said. “It has three bedrooms.”

“Oh great! So you’ll have to lower your standards to entertain me there, is that what you’re saying?” Bruce teased her.

“No, stop it,” she answered, laughing. “Trust me; I don’t get how I rate.” Shaking his head, Bruce knew she was speaking from a place of pain.

“Don’t put yourself down. Don’t you know how wonderful you are? I wish I was you.”

“Aw, I love you, Bruce,” Jenna said.

“I love you, too,” he answered, looking around the room. “I guess we’d better get busy.”

“Why’d I ever decide to become a nurse?” she asked the air, bending over with a trash bag to continue the clean up.

“You went into nursing so you’d meet me,” he answered. “And let’s not forget Michael Bennett.”

“God, how could I,” she answered.

“Do you love him?”

“I’m not sure,” she said. “But probably.”

“Ugh, that’s too bad,” he said. “Now you’re vulnerable.”

“I know,” Jenna replied sighing. “But I have decided not to put up any barriers. I mean my husband left me after telling me he didn’t love me and that I’d let myself go. If that didn’t destroy me, what will?”

“You’re so brave,” Bruce said. “I’d be gun shy.”

“Yes, well I sort of did jump into it, so that’s another good reason to stay in Brooklyn for a while.”

“I can see your reasoning now,” Bruce replied. “By the way, where are you going for Thanksgiving? You can always come to our place. David’s cooking. His mother will be there, but you don’t have to talk to her. I know I won’t.”

“I’ve been invited to SoHo,” Jenna said, winking again.

On Wednesday night, Thanksgiving eve, Michael waited for Jenna to finish her shift.

“I’m ready to go,” she said, calling his office from the nurse’s station.

“Okay, I’m on my way down,” he answered. Excited, they’d drive into Brooklyn to get Gloria from Virginia Adam’s apartment and bring her back into the city where they planned on playing house for a long weekend, the maiden voyage so to speak.

“I feel a little like a teenager, lying to her parents about spending the night with a girlfriend but really staying in a hotel with a boy.”

“But you’re staying in the boy’s apartment, and that’s worse. No, allow me to correct that. You’re staying in an older man’s apartment. So not only will your parents ground you for a month if you get caught, they’ll press charges and I’ll go to jail for fifteen years.”

“And you’re name will appear on a sexual predator’s list for life,” Jenna said.

They roared laughing, grabbing for each other’s hand while Michael kept one hand on the wheel. For the past weeks, their dates limited to dinners out, the occasional movie and shopping expeditions for baby furniture, this would be the first time they’d spend the night together. The knowledge that they’d have sex in a few hours lent a thrilling undercurrent.

“Are you ready for this?” Jenna asked.

“Meeting your ex’s mother?” Michael asked, teasing.

“Ha! You don’t need to come up to the house. Virginia knows what’s going on and she’s good with it. Her son is an ass and I think she might be doing a little penance for the guilt. No, I mean having me and the baby invading your peaceful space.”

“I know what you mean and I can’t wait,” he said. “It’s so lonely there, I miss having people around. You and the baby are my ready made family.”

“Aw, that’s so nice. I’m lucky you feel that way.”

“You are both the perfect package,” he said, smiling. “We’ll have a quiet Thanksgiving dinner together. You don’t even have to get out of your sweatpants.”

“We never talked about dinner tomorrow.”

“I ordered it,” he replied. “I just want us to be together with no fuss. I can cook you know. But I’ll save my skills for Christmas dinner.”

“You cook,” she stated, amazed.

“Why yes, I cook. Is that so shocking?”

“No, not shocking exactly. I guess I thought you’d just order out like most single men I know. I cook, but not because I like doing it especially. It’s a necessity if you have to eat.”

“Stick with me, baby, and you’ll never have to cook again,” he said, working his eyebrows up and down. “There must be ten restaurants in my neighborhood that deliver.”

Pointing at the next corner, they were almost at Virginia Adams house. “Turn right and pull up just beyond the fire hydrant. I’ll run in.”

“I don’t mind going up with you. I won’t be intimidated.”

“You won’t but she might be. My divorce isn’t final yet, remember. I don’t want to give Tom any reason to take a sudden interest in the baby.”

Michael nodded, but he really didn’t understand. Why would a man ignore his child? Since Jenna moved out, there’d been no visitation unless it occurred when the baby was at her grandmother’s house.

