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Nancy Gideon - HBS Author's Spotlight

Today our blog puts the Spotlight on prolific award-winning Author Nancy Gideon. She is the author of the BY MOONLIGHT series. You might know her as Lauren Giddings or Dana Ransom or Rosalyn West (Pseudonyms).

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Today's Featured Book is

Betrayed by Shadows

Author: Nancy Gideon

Book Trailer: Betrayed by Shadows

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Balancing a criminal empire and a preternatural clan war, reluctant front man Giles St. Clair doesn’t need a problem like Brigit MacCreedy . . . How much trouble can the head-strong and manipulative Shifter beauty get into in two weeks? Plenty when her schemes range from kidnapping to fleeing the retribution of her dead lover’s clan.

With her family’s lives on the line, Brigit is willing to do whatever it takes to save them. The only thing standing in her way is an immovable stone wall of a man she can’t bully or beguile . . . A human, no less, who has promised to protect her from the secrets and dangers she conceals.

Risking her own safety gets complicated when an honorable and annoyingly desirable man puts himself between her and her powerful enemies in a battle he can’t win in this Taming of the Shrew meets Shifter Goodfellas on the Bayou tale of consequences, redemption and finding love in all the wrong places.



Brigit slit her eyes open to the brightness of midmorning. She was alone in the bunk. Harsh-smelling coffee warmed on the hot plate, and Giles was nowhere in sight. Then she heard the unmistakable crack of ax into wood.

Feeling tired and sticky and . . . Fabulous, she stretched and reached for the crimson-colored sweatshirt Giles had left folded on the edge of the mattress. Harvard? She slipped it over her head to swim in generous folds that came almost to her knees. Rolling back the cuffs, she found the shoe she’d tucked Boyd’s cell phone into, discouraged to see no message from Silas. She tucked it under the sleeping bag on the top bunk, pushed bare feet into her shoes, and went to pour coffee. Her whole body ached gloriously, making her smile as she stepped out onto the tiny back porch.

Because she could still hear his voice, rough with passion.


Giles had his back to her, splitting wood in the glare of morning light, a beautiful sight in his revealing muscle shirt. Strong, sexy. A light sweat had broken out on his shoulders, gleaming amid scores of scratches, some nearly healed from their passionate tussle in New Orleans and some raw stripes from hours ago. Chagrined, she put a nail trim and manicure on her agenda for the day.

He’d taken the batteries out of the flashlight to power an old cassette player and was timing his swings to the raucous beat of a late-eighties hip-hop tune that probably dated back to days spent here in male bonding. Something ridiculous about Humpty Dumpty dancing? Her gaze followed the suggestive rock and bump of his hips as the sassy backup singers crooned, “Do me, baby.”

Oh, yay. Good idea.

Time to whip up something for breakfast.

She’d taken a step forward, intending to initiate some moves of her own, when the music dialed down and muted as another sound reached her.

The cup fell from her hands, shattering on the wood planking, as all her senses trembled and went taut.

And a single cry ripped from her.

“Giles, behind you!”

Giles spun, continuing his momentum with the ax so it caught his assailant midleap in the upper chest, flinging him to the ground. Even as he wrestled the blade free, his attacker was gaining his feet, falling into a menacing crouch as his lips pulled back from a mouth full of dagger-like teeth.

Alarm became coldly dangerous intentions when he recognized the disfigured Shifter from Brigit’s description.

“Brigit, get inside!”

He didn’t look around to see if she obeyed. There was no time as the creature sprang.

Driven to the ground on his back, Giles couldn’t angle for another swing as he was forced to grip the ever thickening throat to keep those deadly teeth away from him. A battle he knew he wasn’t going to win as the beast completed its change of form into something monstrous and impossibly strong.

Run, Brigit! That was all he had time to think. Run!

All he had to do was stay alive long enough for her to get a head start.

There was a deafening report from the porch, and suddenly, the figure hunching over him was plucked off and sent rolling away.

Giles risked a glance toward the cabin to see Brigit with her feet planted wide, his pistol braced in both hands. The pistol he’d wisely loaded with silver rounds.

As he scrambled to his feet, his attacker was gaining his own, obviously struggling not to revert back into humanlike form from the effects of the silver. Brigit’s shot had taken him in the other side of the chest. Giles’s first blow from the ax had already healed. Making him no less lethal as he sprang a second time. No less quick.

And this time Giles didn’t respond fast enough.

Author Genre: Romance, Paranormal Romance, Romantic Suspense

Website: Nancy Gideon - Romance… By Any Other Name
Author's Blog: Tour’s Media Page
Blog: Nancy Gideon - Romance By Any Other Name
Twitter: @NancyGideon
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Author Description: An author of over fifty novels since 1987, Nancy Gideon thrives on variety. Under her own name and several pseudonyms, she’s written award-winning series suspense, historical and paranormal bestsellers, earned a “Career Achievement for Historical Adventure”, and has had two original horror screenplays optioned for film. A Michigan native, she works full time as a legal administrative assistant and feeds a NetFlix addiction

SPOTLIGHT Questions and Answers with the Author

Rumor has it that you have another book on the horizon called Prince of Shadows. Can you tell us the timeline for its release and give us a little tease of the plot.

