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A Purse to Die For is featured in the HBS Author's Spotlight Showcase

The Showcase is a special feature of the HBS Author's Spotlight.

The HBS Author's Spotlight SHOWCASES Authors Melodie Campbell and Cynthia St-Pierre Book: A Purse to Die For

Melodie Campbell is the Executive Director of Crime Writers of Canada, award-winning author of THE GODDAUGHTER mob caper series (Orca Books) and the bestselling Rowena fantasy series.

Cynthia St-Pierre Is an award-winning mystery writer.

A Purse to Die For
Book Trailer: A Purse to Die For
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What’s more treacherous than navigating a pack of society matrons at a designer sale?

Stalking a killer…

When fashionista and television celeb Gina Monroe goes home to attend the funeral of her late grandmother, the last thing she expects to encounter is murder. And the reading of the will is anything but fashionable as unanswered questions arise. Who is the dead woman in the woods behind the family house? And why is she dressed in Milano designer clothes?

With help from her cousin Tony and Detective Rob Dumont, Gina investigates the not-so-model citizens around her. When another murder occurs, a pattern slowly emerges and Gina wonders if her grandmother's death wasn't so natural after all.

Author: Melodie Campbell

Author Genre: Humor, Fantasy, Mystery

Website: Melodie Campbell
Twitter: @MelodieCampbell
E-Mail: mcampbell50@cogeco.ca
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Author Description:
THE GODDAUGHTER'S REVENGE has won the 2014 DERRINGER AWARD for crime novella and the 2014 ARTHUR ELLIS AWARD in Canada!


Billed as Canada's "Queen of Comedy" by the Toronto Sun (Jan. 5 2014,) Melodie Campbell achieved a personal best when Library Digest compared her to Janet Evanovich.

Winner of nine awards, including the Derringer (US) and Arthur Ellis (Canada) for THE GODDAUGHTER'S REVENGE, Melodie got her start writing comedy. In 1999, she opened the Canadian Humour Conference. So it's no surprise her fiction has been described by editors and reviewers as "wacky" and "laugh-out-loud funny."

Melodie has over 200 publications, 100 comedy credits, 40 short stories, and seven novels.

The Goddaughter, a comic crime caper, received the following review from Library Journal: "Campbell's comic caper is just right for Janet Evanovich fans. Wacky family connections and snappy dialogue make it impossible not to laugh." Library Journal, Sept. 2012

Warning: The Rowena time travel fantasy series is not sweet romance; it is a sexy, funny, rollicking adventure series.

Author: Cynthia St-Pierre

Author Genre: Mystery

Author's Blog: Fashionation With Mystery
Vegetarian Detective
Twitter: @stpierrecynthia
E-Mail: cynthiast-pierre@rogers.com
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Author Description:
In marketing Cynthia wrote promotional, packaging and communications materials; penned articles for business periodicals; and a chapter of "How to Successfully Do Business in Canada". Currently a member of Crime Writers of Canada, she has one award for fiction and has been a writing contest judge. Best of all for a mystery writer, Cynthia has received a York Regional Police Citizens Awareness Program certificate, presented and signed by Julian Fantino, former Commissioner of the Ontario Provincial Police.

Cynthia grows vegetables in her backyard, makes recipes with tofu, and speaks English-accented French with husband Yves. Visit Cynthia's blog (in the voice of character Becki Green) at vegetariandetective.blogspot.com.
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