Watching her climb the stoop, he noticed a small, older woman looking out the curtained window of the door, not opening until Jenna was right at the threshold. “Maybe she’s trying to conserve heat,” Michael said out loud, looking up and down the street. Like the uninformed, he thought all of Brooklyn was crime ridden, worried for her safety while she was on the street. There was an exchange of baby items; a bag and then the baby herself, getting bigger every day. Leaning in to give the woman a kiss on the cheek, Jenna turned and nodded at Michael as she came down the steps, arms loaded. He got out of the car to assist her.

“This is Virginia,” she called out. The woman smiled pleasantly and waved, Michael calling out hello. Taking the baby from her when they got to the car, Jenna secured the seat.

“I always wonder how women do this alone,” he said, putting the diaper bag in back on the floor.

“What? I usually walk to my apartment, pushing the stroller,” she said. “This is a luxury.”

“You walk home after midnight?” he asked, alarmed.

“Yes, if I work swing shift,” Jenna said. “How else would I get there? No cabs in this neighborhood at night.”

“Oh, no. You will not do that again,” he said emphatic. “You’re dating the administrator of the hospital. No more rotating shifts. As a matter of fact, if I hear of any other young mothers walking home in the middle of the night with babies, I’ll try to change it for them as well.”

“Michael, some nurses have to work the later shifts because of their childcare situation. You can’t arbitrarily change their shifts because you’re uncomfortable with it.”

“Well, what if they’re forced by the hospital?”

“No one is forcing me to work late, okay? I do it because I need the money.”

They finished strapping the baby in her seat and got in front. As Michael drove in silence, Jenna could see the telltale twitching of his facial muscle.

“I’m sorry I upset you,” Jenna said. “I do what I have to do to support my baby.”

“Jenna, I want to help you. I insist. If anything were to happen to you I couldn’t live with myself.”

“Don’t get upset,” she replied, softly, patting his hand. “I won’t work late again. No need to worry.”

“I am worried,” he said. “It’s like you climbing that fire escape to hide on my balcony. You could have broken your neck.”

“Well I didn’t fall and I don’t do it anymore. I promise not to work late and I won’t walk in the dark.”

“I’m acting like your father,” he said, sorry he’d gone off on his tangent.

“Don’t. I don’t see it that way at all. I was beginning to feel vulnerable out there, my ex is a cop and he was never too concerned about me. I took the night train for two years while he was right downtown. It’s only been since the baby was born that he’d pick me up on his way home from work so he didn’t have to pick up Gloria alone.”

“Ah, the old avoiding childcare maneuver. I’m guilty of having done it myself. I was a great one to go on a business trip before an important event, leaving my wife to manage alone. I didn’t think of this before, but my irresponsibility in that regard probably contributed to our divorce.”

“Ouch,” Jenna replied, frowning. “I’m sorry I made you think of something sad.”

Squeezing her hand, he smiled. “I’m not sad,” he said. “She didn’t love me. It happens.”

“What about you? Do you still have feelings for her?” Jenna feared she might have landed in a similar rebound situation; Tom loved Sandra. Did Michael’s ex still have a hold on his heart?

“I guess because we had a stretch of happy marriage and have children together, I’ll always be fond of her. But she left me for my best friend and they’re married now. It’s been a long time, enough time to heal and move on. I’ve enjoyed my time alone and now I’m ready for a new life with you.”

“Wow,” Jenna said, anxiety awakened. Their relationship was advancing so quickly. “When you say life, what exactly do you mean?”

“I want to take our relationship to the next level,” he answered. Thinking, do men really talk this way? Conflicting emotions filled Jenna’s heart. She wanted more from Michael, but not sure life was the noun she’d use, it was so complete, so final. Until death do us part. End of life.

She turned around to check on Gloria who had fallen asleep. “You know we’re probably going to make love tonight,” she said, running her hand down his arm.

“Probably?” he said sarcastically. “I don’t think so. I am going to make love to you.”

“I hope that will be enough for now,” she said. “I can’t help feel like we’re moving too fast.”

“Maybe because I’m older it doesn’t seem too fast. If I had my way you’d move in with me now.”

They were on the bridge, coming into the city. Heavy traffic made the trip slow going, but Jenna didn’t care. Forced to sit and rest, she realized looking too far ahead was what caused problems. They’d covered all the issues she had about moving in with him so there didn’t seem to be much point in going over it again. “Let’s just enjoy this weekend,” she said finally. “Or, tonight. Start with tonight; we’ll take it one day at a time.”