Ooooo, PRINCE OF SHADOWS! I’m doing the copy edits as we speak. It’s available May 27, 2013 (My birthday! Now you know what to get me!) as another Pocket Star e-exclusive and is the 8th book of the series. This one’s a little different because the setting moves from New Orleans to Lake Tahoe (my other dream destination!) and introduces a new Shifter clan, the Terriots who are one of the villains in BETRAYED BY SHADOWS. Nothing like redeeming a bad boy. Cale Terriot, my dark, dangerous, rowdy, tattooed, rock and roll prince is my new favorite hero. Here’s a glimpse:


Held hostage until she chooses a mate, Kendra Terriot must play a careful courtship game when choosing from among dangerous Shifter heirs. As a prince in the House of Terriot, Cale knows with Kendra at his side he can be the leader his clan needs, but first he must learn to become the kind of man she desires. In a treacherous race for the crown, where weakness means death, to prove he’s not the beast his gentle beauty fears, the only way to win her trust could mean surrendering his throne. But the only way to win her heart could mean letting her go.

You are one of a few successful authors that has bridged the gap between traditional paper publishing and the digital world we live in today. How much did your experience help you in adapting to the online marketplace?

Thank you! I’ve seen tremendous changes in the industry during my 25 years as a published author (yes, this is my anniversary!). Only two things have remained the same: Nothing remains the same, and sink or swim. I’m a survivor. I love what I do and in order to keep up with that changing tide, I’ve become a fast paddler. Considering that when I started out in the mid-‘80s writing in long hand and then typing my final draft on a manual Smith Corolla, this old dog has learned lots of new tricks. Many of the writers I started out with fell off the publishing grid.

Some got burned out and some couldn’t adapt to the shifting focus of the industry. I feel as though we’re in our Industrial Revolution with changes happening so fast you keep up or get left behind. I’ve learned a lot through the various writers’ organizations I belong to, particularly Novelists, Inc. There’s so much new information to sift through, but the basics are still the same: Butt in chair. Write the best book you can.

Has the advent of ebooks and social media changed anything in your writing, getting the book to your readers and the relationship with your readers and fans?

It’s changed everything! Social media has created an instant bond between author and reader, and writer and reviewer. I’ve made some wonderful friendships through Facebook and great industry contacts on Twitter. It’s rewarding to get that immediate feedback, to know you’re not just existing in a keyboard and imagination vacuum. Fans always surprise me with their enthusiasm . . . and their impatience. That’s one plus to going e-exclusive with these latest two books. The turn-around time from my laptop to instant download is cut in half. I’m all for instant gratification. And I’m ADD/OCD so I love new and shiny things!

Which do you publish first, the ebook or the paper version? Is there any difference in the two copies?

My publisher, Pocket Books puts out print and e-book versions, which are the same, at the same time. The only difference with my new Pocket Star e-exclusives is the price. Going full E, the price point is a lot less and there’s more flexibility in doing special offers. For BETRAYED BY SHADOWS, there’s fabulous discount for the month of January - $1.99 for the whole book!

What a deal! For one click and less than the cost of a diet soda, you’re reading it! After that, it will go up to the regular price of $5.99.

You have great book covers. They carry a theme and your brand with them. How does your cover development process work? Do you hand over the basic theme to someone or do you have more of a hands-on approach? Do you get your readers involved in its development?

One of the great things about Pocket is the amount of input they’ve let me have with the packaging of the series. Since the first three books came out back-to-back-to-back, they wanted a progressive feel to the covers. I gave them three concept ideas and they picked the one that’s continued through all seven books so far. I did a blog post during my 12 Days to New Release Day on how the cover for BETRAYED BY SHADOWS came about (it was a different process being E-only instead of print!). Check it out: and see what the cover might have looked like.

You have several moving book trailers. (See links below.) Do you know how much impact they have on your book’s success? They look very professional. Tell us about the process that you used to create the trailers?

Book trailers, like most promotional efforts, can’t be measured for cause and effect. There’s no way to judge the number of sales, if any, that they generate. Like Romance Trading Cards and book marks, they’re a tool meant to catch the eye and present a more intimate look behind the scenes. I do them because I think they’re fun, and I’m all about giving a little extra to the readers.

I’ve used two different companies, Book Boost for MASKED BY MOONLIGHT and Lorien Productions for SEEKER OF SHADOWS and BETRAYED BY SHADOWS. Because I’m OCD, I keep my hands in everything from writing the text to picking the music and, on this latest one, helping to find just the right graphics. I outlined a step by step in this December blog post:

Do you use the book trailers in your character development? Are the pictures and backgrounds the way you see your characters and sittings?

