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Kelly Abell - The Lost Jewels of Hera is featured in the HBS Author's Spotlight Showcase

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The HBS Author's Spotlight SHOWCASES Kelly Abell's New Book:
The Lost Jewels of Hera

The Lost Jewels of Hera

Author: Kelly Abell

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Tenacious and tough as nails, archeologist, Kindra Ceres has just unearthed the one clue linking her life’s work with an unknown destiny. The Lost Jewels of Hera, an ancient necklace of immeasurable power, exists—and not just in legend. The ancient legend states Hera, Queen of the Gods, destroyed the necklace in a fit of jealous rage, and only the Guardian of the stones can restore them to power. Kindra is the key, but her past life is but a distant memory. This presents a challenge for two men determined to protect her…Aiden Flint, a lover Kindra doesn’t remember from her ancient past, and Ryan Colburn, assigned to guard her by Zeus, the King of Gods, himself. Kindra is caught between the one man who stole her heart, and the other predestined to win it. Cyrus Hayden, a demon sent by Hades, God of the Underworld will stop at nothing to steal the stones and plagues Kindra’s journey with ruthless and terrifying danger. Kindra must discover enough about her past to find and restore the stones to power to stop Hades from destroying the Earth she’s destined to protect. Will destiny or shear will determine the fate of Kindra and her companions? Will she choose or will the god’s choose for her?


“Is this what you call a promise you… you… bastard?” Hera, Queen of the Gods, stalked across the throne room of Mt. Olympus toward her husband. Ripping the necklace from her neck—a gift meant to symbolize his faithfulness— she waved the gem-laden jewelry in his face. “What was that I saw last night?”

Zeus, King of the Gods, used to the rages of his jealous queen, calmly looked at Hera. “What are you talking about?”

Hera stared at him speechless. How could he even ask such a question? “Zeus, The Fountain of Life doesn’t lie. I saw you with Alcemene. Do you have any idea what you’ve done? When you left, her husband returned and also lay with her. She was fertile and will now bear twin sons. One is her husband’s and the other will be yours.” Fury boiled in Hera’s veins. She stalked up to Zeus and slapped him, hard. “When will you stop? When will I ever be enough for you?”

Zeus had returned from his tryst confident in his stealth, for he’d asked Aphrodite to shield Hera from his escapade. He’d forgotten to remind the Goddess of Love to erase the recording from the Fountain of Life, a thought that had eluded him until now. Not one to be intimidated, Zeus relaxed against his throne. “Hera, you are my queen. Why does it upset you so when I spend time with a human woman? Your jealousy is not befitting a goddess of your stature.”

She held the necklace in the air and said, “I summon the Elementals.”

In seconds, the four appeared, each the son or daughter of one of the gods or goddesses and a human. From Mt. Olympus, the Four Elementals could command their element and maintain balance on Earth. To the ruby, the stone representing the Fire Elemental, Zeus had joined Ignis, the son of Hephaestus. The sapphire he’d bound to Aqus, the son of Poseidon connecting the Water Elemental. Aeris, daughter of Athena, had become the Air Elemental bonded to the diamond. Zeus had granted the power of the final Earth Elemental and the emerald, to his own daughter Terra. And the four were to live as gods as long as they remained under Hera’s rule.

When Zeus had presented the necklace to Hera as a symbol of his enduring love and promise to remain faithful, he’d also gifted her with the ability to control the Elementals as part of his pact—a fact that had enraged his brother, Hades, God of the Underworld. Oversight of the Elementals had originally been promised to him before Zeus had gotten in trouble and needed to appease his queen. And Hera had been happy reigning over of her bastards… until Zeus had scratched his never-ending itch.

Terra stepped forward and bowed with reverence. “Why have you summoned us, my queen?”

“Because you will now bear witness to what I think of my husband’s gift.” Hera faced Zeus and held the necklace with both hands over her head.

Zeus rose from his throne, brows drawn together, lips in a tight thin line. “Hera, you’ll want to think this through. Reacting harshly affects more than your petty desire for revenge.”

Hera seethed. “Your pitiful little gesture was an attempt to placate me while you continued to seduce those human women you find so fascinating. I will not stand for it Zeus.” Without warning, she ripped the necklace apart.

The four stones hung suspended in the air.

“Hera… No!” Terra dove for the jewels, but they remained out of her reach.

Ignoring her, Hera cast her spell. “I demand justice and doing so, hereby scatter these stones to parts unseen.”

Hera clapped her hands, the thunderous sound rocked Mt. Olympus and the surrounding heavens. The four stones disappeared, and the Elementals vanished in a blinding flash of light.

Whirling toward Zeus, she said, “Now, see how your Halflings enjoy living on Earth as the demi-gods they’ve now become. Forever may they live searching for their stones and the power they once held.”

His face darkening, Zeus approached his queen. “Hera, your jealousy has reached unfathomable new heights. In destroying the balance of The Elementals, you have no idea what you’ve unleashed.”

Hera faced him her nose inches from his, her green eyes blazing. “May chaos reign on your pitiful little humans. See how they cope with this.”

The balance interrupted, floods ravaged, earthquakes rocked the world, storms raged, and fires burned. No longer did humans have their peaceful existence. The elements, once friends of the human race, had become formidable enemies

Author Genre: Romance, Mystery & Thrillers

Website: Kelly Abell Books
Author's Blog: Writing Tips for Writers
Twitter: @kellyabellbooks
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Author Description: Kelly is the author of four novels with two different publishers. She writes romance, romantic suspense, and paranormal romance. Her aim is to write about gripping characters in tense situations that keep a reader turning the pages. She also spends a great deal of time helping other writers through her Writing Tips on her website and as a board member of the Paranormal Romance guild and a member of the Florida Writer's Association. When not writing, Kelly enjoys spending time with her husband of 30 years and her two college age children, when they find the time. She lives in Florida and enjoys all that living in the sunshine state brings, boating, fishing, beaches, theme parks, and more. Her favorite pass time is reading (what a surprise!) She likes Thrillers, Romantic Suspense, and Romantic Comedy

Author's Book List
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Sealed In Lies
Jack Weaver, a sexy under cover operative for the CIA, can't seem to escape a life of lies. Working undercover in the largest drug cartel in Columbia, Jack lives a life of guns, drugs and beautiful women. It all comes to an end when Jack uncovers a plot to assassinate the President-Elect on Inauguration Day. Suddenly things become infinitely worse when Jack is forced to kill his old SEAL Commander who is now a Deputy Director of the CIA. Jack is now on the run not only for his life but he's the only one who knows about the assassination attempt, other than a mysterious man who calls himself the Emperor and seems to be calling all the shots. Jack is being haunted by terrifying dreams from his past that seem to be connected to this entire conspiracy involving his old SEAL team. Desperate for answers Jack breaks into the home of Vice-President elect Warren Walters, another SEAL teammate, where he is discovered by Warren's abused wife Caroline. He forces Caroline to go with him with the intention of letting her go once he uses her as leverage to get the information he needs. Even as Caroline thinks of ways to escape her captor, she finds herself unexpectedly attracted to him. She begins to wonder if a night spent in his arms will erase years of abuse. When she is offered the opportunity to be set free Caroline refuses to leave, seeing this as an opportunity to escape her own life of lies. This starts a chain reaction of passionate feelings neither of them is prepared for. Desire sizzles as Jack and Caroline come closer and closer to the answers and each other. The key question is will they be able to save the President-elect's life as well as their own, or will a blast from Jack's past destroy them all?

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