“Okay, I think I can do that,” Michael replied. “Here we are. I’ll stop right in front here and we can unload everything before I park the car.”

Jenna looked out the window at the imposing apartment building, the doorman coming toward the car. “I guess I haven’t visited the city for a while because I don’t remember SoHo having flashy apartment buildings.”

Heart sinking, she wondered how she and Baby Gloria would fit into this milieu. “Cold feet?” Michael asked, waiting for her with his hand outstretched.

Boosting herself out of the car, she took his hand. “No, just skeptical, I guess. I don’t see a small child in a place like this.”

“Just wait,” he said. “It has a brand new heated pool and a playroom, a theater and a gym. It’s a self-contained village.”

“I thought you said you’d had the apartment for along time.”

“We did have one, but I sold that and moved in here last year.” Leaning over, he whispered in her ear.

“It’s a virgin,” he said mischievously.

“You are so corny,” she said, bursting out laughing.

The comfortable banter continued as they unloaded his car, piling bags in the hallway where she would wait while he moved the car.

“I’ll be right back,” he said, bending down to give her a peck on the lips in view of the doorman, who appeared to be slightly taken aback.

After Michael got back into the car, Jenna glanced at the doorman. “What?” she asked to his quizzical look.

“It was that kiss, man. I thought the dude was your father,” he answered.

“Ah, no, he’s my boyfriend,” she answered, wanting to clear any misunderstandings away immediately. “You’ve got a lot of nerve, insulting a tenant.”

He put his hands up on his chest and stepped back, clearly mortified. “Please, I didn’t mean anything by it. You know how you read all the time about the girl gets kidnapped and everyone sees something weird but doesn’t do a thing and later, they find out when they find her body that they could have done something about it.”

“Well that’s not the case here.” Then with narrowed eyes, she looked at him closely. “You think I look like his daughter?”

“It’s the age difference, man. Dude’s ancient and you a young girl and all.”

“I’m not that young, and I’ve got a baby,” she said proudly, lifting Gloria’s seat up higher.

“Baby don’t mean nothin’,” he said. “No offense.”

“None taken,” she said, nose in the air.

“Now I supposed I’m gonna lose my job.”

Jenna twirled around to face him. “Why on earth would you lose your job over this? I’m not going to say anything.”

“Thank you,” he replied, humble. “I shouldn’t have said anything either.”

“No, you probably shouldn’t have,” she said, tossing her pony tail. “Let that be a lesson for the future. Not everyone will be as forgiving as I am.”

“Mam, it’s your hair, if you don’t mind me saying one more thing. You look like you’re ten-years old.” He glanced down at her chest, then quickly away. Well maybe not ten.

“Quit while you’re ahead!” she snapped.

But the seed had been planted....

Author Genre: Romance, Contemporary, Suspense

Website: Suzanne Jenkins
Author's Blog: Suzanne Jenkins
Twitter: @suzannejenkins3
E-Mail: suzannejenkinswriter@gmail.com
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Amazon Author Profile

Author Description: My books are all creations of a rich and sometimes devilish dream life. Don’t worry—you won’t see yourself in any of my books, but if you do, it’s just a coincidence…

I live in the west Michigan lakeshore area with my high-school sweetheart husband of forty-four years. We have two children, five grandchildren, with two on the way. Oscar, a six-year-old mixed shepherd-type doggie. We have an aged sheep, Spot who lives in a pasture outside my office window with a borrowed companion, Dot.

In a former life, I was a registered nurse who worked in the Operating Room for many years. Prior to nursing school, I was an OR technician. I did my training at Marygrove College, and the clinical experiences we had took place in the Detroit Medical Center. I remember going to a mandatory autopsy in the morgue at Detroit General. All I can say is wow! I was so relieved; the only thing going on the day I was scheduled to observe was a brain dissection. After working in the OR for over thirty three years, I can’t stand the sight of blood now.

Author's Book List
Beach Spirits - Pam of Babylon Book #11
The cycle of drama continues with lows to fabulous highs and back to lows again. Pam of Babylon, the well loved series, continues with Book #11. After a horrifying start, Sandra is the only character who seems to be in control, but that might be a smokescreen. Pam starts out on shaky ground, but soars to new heights! Lisa and Cara add zest to their romance, a few new men come on the scene, and an observer notes they are all just one, big happy family.

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I'll Always Love You - Pam of Babylon Book # 10
The women; Bernice, Nelda, Pam, Lisa, Violet, Cara and little Miranda rise up in power in this tale of triumph and love. Pam helps Miranda face a lifetime battle, as Alison finds her footing in her later father's family.