Finding just the right music, images and words to bring a story to life in the trailer is something that’s done well after the book is written. I never thought I’d get sick of looking at the naked male torso until spending 45 minutes at close to midnight on a clip art site going through page after page of them. The way I picture my characters is soooo different from what the cover artist, trailer producer and eventually the reader envisions. That’s what makes books such a personal experience. I think of a book trailer as a guide to the imagination.

You have an impressive blog. You do a great job keeping readers informed, marketing your books and providing useful information to other writers. What is the primary goal of your blog? And where in the world do you find the time to create great novels, take care of social media and maintain your blog?

The purpose of my blog posts is to keep my virtual assistant, My Girl Friday who built it with me from nagging at me for content. Just kidding. She’s been great for filling in those techie details so I don’t have to learn every new thing that comes along. I majored in journalism and communications back in my collegiate days and I really enjoy putting a non-fiction piece together. It gives my brain a different kind of work out.

At one time I wanted to be a teacher, so I guess that shows, too. The blog was a part of the social media puzzle I put together when I first sold the series. Go big or go home. It’s another of those tools to reach readers and support my writer friends. Doing Blog Hops and Blog Tours like this one helps get exposure for my books without breaking my time bank. Blogs are something I can do during my lunch hour at work so they don’t cut into my creative writing time.

Author's Book List
Seeker of Shadows

Susanna Duchamps came to New Orleans to settle a debt and to temporarily escape the controlled constraints of her life among the Chosen. What she finds is an opportunity to make miraculous strides with her research into Shifter genetics . . . And an unexpected, but never forgotten, man from her complicated past.
Book Trailer: Seeker of Shadows
Buy Page: Amazon - Barnes and Noble
Hunter of Shadows
The secrets he knows about her could get him killed.

Transferring to the New Orleans Police Department, Detective Silas MacCreedy has a hidden agenda: to secure his clan’s place once again in the Shifter hierarchy. What he didn’t count on was stumbling upon a sexy assassin who could shred his best intentions and lead him into a dangerous dance that threatens to engage his heart.

But the ones he doesn’t know . . .

Monica Fraser knows just how to make a man beg—for his life. But she has no clue how to fight her attraction to the fiercely intense detective who seems determined to get in her way, both professionally and intimately.

. . . could kill them both.

When emotional attachments to the past and an unexpected glimpse of a different future have her questioning her deadly purpose, Nica must discover the truth about her secret abilities in order to free herself from the forces that control her. But that freedom comes with a price—trusting those she’s been ordered to eliminate.
Buy Page: Amazon - Barnes and Noble
Bound By Moonlight


Detective Charlotte Caissie is suddenly sharing drawer space and making local news with her shape-shifter lover, Max Savoie. He’s determined to be accepted by her peers—so how can she ask him to return to his criminal roots to help her solve a complex case?


Working undercover with her partner to find the serial killer who’s kidnapped a colleague’s daughter, Cee Cee is caught between her job and her fiercely possessive lover. And when she calls on Max’s preternatural talents to aid his hated enemy, she crosses a line that strains their relationship to its limit.


With his secret spreading, Max is forced to protect his family and his clan. The only certainty is his love for his human mate . . . unless the loyalties that define them divide them forever.
Buy Page: Amazon - Barnes and Noble
Chased by Moonlight

Mixing business with pleasure gets more complicated for Detective Charlotte Caissie when her sexy preternatural lover, Max Savoie, is accused of a high-profile murder. To prove him innocent she must distance herself, but her tangled emotions don’t make it easy for her to stay away from him.

And neither does Max.


Left in charge of a criminal empire and protector of a clan of shadowy shape-shifters, Max walks a precarious line. Can he believe the cunning stranger who claims he can teach Max the things he needs to know to stay alive? A con man who would betray anyone to make a profit, who may be a ruthless killer?


The harder Cee Cee fights to clear Max’s name, the more he pushes her away. He’s protecting a dark truth that could blow the top off her investigation. And that means hiding his motives and lying to a woman who values truth above all. The woman who can save him . . . If he’ll let her.
Buy Page: Amazon - Barnes and Noble
Masked by Moonlight


New Orleans homicide detective Charlotte Caissie is dedicated to bringing down the crime boss responsible for her father’s murder. Using Jimmy Legere’s mysterious and irresistible right-hand man is a dangerous gamble, and not only due to his reputation as more monster than man. Because her feelings for Max Savoie are . . . complicated.


Rescued from the swamps as a child, Max exists silently in Legere’s shadow, heeding only his voice—until Charlotte Caissie awakens his emotions and tests his loyalties. Stepping outside his cautious rules threatens more than just his heart. He could expose his darkest secret.


Testing boundaries they weren’t meant to cross means facing the truth about who and what they are—and what they need from each other. If Max is the murderer she seeks, Charlotte could be his next victim. She can’t afford to trust any man. Good thing Max isn’t one.
Book Trailer: Masked by Moonlight
Buy Page: Amazon - Barnes and Noble
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