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Save the Date - Pam of Babylon Book 9
Pam and John set their wedding date while Sandra and Dan Chua move in together, Grandmothers Bernice and Nelda fall in love, not with each other, Lisa and Cara meet new men, and Jack becomes a distant memory. Hopefully, he'll stay that way.

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Pam faces new challenges with glamour and poise, while Sandra doesn't disappoint, and Lisa discovers new strengths. Nelda reveals secrets which explain Pam's personality. "Women's fiction with a touch of noir."

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Barnes and Noble

In Memoriam - Pam of Babylon Book #7
In Memoriam begins with the birth of a baby boy to Pam’s former boyfriend, Dan and daughter, Lisa as the journey of Pam of Babylon continues in this seventh volume. Still reeling from the death of her beloved son Brent, Pam endures life at the beach with remarkable strength.

Sandra tries to balance several versions of her life while striving to be part of the Smith legacy.

Lisa rises above circumstances that would destroy most, with determination.

But don't be too impressed; history does have a way of repeating itself.

Readers love the Pam of Babylon Series, including Pam of Babylon, Don’t You Forget About Me, Dream Lover, Prayers for the Dying and Family Dynamics. After Jack Smith dies, Pam and his two lovers discover secrets and lies, and each other.

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The Tao of Pam - Pam of Babylon Book Six
A beautiful life at the beach is marred by secrets and lies as the legacy of Jack Smith's debauchery continues to haunt his widow, Pam. The Tao of Pam finds Pam at a crossroad which will take her to the next phase of her life. Her children, Brent and Lisa move on, dealing with their own life choices, as one by one, they all come down off their pedestals. The Tao of Pam prepares fans of the Pam of Babylon series for Book Seven....In Memoriam.

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Family Dynamics - Pam of Babylon Book Five
Heartbreak and devastation move toward triumph in the fifth installation of the Pam of Babylon stories. Pam is at last able to overcome the pain of Jack's rejection, and her own role in perpetuating his deviance, when she meets Dan and falls in love. Her children move on with their lives in ways Pam would have never believed possible. Sandra fulfills her dreams with Tom, and a gift from Marie helps to complete their life together. Ashton and Ted build a beautiful life, and new discoveries make it richer than they thought possible, but with a twist. But don't be deceived; what you see is not what you may get.

Order the Book From:
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Prayers for the Dying - Pam of Babylon Book Four
Book Four in the Pam of Babylon Series, Prayers for the Dying exposes more of what Kirkus Review said about Dream Lover, "A gritty, realistic portrait of the aftermath of deceit." Jack Smith's victims attempt to move forward while grappling with the pain and horror that he left behind. Pam makes a few startling revelations about herself, while Sandra hopes for a future with exciting expectations. Marie is in a most unlikely place, with the happiest news in the bleakest circumstances. Ashton's story of a lifetime love affair with Jack is finally told, with his heartache revealed. Family Dynamics, Book Five follows.

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Dream Lover - Pam of Babylon Book Three
Dream Lover is Book Three of the Pam of Babylon Series, followed by Prayers for the Dying and Family Dynamics. Dream Lover is a compilation of character studies of the women and one man who Jack Smith left behind. Slowly, they make their way to the Long Island village of Babylon for an audience with his widow. No longer in denial and stronger than she thought possible, Pam Smith is able to confront the horror of her marriage in its totality as she draws a new picture of the man she was married to. The new discoveries she makes empowers her and she is able to maintain her strength and the grace and compassion she's known for. Truly a formidable woman, Pam conquers her worst demons in Dream Lover. Kirkus Review calls Dream Lover "A gritty, realistic portrait of the aftermath of deceit."

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Don't You Forget About Me - Pam of Babylon Book Two
When charming, seemingly devoted Jack Smith dies, his wife and his two girlfriends are astonished to learn that they were not the only love of his life, and that, in fact, Jack was a rogue who was carrying on secret existences with other women. Shattered by grief and stunned by Jack's betrayals, these three women, Pam Smith, Marie Fabian, and Sandra Benson, find themselves suddenly thrown together. They could have despised one another, jealously guarding their private memories of their time with Jack and hating those they perceived to be their rivals, but instead, the women begin to realize there might be strength in numbers and in shared pain. Slowly, they begin to open their hearts to one another. They bind together to try to make sense of their lives and to try to heal the terrible shock.

But the more they learn about Jack and his nefarious past, the more they begin to question everything they thought they ever knew about him. Not only did Jack carelessly cheat on each of them, without thought to the harm he was causing, but the women are stunned to discover a secret of Jack that he never revealed.

As the women try to piece together the real life story of Jack, they begin to deal with their own lives differently, as well. They must deal with Jack's heartbroken mother, who knew nothing about her son's clandestine dealings in life. The tragedy also takes a toll on their working lives, and most of all it takes a toll on them, robbing them of sleep, hope, and even dreams. But with a sense of shared sisterhood, a little laughter, and a whole lot of determination, these brave women forge brave new lives that are full of promise.

The novel probes the difficulties in thinking that we can ever really know a person, even a loved one. All the women in Don't You Forget About Me wonder if they had been really and truly loved by Jack, or if he had simply played them for fools. They question their own blindness to his faults and how they allowed themselves to believe that they might have had it all, when what they had was really more of a dream. The book investigates modern social problems with grace and warmth. Infidelity, it uncovers, can do more than break hearts. In showing some of the worst things that can happen in relationships,it also teases us to imagine the best, a world in which loyalty, devotion and fidelity are prized. As the characters grow and change, they have the possibility for those things.

Don't You Forget About Me is a tale of love lost and then found again. A sequel to Pam of Babylon, Don't You Forget About Me can also be read all on its own. You will not like this book if many characters and lot of twists and turns is not your cup of tea.

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Pam of Babylon
Warning! This book contains themes of sexual abuse and infidelity.

For Long Islander Pam Smith, keeping house and staying beautiful dominate her daily routine as she awaits the return of her husband, Jack, every Friday evening. When he suffers a fatal heart attack on the train home from Manhattan, Pam's exquisitely arranged life is catapulted into turmoil as she is forced to face the realization that her marriage is nothing more than a black hole plagued with cruel infidelity, abuse, and sexual deviance. Witness Pam as she graciously and gracefully accepts the foul world her husband's "other life" forces on her previously immaculate existence. Come along for the ride of your life as you ask yourself this one question. How well do I know my husband? Kirkus Review says of Pam of Babylon, "An intriguing first novel that revolves around a husband's death and hidden secrets…consistently interesting, this psychological novel contains some mystery and moves along quickly for a non-thriller." Of Don't You Forget About Me, "An exciting, surprising story that leaves the reader hungry for the next book."

And of Dream Lover, the third in the series, "A gritty, realistic portrait of the aftermath of deceit."

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A Greektown Wedding - Detroit Detective Stories Book #4
After Christmas was finally over, the family could focus on other things, like love! The jam-packed fourth volume of the Greektown Stories Saga, A Greektown Wedding takes you on the emotional roller coaster the other books introduced you to as the Zannos's have another family dinner in Greektown, but this time with a wedding.

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Christmas in Greektown - Greektown Stories Book # 3
As Christmastime approaches, the family prepares for another get-together in Greektown. Relationships blossom and some end during the hardest time of the year. But as Jill and others discover, when one door closes, another opens, often with more wonderful opportunities.

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The Princess of Greektown - The Greektown Trilogy
Thirty years ago, Terry Smith was Detroit’s top news anchor. She set the standard for excellence in investigative journalism, staying at the news desk long after her time should have been over. Just as Terry’s son-in-law is murdered in the city, Detective Jill Zannos faces upheaval in her own life. A new man, family intrigue and the dregs of the last case she investigated becomes the lowest priority as she and her partner Albert untangle the mess of Terry Smith and her family.

Jill’s father, Gus is ready to begin living again, no longer smothered by secrets. His sister, Sophie makes a life changing decision and the family is powerless to help her. Peter’s wife, Joan hurries to make restitution for mistakes from the past. The rest of the family deal with the aftermath of choices they made as everyone returns to Greektown to celebrate Thanksgiving. Jill makes a chilling discovery soon after.

The Princess of Greektown is the story of an American family coming to terms with the legacy their ancestors left behind while dealing with their own complex lives.

Order the Book From:
Barnes and Noble

The Greeks of Beaubien Street
Warning: this novel contains a graphic depiction of rape.

The Greeks of Beaubien Street is the first book in The Greektown Stories. The Princess of Greektown continues where Beaubien Street leaves you. Nestled below the skyline of Detroit you'll find Greektown, a few short blocks of colorful bliss, warm people and Greek food. In spite of growing up immersed in the safety of her family and their rich culture, Jill Zannos doesn't fit in. A Detroit homicide detective, she manages to keep one foot planted firmly in the traditions started by her grandparents, while the other navigates the most devastated neighborhoods in the city she can't help but love. She is a no nonsense workaholic with no girlfriends, an odd boyfriend who refuses to grow up, and an uncanny intuition, inherited from her mystic grandmother that acts as her secret weapon to crime solving success. Her story winds around tales of her family and their secret laden history, while she investigates the most despicable murder of her career.

The Greeks of Beaubien Street is a modern tale of a family grounded in old world, sometimes archaic, tradition as they seek acceptance in American society. They could be any nationality, but they are Greek.

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Perfect for Him
Two years after her husband, Jason makes a late night-discovery, Harley Jones finds out she’s dying, with the reality of leaving him and their four daughters behind. As obsession with what will become of her family overwhelms the little time she has left, and another woman sets her sights on Jason, Harley’s sister-in-law, Bea comes up with an idea that might solve Harley’s problems.

Perfect for Him is a tale of two lovers whose lifetime romance sustains them, as an unwanted ending looms in the near future. Pathos and heartbreak intermingle with expectation and the comedy that only a close-knit family can generate. At the end, joy and hope reign, thanks to Harley’s unselfish love.

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Gracefully, Like a Living Thing - The Sequel to The Savant of Chelsea
A continuation of the haunting story of Alexandra and the aftermath of a midnight run to the Thirty-Fourth Street Subway Station. Who covers for her, and who will expose her? Psychological suspense abounds as world renown brain surgeon Alexandra Donicka is surrounded by faithful supporters from every walk of life when the death of her daughter is investigated. in the process she grapples with long-hidden emotions in an attempt to discover her own humanity. One facet of her life remains the same; the longing for what was left behind, until an unexpected surprise changes her outlook on everything.

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Burn District 1
Laura and Mike Davis build an idyllic life with their four children, friends and family nearby in the beautiful Brandywine River Valley. Dreams and goals come to an abrupt end soon after Hurricane Sandy hits the east coast. Discovered in wood soaked by seawater, a virus thought to have the potential to decimate the population becomes the excuse to relocate thousands of citizens from beach towns. Fire is the only known way to eradicate the virus.

Rumors spread that napalm is used to burn without evacuating the people. A neighbor warns Laura and Mike that their town is next as the destruction moves inland. Is it a drastic way to halt the spread of disease, or is there another catalyst?

Burn District will be a serialized novel with releases approximately every four to six weeks.

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The Liberation of Ravenna Morton
Ravenna Morton is a Native American woman living a very old-fashioned life in a primitive cabin at the edge of the Kalamazoo River. Facing modern problems when her lifelong romance with a Greek artist is closely examined by their children after a child she gave up for adoption dies, The Liberation of Ravenna Morton captures the small-town dynamic of a family's private secrets being exposed to the world. A poignant look at the melding of two Americanized cultures observed under a microscope.

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Someone Like You
Life gets in the way as upstate NY sisters, Marley and Abigail cling to each other and their young children. But a babysitter introduces them both to Jay Malik, a medical student from India who becomes their lifeline to happiness, forgiveness and healing. "Another tear-jerker from Jenkins. Have the tissue ready."

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Alice's Summertime Adventure
We meet Alice Bradshaw when she is at a crossroad. She's just beaten cancer and is suddenly unsure of what her next move should be. Looking back on where she's been and what the future may hold, she knows she needs to make a big change in her life. Then her car dies on the highway after an argument with her daughter. Dave, a stranger on a motorcycle, pulls along side her and saves the day. He offers Alice a chance at adventure. She jumps on it, much to the dismay of her children. The adventure starts a chain of events that will have Alice and her children, as well as Dave questioning every aspect of their lives. There will be a few casualties along the way, a lot of anger, life changes and a few shocking surprises. Alice's Summertime Adventure is the story of an average American family as they struggle with dilemmas we all have, and making choices that aren't for everyone.

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The Savant of Chelsea
In the French Quarter of New Orleans, the birth of a baby to a mentally ill woman marks the beginning of life for The Savant of Chelsea. An abusive childhood segues to the operating rooms of the largest medical center in New York as a gifted but unbalanced brain surgeon waits for just the right time to redeem her past. In the end, she takes matters into her own hands. The reader will decide what happens after the climax.

Contains explicit sexual themes.

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